Getting new clothes during Medifast

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I have lost 17 pounds and finding that I could use some jeans and a bra at least... but for now I am holding out. Enjoying the looser clothes and just wearing a belt. I am a single mom with 3 children still at home and on a very tight budget - the Medifast cost this close to Christmas is killing me! I have a gift card for $50 for Kohls that I am saving til I really need to buy smaller clothes and am thinking at 30 lbs I will do it, out of "need" and "reward".

How much had you lost before you picked up at least a few things?..

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I think by the time I lost 20 I needed new clothing. It wasn't out of reward, I just needed things that would stay on my body..

Comment #1

Given your budget and the priorities of your health (MF) and your children, consider checking out thrift stores and the like. If you can sew, make adjustments as needed. Belts are our friends.

I am in a tough spot in which I need to wear tailored, professional clothing. Boo hiss. I have already had to pick up two new pairs of dress pants. I am going to space out tailoring my suits. Some at the 1/3 point, some at the half way point ,etc...

Comment #2

I"m lucky that as a student (nursing student) I don't have to wear anything special - and I haven't purchased any new clothing yet at 42 pounds down. I expect I'll need to do so prior to the holidays...

Comment #3

I reward myself with new clothes as soon as I can wear them. I know it's a waste of money now, but the clothes help keep me motivated..

Some day soon there will be a very lucky plus-sized Goodwill shopper!..

Comment #4

I have lost 40 pounds, but have not bought anything new. I have many clothes from before I gained these 40 pounds that I can still wear. Unfortunately, I've only lost 1-2 sizes. Some things I was a 20W, others an 18W, and now I'm in most of my 16W, and still some 18W..

I'm not going shopping until I'm out of plus sizes. I figure I was wearing 16W at 187, so I have 20 pounds at least before I need to worry about needing new clothes. If I do, I might just find thrift stores to help me out with pants as everything else should fit fine..

I do not want to buy anything new until I hit 12 or 10 if I can help it...

Comment #5

I have lost over 30 lbs and just bought my first pair of new jeans... I only got one pair though and nothing else. I don't want to buy alot since I know Im still losing... I would rather suffer now and then have a big shopping spree later on when I'm at goal or really close!..

Comment #6

I bought a few new things as I needed them. Bras and undies that stay in place were a must but I bought cheap ones instead of paying Victorias Secret prices for things that will end up being replaced after a few more months of MF. Fortunately, I finally reached a size where I can get into a lot of the old jeans and office clothes I had stashed in the back of my closet.

I'd like to buy more but I'm holding off until I'm closer to goal to really go crazy. For the budget, I started tucking away $20 a week when I started the plan. I figured it would take about a year or so to reach goal and by then I'll have about $1000 for a shopping spree...

Comment #7

I have lost 87 pounds and I have only bought 1 or 2 new things. The rest of my clothes come from thrift shops and Craigslist. I have found that to work so much better. I don't spend a fortune since I don't stay in them very long. I was shopping in JC Penny's for the kiddos about a month ago and purchase a new pair of jeans and now they don't fit. They don't even look right with the belt because they are saggy in the rear. That's when I decided with few exceptions no more new clothes until goal...

Comment #8

When I started my clothes were so tight!! I had refused to buy anything bigger than a size 18, so I had plenty of clothes that just got more comfortable and actually fit the way they were supposed to!!.

When I needed new bras I just bought a few at Target, same w/ panties. I felt that having properly fitting underthings was important for my motivation. I bought my first pair of jeans at size 10, then immediately bought an 8 since I was still losing quickly at that point. When those fit I got the 6, and then eventually the 4..

I started making more purchases around the beginning of this year, and I've tried to choose items that will fit now and when I get closer to goal..

The biggest surprise was shoes. I was wearing an 8 and none of them fit now. I think my foot was squished longer and wider by my weight!! Now I wear 7 or 7 1/2 depending on the style...

Comment #9

I had to lose around 30-35lbs before I went down a size, but I started in 24Ws. I've found that now that I've gotten smaller, I'm losing a size every 10-15 lbs...

Comment #10

I am now down 24 lbs and may consider getting some clothes altered to stay on the ever-shrinking bod, but won't buy anything until at least after New Years. DH and I agreed we won't get each other clothes for Christmas. I do have a few smaller things I can "grow" into. Keep shrinking!..

Comment #11

I went awhile before I did a full purge of my closet. an employee said we needed to have a talk about the pants I was wearing (way too baggy)., that lunch I went to the goodwill and bought some pants. I now regularly purge a few articles as I grow in of them. I keep the goodwill well stocked with sizes and they in turn keep me adequately clothed..

Comment #12

I lost 18 pounds and have bought one pair of black pants for work and one pair of jeans. Keeps me motivated. I can wear stuff in my closet that I had stored but down one more size and I won't have anything to wear! Oh, what a problem......

Comment #13

Have you tried taking your clothes to a seamstress? Tailored clothing is usually inexpensive and might take you through a couple of sizes. I think that I needed new jeans and pants at about 20 lbs weight loss. But even those pants are getting loose on me. I'm down about 38 lbs now, so I'm almost ready to get some new pants. For right now, I'm just buying a new pair of jeans and one pair of black pants and one pair of dark brown pants to get me through for work. My tops are really loose, but I'm not too concerned about those right now. Luckily for me, I have some smaller sizes in my closet since I used to be a lot smaller, so I can still wear those...

Comment #14

I lost about 50 pounds before I got some new clothes. I think I was wearing clothes that were a bit too snug anyway so I had some room to shrink. The closer I get to goal, the more quickly I am going through sizes though. It's very rewarding!..

Comment #15

I've only recently noticed a big drop in clothing sizes. I think it's b/c I was wearing to many elastic waisted pants that were TIGHT that I was able to wear them for a while.

I started as a tight 18/20 and could still wear a size 18 even after I lost 50lbs. It's only recently that I feel like I'm dropping a size every two weeks. I just bought a pair of 14s 2 weeks ago, and they are already baggy (not that I'm complaining! LOL!!)...

Comment #16

Ive lost 26lbs and have only bought one pair of jeans...

Comment #17

Thanks ladies! Now I am a poor sahm I have cheap clothes, lol - so not tailoring anything! Have a few smaller sizes, but not much. Now if I can eve r get back to a size 3 I have alot of expensive clothes that I could wear that I did save just in case, lol! Realistically with my age and lifestyle, I probably wont be a 3 again, maybe a 5? I am just wanting to be fit and look good, no particular size really! As a sahm and student on the go, I can wear lots comfy things that have lots of give ... I think when I hit 30 lbs I will get at least a bra and some panties, at least 1 pair of jeans and maybe a top.... then I will hold out for January or February when we get our tax refund- by then I should be really needing some things and might enjoy a lil shopping spree!..

Comment #18

Like others, my closet will help me for quite a while. I have a few sizes worth of staples. I will say that safety pins have become my friends...use them on the waist band of my pants. We were at a wedding a couple of weeks ago and my pants fell down. Yes, fell down. I was so lucky that my hubby was behind me and grabbed them because my hands were full of stuff. I don't think anyone saw and if they did, I was too excited to care!..

Comment #19

I've been wearing sizes 2x/3x, 22/24 for a long time so there's nothing in my closet to grow down to! I picked up some up inexpensive/ on sale clothes in KMart & Hamricks (sizes xl &1x, yay!), also online. I've shopped Brylane, Woman Within, Jessica London, & Roamans - the clearance pages - for years and have some really nice stuff cheap but some I've never even worn! I'm taking a load to consignment next week, and to craigslist too. I've always given away my clothes but now need to replace the whole wardrobe! But I'll stick with clearance til I get to goal...

Comment #20

I am now an avid shopper at thrift stores! Even for very professional clothes! It was either Medifast supplies or new clothes- the food won!.

Buying clothes was the fun part- each new size was quite the victory. I spent about 15 bucks a week on "new" to me clothes and many many many items still had store tags on them. Our local Goodwill store is almost 100% Target clearance items. Bras, with tags from Target, and they sell for 3.99- plus half off days! They also have open package underwear from Target "salvage"- all brand new, just opened packages. Buying there has not only helped me- but also helped me find more money in the family budget!..

Comment #21

Another tip: skirts last longer than pants in size range! I had size 14 skirts that fit from the time I was wearing size 18 pants, down to about almost 10. The size 10 skirt fit for months as well they just fall to different lengths where they sit on your waist..

BUT BEWARE: If you move into skirts- make sure your underwear are the right size! I "stepped" out of a pair of underwear- luckily it was in my own home!..

Comment #22

I broke down and bought new bras when I had lost 25 pounds. Just lifting my boooosums up made it look like I had lost another 10. The bras were my first new clothing purchase and definitely one of the most impressive and worthwhile...

Comment #23

I've purchased a few things, but I've also been shopping my closet. I'm down to my smaller clothes now just went through everything today. Anything too big went into the Goodwill pile, anything still too small went on the "goal" shelf.

I was happy that all the stuff that had previously been sitting on the goal shelf FIT!.

I do think it's motivating to wear fitting clothes rather than baggy ones. I feel slimmer and am more conscious of my goals..

Once I'm at my final goal weight I'm going on a monster shopping spree...

Comment #24

I really enjoy shopping at Goodwill or the thrift shops. I wear one item until it truly begins to look ridiculously big, and switch to the next smallest. Also I was amazed at how cheap jeans and pants were at Costco...

Comment #25

Oh yeah, and it's kind of hilarious how many pairs of black pants I have in my closet. Clearly, they must be slimming or something...

Comment #26

I started buying new pants when I could take off the old ones without undoing them. I found a sale online for jeans, buy one get a second for half off. I bought one in the size I was at the time and another in the next size down. Thrift stores are also wonderful! Also, don't forget the clothing exchange thread here...

Comment #27

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