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I used to own a domain name, SearchToHelp.comI had let it expire back in 2002 and it has since been registered by someone else and turned into an AdSense site. The whois is cloaked by Moniker privacy and the only info I can get is the nameservers, which are hosted on

There is a lot of information out there (press releases, articles, links etc.) that link the domain name to me and it's legitimate and original purpose, which was raising money for charity.

How would the other NPers go about finding out who registered the name and trying to get it back from them? Short of an UDRP claim, that is - I hear that costs $1300+...

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Marchex, Inc. may be the owner ... below is a link to their contact information page:

Hope this helps.


Comment #1

I doubt you have grounds for UDRP in this case..

IMO make a decent offer and hope they are not making good revenue on PPC. If they have kept it since 2002 it's probably because it's profitable enough...

Comment #2

On what grounds do you believe that you should have the domain back?.

You have not shown any reason that they are doing anything unfaithful with the domain. If you took it to a UDRP you would be wasting your money. You admit to letting it expire, you relinquished the rights of the domain by doing so, just because you owned it in the past does not give you the right to it forever more.

Your only chance is to do either of the following:-.

1) Wait until it is dropped (if it ever is).

2) Use a tool such as (paid for service) which will give you the whois history of the domain. It is possible the whois has not always been hidden.

Also consider checking the site to see if there are contact details on it. Also do a search on the domain name and see if you see it posted anywhere on forums etc and if it looks like the person who posted about it owns it contact them on that forum.

If you manage to get a hold of the person who owns it you could offer to buy it from them. But do not expect them to hand it over, if they answer no then leave it at that...

Comment #3

There is no way you can get this domain back with UDRP. You can only buy it back if the owner is selling.

If you have a TM for that name and if it was not generic (and in fact it is) then you would have a case.

If you had a TM for that name and the name is generic but the current owner is using the site related to your TM then you would still have a case.

Unfortunately you don't have a case here. This domain is not your domain as you wish to present it in the title of this topic. It is a domain that you once owned...

Comment #4

I agree with the other posters ... UDRP would likely be a waste of time and money.

In my view, a better approach is to contact the owner (I think it's Marchex) and see if they are willing to sell it - be honest, and explain to them that it was a non-profit site and that you are seeking to restore it due to (insert the reasons) and see what they ask for it.

Be nice and don't threaten, etc... and give it some time; likely require esculating up over numerous emails, phone calls, letters, etc to the higher ups with authority to get a final decision one way or the other ...

If after all that still no good, then try the sympathy PR card - for that to work though, the charity must still exist and you will need the support of others who have a good reputation in charity work with media connections... peer pressure, likely along with some money, may be what it takes to get it back.

Good luck.


Comment #5

Back in 1989 I took a job with a small company in Utah. On the way out, the engine in my '73 VW bus gave out, and I was stuck in small town in Indiana. It was going to cost $500 to fix the engine, and I didn't have that on me at the time, so I rented a car, drove the rest of the way, and abandoned the van at the repair shop to which I'd been towed.

I'd really like to have that car back...

Comment #6

Anyone else feel bad for John having to drive a VW Bus from 1973 in the year 1989?..

Comment #7

No because he probably drives a nice Mercedes now - and deserves too...

Comment #8

I've left a car in most states on the East Coast Haven't ventured that far west though..

Comment #9

You know, I found out recently something like that from my dad.

My dad runs an autorepair shop. Years ago a customer brought his car there,.

But he literally never came back for it.

The owner was contacted but to no avail. He guesstimated the car gathered.

Dust in his shop for like 5 years before he finally was able to sell it to another.

Person, though he made sure it was in good working condition before that.

He still hasn't heard back from that original customer to this day. For a car?..

Comment #10

The most likely current owner based on that nameserver "generally" doesn't sell names. However, I've heard a few stories of them selling if the price is right. translate to "mucho bucks". your best bet may be personal contact and asking for a good price based on end use. The hard part is proving how it will be used to get that price. particularly since it wasn't just recently abandoned...

Comment #11

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