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GeekSquad has been taken in ALL the extensions (including .cc, .ws and .name), but I was somehow able to handreg the .info extension.

Could there be any possible legal issues with this name or is it generic enough? It was a bit weird, seeing all the extensions taken but the .info (which is a much better extension than .ws or .name and .biz) still available for hand reg. The only reason I could give was some legal dispute regarding the name.

What do you guys think?..

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Nice find. I dont think you will have any legal issues unless you start advertising there services for a profit, or use any of there trademarked images/logos.

I would offer it to them or put it on TDNAM or SEDO, try and get private reg for it. I would leave it as a dead URL or leave it on a blank page for now til you figure out what you are going to do with it.



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Your first paragraph is good, you are stating do not use it in bad faith. Good start. And then onto your second paragraph.... You are advising to use the domain in bad faith.

SAS-We all know Geek Squad is a TM. By registering the domain, you are infringing on the name. Honestly Geeksquad is not a generic word. Yes, geek is generic, squad is generic, but put them together, you have a name of a business that has been around for a bit. At this point, it would depend on the usage of the domain. But is you plan to profit off the name, it may be an uphill battle for you...

Comment #2

What I was trying to say in my second paragraph, is before he tries to market/produce anything on the domain, to make sure of the TM/legal issues before doing so, if any at all. Sorry that I was not clear, haven't slept in days..

Comment #3

Ok, the first sentance of the second paragraph. But leaving a domain blank or 404 does not build interest in a domain (obtaining rights). In case I am not clear, do not try to sell to Geek Squad or try selling it if you do not want "bad faith" associated with the domain...

Comment #4

So that literally means that I cannot really sell the name without developing it....

And I cannot park the domain while I develop it either, right?.

Its kinda weird actually...Best Buy has registered pretty much all the extensions for GeekSquad, but why would they leave out the .info?..

Comment #5

To be honest, if you intentions are to get the payoff, then yes, you are kind of stuck. And if you park it, make sure there are no competitng ads, but that will be tough to do. I do find it interesting that the .info was not registered. I remember the days when I thought I hit gold with names nly to be humbled after I learned a few things, and getting the C+Ds did help that process along All of us have been through it, call it a learning experience...

Comment #6 though has been registered by someone else, and also

And yeah it is weird...if BestBuy could register the .name and .ws, they could've very well regged the .info (which is a much much better ext. than .ws and .name).

And I dont mind if they send me a cease and desist notice...its just a $2 name (got it on the Godaddy .info sale!) and I dont mind the 2 bucks.....

Comment #7

Develop a site as soon as possible, just make sure that none of the wording, products or services offered/rendered can be mistakenly identified with the geeksquad. Get creative and use it in a way different fashion/business model.

I'm thinking, DNQuest is surely going to correct me if i'm wrong, that if you're building a site that doesn't compete or create a false impression, that you may have a chance for Best Buy to come along and make an offer. If you offer the domain to them - bad faith. If you build a competitive service, product, etc. - TM infringement. If you stay clear from their business and they come along offering on your domain - jackpot...

Comment #8

Thanks for the help guys.

I think I have a couple of ideas..heck, I could just load up a few pages about some random stuff, or any of my articles.....

Comment #9

It is a very specific term and very clearly belongs to them (best buy/geek squad)...

Comment #10

Well, I'll just pop up a blog about movies on it...I can definitely shift my other movie blogs to some other address, and I dont think movies would conflict with BestBuy's interests...

Comment #11


Serial Number Reg. Number Word Mark Check Status Live/Dead.


2 78589781 3065904 GEEK SQUAD TARR LIVE.


4 76400952 2744658 GEEK SQUAD TARR LIVE.

5 75199667 GEEK SQUAD TARR

If they want it, I don't think you are going to have much of a leg to stand on, unfortunately.

Best of luck,.


Comment #12

Come to think of it. The time invested into this thread exceeds the value of the domain already. I don't think it's going to be worth your headache to develop the domain. At present, you're out of $2, or maybe you can even recover the $2 by calling GD and explaining your situation. In the end, any attempt to take this domain to the next level and monetize it, would probably cost you more than the domain can possibly generate for you.

In this sense, my advice would be, return the domain (if possible) or call best buy to hand it over to them or do nothing and let it expire.

Again, this is..

Comment #13

And how does this content relate to the name at hand? and don't think that will not be asked...

Comment #14

Just one more question guys....

If I do set up some sort of website (ANY sort. Even a personal blog), will Best Buy first send me a Cease and Desist letter or simply take me to court? If they do send me a C&D letter, I won't mind surrendering the name to them...but I do want to take the chance of them offering me something for it (I'm greedy...hehe) and set up something on it (something that I probably wont even put ads on).

In that case, will they ask me to surrender the name first or just take me to court?..

Comment #15

They can do either, and while it may be true that companies typically send C&D's or UDRP rather than using the ACPA/Lanham Act/more traditional "lawsuits", there is nothing to prevent them from going straight for the jugular.

Plenty of posts and threads on this elsewhere in the forum (Legal Issues); take a bit to read around and see what could happen if they decide to make an example of you.


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If it's not too late, I just wanted to say that since you registered it when they had a TM on it there possibly might be some problems you might run in with them...

Comment #17

And maybe not even register the domain. Maybe they issued a C&D to the previous owner and they dropped it. There is also no law that says a company has to use defensive registrations as their mode of protecting their TM. They can leave unregistered and sue, UDRP, or C&D if they wish. It's their choice. Maybe a squatter got it and they sent them a Cease and Desist which is why it dropped and was available? But...

What if they file a lawsuit and you have to spend thousands to defend yourself by hiring a lawyer?.

What if they file a UDRP or WIPO and you then have a permanant Public record of being a cybersquatter? And that is used against you in a future case.

Did you know that if they file a UDRP, that Godaddy will charge YOU $20 to $30 to put a hold on the domain while it's being investigated?..

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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