Gaining weight back during Medifast?

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I'm back. After losing 85 pounds on Medifast, I have gained half of it back,.

Please....I've already berated myself time and again.

I hate myself for regaining it after I worked SO hard to lose it..

So here I go, another round.

*sigh* Not feeling so welcome back..

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Of course you're welcome. There are many of us here right now who lost successfully on Medifast or another plan or even via bariatric surgery and gained some or all of it back. At least you didn't wait until you gained it ALL back, and you knew where to come when you were ready to lose it again..

Hopefully, we know what we did wrong last time (for me it was totally skipping T&M and deluding myself that I could just watch what I ate in moderation, without a plan), and won't do that again!.

Good luck!..

Comment #1

So sorry to hear of your pain. Do you want or need to talk about it? Did old habits sneak back in?.

Whatever the case, it's history. Learn from it and move forward. It's your journey no one elses. Commit to respect yourself and to getting healthy..

Comment #2

Oh, I simply meant I didn't WANT to be back. Very true. I couldn't stand how tight my clothes were getting and knew there was no way in hell I'd ever go back up to 220. Not after I tried to hard to lose it the first time.

So sorry to hear of your pain. Do you want or need to talk about it? Did old habits sneak back in?.

Whatever the case, it's history. Learn from it and move forward. It's your journey no one elses. Commit to respect yourself and to getting healthy.

Yes...I made poor choices. *sigh*..

Comment #3

I know you feel embarrassed, but I'm glad you were able to join Medifast again and post what you posted today. I take it as a lesson for me.

No doubt, I need to be aware of what a slippery slope my food addiction is. Your experience helps me understand that when I make it to my goal, it would be wise to make sure I go through T&M correctly and then NEVER forget that every food choice makes a difference...for the rest of my life..

I'm proud of your choice to give Medifast another go...and sharing it with us. Thank you...

Comment #4

I'm not only embarrassed but shamed..

How could I let myself walk down that same path knowing the consequences?.

But I think it speaks to my inner strength that I said, "Megan! Stop this!" and went back on MF...

Comment #5

You are more than welcomed back! We are here for your support... I expect we all have lessons to learn after maintenance.... I expect I will be doing some kind of Medifast for the rest of my daily life, just to keep me incheck and within my goal range... please share your experiences......

Comment #6

You can do it! I used to be a smoker (not a fact I'm proud of, but it's true) and I quit sooooo many times. Finally, I just decided I didn't want to quit again, I just wanted to be finished. That was years ago and I can hardly remember smoking now. Food, of course, is different because there's no "cold turkey", we all have to eat. I think, however, that you just have to keep trying. What's the alternative? Giving up? That's no good. Be proud of yourself for getting back on trackthat's a huge achievement in itself!..

Comment #7

I'm glad you decided to come back to what you know works. We're all here for you!.


Comment #8

Don't rush Transition..

That's what I did. I thought I had myself under control but alas!.

Maintenance is just as hard as weight loss...

Comment #9

Welcome back. You will get lots of support here and lots of good information and ideas. None of us is immune from regaining the weight we have lost. You will do great if you stick to program. Good for you for coming back and getting started again!..

Comment #10


It's so hard to give up any addiction: food, alcohol, drugs..

It's even harder not to go back...

Comment #11

Whenever you have a spare moment over the next few days go to a mirror, look deeply into your own eyes, and say, "I love myself because I am a worthwhile person. I've had a momentary set-back in the area of my desired weight, but I can overcome this.".

Part of the success of any program is to enter it from a position of power. Self-loathing over "setbacks" will not add to your arsenal of self-esteem..

Sometimes "loving yourself" is something that doesn't come easily in our culture. There are, after all, so many people willing to tell us directly (or indirectly) how we don't "measure up." So it falls to each person to treat themselves as gently as they would another person..

Would you "hate" a dear friend for gaining weight? Of course not! You'd tell that friend that he or she will be able to lose it again and you'd go out of your way to be encouraging..

All I'm suggesting that you give yourself the same gift..

Good luck on your program...

Comment #12

It's not so much flat hate as it is disappointment...

Comment #13

For many (most? all?) of us, we'll need to be vigilant for the rest of our lives on what we eat. Although I've not yet gotten there, I've heard that transition and maintenance are way harder than the weight loss phase. Primarily, it's because you have to learn how to make the right choices with every bite, and not just choosing which of the 70 packets I want to eat today, or which lean and green from this list I can have..

You stumbled. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You stopped before making the same mistake before and letting yourself go back up to where you started and beyond. You're looking yourself in the mirror and saying "mea culpa" and have begun the process to correct it, with a plan that you know you can successfully follow..

Welcome back. I wish you well as you journey back to the healthy you that you've seen and want to be again, because you are worth it...

Comment #14

Okay, so you messed up. It happens! And you were smart enough to catch yourself halfway and come back than to be in denial and gain it all!.

No one said this process was easy, and for some it may take a couple rounds. But this finish line is still in sight..

You'll make it! I promise..

Comment #15

Hey there! Welcome back...and I understand not wanting to come back to need to work the program again.

And IMO maintenance is way WAY harder than weight loss. I barely had to think when I was on 5/1...I just had to put my head down, follow the rules and eat what Medifast told me too. In maintenance, I had to find my own way and what worked for me. That's frick fracken HARD!.

I watched that Biggest Loser "Where are they now" special the other day...where the original winner of Season 1 gained all the weight back. All the other winners and Jillian called him out. And, what he said was the biggest difference is that he backed away from those who lost the weight with him and knew of his struggles. The lack of support and then the shame of starting to regain the weight...just made the issue worse..

That's one of the reason I still hang out here. I don't just hang annoy people with my 100% OP I come here...just as much for me as in hopes to be a help or support to others. It keeps it close to keeps it green and reminds me where I was in September of 2007. So, my only little piece of advice is when you hit goal again...still come around and visit us sometimes. For me, it's made a world of difference..



Comment #16

So many people regain all of their weight. I've had successful weight losses before (on other diets) and always put it all back on and then some. I can only imagine how hard transition and maintenance is because I've never reached a healthy goal before my weight started to creep up again..

I am happy for you that you came back before all your weight was back on. I also went off the program for a couple of months and regained ten before buckling down and recommitting. I also think it is awesome that you are here in the middle of the holiday season. So many people would just wait it out, and put on even more..

Welcome back!..

Comment #17

Megan, Welcome back! I am SO glad you are back and ready to re commit to MF. You have so much to give to those of us on the journey , you can help us to understand the challenges after the weight loss. All things happen for a reason, and perhaps helping US is the reason you needed to come back. Best of luck, Violet...

Comment #18

I hear ya... I gained back 5 of my 24... but am back on plan now and ready to succeed! Glad that you are here!..

Comment #19

Welcome back <HUG>.

It will work for you again and we are here for support...

Comment #20

Thank you for sharing. That's so important to hear. I know I will be impatient to get some of Dave's Killer Bread, but I will remember your experience..

I'm so glad you're back here, and moving forward with what you want!..

Comment #21

So many people who struggle with weight have done diets & gained back their weight. I have & it was very painful to face the fact that I had. I really wish I had been like you & caught it before I had gained it all back!.

It's great that you are here, starting again on Medifast & that you are taking the right steps. WTG! Plus, you have experience on this plan under your belt & you know it works!.

Best of luck to you!..

Comment #22

Megan, please stop the self-recrimination. You are taking steps to correct your error, and that takes a good bit of strength. Just to admit that you've messed up takes strength, but to put on the brakes and reverse course is terrific! You know the program, you know it works, and you know where you messed up. Remember your missteps, but don't fall into the erroneous hateful and recriminatory thoughts.That is self-defeating, and you don't need that when you are on the verge of getting back on track.

Reaffirm your commitment to yourself, pick yourself, dust yourself off, and (as someone here has so eloquently said in other threads ) "pull on your big-girl panties" and take care of business. You can do this! And this time, you have the benefit of hindsight. You know what doesn't work for you, and that puts you ahead of the game. Now figure out what does work..

Welcome back! Take care of yourself and get back in the groove!..

Comment #23

Thank you all for the helpful advice..

I know that some people lose weight, then gain all of it back, and say "oh well"..

It does take a lot of strength to catch that weight gain, so "oh hell no" and stop your course...

Comment #24

Welcome back. You are not alone. I thought I could lose the rest on my own which led me to a 1 1/2 break from Medifast and a 20 lb gain. I've been back here for 9 weeks now still trying to get back to where I was when I left, Almost there now. What matters is that you're here now and ready to recommit to a healthier you. Many hugs to you...

Comment #25

I've dieted on & off my whole life, some 40 years of yo-yo'ing up & down. Sometimes I feel like all I DO know how to do is DIET. Maintenance is a horse of another color. Choices re-enter the picture & unless there is a solid Food Plan in place to follow, those Choices will bury the vast majority of us, myself included. I always thought I could 'handle' Maintenance on my own by 'eating in moderation'. That is the big lie.

Trigger foods will send me down that path of self-destruction over & over & over again. So, I stick to my Food Plan which mimics the 5/1 exactly. I eat 6 small healthy meals per day at the exact same times I ate during 5/1. I don't eat trigger foods because doing so brings my addictive behavior out. Period.

If I start in with bites of off plan foods, I am again using food for Entertainment instead of for Fuel and bingo, I'm off and running down that path of destruction again..

You are not alone my friend. Many, many of us have been where you're at right now & while it doesn't feel good by any means, it is no cause for 'shame'. Shame should be reserved for criminal behavior, not for eating excess food. I do hear ya though.....and let me say, this journey has been THE hardest thing I've ever done in my life, bar none.

Make a plan & stick to & for the future. It's the only way. Keep coming back to these boards so you can witness & share the struggles and the triumphs of others. I've been on these boards for 2 1/2 years now.....I need them.....I give back to others to keep me aware of how close I myself am to ruination if I'm not hyper-vigilant. Keep yourself involved with others who are just like you. We are all in the same boat here & we do it together, one day at a time..



Comment #26

Well, I am proud of you for putting your "big girl pants on" and coming back. You know this works, so now you have to figure out what to do differently when you reach goal so you stay there...

Comment #27

Yup. It would be so easy just to say "well, I guess I'm just meant to be fat." and not come back to MF...

Comment #28

I'm sorry you're feeling so down on yourself, but I applaud your ability to recognize the slide and come back to get your grip back. I'm wrestling with Maintenance now and have decided it will take me at least a year to really get my head around it. During that time, I'm sure I'll "be back" on plan to nip some things in the bud. I'm embracing this as a lifelong struggle and can't expect the solution to be crystal clear on the first go 'round. I've been able to weed out a lot of bad habits...and now I'm back and refocused to weed out some more! In the end, I think I will benefit from a combination of patience and determination. I just feel it's too important to fail at this!.

So, welcome back & I'm wishing you well in this part of your journey!.

Peace & good health,.


Comment #29

Just one more person out here saying "welcome home"!.

Some years back the National Institute on Health did a study on folks who were able to successfully put down addictions of all kinds (cigarettes, alcohol, liquor) and the thing they discovered were that most successful people had one characteristic in common: they had tried multiple multiple times before achieving long-term success but THEY NEVER QUIT TRYING!! a teeny tiny number of people "got it" the first time..

So I salute you, and all of us, who are here trying again, hopefully wiser each time, closer and closer to putting it all together each time. be proud as heck of returning!!..

Comment #30

I think the lesson we need to learn is that it is not ok to eat a lot. That we need to accept that we will always have to watch what we eat. I look at all my slim friends and it seems that even the very skinny ones that never had a weight problem are forever watching what they eat and when they ate a lot they feel so guilty that they immediately work it off or diet it off..

Comment #31

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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