GoDaddy user reviews : Recommend I use GoDaddy?? sold

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Special $7.49 .COM sales. Click here for this special deal... (regged in 1995) was sold in another forum.

Seller asks for 500$ (BIN ) some great people started to bid.

After request of change of whois seller closed the thread may be hurted it seems ( seems very polite minded guy ).

Damn what a quick sales report I am making..

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Mmm I saw it,loads of people commenting about the whois of that domain.

Anyway I think it's a bargain at that price..

Comment #1

Yeh I made an offer and suggested he transfered first, but he said no and demanded I payed upfront. Seemed fishy to me from the start..

Comment #2

Was he able to get the $500 from anyone?..

Comment #3

The whois shows a company name luckily. yeah good bargain but that domain is more worth than 500$ you are lucky I can say if he taken any offer via PM definitely a tragedy for them no idea no it shows a blank page but it has so many archive records from 1996 to 2007 including music shows ...

And that thread still not closed or any action taken with that guy..

Comment #4

My concern is when people see things like this why not go through escrow?? why run a risk?..

Comment #5

Fishy??? I have never pushed a name, until I have received payment first, and have never had any one ask me to push a name, before they paid for it...

Comment #6

All will asks pay first but that guy having 32 posts and one itrader (5$ deal of a domain) and he mentioned I will not push domain before payment which seems more fishy because no one mentions that as by default payment have to be done before pushing..

Comment #7

He offered it me for $475 via pm yesterday afternoon, and I accepted. I then noticed he was from turkey with no reputation, plus it was on dp which is full of scammers, so I told him I needed him to push the name first.

He said no.

Then I said how about escrow, or sedo escrow or moniker escrow, I would pay fees. He said no..

Then I said how about you I pay half the money, then you transfer then I pay the rest.

He said no..

I asked him to change the whois..

He didn't.

I cancelled negotiations, told him I wasn't prepared to take the risk and he had done nothing to reassure me, then when I checked to day he has pulled the sale and is now selling an in another thread.

I would bet half my portfolio that this guy is a domain hijacker/scammer/conman. If I was turkish I'd be getting really pissed as I will now not deal with anyone from turkey as in my experience more people from turkey are scammers than not.

If it seems to good to be true...

P.s. the name is worth high $x,xxx at a minimum. That's because I requested it via pm...

Comment #8

He replied for your 475$ offer for now.

And thread and thread still running wtf..

Comment #9

Jack or Joe should buy it!!!! would go well with lol..

Comment #10

R you kidding ? the was tried to sell by some scammer..

Comment #11

Listen to gingeman's sound advice.

This guy is preying on the human greed to scam money out of people...

Comment #12

It seems people forget the "too good to be true" story or they think "i have got the steal of the century" and get scammed when see such "bargains".

Zerolu's post says everything... use an escrow service like, moniker or sedo..

Comment #13

ROFL.. this is so true.. I have had this happen to me too.. luckily it was for reg fee domains..

Comment #14

If it looks like poo and smells like it, no need to taste it know it is...

I think bricio's advice is spot on.

Be careful, always...

Comment #15

The scammer opens another thread:

The scary part is I saw a dp mod read the thread, and just leave...

Comment #16

Thats a DP they leave it.

The one who got scammed should have to cry..

Comment #17


Now that guy came back with a phone number..

Comment #18

I'd still be worried even if he could change the whois info. At that price you know it's tooooooo good of a deal...

Comment #19

Major red flag.

A who is change is free and any reputable seller would be glad to prove ownership...

Comment #20

He should probably change it now to update the phone number..

Comment #21

Juicy Web Tech LLC.

Chris Olic.

P.O. Box 853.

Units 10 & 12.

Springates East.


Government Road.


Phone: +1.2125551212.

How can you believe ?

Name, address absolutely fake ! phone is Got Milk - Manhattan.

You must 12-13 years old......

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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