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Okay. Grr..

Today I weighed myself, it's not my weigh-in day, but you know how it goes. 161.8 - that's great. That's the lowest I've been since my first year of high school. Yay me!.

Okay. So then why is it that I still look fatter than I do in my profile picture ... my picture is from last summer, probably at 167 or so. That doesn't make any sense! How can I be almost 6 pounds, maybe more, lighter and look FATTER!? I went to take a picture last night because, well, obviously the one I have up is outdated, and I was so ****** off that I didn't even upload one..

I look in the mirror and see no real difference in the way I look from when I started at 175..

I don't get this. Unless being fat for so long and constantly stepping on that scale has severely damaged it, I can't think of any other explaination! It's really making me angry!.


Okay, I'm done now..

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Heard someone use the term...Fat Goggles. Maybe you can't see the difference, but the rest of us can. Don't get frustrated over pictures. Its the other things that count. Not just the number on the scale, but the measurements, how your clothes fit, and your sense of self. Maybe you should just step away from the camara a bit...

Comment #1

The mirror lies it only shows you at 2/3rds your real size in order to make a true comparison you need to look at two pictures of yourself side by side. That's why pictures are so important..

Congratulations on your success...

Comment #2

Hey Sam, I know how you feel. I've lost over 30 pounds and still have not dropped a clothing size. Noone has noticed a difference either. I can tell in some ways. My boobs are setting world records for the fastest shrinking boobs on earth! And my double chin is down to a chin and a half. So that is good.

And they are ugly fat jeans. I feel so good and then I put them on and I am like, WHY AM I STILL WEARING THESE???? I really think the next 10-20 pounds for me are going to be huge!!!.

Just hang in there. Stay On Plan and you will eventually start to see a difference. Try not to get discouraged, that doesn't help. Did you take before pictures? Maybe take a current photo and compare the two. Or make a list of the ways that you can tell a difference. Do you feel more in control of your eating these days? Do you feel less winded after heavy activity? Anything like that.

You are doing great. The weight will come off and you will start to notice the difference before long..

Comment #3

Could be the fact that you may lose weight in your upper body first, like me! I actually lose from top down and from bottom up at the same time, meaning my hips/abdomen are typically the last to shrink! It gets depressing when I look less proportionate than I am used to (ie just big all over is what I'm used to, instead of smaller upper and hips/abdomen sees little change initially)..

You ARE shrinking, keep it up, and eventually the "other" bits will shrink too!..

Comment #4

Way to go to you GREAT JOB ! I"m just starting my program so I have alongggggggg way to go ...

Comment #5

Could be a real simple explanation as well like the angle you are on your first picture compared to your more recent one may be different, making you appear smaller/bigger than you really are..

On a side note, I'm highly scared by the statement that you only see 2/3 of your body in the mirror. Please leave me with my fantasy that what I see in the mirror is what's really going on! lol..

Comment #6

Some times when we lose and gain weight it is distributed differently.

First time I lost weight I started at 250 and was in a size 24, well I'm only down to 264 right now and I already fit in a 22!.

When you gained it back, more might have gone to your face then other places.

Please pot the pic, we might be able to see the difference that you cant! We are harsh when judging ourselves!..

Comment #7

Yeah, I've lost 35 pounds and can't really tell a difference. My body looks pretty much the same but it's just smaller-I'll be really happy when my tummy gets flat. Anyway, I've gone from a 20 to a very tight 14 so I know I'm shrinking. Like another poster said, the angle of the camera makes a huge difference. Fat goggles are a problem that plagues most of us!..

Comment #8

I couldn't really see a difference until recently, at 45 pounds lost. Now my loss is showing up in all kinds of ways. Give it time. Weight is a funny thing...

Comment #9

I agree with Natalie, to find out how I look I always have the kids take a picture of me to look at...

Comment #10

Does anyone happen to know why the mirror only shows you at 2/3? That's HORRIFYINGLY depressing.

Well. I guess my argument still stays the same. In the mirror now I feel I look the same as I did in the mirror with that photo - but photos now ... ugh..

But you're all right. I just have to quit whining and who knows, maybe one day I'll wake up and BAM! I FREAKING HOPE SO ANYWAY..

Comment #11

After losing 47 pounds and two sizes (20W to 16W) and 35 total inches, I still don't see a lot of difference in my face. There's been a little, but I still have the chin and thick neck and very round face.

I can definitely see the difference everywhere else though the difference isn't significant..

I have a feeling I'm not going to see a "normal" me-face until I get closer to 180...

Comment #12

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