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First off, For people who tried Nutrisystem,? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: I am still waiting for my shipment and I have to admit I'm scared. Some of the negative food reviews have me pretty worried. I know everyone has different tastes and I shouldn't worry though. I'm just wondering what everyone's impression of the food and overall experience was like the very first day or two. Thanks in advance...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

I have always heard that for every negative comment there are hundreds (or thousands) of un-posted or un-spoken positive comments. People are always quick to complain but never do anything when they are satisfied..

So don't worry about those that hate the food, think it is gross or disgusting. They are only a few unhappy people versus those of us that have been happily tripping down theNutrisystempath for years!!..

Comment #2

I understand how you feel. We (daughter and I are doing it together) got our BBBs just today. It's kind of like Christmas!.

I was taken aback just a little about the dehydrated items, but I'm going into this with an open mind and I'm going to try everything in that box. I ordered a wide variety of stuff and didn't order only the things I knew I wouldn't like (like mac and cheese. Blech!)..

I've noticed pretty much every times someone says they don't like something, other people post how it's "their favorite!" So, I'm assuming I'll like some things and not like others. I'll figure it out as I go and adjust my next order accordingly..

I'm starting tomorrow, so I'll look for this thread over the next few days and let you know what I ate and what I thought, if that would be helpful...

Comment #3

I just got my 2nd order and there haven't been too many things I hated. Obviously they are not gonna taste like the foods we love. That's what got us all here! I found a lot of spices, no salt substitutes and hot sauces work wonders!.

As I read from someone on these boards, "nothing tastes as good as thin feels."..

Comment #4

As you go through the food and post what you think about the different entrees, try to use specifics on what and why you like or dislike something. It is much better to use that instead of many people that just post "this was disgusting", "horrible", "cat food", "nasty", "gross", etc..

As you eat them, keep a journal. Tell yourself what you like and dislike on each entree. Too much sauce, not enough flavor, needs some spices, tastes too tomato-ee, etc and also note possible ways to improve..

Then, try the foods again (maybe 2-3 times). Compare the first time to the second time and so on. Each time you may find that your tastes may change over time...

Comment #5

Don't be scared about the foods. I have not found anything that I couldn't eat. Some things are so good and it's hard to believe I get to eat them on a "diet". Start with an open mind and you will do fine..

Good Luck!..

Comment #6

I think for me, because I'd heard horror stories about the food, I am continually pleasantly surprised. I had already made my mind up that I was going to stick withNutrisystemto lose the weight. So it's not even about the food, really. If I could get it down I was going to! I fully expected to be choking food down, but I've liked everything I've tried. I've lost nine pounds in two weeks (plus five more before starting NS) and I'm really happy about how easy it's been...

Comment #7

My 1st day I was pleasantly surprised at how good the food was! Then the trend continued and I kept finding really good stuff. I did read the boards beforehand and change the order to reflect stuff I was pretty sure I wouldn't like. (I'm adding those in 1 or 2 per order now, just to make sure.) Most of the things I didn't LOVE, can be changed up fairly easy with spices or add ins or the awesome recipes from the fabulous people on these forums...

Comment #8

Purple, that will help a lot. Thanks.

I thought of adding 1/4 or 1/8 tomato sauce to any pasta I would dislike, but I noticed no talk of tomato sauce. Is that allowed? I wouldn't use much. I tried pasta and beef from big lots this weekend. It wasn't bad at all! Even if I dislike something, I will eat it. I'm very serious about starting this. I think I should have ordered more of a variety now that. I think about it...

Comment #9

Hi, Ms.NewOrleans:.

Well, my first day onNutrisystemis nearing an end..

I've been pleasantly surprised. I haven't had my dessert yet, but I've had three entrees. Here's my review on them:.


Cinnamon Bun: The flavor was good and the frosting was sweet, but a little stiff. The texture of the bun was a bit tough. I'm encouraged that the flavor was good, and when I have another of these, I'll pop it in the microwave for 8 or 10 seconds and see if that improves it..


Noodles with Chicken and Vegetables: Though a much smaller portion than I would normally eat.

The flavor was good. No texture issues this time. The noodles were a bit thick, but that's certainly not a deal breaker for me. This one, I'll definitely order again..


Lasagna with Meat Sauce: So, so, so much better than I thought it would be! It doesn't look all that appealing when you pull it out of the microwave, but the flavor was actually quite good. I'm learningNutrisystemseasons well. I didn't have to put salt on either the lunch or dinner entree. The texture of the lasagna was a bit mushy, but I have to say it really didn't bother me because the flavor was quite good..

I hope that helps dispel some of your concerns! I'll be back tomorrow to report on tonight's dessert (unless I'm still online when I have it, in which case, I'll post tonight) and tomorrow's entrees..

I'm happy to report that due to spacing out my food today, I haven't felt deprived at all. And, it wasn't difficult to get all my water in. As a matter of fact, I had 32 oz of Crystal Light before lunch (fortunately, we get beverages free at work! Yay!) and followed that up with 64 oz of water throughout the afternoon. I'm now drinking a 16-oz glass of Crystal Light. Looks like I'll be up half the night peeing! LOL..

Good luck!.

Purple R..

Comment #10

Purple, I was hoping the lasagna was good! Still find the way it's packed weird. Lol Love reading your reviews..

Regarding salt, I find the sodium content pretty high. I guess with packages food there's no getting around that..

I'm glad your first day went so well. Just wondering what you chose to snack on? I'm a little confused. 1 oz chicken is a choice, but 2 oz is listed as 94 calories. Is it ok to eat more as long as it stays at under 100 calories?..

Comment #11

I love lasagna, so I was so happy it was good!.

I salt everything! So, it was a really good thing that I didn't salt itI know that would interfere with my weight loss, not to mention it's not good for me..

I don't know the answer to your question about the chicken. Hopefully, someone experienced will answer. I'd like to know, too..

I started my day with my usual latte, only with skim milk instead of my usual 1% and smaller than I normally have. I'll just get used to having a smaller one. After I'd been at work about an hour, I had half an apple. I was going to have the entire thing, but half was just fine (I sliced it before I left home and added some lemon juice to the bag so it wouldn't get brown). About an hour after that, I grabbed a few slices of bell pepper and a couple raw zucchini sticks..

With my lunch entree, I had a piece of string cheese and more bell pepper and zucchini and added in some cucumber slices and half a tomato..

In the afternoon, I had a hard boiled egg and some more raw veggies..

For my fat, I had almonds while I fixed dinner. I still have one more fruit to get in and my dessert..

Fortunately, I like raw vegetables, so that part was easy for me. I'm committed to being disciplined enough to always have chopped vegetables in the fridge and fresh fruit on hand..

Hope that helps!.

Purple R..

Comment #12

I love most of the food. I rarely listen to people's reviews of food, movies, resorts, etc. because: (1) we all have different tastes and expectations; and (2) a lot of people just like to complain about things all the time. I hope you find success on this program, it's working for me and a bunch of other people..

Here it comes ... I love the Mac & Cheese!..

Comment #13

Everyone has different tastes so wait until you try the foods yourself. If I based what I ordered on what others don't like I would not have found some great foods. For example: Buffalo Chicken Wrap: so many people hate it, tried it last night, love it and wish I had ordered you have to try them yourself. Mind you, I don't think I am as fussy as most people as there are only 3 things I will never order again...

Comment #14

Yes you can eat the 2 oz of chicken..

I copied this after someone posted this a little while back, hope it helps..

Here are the guidelines for the add-ins.

1 Dairy/Protein Serving = 12 g carbohydrates, 8 g of protein, a trace of fat, and 100 calories.

1 Vegetable Serving = 5 g carbohydrates, 2g protein, and 25 calories.

1 Fruit Serving = 15 g carbohydrates, and 60 calories.

1 Carbohydrate Serving = 15 g carbohydrates, 3 g protein, trace of fat, and 80 calories.

1 Fat Serving = 5 g fat and 45 calories..

Comment #15

And if you look at the nutritional information on the package of uncooked chicken, you will see that a 4 oz serving size is 120. Thus, you can have 3 ounces...

Comment #16

I had doneNutrisystem15 years ago, so I had an idea of what to expect. When I started eating the food the only thing I had problems with were the dinners, and it turns out just picked the wrong ones for me the first few days. That being said, I still order those same dinners and eat them after finding recipes in the recipe forum..

Those people who make negative comments about the food 1) are basing that opinion on a very small selection of food (maybe they chose all bad entrees like I did with dinner), 2) aren't putting any effort or creativity into it, 3) haven't given their tastebuds a chance to adjust to foods without as much sodium, fat and sugar, and/or 4) are looking for a convenient reason to go back to their old habits..

If you try something you don't like, look around at ideas for turning into something else using your add ins. Keep trying more foods. If you're determined, there's definitely aNutrisystemfood out there for you...

Comment #17

Didn't know you people ate raw zucchini. I'm excited that cabbage is unlimited. I love it raw. My food arrives today. I have to say I feel much better seeing the boxes in person. It all looks appetizing! I am starting on Monday.

I want to get that out the way and say goodbye to the fatty foods. Lol I don't plan to go off plan except for Easter Day. I'm so ready for this...

Comment #18

Okay, Ms.NewOrleans, here's my review of last night's dessert and today's entrees..

I had the Chocolate Caramel Bar for dessert and it was okay. It was kind of like a cross between a Rice Krispie Treat and a granola bar only on the light side. I'm hoping tonight's dessert will be better, but if that's as good as dessert gets, then I'm okay with it. Still a lot of others to try though!.


I had the Whole Grain Os. I sweetened them with Truvia and faithfully measured out my 4 oz of skim milk. The best way I can describe them is they're similar to Cheerios (as intended, I'm sure) only lighter and airier. The taste was fine. Nothing exceptional, but I'll have them again..


Bean and Ham Soup: pretty good..

It was pretty tasty, and I liked the consistency of itit was thick! The flavor was good. I'll definitely have it again..


Rotini with Meatballs in Tomato Sauce: Not bad at all. The pasta was good and the meatballs and tomato sauce were flavorful. The texture of the meatballs was a bit mushy. I know I keep saying that and I didn't think I was that into texture of food, but I guess I am!.

The seasoning was good. It was like a better version of a Chef Boyardee dish..

I still have dessert to look forward to. Yum..

Hope all is going well for you as you start the program. I'm feeling like this is something I can stick with. Yes, I know, it's been only two days, but I'm very optimistic!.

BTW, my daughter tried the tomato soup today and hated it, so now I'm nervous I have some, too. But, I'll try it with an open mind. She had the thick crust pizza for dinner and really liked it..


Purple R..

Comment #19

Well, anything takes adjustment. For me it was utter shock and awe at how 'small' the portions were! Truth was I was eating HUGE portions before NS, so it was ME that was skewed, not theNutrisystemportion sizes...

Comment #20

Purple - You're lucky to have someone in your family to share the experience with. I brought it up to my dad as he was watching iNS on QVC when I was visiting with my parents. He said that the portion sizes were ridiculously low. I told him that's why we are overweight, our portion sizes are ridiculous. Not to mention, most of the US eats horrible portion sizes. He needs to lose about 100lbs and his breathing is labored.

But I have indirectly tried to get him to diet with me. I worry about his health and the impact the weight is having..

My food came in today and it looked good I have to say. Seeing the boxes in person sure helped. The pictures I had in my mind was not good before this..

My only issue is that looking at the food, I now realize I should have varied it more. I should have tried more things. I bought 3 or 4 of the same things, which I probably shouldn't have the first shipment. I will vary it a lot more next time to try different things. I can't wait to start Monday. First time I've ever looked forward to a diet...

Comment #21

You're right, you're not responsible for his decisions. Focus on you. Take care of you. You deserve it. And, maybe, just maybe, he'll be inspired by your success!.

I really tried to vary what I ordered. I wanted to try a lot of different things. I'm sure my next order will be more tailored..

For dessert tonight, I had the Peppermint Patty Cookie. It was fabulous! My favorite thing so far. Yay!.

I know what you mean about looking forward to it. I did, too. So glad I'm finally on it and looking toward a brighter future. Sounds sappy, but it's true...

Comment #22

Anniken - You are so right that Purple R is lucky to have her daugher sharing the experience. My daughter is doingNutrisystemwith me also and I love sharing the experience with her. She doesn't have as much to lose as I do, butNutrisystemis working for her too..

When I read your post, I felt your desire to share thisNutrisystemexperience with your Dad. It is something that would benefit you both. Maybe after he sees your changes he might just join you. (I am lucky to work with my Dad a few days a month, garden with him during the summer and we use to meet daily to walk (life got hectic so that hasn't been happening lately). He is a cancer survivor so I truely cherish my time with him, I can understand your concerns for your dad)..

I hear the same things about the portions from my husband. Of course he eats everything and anything with very few consequences..

I am a quantity eater and yes I think some of the portions are small! I am learning that they are the right size for that item and I can get my quantity by adding lots of vegetables. (Something I already knew but just haven't been following!) The portions may seem small but I have never left a meal still feeling hungry since I started..

Looking forward to reading posts about yourNutrisystemexperience, hope it's a great one...

Comment #23

Purple Rabbit, your attitude for a newbie is just so awesome! Thanks for the positive posts and much success to you on your journey. I'm sure you will do great!Nutrisystemreally does work!.


Comment #24

I guess I should expand on that. I didn't mean to suggest that your attitude as a non-newbie would be any different than it is now. LOL. It's just that sometimes it can be trying to keep people positive when they start off with a closed mind about the food...

Comment #25

Lots of info here, but I've been onNutrisystemabout a week and here is my take so far on the food:.

Lets see - so far forNutrisystemfood, I didn't care for the chocolate muffin because it had a strange after taste to me (I should add that while I like chocolate, I'm not huge on it - I rarely eat it when I'm not dieting, so my tastes in that regard may vary widely from others). Also, if you heat it as recommended on some of the boards, eat it right away or it turns brick hard. I found the asian beef to be bland, but I can fix that next time with some tasty add-ins and seasonings. The milk chocolate delight bar is good if you like nougat, which I don't and which is what it reminded me of..

Now, for the much bigger list - foods that I'd eat even if I weren't dieting because they were THAT GOOD (IMHO) - breakfast burrito, ham & cheese omelet, veggie omelet, all the ice creams, honey mustard pretzels (I wanted to lick the bag & I'm not a mustard fan), maple brown sugar oatmeal (reminded me of the stuff I ate as a kid), berries & multigrain flakes, ravioli formaggio (add some steamed seasoned veggies and YUM), peppermint cookie patty (this is heaven in a little plastic wrapper), meatball parmesan melt (my lunch was being eyed today due to the tasty smell of this sandwich - I melted part of my lunch dairy string cheese on top for added yumminess), and mac n' cheese (make sure it cooks all the way though - I had a bit of a challenge with this). The cinnamon bun bar was a tasty breakfast option, but felt like more of a snack/dessert than breakfast to me.of course, I'm again not a fan of "meal bars," so my opinion here is biased..

Two I can't really give feedback on are the fettuccini alfredo and the pasta parmesan - to get my veggies in, I cooked some frozen veggies and when they were simmering, added seasonings, then mixed them in. When I ate them all mixed together the next day, it was tasty. I have no idea what the plain dish tastes like though :-).

Things I thought were good for diet food and will continue ordering, but maybe wouldn't eat all the time if I weren't dieting were the 3 cheese pasta w/ chicken (my opinion may change now that I figured out how to get these not to come out as noodle soup), mac n' cheese with beef (beef had odd texture to me), pasta w/ beef (love the slight spiciness, but again meat had an odd texture), mexican style tortilla soup (good flavor, but I'm not normally a big soup person), flame broiled beef patty (I'd rather cook up a 7% fat lean burger - the burger isn't bad, but I need to find tips on here for how to cook it so it doesn't taste like cafeteria food), walnut chocolate chip cookies (if you like crispy little cookies like chips ahoy, these are good), and glazed chicken tenders - good flavor, not sure exactly what about it made it not a favorite for me..

The hearty beef stew wasn't a favorite, although it is similar to other thick non-diet canned soups I've had. The main reason I might add it to future orders is that if I've had an off-plan meal one day, it is a 150 cal dinner option, which is quite low for dinners and keeps my daily intake in the 1200-1300 range..

Speaking of non-diet canned soups, the meat texture in some of the dishes reminds me of the Campbell's Sirloin Steak soup meat (I think that's the one anyway - little round disks of meat in it). Just that slightly spongy thing. If you've eaten the soup, then you know what to expect from some of the dishes..

Overall though, I am pleasantly surprised by the food..

Comment #26

So, your food arrived on Wednesday and you are looking forward to starting on Monday. Why, why, why aren't you starting.


? Or, at the very least, on Saturday? Studies have shown that dieters who begin on Saturdays are more successful because they get used to their new healthy eating over the weekend when they have more time to spend thinking, preparing, etc. and it shows an additional level of commitment. You are totally gung-ho right now - go for it. Who knows, you could lose 4 pounds by Monday!..

Comment #27

Om my first day I cried. WHen I opened that cereal package and dumped it in the bowl, it was 1/8 the portion I would normally have. Then measuring the milk out I would probably have a quart on my own with the milk ovr the cereal and a large glass on the side. Plus Chocolate syrup to make chocolate milk. The portion size was the biggest shocker to me..

Yes I found a few meals I didn't like because of some of the ingredients. I live Ravioli and Lasagna, but there are too many mushrooms in the sauce and I dont want to sit there and pick them out...

Comment #28

Thank you for your comments; I appreciate them very much..

I'm trying to show support and give encouragement. This can be a tough journey and we all need all the help we can get!..

Comment #29

Good point! I received my bbb on a Friday, spent Saturday reading all the information and did my grocery shopping. I didn't want to start on a Monday, just felt like I was setting myself up for failure. I started on Sunday. Having Sunday as my weigh in day helps keep me accountable for my eating over the weekend..

Everyone is different, so start when it feels right for you. This is just what has worked really well for me..

Keep your excitement for the program and it will work for you...

Comment #30

I went shopping today for foods to start Monday. I will get the produce/fruits Monday morning. I think I may have screwed up shopping for dairy today. I wasnt sure if I was suppose to buy ff cheese or low fat. I thought I had everything figured out until I was standing there with so many choices. Lol It was very overwhelming.

I have never tried low fat before..

Wasnt sure what to buy to spice up the Asian dishes if needed..

Brooke - The good reviews are great to hear. You can replace the beef patty with 7% ground beef? I would love to have fresh ground beef as an option..

Yippee - Wednesday I had a procedure and I have two days of zero appetite after it every time. I have a graduation party with a ton of food Saturday. I wanted to get all that out of the way. Monday will be the easiest day for me. Being at work and busy will make the adjustment so much easier on me. No matter what day of the week I start, I will do this the right way and continue it.

I feel like I am really prepared. I dont plan to go offNutrisystemfor any future events. I will eat my food before going.

PBA - That put a smile on my face. I may cry too Monday. Lol I am used to such large portions. I know it will get better though...

Comment #31

Anniken -.

You will do great.

Take it one day at a time! I'm still learning after a month on the program!.

I too had my "last meals" before beginning too. Had to get some things out of my system before I began. Sounds like you have thought your starting date out and prepared to begin. Remember the portions can still be "large" but it's the vegetables that make up the bulk. My husband says I eat more now than I did before, it's just better choices now.

The cottage cheese can be ff or low fat. I prefer the low fat from WalMart because it is 1%, others I have found are 2% but still called low fat..

Enjoy your weekend and "last meal" (I know I did!)..

Comment #32

She didn't say you can replace the beef patty with 7% beef. She said she would like to. You can use a BocaBurger (find one with theNutrisystemdairy/protein stats). But theNutrisystemburger is very good. Some people like to reconstitute it using beef broth instead of water. Some like to fry/grill it after reconstituting.

One of my favorites...

Comment #33

Lol - yeah, I don't know if 7% beef would meet the stats.which are also the stats that will help you with your dairy choices. Our lean protein/dairy add-ins are supposed to be 100 cals or less, 3 g of fat or less and 7 grams of protein or more. I looked at the ground beef - I know they go to 4 g of fat for an egg, so looks like you could do a 2 oz 7% fat ground beef patty for 85 cals, 4 g fat, & about 12 g protein.but 2 oz is pretty small. Think I'll stick with myNutrisystempatty and just figure out how to cook it so I like it better. It wasn't bad the way it came, but it could be better IMHO..

For Asian add-ins, I'd recommend sauteing onions, bell pepper, garlic, ginger.other things that go well with asian foods are water chestnuts, carrots, bean sprouts, etc...

Comment #34

You have done your homework and your plan is in place - Congrats! I am excited to hear about your progress as you are going to rock this weight loss to the core!!!..

Comment #35

Don't worry, it's not as good as dessert gets!..

Comment #36

2 oz? Lol I'll stick to myNutrisystemburger. I was wondering what yogurt blended with strawberries and banana would taste like. I might have to try that. I was found the garlic laughing cow cheese today! Yah. 3 hours til my graduation party. There's so many heavy foods, I will look forward to starting Monday.

One day at a time...I have to keep telling myself that. After shopping for a shirt this morning, I was quite depressed remembering days when I could wear most things. Every shirt I tried on today just looked horrible due to my weight. But I'll just take that as an incentive...

Comment #37

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