For any one on Nutrisystem here is some information I just discovered?

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My first question is For any one on Nutrisystem here is some information I just discovered? Hoping for any answer. Second question.. I know it's not January yet, but I don't know how often I'll be on-line over this weekend so I wanted to make sure I got our new month's thread up before hand!.

You have all done really well these last few months & the support you have provided one another has been wonderful. We all need it! And we all need to know we're not on this alone..

I want to wish you all a very safe & Happy New Year. I hope you will all enjoy wisely & have fun while maintaining your current weight. Don't beat yourselves up if you don't lose over this holiday weekend - just maintain the weight you are now!.

Happy New Year & Happy New YOU!!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Hello again everyone,.

I've been on vacation since 12/16 so I haven't been around much. Bummer is that I was down to 177 then and now I'm up a few lbs. again. I really got bitten by the cookie bug this holiday season!!! Well, I'm getting back on track now. Going to the store today for all of the healthy add-ons. I want to reach my goal in 2011..

Happy New Year to all and Happy Weight Loss, too!.

Karen in AZ..

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Wow!! Got on the scale this morning to find I had gained 5.5 pounds. I had way too many cookies & each time there was a get together I had wine!! And more wine. I know I have overindulged during the Holidays, but, I'm picking myself up & getting back on the right track, today. I'm going to be doing some Nutirsystem food & some of my own. Wishing the best New Year to everyone...

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Not many people have been on this week. I guess no one believes in "New Year's Resolutions" anymore!.

I was hoping to came back to this group, because this seemed to be where I had found the most support, and many of the people were facing some of the same issues. I will keep checking back.....

Comment #4

I'm here! I got a NookColor for Christmas & I have to admit I am shamelessly addicted to it! I can't wait to get home from work & read. Now I am bringing it to my office so I can read at lunch. But I went grocery shopping on Monday to get my add ins & have been doing well. Eating a Zone Bar for breakfast (since I'm on Flex now) which is 190 calories & 12G protein AND they're actually tasty. I also found a new Crystal Light flavor for my waters - Cherry Pomegranate. Tastes like black cherry kool aid only w/a richer, fuller flavor..

I am hoping that everybody comes back once they settle back in to their normal post holiday routines..

We all need the support & friends!..

Comment #5

I'm back! I gained about 2 pounds over Christmas and I'm pleased to say that as of this morning I had gotten rid of those 2 pounds, plus an additional .2 pounds! Now if I can just keep going in that direction I'll be a happy girl..

I don't really do New Year's resolutions because I just don't tend to think in those terms. I'm more of a "try to do your best all the time" kind of a girl. So I'm focusing on eating the food, doing as much exercise as I can every day, and drinking as much water as I can every day. So far it seems to be working for me..

I hope everyone finds their way back to the boards giving and receiving support really does help all of us to stay on track. That's my two cent's worth, anyway!..

Comment #6

I'm still here, too! Happy New Year to everyone!.

Well, after not weighing myself for two weeks, I got on the scale yesterday and found that I gained 1/2 a pound. Not too bad considering I made some not-too-good food choices. So, back on track. It's a bit easier now because it seems that everyone is on a diet (New Year's resolutions and all)...

Comment #7


That is a great way to look at it. I would tend to agree. I threw it out there, 'cause I made New Year's resoultions to get back on track and try harder. In many ways. To stop slacking a couple of things in life, here and in my business. But, people do make the resolutions, and being right after the holidays, it is a good place to start!..

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So today I am really frustrated. I got down to 141.5 before & during the holidays when I was pretty much eating smaller portions of regular food & only eating myNutrisystembreakfasts & lunches w/very little add ins because I wasn't hungry. I weighed myself on the 1st so I knew what I was started my year out with & I was at 142 - 1/2 lb up, but no big deal to me. I have done theNutrisystemsolidly (no other food) since the 2nd & today when I weighed myself - BAM - 3 NEW POUNDS ADDED ON!!! WTF?? In less than a week??? I am hoping, praying, etc that it is because I am getting ready to start my period (OMG do my boobs hurt for as small as they are - thanks for that sign of impending red tide) & that it is ALL water retention but I am doubting that it is & now I am just angry. I figured I'd start the New Year right & kick start my weight loss for my upcoming vacation to the beach this month, but after a week of measuring everything I was adding in (salad dressing, cottage cheese, etc) to make sure I didn't go over, eating all the vegetables, drinking all my water, eating onlyNutrisystemfood & add ins, I am 3 pounds heavier. Very discouraging...

Comment #9

Jenn I'm sorry for your frustration. More than likely, TOM is the culprit, but you might also look at your sodium intake to see if that might be adding to the weight gain. For me, anytime I see a big spike when I've been sticking to the program, it always goes back to sodium. Try to increase your water intake as much as you can and see if you can flush out the extra pounds and sodium. Hope that helps...

Comment #10


Most likely the Red Tide is to blame, but you might also want to check your salt intake. For me, weight spikes usually have to do with too much salt. In the meantime, take a few days off from the scale, increase your water as much as you can, and really watch the salt intake. I'll bet you'll see it come back down. Sorry for your frustration it'll get better...

Comment #11

Hi everyone,.

Just checking in w/you all. I'm slowly losing but have not weighed myself latelyfor 2 weeks because I'm on antibiotics and that will mess thing up. Hope you all are doing well..

Hugs to all..

Jenndo not give upit certainly sounds like water weight considering the time of the month...

Comment #12

Jenn, I think everyone here is correct. I weighed myself two days ago and then this morning and the scale told me that I "lost" 1.5 lbs. Don't know what to believe...

Comment #13

Hi All! Is it possible for me to join your group? I lose V-E-R-Y slowly, and TRY very hard NOT to become discouraged! I am a "professional" dieter ... I've been trying to lose weight for most of my life, I believe. However, I have several factors working against me: emergency hysterectomy 8 years ago (at 34), PCOS prior to that, Insulin Resistance, and the list goes on. SOOOOO ... I've lost 23.4 onNutrisystemsince June, and I have A LOT to go ... I haven't weighed in a month because I ate horribly over the holidays.

I intend to go back to the gym tomorrow. My problem is that, since I lose so slowly, in time I tend to "give up" a bit. I've been warding off that feeling while on NS. IF I go "off" the program for a meal, I HAVE been able to get back on with no problem. However, this holiday season was a rough one..

Hoping to gain some support from other slow losers like myself ... to keep my thoughts out of the gutter, per se. I HAVE to see some more loss to keep me going. Trying to re-commit to my motivation so that I WILL eventually see a significant loss. Thanks, in advance, for "accepting me" into your group!..

Comment #14

Welcome Jolie! Of course you can join the group. The more the merrier. I finally lost the 2lbs. I put on over the holidays so now I have to get serious again. I'm getting bored withNutrisystemfood. Any suggestions?..

Comment #15

Welcome to our group, Jolie! I like this group because we support each other, plus - we are all realists. We admit when we go off track and then TRY to get right back on..

Karen - I hear ya. The long-timers tell us to look at the recipe board, but I found that to be a pain, frankly. I found a few foods I liked and just ordered them. That works for me because I don't mind eating the same thing over and over. That being said, I have been enjoying Lean Cuisine entrees. I look for ones with the same nutritional stats as theNutrisystemmeals.

Same with my soups for lunch. Dinner is my problem...

Comment #16

Welcome Jolie! All are welcome here! As you have already read, we are realists in this group, we admit when we go off plan or have mishaps, but nobody here gets the "I am 100%Nutrisystem& you aren't therefore you need to commit to this if you want to lose weight" speech if we do go off plan or complain about our slow losses. I have never been a quick weight loser & since being on NS, I have found that I lose the weight quicker when I eat normal foods every now & then. When I eat 100% NS, I either don't lose at all, or I lose weight slower than molasses in the Arctic. We are not the "I've been onNutrisystemfor an hour & I've already lost 10 lbs" people. We will not berate you or beat you up if you go off plan. We're all human & quite frankly, going through life depriving myself of french fries for the remainder of it, is not my idea of living..

I agree that searching the recipes forums is annoying because of all the sorting you need to do, but I find that for the most part I find several entrees that I like & I just order those so I don't have to doctor them. That said, I will doctor certain items just so I get all my vegetables in one handy serving. So, on the weekends when I can doctor the lunch entrees since I'm home from work, I will prep the Fettucine Alfredo or Pasta Parmesan & while they sit, I'll saute onions, garlic, spinach & mushrooms & then add the pasta to that pan when it is done. I stir it until it is all mixed together, then serve. Additionally, if you want to add your protein in, you can add frozen shrimp to the vegetables or diced chicken breast. Then you have a a nice 1 bowl serving of all your add ins & your entree...

Comment #17

ApacheLOL I like what you said..

Welcome Jolie..

I too have been on soooo many diets. Also tend to get discouraged easily but not so far on NS. Frankly reading the boards keeps me going. Yes I get tired of the posts that boast about rapid weight loss but we are all different. So hang in there with uswe will all do well...

Comment #18

Hello Everyone!.

Whew, I just got back from a mini-vacation down in the Keys. I was visiting mys best friend. Boy was I horrible, I had the best intentions, and did well the first day, though. I brought enough food for the 3 days we were going to be down there. But, she and my husband are no help. His excuse is, "Honey, it't your birthday and we are on vacation, enjoy yourself!" She is sick (has lupus) and doesn't want anyone one to see her weak, so she cooks for everyone.

The rich food did a toll on my stomach when I came back. I was feeling rough yesterday. I had chicken soup for dinner last night. But, back on the wagon today..

Welcome, Jolie, you will like it here. Even if people don't respond to your posts, when you put it down, you feel better..


Also know what is holding.


Back, when you write it!..

Comment #19

We're going to the keys next Thursday!.

So I am going to try & be good, bring breakfasts & snacks, not so much lunches & dinners because they require a microwave, but I'm sure I will indulge some because I'll be on vacation & I'm good with that..

It's all a balance, you know?..

Comment #20

What part of the Keys are you going? My friend lives in Key Largo, we spent most of our time in the upper half, from Marathon north. She used to live in Marathon. I am thinking about transferring down there for a while, until there is an opening for my husband to transfer down, too. The home prices are fairly decent in the north end..

There are only a couple of beaches down there, Sombrero Beach in Marathon, the Bahia Honda State Park, and the State Park in Key West. However, if you dive or snorkel, John Pennecamp State park has a wonderful coral reef. It was too cold on this trip for us to snorkel, but my frien live right accross from the park (literally walking distance!) Plus numerous off-shore locations. A number of lacations to "swim with dolphins", too..

There are a lot of "hole in the wall" restaurants, so ask for the best places to eat. The Hurricane in Marathon, Island Fish Company in Marathon, Hogs Breath Saloon in Key West, Lazy Days in Islamorada (that's where we went for my birthday dinner), I hear they have a ceasar salad to die for! I had their specialty chicken with key lime sauce, mmmmm.

Have a wonderful time down there. It hasn't been very warm here in the sunshine state, tho...

Comment #21

My BF's parents snow bird in Marathon, so we will be staying in that area at a small out of the way hotel. We plan on visiting Bahia Honda for sure plus a surly, grubby hole in the wall pizza joint which we've heard about that evidently has great T-shirts. We've been to Hog's Breath (coldy holdy on my desk right now!) & his dad has made us a private fishing reservation for one day too. Other than that, we're not really planners so we're just looking forward to relaxing & doing whatever we want!.

We haven't been on a vacation in a while save for quick weekends to see friends here & there so we are really looking forward to it. Thanks for the great suggestions!..

Comment #22

Last week I lost the 1.5 pounds I gained over the holidays (not sure if this was real weight or because of extra sodium). I didn't eat according to any plan for the holidays..

Then this morning I saw I was down another pound, so I am at my lowest weight I have ever been. My new clothes that I bought a few months ago and purposely bought them tight fitting are now starting to feel a little loose on me..

I think I might lower my goal once again when I reach this one. I don't know yet...

Comment #23

Well, Stephen, congratulations! It is time to post a new avatar, then!!..

Comment #24

Congratulations Stephen! Way to go!!.

I am still waiting for my weight gain to come off, but so far, nothing has budged. I'm eatingNutrisystem100% & have been since the 2nd & nothing has happened but weight gain so to say I am frustrated is putting it mildly. I was really doing well & now, weight gain & no loss. I am back to measuring my TB for my salad dressing, measuring my cottage cheese for my protein, reading nutrition labels on my add ins to make sure they have plenty of protein & low calories, sugar & fat & by God, I'm getting damn tired of it. I eat on plan & gain weight. I was hoping that by the time we went on vacation this week, I'd have lost at least 10 lbs, but nope.

Not very good. Yes, I do eat off plan every now & then, I'm not made of stone & I am human. Part of being able to maintain is not having to eatNutrisystemfor the rest of your life. I'm sure it's that I'm not eating enough vegetables, but I'm growing tired of finding new ways to eat them. I'm just really frustrated as of late..

And I get sick of reading other threads where the "regulars" are just laying in to new people because they're posting about their slow weight loss or have questions. I find it really rude & off putting. We're all here because we have excess weight, just because you may no longer have the weight to lose doesn't give you the right to berate others who are having problems losing. I may be alone in that opinion, but that is one of THE reasons I started this group. We have our own forum to vent, post our successes, support each other & ask questions & NOBODY here gets lambasted..

Yeah, I guess I needed to vent today. Thanks for being here everybody - sorry I'm a downer today. I'm just really frustrated with eating on plan & gaining weight...

Comment #25

Oh Jenn, I feel your pain! I was down a total of 13lbs before the holidays and now I'm up 6lbs. I do this every time I try to lose weight. I lose some weight, start to feel good about myself and then think I can eat whatever and however I want.....which usually consists of crap food. I'm depressed too. It has been so hard to get back on the "wagon". I'm a big time emotional eater and I've had some real struggles lately.

My barely able to make my house payment. I have a 16yo son, well that's enough said on that one!! And now my live-in boyfriend has gone to NC to visit his daughter for a month and look for work there. My whole life seems up in the air and I just want cheeseburgers and candy!! Sorry for the rant today, but I need help from myNutrisystemfriends. I'm bored with the food (especially lunch) and walking and riding my exercise bike isn't doing the job. UGH.

I feel like aNutrisystemfailure...

Comment #26

I have found a new water additive that will help you get your water intake & possibly cut some of your cravings for junk. It's Crystal Light Cherry Pomegranate & it is wonderful. Try some of that & have some sliced apples with some peanut butter for your protein. And you know what, even if you DO overeat, you will have done so on FRUIT & not candy or burgers. Also, I found Black Cherry Jello which I absolutely love & that will help with your sweet cravings. It's a free food on theNutrisystemplan..

The job search sucks - I know. Try a job side like And while your BF is gone, rent an old classic movie or just one that you've always wanted to see, have some air popped popcorn & enjoy yourself...

Comment #27

Hey Karen, hang in there! Remember, you are losing weight for YOURSELF, and honestly, being thinner is going to HELP you in your job search. (I just read an article on that today!). When you feel like eating candy or a cheeseburger, remind yourself how crappy you'll feel about yourself afterward. Go for a walk, eat something healthy and then feel empowered!!!..

Comment #28

I'm new here..

Don't feel bad, Karen. I went to the doctor today and had gained 7.6 pounds! I was so ready to give up! The discussion boards really help. I'm an emotional eater too and my family is in turmoil. My aunt passed last week and her husband is in bad shape in the hospital. Me? Worry Wart!!!.

Let's keep at it if for no other reason than our health!..

Comment #29

Hi everyoneYascswla,Apache, and Karenyou all sound like I felt last week. It seems like every other day I was mentally feeling down. Now I'm up againspirits high. Please stay on plando it for yourself. These boards really do help so vent all you want. We are here to listen and help..

Apacheplease correct me if I'm wrong but I thought peanut butter was on the fats listnot protein list..

Everyone have a good Tuesday !! Stay strong and keep smiling...

Comment #30

Peanut butter is on the fats list, but it is better than a candy bar, especially with apples!!.

I am also feeling everyone's pain. My husband complains he can't loose weight or wants to "drop" a few pounds. So when we go out to lunch I have a turkey sandwhich. Lite on mayo. No side. He has a grilled chicken sandwich with honey mustard.

I couldn't say anything to him, because a half dozen other co-workers were with us. Well, with motivation like that, how am I supposed to stay motivated? I probably gained a pound just looking at his onion rings!!.

So, to make up for it, he has lite popcorn for dinner. And lite hot chocolate...

Comment #31

Yes, peanut butter is on the fats list (I was having a bad day yesterday.

) but like we said, at least if she overdoes it, it will be with apples & not a candy bar & a the peanut butter she has with them won't derail her..

Thanks for commiserating with me! It really does help to have support. When I got home last night my new BBB was waiting for me. I am on the flex program now & when I opened up my box, I had a little red Bear sitting right on top! Now, last weigh in (prior to this weeks horrifying one) I was 9 1/2 lbs down so I wasn't expecting a bear, but I guess they figure 9 1/2 lbs is close enough! So, I was really pleased to see that little guy in there (although, according to the name tag, I believe she's a girl) & then I saw all your comments today & it all just really helped me! So thank you all for your support!.

We leave for Marathon on Thursday & we're supposed to get another 4 inches of snow tomorrow into Thursday morning so I hope our flight won't be delayed & it will be OK. I'm already a bad flier, I don't need bad weather on top of it!..

Comment #32

Nice that you're here. I am tired of the easy losers! ha-ha. This is so much more real for me..

(lost 50 pounds 2006-2007, gained 30 back, back toNutrisystemSept 2009)...

Comment #33

Thanks for the encouragement, Dorothy..

Jenny, you are so funny!.

Apache, congrats on the weight loss - it's enviable!.

Vix, you're right, this is as real as it gets...

Comment #34

Thanks for all of the support and great ideas. I'm feeling better about getting back on program. Did pretty good today and already made my lunch for tomorrow! One day at a time..


Comment #35

Hi everyonejust checking instill on my slooooow journey w/my life changes usingNutrisystemplan..

Hugs to everyone...

Comment #36

Hi everyonewhere is everyone? Hugs to you all. Have a great Friday and keep smiling...

Comment #37

Just popping in....still fighting the holiday gain...this is going to take a while!..

Comment #38

Hi everyone! I startedNutrisystemback in October and have lost pretty slowly. I originally set my sights way to high and expected to lose my 45 pounds in 3 months. Yeah right! It's now been 4 months and I'm only down 17. For the last month or so I have bounced around between 15-20 lost. The holidays didn't help but even 100% on plan I still stick with in the same 3 pds area. Up an down up and down it's so frustrating! I still am enjoyingNutrisystemfood so I guess thats a plus.

It's even more frustrating to work out and eat right and see the scale stick!..

Comment #39

I have a treadclimber that I got myself for Christmas a couple of years ago, and I get on it 30 mins a day 5 days a week. I DVR my shows at night, because I work the night shift and I watch a show while I work out. I also go to the gym 1 day a week for "slow cadence training." I used to do yoga on a regular basis until I went to the shift I'm on, but I don't get home until anywhere from 4am until 7am and I have a hard time getting up and getting everything I need to get done before I go back to work. So, I do yoga occassionaly now..

Jenn, good job on the bear, is she going to the Keys to keep you motivated?.

Welcome to some the new "faces". You will like it here. We are truthful, we know what our faults are, and we post them. It just feels better when we put our shortcomings in writing, because no one is here to judge, just support!..

Comment #40

Way to go Chelsea! I think you are doing great. It's better to lose slowly. I started back in October too with 45lbs to lose. I went WAY off the program over the holidays and am having a really hard time getting back with it. Here's to doing it to together!!..

Comment #41

Hi everyone! I'm still here. I lost 1/2 lb since my last weigh-in 2 weeks ago. When I told my husband that I lost 1/2 lb I thought he would be happy. He said, "I don't know why you're proud of yourself. I don't want you to lose any more weight." I reminded him that my BMI is 23, which is not exactly anorexic. He said that I am losing weight in "all the wrong places." Like I can control where the weight is lost!!!!.

Regardless of his non-support, I will stay positive. Today is my son's birthday and we are going out to dinner, so I am GLAD that I am down 1/2 lb going into this evening. I already planned what I am having: my daughter and I are splitting a chicken fajita entree. I very seldom go out to dinner, so I go on-line beforehand and look for heallthy choices...

Comment #42

Hi everyone,.

I am a little confused here. I didNutrisystemin 2006 and lost quite rapidly 30lbs 3 months. I worked out 3 days per week cardio & weights. Then I got pregnant and had twins in 2007. I went onNutrisystemin October 2010 and lost near 10 lbs. I've kept that off, and got my next BBB Jan 2011.

I only exercised once the first week, but this past week 5/7 days. I am SO confused. I'm tracking my food and average 1250 calories..

Anyone have any advice for me? I'd greatly appreciate it!..

Comment #43

Hi everyone,.

Basically I'm in the same predicamentstarted in mid October and so far have lost 16 lbs. I plateau about every other week. I have high hopes that more will come off soon...

Comment #44

There have only been a couple of posts since I was on 4 days ago. Everybody give up? Apache Jen is going out of town, I guess she was the glue!!.

Keep up the good work to everyone out there lurking in the shadows!..

Comment #45

Hi everyone! Since the last time I've posted I have lost 1.5 lbs. I think it will be more in the next week or so because I think I am retaining a lot of water. I start Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and boy are my muscles sore! She kicks butt! I can visibly see the water retention in my swollen leg muscles! But it's good pain because I know it's doing something. I so badly want to break in to the 150's I can't wait! I am sooo close!..

Comment #46

Just popping in...hard to keep onNutrisystemwhen it's slow or stopped working for me last May. It probably would work if I could do more exercise, but I have some physical limitations..

I just started keeping track on Livestrong. I'm hoping that may work better for me. Still staying basically NS, but finding there is tons of sodium in NS...more than I'm supposed to have, so maybe it will help me make some adjustments so I can shed the holiday weight and the last few pounds..

We all want to be we hang in! Keep smiling!..

Comment #47

Chelsea-Congrats on your loss! Since you just started a new exercise regimine and you have already noticed water retention, you need.


Water. Also don't be disappointed if you don't lose weight becuase muscle weighs more than fat, but you should notice it in how your clothes fit!! More weight will come off either right away or as you get used to the exercise..

Vix-The point ofNutrisystemis to.


The way we eat, it not designed for us to stay on it forever. If you found a plan that is more fitting of your lifesyle and gets you the results you want/need, good for you!Nutrisystemshows us portion control, so we can see for ourselves what a portion.


Is. I like it because I am a very on the go person, I work very stange and long hours and it is just easier for me to grab a meal, nuke it, and go. Extra snacks go in my lunch box. Otherwise, Micky D's here I come!!..

Comment #48

Well said Jenny..

The amount of sodium inNutrisystemtotals only about 1800mg I was told. (less than 2 Grams) That is not bad at all. Unless you are on a one gram sodium diet then it would be too much..

Water is the key...

Comment #49

I feel a lot better after reading your thread. I've been onNutrisystemsince 9/26 and.

Have lost 14 lbs. I'm not able to exercise for health reasons, but thought I.

Would lose more lbs by now. I want to lose a total of 30 lbs. At this rate it.

Will take at least 4 more months. I'm on the Senior Woman's Plan. Thanks.

For listening!..

Comment #50

Hello everybody! I am back from the Florida Keys & NO I did not doNutrisystemwhile I was there. I did however make good choices for the most part - grilled seafood when we ate out which was basically all the time, had some smoked fish at Alabama Jacks (wow, is that good stuff), & I did drink water, but not anywhere near as much as I do when I'm home. I did drink beer, but we did walk a lot when were in Key West & I just enjoyed my vacation..

Congrats to you all who have lost more while I was away. Jenny - I didn't take my bear with me (I didn't want the guilt.

) but since we've been back, I've been doing myNutrisystembreakfasts & lunches as that's what I seem to have the most trouble with at work during the week. We went fishing on Sunday from 10 - 5 & caught about 42 mackerel which we had shipped to us & that arrived yesterday so we had baked mackerel florentine for dinner last night & we have plenty of fish for a while. So, I know that my dinners will be pretty healthy & light with all that good fish in the freezer..

I haven't weighed in since my last post when I was 3 lbs heavier, but I will on Saturday. I don't expect it to be down at all, but I can say in all reality that even being on vacation for a week I didn't throw caution to the wind & just completely ditch my eating..

Welcome to all the new comers to this group! As Jenny said, we are not here to berate, we are here for support & to help keep each other on track. Most of us here haven't experienced that landslide weight loss that everybody else seems to, so don't be discouraged. None of us are made of stone & we're going to bend every now & then & to be frank, giving up burgers & fries & things I like to eat for the rest of my life isn't in the cards for me, nor is it a very realistic approach to weight loss & maintaining that loss..

Like many of you, I don't exercise very much - I ride my horse when the weather permits (KC's been snowy & cold this winter!) & I walk on my treadmill when I feel like it. I work a FT job & a PT job at night so time isn't always there for me to rigorously exercise or even mildly exercise! I will also use my Wii Fit on the weekends, but that's about the extent of it for me!..

Comment #51


We are pretty real here. We are not here to judge you. Just to listen. If you just want to get something off your chest throw it out there. We all have bad days and most of know that is our downfall!.

We are trying to come back from the holidays and minivacations. I come here for support, because I have a husband who love onion rings but complains he wants to drop a few pounds. Maybe I should put him on an all onion ring diet, then he won't eat them!..

Comment #52

One more pound lostit took 2 weeks butone step at a time...

Comment #53

My scale finally dropped today. Yay! Starting on week 4. Gotta run, literally. I'm getting on the TM...

Comment #54

Hi everyone! I would like to join your group if that is okay. I seem to be a slow loser. A few years ago after having my last child I started weight watchers and did great. I lost lots of weight and got down to 148 pounds. It was quite easy and the weight melted off. I gained some back and started again about another year later.

Gained some again and last year started a diet again. The weight would not come off. It was so frustrating. It took forever to lose 10 pounds. So, I gave up.

So, I decided to giveNutrisystema try. I startedNutrisystemtwo weeks ago yesterday. The first week I went down 3 pounds and got super excited. Two days later I gained two of them back. All week the scales never moved.

So, two weeks and one day in on ns and I've lost a little over 2 pounds. I've been frustrated, but I'm trying to stick to it. I'm looking forward to this group as I need all the support I can get to get through this journey and to not give up. Good luck to all of you!.


Comment #55

You can do it! It might be a good idea to talk to a counselor. They're good with advice. Having lost very little my first several weeks, I called them. It can be something that seems very small, like not drinking enough water. Or in my case I was eating lima beans as my veggie. Didn't know they were a carb.

It will come. Debbie.


Comment #56

Hi All,.

I know it's been awhile, but I'm embarrassed to be on here since I've been so off program. I think I'm just bored with the food and always having to plan out what I need to take to work to get it all in. I'm going to try really hard this next week to really get back with the program. Heck, when I was really following it, it really worked!!!! Imagine that!! LOL. I don't know why, but I do this all the time to myself when I try to lose weight. I get some lbs.

Let's go back to your horrible eating habits." Must be some psychological explanation and I'm trying to figure it out. Thanks for listening to my "whoa is me" tale everyone. Have a great Sunday and great week ahead..

Karen in AZ..

Comment #57

Hi Chanda & welcome! We welcome everybody who wants to be part of us. As you may have already gleaned, we are here to support each other, listen to each other vent & pick up our spirits when they are low..

I did weigh in yesterday & the good news is, I gained NOTHING while I was on vacation - Woo Hoo!.

I'm still hanging on to that 3 pounds I gained right before my period though but I am thrilled that I didn't gain any weight in those couple weeks between my last weigh in & yesterday. Still doingNutrisystembreakfast & lunches, add in's, etc. Went grocery shopping yesterday & picked up strawberries, apples, oranges & 3 bags of Dole Romaine Mix salad (Target had them 2 for $4 so I took the last 3)..

Today I am uploading all our photos from vacation & reviewing some of the restaurants we ate at in the Keys on my blog..

Congrats to everybody who has lost this week & keep up the good work everybody!..

Comment #58

Hmmmm, a little disappointed. I hadn't been on the scale in a couple of weeks and got back to my weight in day and I gained 2 pounds..

When I am not eating NS, I try to make good decisions. I eat plenty of fruits and veggies. I choose salads when I am out, I do not douse them with dressing (don't like very many dressings). I have had a couple of Subway sandwiches in the past couple of weeks loaded with veggies, no mayo, no cheese. Even when I add up all of my foods, I take in between 1200 and 1300..

Also been working out a minimum of 5 days a week..

One of my downfalls is having a cup of cappucino as the gas station during the night, I mix 1/2 cup cappucino, 1/2 black coffee. It has been quite cold here at night and I need the little pick me up to get me thru the rest of the night. I even include it in my calorie count.....

Comment #59

I know how you feel Jenny! It almost feels like anytime you eat ANYTHING, the weight just piles on. Like you, I make pretty smart choices when I am not eatingNutrisystem& when you continually eat fruits & veggies, drink your water, etc. it is really aggravating that the weight just comes back on so quickly. Even when you're eating healthy food! And it really is enough to make you say "to hell with it, If I'm gonna put weight on anyway, I might as well eat whatever I want & have fun putting it on instead of wondering WHY the heck I'm gaining weight eating rabbit food!!"..

When I have coffee, I use the FF creamers when I can find them & if I go to Starbucks, I have a skinny caramel machiatto instead of a regular one. As long as we keep making good healthy choices, our health will benefit even if our weight doesn't budge. Still sucks tho!..

Comment #60

Athena, just think about how everyone says not to weigh daily because your weight can vary day to day. It could be that you weighed on a "high" day where you were retaining a little more water (or needed a bm). Take it all in stride as you are doing very well...

Comment #61

What does your daily intake say for your protein intake..

I've been following theNutrisystemplan for 3 full weeks now, and when I look at my pie chart detailing the carb/fat/protein breakdown, I've noticed that I average 1258 calories per day BUT my protein is LESS than the fat in terms of percentage, and consequently my carb intake isn't up to where it should be. This is not good, they should be the other way around. This coming week, I am going to drink a protein shake (made with water + powder) to hopefully change this around. I am hoping that will alter things for the coming week..

I think I'm going to call aNutrisystemcounsellor this week too...

Comment #62

Hi everyonehang in there people we are all in this together...

Comment #63

Even after my dissappointment the other day, I have still been sticking to it. I splurged and had mayo on my turkey sandwich tho. And one of my husband's evil onion rings. I love them, too, but for some reason, it did not even taste good. It's funny he eats right at home with me, since there is no junk in the house.

, but he gets to the restaurant with the guys and out comes the onion rings!..

Comment #64

Hello everyone,.

Another two weeks have gone by and I haven't lost anymore. I'm eating.

Everything and drinking at least 6 glasses of water a day. Sometimes I eat.

The dinner at midday and the lunch at dinnertime; it's supposed to help. I.

Think I am addicted to chocolate now. I'm going to keep going and hope.

For the best!!!!.


Comment #65

Hi everyoneI am happy to say that I have lost another pound..

Just checking in to share my good news..

Hugs to allhang in there..

Happy day tomorrow and keep smiling..

Comment #66

Hi everyonethank you Suzitaevery little bit helps on the road to healthy..

Speaking of healthyI'm on antibiotics againhaving a sinus problem again..

Hope everyone is well and happy...

Comment #67

Good Morning everyone - Losing slowly certainly is the right place for me - 3.2 pound lost in 2 weeks! I hope I don't become discouraged with such a slow lose. BUT, at least it is in a downward motion. I have been trying to do the treadmill everyother day if I miss one I do two days in a row. I don't know if that is making any difference, but I do know that the exercise is a good thing for me. Have a good day - SMILE!..

Comment #68

^ 1.5 pounds a week is NOT slow!.

In fact that is really good. You can expect to lose up to 2 pounds a week on NS..

Remember you are in this for the long-term. This is not The Biggest Loser...

Comment #69

Your right of course. I've allowed myself over the years to get into this condition and I just want so much to see it gone. I know of course that even after I get to my goal weight there will still be a struggle to keep it there..

Thank you for the reminder..

Live your very best today.

Forget about yesterday - you can't change it.

Tomorrow is almost today!..

Comment #70


Did I scare everyone away? I hope not. I finally lost a couple of lbs. How.

Are you doing everyone?.


Comment #71


Jenn does a new thread each month...go to March Slow Losers group...

Comment #72

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