Fitting into smaller jeans thanks to Medifast

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I havent see her since before I went to Czech. Some of you may recall, I was having SEVERE bleeding issues and was going to do an "Ablation" surgery (kind of like a D&C) in Czech as it was so much cheaper..

Well, she about FREAKED when she saw me! She didnt really recognize me! LOL! Long story short, she wants me to transition now. She thinks that I need to start excercising more and feels that the 5/1 is not enough cals for the excercise I need to be doing. I fought her on it and told her I would like to get to 129. She said she didnt think that was a good idea and asked me "WHY 129"? She said she would prefer me at 140-145. I said "Pass"!.

So, I told her I just like the number and it was the 20's...but that was all I could really come up with! She said, "Not good enough". I said "Fine, if I can fit in a size 4-6 I will call goal now". I know I cant and think she would be fine with that. She said "Ok, go to the Mall and buy some jeans and see me next week"..

I know what my measurements are, 41chest, 31waist and 37 hips. That is a size 31. So I go to Nordstrom Rack and grab some Joes Jeans, size 31 that are on CLEARANCE GIRLS!! For like $28!!! I grab a 30 just "for fun" and hit the dressing room. I pull them on and man they are loose. I go out to the big triple mirror and ask the sales girl/dressing room chick, "What do you think"? I know they dont look good in the butt/back. She says "HMmmm, way too big".

So, I go grab a 28 and a 29. The 28's kind of fit, but are big too. No 27's. Plus I dont like the way the legs/thighs are too big.

I was BUMMED! Kind of excited, but bummed too. The sales girl suggests the "Juniors department" jeans. I wanted to say, "Excuse me, 4 kids (one set twins) and Im 44! Helllooooo....not gonna fit in the juniors"! But I decide to humor her and go grab some Juniors stuff. She suggests size 5 and 7. Yeah ok....

OMG! THEY FIT!! I LOOK KILLER IN THEM!!!! No saggy butt, no gappy thighs!!! I have a TEEN BODY! LOL!.

Sooooo, long story short, I am going to transition now. I dont want to wear a 3 juniors. Too small. Plus, instead of calling me a "whale", DH (for those of you who remember those first posts of mine ) is now calling me a toothpick....I cant win!.

So I will start transition next week and Body for Life the same day. I am excited but nervous!!!.

Dr is right, it cant be the number on the scale. It needs to be how I look and feel. And size 5-7 Junior jeans are just "perfect" for me!..

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That is awesome!!! You should be so proud of yourself!!!..

Comment #1

OMG!!! We are the exact same measurements (except my chest is 38) and I don't fit in a size 5! Holy cow Addie!!!! How exciting for you! And to think you're DONE with this and on to the next - maintenance! Woohooo!!!! I couldn't be happier for you!!! Wish I could give you a big hug!.

Time for that bikini pic!!!!!..

Comment #2

Adele, that is SO SO SO SO SO wonderful!!! You should be so proud of yourself. How awesome. YOU INSPIRE ME!..

Comment #3

Yep! I am doing it girls! BIkini shot will be tomorrow or the next day! I said I would and I am going to do it!..

Comment #4

Oh I read that you've got your neighbor inspired now too! Great job! Can't wait to see your new avatar!!!!..

Comment #5

Tracy, go try! I kind of laughed when the girl suggested it. I dont have any A R S E! ANd no lower hips...I am like a boy...with big boobs.....

Comment #6

Sweet! Ha, for that sale was it the Nordstrom Rack in the Arboretum? I must go!.

I'm so happy for you Adele!! You skinny little thing you! Oh! and yes, we must do coffee! That would be fun!..

Comment #7

Yeeee!!! Adele, you are so terrific! I am so BEYOND happy for your success! You deserve it!.


Comment #8

YES! Coffee!!!! For sure!!! Kids are starting Kindergarten on the 23rd, then "Mama is FREE"!.

No, went to Whole Foods/Rack at 360...but Arboretum sounds fun too!..

Comment #9

Awww ... I am just thrilled for you! I can't wait for pictures. I think you'll ROCK Body for Life - I just hope you eat accordingly - you'll be a little freaked out at first. Please trust me and don't measure calories and carbs! Just eat according to the plan - just like you did with Medifast - and boy did that pay off right?.



Comment #10

Thanks so much Leslie! I so appreciate your support!..

Comment #11

Yeaa! My youngest starts kinder as well this year! I am beyond excited. What will we do with all this free time? Either get a job or shop till we drop with our new hot bods!..

Comment #12

I am SO FREAKED about the NOT weight/measuring...I was going to PM you about that! I got the journal-PS. My hub is going to do it with me.

I want to thank you again for posting about Body for Life-I had never heard about it. My Dr knows all about it though! She said, "NO WAY" on the 5/1. But ok on modified transition-adding protein and carbs...

Comment #13

Ahh.. they moved to Gateway. Totally forgot about that. It's been waayy to long!..

Comment #14

You know it!!! Im going to Costa Rica end of the LETS GET TOGETHER ASAP!!!! We could totally do coffee/shopping/walking and talking and having a GOOD OL TIME!!! Maybe some others...Krista, TXMom, TXSummer, will join us......

Comment #15

Thats it! Gateway...but I love the Arboretum and the other one...the New ONe...LOL! BRAIN FADE..............

Comment #16

Adele congrats!!!! that is so awesome! wishing you a smooth transition. really inspiring!..

Comment #17

Oh my gosh, Adele!!! I could not be happier for you. I knew you should've started transition when you posted about it last week. And you are just going to tighten up even more once you're done with the 3-month BFL challenge. I think you'll come out of that with your waist at least 2, maybe even 3 inches smaller! It's an excellent program. I can't wait to see you in that bikini..

And a doctor that prescribes that you go shopping??? Yeehaw! We need more doctors like her..

Congratulations my friend!!!..

Comment #18

Hey thats great!!! You are lucky and did a great job!..

Comment #19

HA HA! You can! Hub isnt going!!!! COME COME!!!..

Comment #20

Thanks Dilli! I couldnt have done it without all of you...seriously. I will be with you in "Trani" next week!..

Comment #21

Congratulations!!!! takes grit and determination to stay the course, and wisdom to know when to safely come off. And you've clearly got them all. Thanks for the inspiration! Ria..

Comment #22

I really appreciate that! I am afraid sometimes I get a little "OCD" (obessive/cumpulsive) about stuff and could see myself just "going and going" and kind of "bingeing" on loseing weight and doing MF. Doesnt that make sense? I think that my Dr was a tad afraid of that too!.

Your doing awesome Ria. I look forward to congratulating you on your "goal post"!..

Comment #23

Thank you so much Sandy!!! Yes, I hope to tighten and firm up. I have to work on building muscle now. That is what Dr said, I should lose more in my waist/back. That is where I am holding the weight..

I will NOT and do NOT look as good as you or your "bomb Mom" in a bikini! BUT, I said I would post it and I will either tomorrow or the next day. I have to take pics for the BFL Challenge anyway.

Here is too you having a LOSER WEEK GIRL!!!..

Comment #24

Thanks Steph! Your doing awesome as are the capris? Tried them on yet?..

Comment #25

Congrats! Be sure to keep us updated on you BFL progress as well...

Comment #26

Congrats on your transition!! I've read up on BFL a LONG TIME AGO, but I need to read up more because I'm 19 pounds away from goal and I need to build more muscle and strength for running. All these BEAUTIFUL Austin locations to run and I can't do it yet!..

Comment #27

Adele, you've been amazing and your progress has been so deserved and hard fought for. I don't know anyone who had more obstacles or reasons to go off plan and yet stayed on so well. I'm so pleased that this has worked out in such a great way for you.

It sounds like your doc has your best interests at heart and you found you don't really have any ammo to fight her on it!! Kind of a great way to end this and move to transition! CONGRATS!!!..

Comment #28

All I have to say is.....

WOO HOO, ADELE!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #29

WOOT!!! That is so exciting Adele!! You've done a FABULOUS job!!!..

Comment #30

That is such great news!.

Doctors are a pain sometimes but boy was she right on for you!.

How happy you must be! This is a size that you can live with forever and it is a jean size that makes you happy and comfortable..

Way to go girl!.

Your DH needs to start telling you how smoking hot your are now! Jodi..

Comment #31

Wow that's amazing. I did BFL many years ago when I had time to be organized about food - it's pretty great and has great results..

Good luck. Keep us posted - us newbies need to hear from folks like you!..

Comment #32 go girl! Sounds like you are in a great place. Good luck with transitioning. you can do it..

Comment #33

Adele I am so proud of you. You have done such an amazing job. I had a feeling that you would be happy with a number before you got to 129 because of your height. I can't wait to see you bikini pics. You have worked so hard for this. I agree with you that it shouldn't be a number on the scale but more how you feel.

I have no idea what I would like to weigh because I haven't been that small since I was 18. I figure I will know goal when I get there. Congratulations!!!!..

Comment #34

Please PM me about anything.... I really know the plan and have lots of my old materials including all my journals, food plans and workouts. I really encourage you to purchase the MYOPLEX low carb shake packets, pricey - but you did MF, so you can relate. You will want to use shakes maybe 1-2 a days as meals because it is hard to eat the right amount of protein/carb 6 times a day. I also recommend the MYOPLEX low carb bars for meal replacements for the same reason. The EAS shakes and bars are cheaper, but IMO not as good nutritionally.

It's true. You will build lean muscle - not weight - and you will be love your body. I SWEAR I will figure out how to use my scanner and share pictures BFL pictures. I will work on it this weekend.


Comment #35

Oh ... your hubby will want regular MYOPLEX rather than Low Carb by the way. Men do better with the carbs. Women who want weight controlled prefer the low carb products - at least I did...

Comment #36

Way to go adele!!! I am so happy for you!! Truly a "hot mama"!..

Comment #37

Congrats, Adele! Happy T & M! You're an inspiration!..

Comment #38

Congrats Adele! You must be smiling all the time!..

Comment #39

Good luck on T&M. You should be really proud of yourself,..

Comment #40

Thank you all so much! Your support has meant everything to me. I SURVIVED Czech with the twindadoes, no lie, because I could *hang with you guys* everyday. Just imagine, I had NO ONE to talk to, besides 4 yr old boys, for 2 1/2 months! I spoke with my husband once a week for an hour on Skype at his inlaws. YOU GUYS WERE MY LIFELINE!!!.

There truly is NO WAY I could have survived all of this without your support and your inspiring posts and stories. Medifast is great, but I dont think I would have been as successful with just that. I felt "accountable" to all of you, especially those coming up *behind* me. That pressure (good kind) is what kept me going when I really wanted to have some GELATO!!!.

So, thank you all again so much!..

Comment #41

Congratulations Adele! Very inspiring story! You must feel great! I can't wait to see the new pics...

Comment #42

Wow! I am so excited for are a great role model...

Comment #43

Wow, that's AWESOME!! Congrats!! Soon we'll be coming to you for T&M advice!!! :-)..

Comment #44

HOW EXCITING! I love the progression of your trying on pants........ 31 - down to a juniors size 5!!!! GIRL - no rockin' those mom jeans on your block! I can't wait to see your new pics!.

You are a true inspiration and trail blazer for all us fat fighters! WOW! Awesome!..

Comment #45

Congrats on your success and getting into Transition. Want to see before and after pics. We need to meet up. Once school starts maybe we can grab coffee...

Comment #46

Fantastic! Time to be so proud. My doc told me to stop and start T&M too, what a 1st!!!! Now come on over and join us on the T&M board!!!!..

Comment #47

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