First week on Medifast...and I'm exhausted!?

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Hi all! I just started Medifast on Monday, and I've just been exhausted since then! I'm sleeping fine at night, but I'm wondering if the reduction in calories and carbs has had this effect on me? I'm also wondering if the lack of caffeine could also be the cause, I used to drink one cup of caffeinated tea a day, but now I'm pretty much just drinking water and non-caffeinated diet soda. I'm hoping I just get over this feeling especially since I have not been exercising (though I will be playing tennis tonight and tomorrow night), hopefully I'll get my energy back soon! Other than that, I think things are going well, I'm not going to weigh myself until Monday so I can officially track my weight-loss per week. A woman here at work is also doing Medifast (though personally, I don't think she needs it, what's with all these skinny people doing Medifast?), and she weighs herself everyday then runs into her manager's office to tell her how much she's lost (eye roll). I'm not sharing with anyone at work that I'm on Medifast because there is a group here who are on it (not one of whom is obese) and they are just so annoying about it. My husband knows, and has been supportive of me, but that's it, so I'm going to be looking more to the boards for support, and just reading the other posts has really inspired me! I am hoping that I can also be an inspiration to others as well...

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There's no need to quit caffeine, unless you want to. Caffeine is allowed..

But it's not the only cause. Many/most of us are exhausted the first week. I slept like crazy for a month or so..

You might want to rethink tennis. You're supposed to not exercise the first 3 weeks (if you don't have a regular program), or cut it in half and def. no more than 45 minutes/day (if you already have a program.) This diet is pretty close to the bone without adding in a couple hours of running back and forth. You can put yourself into starvation mode and STOP LOSING which is kind of the opposite of good...

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It's funny, I did not mean to quit caffeine, I just haven't wanted my usual tea in the morning. As for exercise, I was pretty active before Medifast so I was hoping I could continue, but all I want to do is sleep! I'm going to try out tennis tonight and tomorrow (we only play for an hour anyway), and see if it energizes me. Thanks for sharing!..

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My first week was really hard. I was so tired and had a migraine for 5 days. I said to myself why am I doing this? Then I thought of my 8 grandkids ranging in ages from 1 - 18 and said for them I do this. I want to be around to see my 1 year old grandson get married someday. I have entered my 4th week and yes it gets better, Be strong and plough through it and you will succeed!..

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Good luck! Just stay loose about the 2nd day. Cancel if you're tired. Many of us, myself included, have found that one day's exertions can leave us exhausted for the entire next day. Especially in the beginning, although I'm still not as sturdy as I will be on 1700 calories a day...

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Hi Menacia, I'm just starting my 3rd week on MF. I was so tired and exhausted and lazy the first week. I didn't want to do anything except sit around when I got home from work or on the weekend. I didn't start getting my energy back till about the 10th day or so. And I'm slowing getting more ambition, etc. I don't know if it was from changing so drastically to a low cal/carb meals or it was me feeling sorry for myself that I had nothing to look forward to (yummy fating foods).

Good luck with it all. It does seem to get easier as each day passes...

Comment #5

This feeling can come and go throughout. I have had weeks of just plain being fatigued and weeks of feeling amazing. Just ride it out but like Freya said even people that were active before Medifast need to slow down with the amount of calories we eat. Don't overdo...

Comment #6

Very typical in the beginning! It will get better! I remember going to be at like 9:00 the first week cuz I was so tired...

Comment #7

LOL, hang in there you will get used to being "tired and hungry" while on Medifast lmfao!..

Comment #8

I hope you realize this is "weight discrimination" just as much as if someone said "she had a cheeseburger, though personally I don't think she needs it.".

You don't know these people's weights or what their weight should be. You don't know that they might be five or ten pounds above a healthy weight..

You don't know that they might have seriously struggled with their weight in the past..

Would you want me to minimize YOUR weight struggle because you weigh "only" 190 pounds at your starting weight where as I weighed 245?.

Please think about this before you make these types of comments..

Otherwise, welcome to Medifast and GLOYWLJ...

Comment #9

Yeah I couldnt agree more! I hated when people used to tell me that I needed "to LOSE weight"...sheesh!.

People need to be more happier and quit being negative about somebody's weight!..

Comment #10

I hear you, and I think it's just that I'm feeling rather cranky right now and needed to vent...I promise to be nicer moving forward! I guess I just feel like no one where I works understands how I feel because they are all thin, and have always been thin. I have been obese my entire adult life, so it's hard to relate to them. Thanks for listening...

Comment #11

You seem like you have a good attitude, menacia, and that you are ready to change both physically and emotionally. This will serve you well on this journey..

Don't let the skinny girls at work bother you. You don't need to entertain negative feelings as you get into this program. Be good to yourself. You are taking on a life-changing challenge..

Oh, and I meant to quote you saying "I promise to be nicer moving forward"..

Comment #12

I'm about 13 weeks in and I still have my tired days. Generally though, it gets better..

Comment #13

I am not a high energy person to begin with. I'd say it took about 7 weeks for me to get back to normal. I am down 44 pounds now and it is all worth it good luck!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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