GoDaddy testimonials : Advise I buy GoDaddy?? Finding expiring/recently expired domains

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How do people do this? Is there a program to buy somewhere where you can search for expiring domains or what? I've seen different blogs where writers talk about picking up aged domains, but I have no idea how you'd go about doing that...

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I am not sure..

However, I do have an expiring poker domain, it has a PR of 1. Currently have a link directory installed on it. It's in my sig. PM if you're interested. Will expire on 4-Aug-06, so great time for a transfer!..

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I have seen a few programs and I even tried one out. It was complete crap...

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There's a few sites about it, and even an experiment done by some blogger. I found it through a link at SP, sorry I couldn't be more specific. All I know is that it's out there and it's possible...

Comment #3

Dear lord, 12,000+ domains deleting today, I guess this is needle in a haystack type stuff..

That's a nice site though, thanks...

Comment #4

There you go, was one of them. There's two more, but they're not as good as

Comment #5

I use domain name pro.


They have a 30 day trial - great for finding good domain names..

Comment #6

Wow, pool is cool! I totally forgot about the entire expired domains thing, I'll spend some time on it later today.....

Comment #7

Pool is not cool. They take multiple back-orders for any soon to be deleted domains, and then auction them off. Even if you're the only one! Bidding starts at $60!!!.

Why not just be at the right place and time. For instance , I have a PR1 poker domain. It expires in a month. definately worth the renew. free push to godaddy members...

Comment #8

Oopsie, not cool, didn't know that. They do have a nice list of domains, though...

Comment #9

Yup, is a bunch of bastards. I was waiting for a domain to expire and the day it did, BAM, bought it for themselves to sell for $60. The domain ONLY had the .com registered and the .com had no previous site on it with no back links or any other value.

There was really no reason for to buy it though I have a bad feeling one of the registrars that I use to check domains may sell the stats to to let know if anybody has been checking a domain. It's all a bunch of bullshit... is filth...

Comment #10 is way better than Pool. SnapNames has a deal with Network Solutions where they get first crack at domains registered with Network Solutions, which alot are. Pool is faster on other domains, but their bidding system is unfair and just sucks...

Comment #11

I visited and noted some I was interested in and just registered them through my usual company. Thanks for the link voodoo..

Comment #12

I've just installed a script on my site but it's still full of errors, feel free to register a free account on it(take pier0x package, not pie).


You can monitor domains with it, and check recently expired domains with it.. but it does give a lot of errors.. i'll try to fix it some time..

Comment #13

Hey there JD -.

You can check out the following sites and hopefully find something that you're looking for:.

A lot of people also use the $20 (or w/e it is) backorder feature. TBH, I never use this, especially on prime domains because it rarely works, and is a waste of money - you're better of paying a couple hundred to someone who can broker a domain for you...

Comment #14

Some 1 beat me to well gutted it was available for like 10mins..

Comment #15

Just went to for fun and I see such sweet things as and were available at one point...I just might start buying a couple domains per week....

For all of you who might find it interesting, I've compiled a list of posts by Tyler Cruz in which he describes his domain reselling adventures. Total score:.





Comment #16

I think is extremely expensive! Someone should send a PM to shoemoney and bring him to this thread, bet he would have a few suggestions!..

Comment #17

I just tryed Mozzle and it does seem like a good expired domain list, but I don't feel like buying it at the moment since I'm working on other stuff..probably will in the future!..

Comment #18

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