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Just read this. The production company of The Hurt Locker is to sue 50,000 individuals for illegally downloading their movie..

I also read that they are offering to let you settle out of court for a staggering $15,000. 50,000 sued over "Hurt Locker" piracy - Yahoo! News.

Also 20th Century Fox are sending cease and desist letters out with demands for damages...

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I'm not too surprised that someone in the film industry would do this eventually. In this case, it may be the only way they can make money off the film since distribution was so limited.

We'll have to see what happens...

Comment #1

Looking at the figures in the report, they could make the film, not release it on dvd, and just sue all the illegal downloaders.

50,000 x 15,000 = 750,000,000.

And, if they were really unscrupulous,.

After collecting the money from the illegal downloaders, release the dvd...

Comment #2

This sort of thing was bound to happen and is eventually going to become the standard.

The wild-west days of downloading will eventually have to end, as the content producers will force their hand out of sheer necessity of survival. Music, videos and movies aren't 'free'...

Comment #3

The thing with it is that nowadays people are not forced to wait weeks and months in order to see films and listen to music just for "legal reasons" that keep them from being shown in certain countries.

People do not want to have to wait weeks and months in order to be shown spoilers constantly, maybe these producers should think up other ways of doing things than simply holding the public hostage to ever rising costs?.

The perpetual whine that producers are losing all the money in order to make new films is bullshit, I read once that up to 80% of a cd's cost goes to distributors and shops...simply cut them out of the equation and give us cd's at massively reduced prices. If people want to use shops they still will be able to pay a ridiculous premium if they so wish it.

And I am not advocating itunes here, that is a rip-off at $3 an episode of something like Big Bang Theory, are they out of their minds charging an average of $60+ for a season??!.

Take stream episodes of entertainment as an example, it has recently got a lot better with shows being broadcast in England a week after in America, I do not mind waiting...but I balk at being forced to watch advertising on a producers website in order to watch a spoiler indefinitely.

If people wish to download stuff then allow it, let companies sponsor such downloads to cover the costs of the making and then all else is profit...

Comment #4

It doesn't matter..

It's their content, not yours.

If they want to make you wait 10 years to see it, it's theirs to do with as they please. They paid to make it happen, you didn't, so they get to say what is done with it. If they want to load it with commercials, they can. It's theirs. It only exists because they opened up their wallets to make it happen.

If they want to run a 99.9999999999999% profit margin, they can. It's theirs.

The only real 'power' you have is to illegally download it, but slowly, in time, that will come to an end as people face the real world consequences of doing it.

The 'people don't like being held hostage to prices' argument fails miserably in a capitalist system...

Comment #5

Sueing the people who downloaded it wont solve anything...

Comment #6

Sure it will... Increasing the probability of a consequence for their illegal actions is essential as a preventative measure.

If the ratio of thieves to lawsuits is 1/10,000,000, people will do it...

If it's suddenly cranked down to 1/100,000, a LOT of people will think twice when hometown newspapers across the US all feature a local kid who got served process...

When it's cranked down to 1/100 (like it is with things like Child Pornography), then most everyone stops.

We will live to see a day when illegal transfer of stolen content is pursued at the ISP level, on par with things like Child Pornography. The wild-west days are coming to an end. We will enter a period of "what now", followed by a period of aggressive enforcement...

Comment #7

Oh no, everyone duck away before it's to lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

Comment #8

I am not saying that people have an excuse for downloading stuff, but you have to look at their motives...when something is so freely available on the internet then you have got to wonder at a companies thought that charging what is in effect astronomical prices through a shop is doing.

Distribution costs these days are next to nil, yet they still charge insanely high prices that they would if they stocked them at stores...

There are now certain bands who actively publish music on youtube, allowing people to listen to their music as much as they like, and buy it if they wish through traditional media, while this is not perfect it does work.

It is time that these media companies started thinking up new ways of doing business rather than keep whining that their old models of screwing people out of ridiculous sums of money are not working...

Comment #9

I think you have to look at the cost of making a music track/video versus the cost of making a blockbuster movie. There is a massive difference in production cost.

The target for lawsuits will probably be websites which fascillitate the illegal downloads, as they probably have the resources to pay the penalty, and with todays availability of personal information, maybe the kids of a few affluent individuals will be prosecuted to drive the message home...

Comment #10

It looks like the producers have not yet embraced the Internet era. In this day and age, people want the stuff now. Not weeks or months later..

Instead of letting the dinosaurs adapt or die, countries like France come up with silly censorship laws under the guise of fighting illegal downloads..

The producers would lose less money adapting their distribution model to the 21st century...

Comment #11

Exactly Sdsinc, if these producers allowed people to stream movies at home on their computer and bundled some burning software so films could be watched on a proper tv then they would end up with far more money.

Right now there is no chance of illegal downloaders buying thir films so what choice do they have, other than being forced out of business by everyone boycotting them?.

The whole issue is their refusal to realise that they are living in a different century to when they could get away with charging what they wanted and expecting people to pay it...adapt or die.

Producers are forgetting one clear fact, those who download illegally have absolutely no intention of paying of services, so those payments go out of the window. They keep stating that they lose $100M (just as an example) to illegal downloaders, but what isn't mentioned is that they never had it in the first place. If they intended to buy legitimately and then were offered illegal wares then they would've potentially lost.

What they have to do is forget the money lost from people who never intended to buy and concentrate on those that do. And make sure they give them value for money making it more worthwhile to buy legitimately than illegally.

They can chase a downloader for the next 25 years, and there will always be another thousand to take their place when caught.

I am reminded about the old quote about repeating actions and insanity...

Comment #12

Illegal sharing isn't going anywhere. It has gotten worse every year, and this will continue. It is plausible that many movies outside of the theater will be free within the next 15 years and supported by very targeted advertising. All of this data mining that companies like Google and Facebook are doing will come into play for this sort of thing.

The record label industry failed miserably in their attempts to curb p2p sharing. I say "record label industry" because many bands themselves have long wanted to give their music away for free. Depending on the listener demographic, album sales can be worth sacrificing for the positives of increased exposure. These bands that are the "victims" of file sharing sell more concert tickets (and at a higher price), increased merchandise sales, appearances, endorsements, etc... The problem here is that the labels don't see a dime of that...

Comment #13

The music industry is a whole different problem in it's self. However I stand by what I said before when I say this wont effect people who download movies...

Comment #14

When did extortion become legal?.

This will end up exactly the same as ACS:Law lot's of threats but very little action...

Comment #15

Exactly right!.

Content producers deserve to decide who can access their content (and when, and for how much). If their distribution/sales system looks foolish ... well, it's their right to be foolish if they choose.

Don't like it? Go make your own content...

Comment #16


Product placement is the future.

Sell "spots" in movies and write in the characters using the product. Every time some one downloads a product placement movie, then the advertiser would pay a fee, but the movie would be free to users.

Fairly simple concept.


Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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