Filezilla and GoDaddy?

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My first question is: Filezilla and GoDaddy?.

My next question is: So before I knew anything about anything, I regged a ton of names with Everytime I reg a name at, I think I'm putting it on my card. Well apparently this is not the case at

Nearly four months ago, 10/06/06 to be exact, I get an email from that my card had a problem. I looked into it and indeed there was a problem. I could only spend x per day on that particular card. So, I replied for to do exactly that and let me know if there was still a problem. No response. Nothing.

Today I get a collections letter from for every name I have ever bought from! Worse, I go to check out my account...LOCKED! No notice, nothing. I was just in my account last week. No notifications to read, NOTHING!.

So I emailed them just now to ask WTF? I hope they respond quicker than four months. I am going to call at this moment too.

Just in case another newbie is drawn in by that low price, don't do it kid! Run! They are evil...evil....imho..

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Your question was: Filezilla and GoDaddy?.

I cant post the audio cause Benjamin did not release it...Oh well, I have it to refer to...Here is the crux of the recorded conversation:.

> said they emailed an invoice on 09/11.

> did send me an email on 10/06 about my card problems.

> I replied to thier 10/06 email, but says they never got it.

> said they sent out a collections warning letter on 10/11 which I did not receive and they cannot reproduce it in any fashion..

> The collections warning letter states (according to benjamin) that I have seven days in which to pay or my account would be locked. Funny, I think I accessed my account last week? They could not produce a log of my access log either...funny.

> Their company policy is to email requests for payment only once. After that, a collections warning email is sent 7 days following. You have 7 days in which to act. That is their only notice to you..

> They do not send any paper notices whatsoever..


<end of purge>..

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Where are they located? If in the USA, write a letter to BBB (Better Business Bureau). I have heard horror stories for just about everyone who has dealt with 1and1. I hope things can get figured out. Keep us updated...

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I regged all my newbie names there in Nov. I wonder if I was to attempt to sell would I have to put up with all the bs (not .net)!..

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Sounds like they are garbage. I am happy that I never have used them...

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Here is my post to the bad business bureau aka rip-off report..

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1and1 is a major pain in the butt to push or transfer or when there is a financial issue. You can sell through them, but it's a bear to get it all worked out on their side to authorize the transfer, including faxing them, etc. I've sold a couple with the help of Sedo, that has a relationship with them, but have never sold any that weren't through them.

To me, seems to be only decent when you plan to do a long term HostGator name for yourself, not to sell it or anything. And even that, their customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

I had a credit card issue with them when I changed cards, but did get it worked out in time to avoid my account being locked.

So, they say now that you cannot get your domains at all? Something wrong with that. Perhaps you should report them to ICANN...

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In my last email to I copied ICANN and I filed a formal complaint against with ICANN for their improper notification and locking of my account.

You should hear the recording of this unfeeling drone of guy on the phone...All he could say was "SIR, YOU PURCHASED 200 HostGator NAMES. YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM." duh...I thought I already did. This is the first I heard of it you virtual burger flipper...

I went to the PA BBB site to see if 1&1 Internet Services, Inc. was a member...guess what, they're not...

So I got a X,XXX bill in the mail that I have to pay all at once in order to get to my domains. 1&1 Internet Services, Inc. are HostGator hijackers.

I really don't like that Sedo and 1&1 Internet Services, Inc. are corporate and financial partners. I wish I had more of a presence at Sedo and they'd feel a sting when I pull my 500 names from their parking service over this. But, truth be told, they are not pulling in big bucks and Sedo will probably give the same middle finger that 1&1 Internet Services, Inc. gives their customers.

F**k 1&1 Internet Services, Inc. and f**k sedo too.

Jesus christ...listen to me. I'm like an open wound....I need a beer to cry in to.....

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Talk with a lawyer, threaten to sue IF you have grounds to do so. That might get their attention...

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Was the first name I regged with them. Check this thread out!.

As you can see the whole thread I have hid nothing out. But guess what I had that name stolen.

Dear Calvin,.

Thank you for your purchase! This message is to inform you that your.

Order has.

Been received and will be processed shortly.

Your account is being processed for $8.85. You will receive an account.

Setup confirmation within the next 24 hours with instructions on how to.

Access your account. If you have any questions regarding this invoice,.

Please feel free to contact us at.

Yeah they got me good. Took my money and said sianara!.

Funny thing is it was was a good domain..

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Well, Calvin take that $8.85 you lost and multiply it by literally 200...then you'll get where I'm at.....

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If you have cause and you sue, I guarantee that will get their attention. Sounds like there may be a basis for a class action lawsuit against them. You may want to post a thread for asking if other people who have been screwed by 1and1 have an interest in going after them...

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Instead of paying for the domains one by one...You are paying for all of them at one go...Also didn't you notice when the purchases didn't show up in your CC statement.....

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All in one go...every other registrar I have ever purchased from dings your card with each purchase. Not these geniuses...they have if figured out you see...they bill you once per month. It works out better that way? I'm not the one who deals with the CC bills in my household. I do take some responsibility for not TRIPLE checking that I spoonfed their money. But nearly four months to notify me...nay, to have a collections agency broadside me...F them. I hate those assclowns.

Here's a fun little exercise if you want to develop a headache...just google I found about a dozen or more HATERS of within just the first five pages...

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I am in the process of writing my own story (an article) of how 1and1 screwed me out of $110 dollars. I have a theory of how they use bait and switch, and a specific process to make hidden charges on your credit card because it is always stored in their system. I will be updating this thread with a link as well as starting my own thread. I am sure there are thousands of people like you who had 1and1 screw them including me. I am possibly going to file a small claims lawsuit against them, and would love to hear something about a class action lawsuit for their bad business practices. I will also be contacting my credit card company since I have no way of reversing the charges...

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Well I dont trust alot of companies ... my domains are at namepros, domainsite, and eNom.

I do have accounts on godaddy and registerfly but I barely use them ... those are just to make a free push from another user..

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The cost of a HostGator for 1&1 is $6.25 + operating costs. They subsidize domains to get customers for another serivces. They do NOT want domainers buying hundreds/thousands of domains in bulk as customers. They will do everything possible to get rid of such customers, because you are ruining their marketing plan.....

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Add me to the 1and1 hate club.

I lost a number of domains thanks to their crappy service and also got a Collections agency broadside as well. Thankfully, the Collections agency was a damn site more helpful than 1and1 ever were and helped me get away from them.

Unfortunately, I lost a few decent domains because they were never transferred as per my request, and of course, my account was locked so I was unable to administer ANY domains I owned to get them the hell away from that nightmare of a company.

I would echo the sentiments already given: DO NOT USE 1AND1 (oneandone) under ANY circumstances for ANYTHING. It is my experience and my opinion that you are only inviting a bucket load of completely unnecessary grief if you do.

<edit>I should add I used the oneandone UK version...

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Just goes to show you that some folks cannot or will not learn from the mistakes of others...

If there are any long-timers here who know and understand the trouble that can bring, please post. I don't want to be a broken record. I'd like to see other stories about how you were screwed by them. Remember, it's not the victim's fault.

Just google and hate - or - and sucks - or - and get the picture...

Those free .infos may be free in terms of $$ for the moment, but read about how they don't let you cancel, or how they charge you automatically, or how they require a FAX and about TWO MONTHS (according to other posters) to get out of is it really free? Are you really that foolish?.

This is my opinion based on the reading I've done online after getting into business with I have 200 domains with them and I am just sick about it.

Do yourself a favor and RUN away from aka 1 & 1 Internet Serivces...

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I can only add to what the others have said, despite the full page ads you see in all the major computer magazines, is most definitely to be avoided at all costs. My account with them was locked some time ago.. despite their promises to the contrary...

Comment #19

I was able to order some hosting from them as well a couple of weeks back but to my surprise, they don't offer their hosting services in the Philippines only U.S. and Canada I was attracted by their pricing it's so cheap little did I know they offer the same services from your posting.

Ok thanks for saving my hard-earned money..

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Moaning and whining about it is not going to help your situation one iota. Far better to deal with your problem: you owe them about $1200. Do not think complaing to whomever is going to help b/c they do NOT care..

And even the Better Business Bureau would take their side. It's all in the agreement.

Whether or not they sent the notification thru the post is one of those things that both parties can argue about...but in the end has no bearing on the result..

What? So just b/c you didn't get all the notifications, you somehow don't have to pay?.

I agree 1and1 are not the most user friendly registrar and are known to terminate the WHOLE a/c for even non-payment of $5.99...but how were you "screwed"?.

Sure they have some funny batch processing billing system...but the fact still remains you have 200 domains unpaid for.

A word of advice: read the small print of the T & C specifically about locking the account for non-payment... and eventual termination 14 days after you get the collections letter if still unpaid. All domains will be lost. Forever.

Solution: Find $1200 quickly...

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Dear 1and1 employee: You wrote I am not whining and moaning. I am illustrating to the newbies (you?) how this registrar's business practices go.

I do owe them money. I never said I didn't. Read what I wrote carefully before you post, please. I'll recap it for you: The said there was a problem with the CC I used. I replied and agreed. I gave them the solution to use the card and an alternative to recoup payment if that failed.

I am not the one in my household that reviews the CC bills. I assumed all was well. That is my fault.

How was I screwed, you asked. Well, what if you had an autopay set up for one of your utilities...let's say the electric or gas bill. You go on with your life thinking everything is great until one day you get a bill for the entire year. And you have to pay it just like you pointed out (you sure sound like a defender of; i.e. an employee-ben?) you have to pay it within x days or your power is cut. Did you owe the money? Yes.

Was that clear enough for you?.

I have a question for you many times a week do you entire into agreements? When you park your car, when you check a coat, when you enter a ticketed arena, etc. Do you read all of those t & c's? It's retorical, because the answer is most certainly no. It was certainly foolish of me to assume that aka 1 & 1 Internet Services, Inc. operates like 99% of all other registrars on the planet. It has taught me a valuable lesson. I will pay that bill hopefully with some help from (my ebay auctions) and will pay because I will ALWAYS continue to discourage EVERYONE from using aka 1 & 1 Internet Services, Inc...

Comment #22

Get real, I have nothing to do with 1and1.

Newbie? Don't judge by the join date.

If you read my post, it outlines more details about their biz practices than yours.

Does the owner of the credit card know that you were, and gave you permission to use it to rack up $1200?.

If not, not very smart, eh?.

If so, why can't they fork out $1200 since it was never charged in the frst place.

Then again, seeing the quality of names for auction it will probably be better and save you $1200 if you do nothing and let them terminate the a/c.

Either way, this doesn't pass the smell test...

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Run just run. I have boatloads of horror stories..

Comment #24

Regardless if you believe movingconcierge's story or have sympathy/empathy for him, 1and1 is notorious as being one of the worst, if not the worst, registrar. The moral of the story told by movingconcierge and so many others here at NPs, is to stay clear of 1and1...

Comment #25

Aggro is way too aggro...and I don't get his mixed message.

1) Your message is that doesn't care about it's customers..

2) Your message is that customers should not complain.

Here is my clear and final message back to you:.

Start your own thread that talks about your own "truth" if that's possible.

You are the only one here on this thread with something to say in favor of aka 1 & 1 Internet Services, Inc. Your opinions do not matter to me. I see from your rhetoric that you are stretching lines of logic just to string a few simple sentences together. Start your own thread that talks about your own business ideals already.


...and to address your slam on my names...if yahoo wasn't yahoo or google wasn't google, how would you value those names?.

POV: a name is just a needs to be developed to become valuable. Some names kindof suck if your looking to trade solely on the names though, I agree, but all could be developed and made into money makers. gamefly, flipdog, etc...all would be worthless names to me if those were to be sold without the development that exists.

//end edit//..

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Listen, I was totally paid up. I reg'd some domains and thought I would give 1&1's hosting a whirl to see what they were like. Crap, was the answer to that question!.

I thought I'd kick off with the templated website builder. It worked ... for about 2 or 3 edits and then refused to work again so I had a HostGator and a website with lorem this is crapum all over it. No amount of dealings with 1&1's no-help service got me anywhere. I was advised to ... wait for it ...

WTF?! Are they serious? Apparently they were. Unless I wanted to 'upgrade' then that was the end of that!.

I'd coughed up 10 (about $17) for the HostGator name (yeah, I know. Way overpriced) and a further 23 (about $50) for hosting I was never able to use. I wasn't asking much from the hosting only that I could do a run-through and place a few pages on the net. No SSI necessary. I was simply sussing them out.

I wasn't going to through go money after bad so that was the end of it as far as I was concerned. I would transfer the domains I wanted away from them when I got around to it and let the ones I wasn't bothered about lapse.

My big mistake.

1&1 having the perverted system they have in place when it comes to lapsing domains, wanted it in writing, faxed or by snail-mail. I'd forgotten all about that sneaky line from the terms and conditions.

Move several months down the road and a letter drops through the box from a debt collections agency. Unbeknownst to me, 1&1 had been billing the credit card, which had max'd out since it was a limited exposure one, and was busily renewing the domains I wanted to allow to lapse. No number of emails or phone calls would cancel those renewals. My account was also frozen.

I sent three snail-mail letters, all posted from different post boxes in different towns, to 1&1. I gave the letters time to get there and followed up with a telephone call. As I suspected I would be, I was told, "We don't have your letter".

"Bulls*t!" I replied and proceeded to explain that I had sent three copies from three separate towns all posted on the same day. Funnily enough, they soon 'managed to find' my letter. Meh.

Don't go near 1&1 'cause they suck big time.

(Note: this is the abridged version)..

Comment #27

M90, it sounds like you have had a pretty similar experience as others. Can I ask if you were ever able to get any of your money back?.

Does anyone know where 1and1 is incorporated? Are they in the USA? If so, a complaint to the state attorney general might be prudent...

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No. I got nothing back. I counted myself lucky to get away from them! Actually, if memory serves they tried to get another 47 ($85) out of me to finalise the contract but I told them where to go.

I'm in the UK and it was the UK offices I dealt with...

Comment #29

I love it. This thread has been resurected from the dead. Hopefully it gives the newbies more info about 1and1 so they don't have to deal with similiar experiences...

Comment #30

Was it Free? addreses the concerns of many people lured into the throat of the devil with promises of free domains...sounds like that free .info lure that recently put out there...

This guy has put up a site to expose the anti-consumer practices of aka 1 & 1 Internet Services...

The list of really pissed off people is growing...and mobilizing...

I didn't realize I was going to go on a hating binge today...

Here is my last hater link of the day: is the worst host in the world?. But, rest assured that I will continually add to this thread all of the links I find to keep anyone / everyone away from the devil that is aka 1 & 1 Internet Services...

Comment #31

It is worth noting that sedo is owned by the same company as 1+1 and that sedo has a link to 1+1 if you want to buy a name through sedo...

Comment #32

Are they owned by the same people are just in partnership together?..

Comment #33

Our Address:.

155 Regents Park Road.



Investor Relations:.

Our Venture Capitalist and Cooperation Partner:.

1&1 Internet Limited.

12 St. James's Square.


SW1Y 4RB..

Comment #34

Yup...I had a Sedo rep confirm their relationship...I've threatened to move my names, but I need to find a good home for them. I just finished sampling and I am not impressed...still looking.

Back on topic, Fonzie and Yoshiwara, thanks for your regular and on topic support of this thread...I really feel it is important to not let it die...and you seem to feel the same way...

Comment #35

1and1 sucks. I have about 60 domains with them, and I will continue to use them because for me..and what I need..they give me what I want. Their customer service is horrible though, and it took 4 phone calls to find somebody who spoke at least a bit of english.

This story however doesn't seem to show bad light on 1and1 as you say tho. So what their billing process isn't the same as somebody who you've reg with's your responsibility to check that out isn't it? They let you keep your domains for a couple months without paying for them..what other companies would do that? If that's the reasoning to hate doesn't make sense. That and the fact that your CC wouldn't allow them to make purchases with it. Do you really expect a huge company like this to make note of it and charge you a little each month because thats all your CC will allow?..

Comment #36


I appreciate your angle on the argument. However, my beef with is that they never responded to my inquiry about the account way back when, they said they sent me notices which I never recieved and they cannot reproduce in any way (I have it recorded) and then they sent me to collections.

I never said that I did not owe the debt and that I was not willing to pay the debt. What I said was where's the notice?.

A parallel problem at is's world-renowned, tremendously awful, make you want to vomit from anger, anti-consumer customer service AND's hurdle jumping, hold-onto-your-names-as-long-as-they-can cancellation policy AND lastly,'s deceptive renewal program. I encourage you to follow some of the links I have put on this thread to see that it is not just me getting all huffy about paying a bill. is a real piece of sh*t company.

The proof that is in the pudding, as it were, is you...a self-proclaimed user, now and in the future, telling us that you know they suck, but that they only suck at a level that is just below your tolerance. Well, maybe you have a higher tolerance for sucky service than others that may fall prey to their "free" offers...

That, in a nutshell (lol), is why I will keep this thread keep people that frequent this most popular HostGator board away from aka 1 & 1 Internet Services, Inc...

Comment #37

I was searching NP to find out about 1and1's so-called "free" .info registration when I found this topic. Thanks for finalizing my decision to skip the "deal".

Last year I lost two domains (one .tv too, so it was around a $40 loss) because of their shitty customer service, and after reading about everyone else's problems with them as well, I too have decided never to use them again...

Comment #38


1and1 may/may not have sent you the letter by post.

Then again, maybe that Mailboxes Etc. PO box #223 you are using did NOT get it, eh?.

Your word against theirs. Someone else to blame...LOL.


2/ How did the ebay auctions go?

3/ Have they terminated your a/c that is owing $1200 yet?.

4/ Actually 1and1 will thank you for warning off domainers - as their biz model is not dependent on domainers' business. Actually the last customers they want are domainers. And customers who fraudulently/unlawfully use other's credit cards and then don't/can't pay after 7 months.

So you're doing them a big favor by warning away other domainers, LOL.

They make money from hosting.

Just like how Godaddy is trying to follow their biz model.

5/ A pity you didn't do all that due diligence/search on 1and1's rep before you dived in head first.....

Comment #39

I suppose that applies to everybody who has had a truly rubbish experience with 1&1, including those of us who simply wanted to put up a little website?..

Comment #40

If so many people have issues with, then why hasn't anyone reported them to ICANN? With all these complaints, couldnt their status as a registrar be revoked?..

Comment #41

We should form a NPs group of Mystery Buyers to police these registrars. We can all submit a small donation and the team/group could make purchases, transfers etc... and test out the marketing language to the actual dea-lio performances of the different registrars we use or want to investigate for potential use. Basically, a services review group.

Dare I say a NP's Domainer's Review Group ?

I would participate ( ). I think there are some very intelligent NP members that, collectively, could really rake these companies over some i-nformative coals. Testing registrar's conduct, systems, proceedures and ethics. A "pro-active" rather than "re-active" appraoch. At the very least we could benefit from the insights gained by the group. We may even end up with a listing of "GOOD" NP's suggested registrars.

We would all gain from it and just be looking out for our members collectively and systematically. The compilation of the groups work will develop a NP's Registrar Handbook. Some thing reference before it's .... too late.

In fact I would enter my first inquiry with Hostrock.neta low cost, multi extension, registrar I would like info on with out exposing myself to the loss of funds or a good HostGator name.

1) Does any one use them?.

2) How is the service?.

3) Any transfer or dropped order problems.

4) Policy transparency ? .

5) NPs recommendations ?

Just another Noobs in the dark.


Comment #42

I like it namenut. I have some great documented material that I would be willing to donate, including some rather heated debates among registrars who hold differring opinions regarding many of the policies and loopholes that that some of the less savory registrars are using to stick it to us. If your idea takes flight, PM me and I will send you some good stuff. I also have a few, very decent names avail., but probably a bit too controversial to use for the project. Even though some of the names I have in mind express what many of us feel, I don't think that a name like would go over too well, do you?..

Comment #43

To keep this thread alive, here is my complaint to Better Business Bureau. Of course nothing got resolved and isn't going to be. This company is the WORST EVER. In fact, these words are way too nice to describe this no good, piece of crap, false advertising garbage. Their customer service doesn't speak any english, even when they write emails which should give them plenty of time to reread what they wrote. After being contacted by BBB, 1and1 only decided to reply to one of my complaints, which wasn't even the main issue.

BBB complaint: "I have purchased 39 domains from this company in multiple transactions. This company advertises "free private registration" for HostGator names if they are purchased through this company. When a customer orders a domain, they are asked if they would like to put that HostGator in a new package or an existing one. However, if a customer chooses to order a HostGator in an existing package, they are taken to administration control panel where private registration is not an option, even though private registration was selected at the beginning of the transaction. I see this as a "bait and switch" issue that is not fair to customers who order HostGator names with the idea that private registration would be provided to them like the company advertises. This company also advertises "free HostGator transfers" on their domains, but they do not follow through with their promises, and charge the customer for transfering HostGator names within 1&1 packages.

When I ordered multiple domains on 11/21/05, I discovered the problem where private registration is only granted if domains are bought in a new package, so after ordering, I contacted customer support to let them know that I wanted those domains in my main package but wasn't able to do that with private registration option. I asked what I could do, and customer support wrote me an email saying that I could move them from one package to another without being charged. I proceeded to move these domains from one package to another, and got charged twice for these domains. Not only did customer service say that my card would be "charged back" after moving these domains, I believe that "free transfers" as 1and1 advertises should be a free service. After the requested domains were transfered from one package to another, 1and1 also proceeded to remove private registration for my domains which were suppose to be included with my purchase, making all my registration information public on top of charging me another $5.99 for each name.

I believe that they practice false advertising and bait-and-switch techniques in their business which needs to get reviewed. Their customer satisfaction ranking is terrible, and there are thousands of compaints about this company all over the internet. Unfortunatly I didn't know how this company operates until I ran into these problems when using their services.".

Their response to BBB: "I am sorry for any confusion however in this case the customer, Mr. xxxxx is incorrect.

We advertise on our site for HostGator names mentioning the free private whois, if you follow this link then you are taken to order the instant HostGator name package, and from their you do get the free private whois information.

When ordering HostGator names from within your 1&1 package we do not mention that it comes with private whois.

I would like to point out that all our major competitors charge for anonymous/private whois as standard, we offer this for free.

In this case I do not see that we are at fault, and I am not prepared to offer any refunds.

Thanks, Richard Winslow".

SURPRISE!!! Of course there will be no refund! DUH! The guy didn't even bother reading the freaking COMPLAINT. I never said that I ordered these domains through my existing package.

Here is an exellent example of customer service emails you will be receiving if you have problems with your account:.

"Dear xxxx, (Cust: xxxxxxx).

Thank you for contacting us.

It looked like youve not added the domains from the old package, in contrary , you added them to a new package. You can transfer the HostGator from one packag to another, however, youll be charged back for each of the domains price.

For example: If you want to move HostGator "" from Contract id: 4440189 to Contract id: 4564833.

1. Log into you Control Panel. Click on "Administration" for the package you wish to move the HostGator to. (Administration for Contract id: 4564833) 2. Click on Domains 3. Click on "New" and select "Add on A Domain"..

4. Enter the HostGator name ( you wish to move to this package and click Next..

5. Accept the terms and click "Next"..

6. Click "Next"..

7. The current registrant info of the HostGator is displayed. Click "Order" finally.

After this is done, you have to approve the transfer in the other package (Contract id: 4440189).

1. Log into you Control Panel. Click on "Administration" for the package that has the domain. (Contract id: 4440189) 2. Click "Domains".

3. Click on "Domain Transfer Status"..

4. Click "Edit"..

5. Accept the release. Click "Next"..

6. Click "Send".

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Josephine Gamotin.

Technical Support.

1&1 Internet".

Can someone please explain what "charged back for each of the domains price. " means? I thought it meant that I will be credited any amount that they charge on my card for transfering within the packages, apparently (in 1&1 english) it means I will be charged extra for transferring domains from one package to another. Long story short, I got charged $80 for moving ~12 domains from one package to another, and on top of that, they removed private registration on my domains once they went into my main hosting package. So I ended up paying around $12 a HostGator w/out private reg...

Comment #44

I found that every time I contacted Support at 1and1, they NEVER directly addressed my complaints.. as you said, it was as if they'd never read my original emails. I would ask them a question regarding billing and they'd refer me to something totally different. I sometimes wonder if this wasn't a deliberate ploy, or maybe just the unfortunate circumstance of outsourcing customer support to non-English speaking techs.

Whatever the case, I was never able to resolve my problems with 1and1. As a consequence, my account there remains locked and my domains .. well, I'm hoping they drop eventually.

Luckily, I was able to remove my CC info before the account was locked...

Comment #45

I'm so glad I am not a customer of theirs..

Don't forget to report in the 'Domain Company Reviews' section if you havent't already. I don't know if they get a lot of customers with their ads on Sedo (names @ $5.99) but I am wary of any registrar offering domains at a loss. You get what you pay (not) for...

Comment #46

I hate them too it takes up to 2 weeks for a reply from a email and it is slow lol thats why I moved to godaddy and reg my other domains like ect...

Comment #47

I had about 100-150 domains with them. The first time I contacted them by email/custsupprt it regarded making bulk DNS changes. (I posted this earlier- about a year ago). You'd go to their page to make global changes and you could make bulk changes on just about anything you wanted to do involving services that you had to pay for, but the header link over the DNS didn't rollover. As I recall, to make a change required opening up about 4 pages for each name. 400 click and pauses later I managed to make my changes.

The killer, though, is the way they lead you to believe that they offer all of these wonderful name mngt features and than leave you to search their extremely unintuitive site to find out how to search for them. After spending more time searching than I should have, I finally emailed and asked them where the secret door for making bulk DNS changes was hidden. The reply?.

"Oh, you can only make DNS changes one name at a time.".

Hmm... And why?.

"Because we don't offer bulk DNS changes for HostGator names.".

And why not?.

"We just don't offer that feature.".

Don't you think that it might be a good idea to offer this management feature to your customers who have registered several domains with you? (That is, the ones who don't, particularly, enjoy flipping back and forth between pages and redundantly clicking their mouse for hours on end.).

"Most of our customers don't have a problem with it.".

Do you think that you might change this policy in the foreseeable future?.

"Sorry, but we are not planning on offering that service. If you wish to make changes to one of your domain's name servers, (also referred to as DNS), first, go to...".

I agree w/ the OPs sentiments- AAAACCCKK!..

Comment #48

The funny thing about this compamy, is I know someone who works for them in there advertising department, and he will even tell me, do not refer people to them, and thats his job, lol! He also has a reseller, but not with them, he refusess to host his own sites there, and buys all his own domains at enom! I think thats funny...

Comment #49

I wonder how long it took grrilla to extract his 150? I feel queasy at the thought of it!..

Comment #50

Quease not y. Alas, I only had 70 domains w/ them. The inflated figure came from my mentally grouping some of the other free .info groups in w/ the ones I had w/ them. I went back to an old list to double check and found my estimate to be off so, the # of clicks required to change the DNS is closer to 280 than to the 400 that was in my previous estimate.

I extracted the dozen or so select ones that I had w/ them, (after I found their deeply hidden, subdomain, which one must dig for to perform the extractions, which, BTW, is a very apt description of the process), and, simply, let the rest go, which were mainly free .infos and .name domains. Some of them I, probably, would have kept under normal circumstances but I had to measure the pain factor of dealing w/ 1and1 against the potential value of the domains and, in the end, acquiesed and let them dispose of my names and left them to carry on w/o me, alone, inside of their own twisted reality...

Comment #51 has a very similar CP that only allows changes on individual domainsno bulk feature (at least at the time of when I moved all my domains away from them about 6 months ago)..

Comment #52

Aggro the "caustic kid" lovingly wrote: Genius...just genius...look ma...our boy has learnt how to do a who is...

Get a life, can see this thread has meaning for others...go play your silly little games somewhere else...

Aggro the "caustic kid" lovingly wrote: crappy...don't most ebay auctions do crappy. Thankfully, I am independently wealthy due to an international lottery that I just won, so...

Aggro the "caustic kid" lovingly wrote: Nope, cause I paid my the independently wealthy thing again...

Aggro the "caustic kid" lovingly wrote: Why don't you and aka 1 & 1 Internet Services continue your love story privately already...this thread is about people who think 1AND1.COM SUCK...mod's please get this guy off this thread already...he is genuinely distracting and antagonistic. That's why I'm turning that frown upside down for all of the idiots just like me and putting this out there for them.

Obviously, Sherlock, I'm screwed because I have a ton of names with which I am reminded of daily with a pain like...well, I'd imagine kind of like a tightly wrapped rubber band around my're starting to feel like an ingrown hair yourself.....

Comment #53

So here's the latest in my saga with aka 1 & 1 Internet Services, Inc.

Checked my reg mail to ensure it was received and signed for by's collection agency...received and processed...all is right with the world...


So, I call and speak to an under-concerned baritone, Robert. Robert says that I need to get a "code" from their collection agency and then call back to advise of that special "code"...

I remark that it seems to me that this would be an internal process, and is he sure that is something that I need to do...he assures me that I need to be the one to do the footwork on behalf of aka 1 & 1 Internet Services, Inc.


I call them and speak with my representative who has absolutely no clue what the hell aka 1 & 1 Internet Services, Inc. is talking about with the "code." I get passed to a supervisor who is equally baffled by the confident instructions that I received from


I'm currently breaching 30 minutes on hold (this call - they just picked up, John this time) John is checking through the "records" to see what the hell Robert was talking about...he can't find anything about a "code" in the way...So, he goes to talk to Robert and comes back with this (after another 10 minutes on hold):.

Forget about the code and now worry about an $18.95 fee that they tacked on AFTER I paid their last and final bill through the collection agency.

When I asked for a fax copy of the bill and instructions on what to do, John said (after another 5 minutes on hold): I cant fax it to you. I say, why (grrilla) cant you? I have to fax over my CANELLATIONS. Next, they said that they would not generate an invoice for the $18.95They want me to take their word for it that I owe them another $18.95 on top of their last and final invoice. They refuse. Then John said that the fee is in their terms and conditions. I say so all of your customers owe $18.95? His response is yes!?! I started to lose my cool so I asked to be transferred to a supervisor:.

I talked to Sebastian. I re-explained everything. Brick wall. Oh, and the code thing, it is an internal process. It is called a verification code. AAACCCKKK!. aka 1 & 1 Internet Services, Inc. just cannot or will not reproduce any billing or communications to any customer at anytime. does not like to be compared to normal companies with normal procedures like invoices, notices, faxes, etc. It is my opinion that is purposeful in their mistreatment of their customers. My story, and the volumes of other stories out there, cannot be simple incompetence or coincidence. There has to be a motive. I believe that motive is a business culture of trap the customer in a relationship that forces them to stay and pay and pay and paybecome complacent and then pay some more..

Comment #54

I call this the business model of "Pre-Meditated Incompetance". If the labyrinth is designed w/ enough obstacles and cul de sacs, than xx% of our customers will grow weary and, than, out of frustration, will give up w/o our hands ever having to leave their pockets. Add extra sugar to the fly paper- it will draw them in faster and their feet will stick much better after they land.

The business culture that 1&1 is a part of is all around us. However, to see a relatively high profile company being so tranparent and to be working w/ this methodology in such a blatant and open manner, is shocking to see...

Comment #55

Hey guys it seems this 1and1 is a difficult registrar ....but I just bought a name at auction thats regged there and was wondering if the seller or buyer intitates the push.. I just set my account up a hour or so ago and I'm not really familiar with there system ....sorry if I'm a little off topic..but your experiences are appreciated.


Comment #56

The seller has to initiate the transfer buy going to Once there, the seller will have to print out a sheet and fax it to to complete the transfer. If my memory serves me, it takes weeks to get it done. I'd pay money upfront to transfer to another registrar as part of the transaction.

Good luck and sorry that you are now apart of the worst company on Earth...

Comment #57

Ditto. Have it transfered over to your favorite registrar and stay clear. IMHO...

Comment #58

Recent reg..less than 30 days couldn't transfer out...yet....

It's in my account now ...I'm sure i'm in for some unpleasant suprises ...thanks for the info..


Comment #59

Ok I'm new to this domaining and I just purchased like 20 sites and I'm getting a lil discouraged from reading the threads,does this mean I wont be able to sell my domains becaise I have Please inform me on this situation and what I can do. Thank you.


Comment #60

No, Denise. It does not mean that you cannot sell your domains.

What it does mean is that you fell prey to a horrible registrar with very difficult rules that sometimes they don't even follow or know about.

It does mean that if you do try to sell it to someone who is on the fence about it, they may not want it because of the potential hassle that poses during a transfer.

It does mean that you should stop registering names at and start regging them at godaddy, enom, dotster, etc. They all have their nuances, but is the devil reincarnated as an internet company. Stay away from them...

Comment #61

First off, let me state clearly in writing and in plain English that, IMO, (and what I believe to be the opinions of others in this thread), 1&1 is operating within the law. I am not a lawyer, and, therefore I cannot state this unequivocally, but to the best of my knowledge, they are not doing anything that is illegal. Additionally, ethics can be a very allusive subject, so even the question of whether they are operating ethically or unethically is debateable and open to interpretation. Are their policies and procedures domainer friendly? No. Not in this domainer's opinion. If a registrar has a TOS and operates w/ procedures that are not conducive to name management and transfers, the chances are that they are going to put people off and in that respect, a registrar's policies can influence and inhibit sales.

Don't freak out. Read their terms of service, email them with questions and be dilligent in following up your communications w/ them. When I was at the sub-domain to "cancel my contracts" it took me several attempts before I got it right. Even after reading their definitions and procedures several times, I still had to learn by trial and error because there terminology is so confusing and their procedures are very untypical of the way that most registrars normally operate.

Whether you remain a customer and keep your names w/ one registrar or another is. ultimately, your decision. The best thing you could do, now, is to familiarize yourself w/ 1&1.s procedures for transfers, pushes and name management functions and when the time comes to move to another registrar and transfer a name out, give yourself plenty of lead time- at least, a few weeks- to help insure that you won't get stuck and learn that it is now too late for you to move ahead and do what you had intended to do...

Comment #62

Ok call me crazy, but I've got 85-90% of my domains with 1and1, have sold several, have transferred, have deleted, and have never (knock on wood after hearing you guys) had one problem with The control panel is awesome, it's easy to change DNS servers, which I do constantly. I must be missing something. I'm sure the 1st problem I have, I'll have secong thoughts, but right now, I'm sticking with them. Call me crazy...

Comment #63

Only if you insist. Hey everyone, DanatheDogman is crazy.

Dana, I'm curious as to how many other registrar's you have worked w/. ie If 1&1 has been your main registrar and they are what you have grown accustomed to, than, maybe you haven't had much of an oppurtunity to let all of the other registrar's screw your thinking up. I'm not saying that this is, indeed, the case, but that would be my first guess...

Comment #64

Obviously I was drawn to the price 1st $5.99. I actually started with Network Solutions, and have registered there, at Fabulous, Namescout (on drops), HostGator Systems and 2 or 3 others on drop, but 1and1 is primary for me. Every question I have sent has been answered in a timley and professional manner, and I have been invoiced correctly, when I deleted it was smooth and done on time, and when I transferred (I'm a "newbie", so it's only been 12-13 times), each was done without much of a hitch. If you ask me who the absolute best that I've dealt with in all aspects without a doubt it is Fabulous. Thanks...

Comment #65

I haven't dealt w/ Netsol in over a year, so I'm not up to date w/ their current procedures but speaking from past experience, they were not the easiest of registrars to manage names with so if you cut your teeth w/ them, chancs are you were a little more prepared to deal w/ 1and1 than someone who was brought up on GoDaddy, for instance. That may have something to do w/ your comfort w/ the 1and1 system.

Because of being active in the drop market, I have had occassion to have dealings w/ close to 50 registrars and I have experienced the good, the bad and beyond the ugly.

I have close to 1200 names and currently about 1,000 of them have been registerd at or transferred to enom. I can push a name, (or 1,000 names w/ a bulk edit), to another account in less than the time it has taken me to type this sentence. I can change the DNS for all of my names w/ 3 clicks after typing the nameserver urls into 2 boxes. To transfer one of my names from another registrar, into my account, I: 1) initiate transfer, 2) follow a link on a confirmation email and 3) as soon as I receive an email from the outgoing registrar I am done or, (depending upon the outgoing registrar), after I accept the transfer and as soon as the outgoing registrar releases the name I am done and the name lands in my account. Wham-bam. No faxes, no signatures and no ID verification.

Money is important, but is next in line on my priority list. BTW, I pay $6.95 for registrations and $7.95 for transfers and get occasional discounts on .infos etc, when promotions come up.

1and1 doesn't come anywhere near offerring the kind of name management features that I have come to expect. Relative to what is available from other registrars, 1and1 doesn't even get out of the starting blocks. They are designed in such a way as to make many management features tedious for their users and they are the only registrar that I know of that doesn't offer links from their main page or from the account CP to enable the customer direct access to common management functions such as transfers, pushes or cancellations of names from their accounts. It is as if this registrar has lost sight of who owns and, ultimately, controls the status of domains names that just happen to be registered w/ them. They are control freaks. Their obsession to hide information and normal name management functions that would not work to their advantage, is so extreme that they actually require customers to log into a seperate subdomain to perform commonplace name management functions.

If you know the interface, have a small to medium-small portfolio and don't mind the inconvenience of not being able to make global changes or perform bulk edits, 1and1 might work for you and, at least, give you the illusion that you are working with a good interface. If it works for your needs and you are happy with what you have, far be it from me to discourage you from staying w/ them. If your situation changes somewhere down the line and you feel the need to streamline and spend less time w/ name management chores, consider using an alternative registrar...

Comment #66


No.....not too well.

However thank you for you offer of materials and input. I'll have a little more time next week. I think I will try to put something together. After thinking about a few times I realized we should have some kind of system/tool to assist NP members weed through all the registrars and only use those that warrent our loyalties..

Thank you again "Grrilla" for your input.

Namenut This is a perfect example of the type of information we need to make available to our members. We need a NP review group to form so it can provide us with a list of suggested registrars. me thinking now...

Comment #67

'Ok call me crazy, but I've got 85-90% of my domains with 1and1, have sold several, have transferred, have deleted, and have never (knock on wood after hearing you guys) had one problem with The control panel is awesome, it's easy to change DNS servers, which I do constantly. I must be missing something. I'm sure the 1st problem I have, I'll have secong thoughts, but right now, I'm sticking with them. Call me crazy.'.

'The control panel is awesome'? 'awesome?' 'the control panel panel is awesome'?awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome.

Excuse me as I bang myself against the office wall and get led away a gibbering wreck............

Comment #68

Told you I was a newbie. Awesome to me is not awesome to a larger HostGator owner. Okay, maybe that word was a little strong...

Comment #69

Hahaha...when I discovered that I had to change individual DNS and that I was just not missing something, that is exactly how I felt...

I timed it while working like a takes nearly a minute to change a dns on a single name. In addition to the control panel being more labor intensive than it needs to be, it also is just slow responding to commands. I actually had it time out on me a few times...

While a minute each might not sound like a lot...multiply that by 200 and that will net you the total manhours of work (without stopping) that it takes to change. At godaddy, it takes me a minute, or less, to change ALL of my dns.....

Comment #70

Hmmmm... looks like they might be up to some other stuff too? Check out my prob with them on my thread...

Comment #71

I was unlucky to have 2 hosting accounts with them ..double trouble...

____________ Customer ID xxxx373 11/16/2005 I submitted my "Business Hosting" account 'downgrade' request 02/09/2006 Received bill for 29.95. Emailed back with explanation that account had been downgraded long time ago. 1and1 locked my account disabling my access to domains. 02/21/2006 according invoice #351266021 , 1and1 decided to refund me $18.27 to my AmEx card. I checked my statements and nothing was ever refurned.

As of today 3/1/2006 My account still locked, I don't have access to 2 domains on this account. I still not recieve the refund they mentioned in 2/21 invoice..


My second Customer ID xxxx728. had two Contract IDs xxxx352 (Business hosting +50 domains) & xxxx497(15 domains only).

ContractID xxxx497: this account has been locked for NO REASON for a period of over 1 month. It has never been a part of any dispute, and has been paid on time.

Contract ID 5584352: The dispute happened because 29 domains and business hosting plan, which I set to expire /cancel, were illegally renewed, by charging my credit card.

Before expiration date, I set the 29 domains mentioned above to expire without renewal. When I received instructions stating that I have to fax cancellation notice in order it to be processed, I immediately called to 1and1 customer support and explained that I dont own a fax machine, therefore cannot fax anything. After 40+ min conversation Ive got an impression that this problem has been resolved. To my surprise I received a bill, which listed all canceled domains as renewed. I called back againAfter being on hold for 35 min I had a 45 min conversation with customer service representative, who tried to find where exactly in HostGator registration process customer agrees that he/she needs to own a fax machine in order to get out of contract (which customer entered without using any faxes). Feeling aggravated that he cannot find anything related to faxes in HostGator registration procedure, this customer support representative simply chose to hang up on me.

After waiting for another 15 min, I just gave up..

When I received a new bill and then notification that my credit card had expired, I decided not renew it until this conflict would be resolved.

I contacted billing department, which stated: The fax cancellation procedure was phased out at the end of last year..

This was about time 1and1 decided to fix that nonsense related to HostGator names management.

All 29 domains were renewed after.

- I set them for cancellation/expiration at,.

- I notified 1and1 customer support by email and by phone that I did not plan to renew these domains, plus that I did not own a fax, and that I never entered any contracts, which required access to fax machine.

- I did EVERYTHING that I could by calling , emailing, being on hold, talking to outsourced customer support, who has no idea what they are talking about. Just say no to 1and1..

Comment #72

Great slogan!.

Sounds like a very familiar story, unfortunately...

Comment #73

I run a successful site,, that was registered at 1&1 (not by my doing). The HostGator gets a good deal of traffic and is a very brandable domain. In fact, the .net version sold for $500, which received less trafic and wasn't as good as the .com extension.

After a year and a half, the guy that registered the HostGator for me was able to find the information from 1&1 to get into the account (thankfully it was on auto-renew or something). I logged in but couldn't access any administration aspects of the domain.

I started a transfer at Namecheap so I can get my HostGator on a decent (the best IMHO) registrar but then I realized the HostGator was locked and from what I hear it's not exactly easy to transfer from 1&1.

If things don't work out I'm glad Namecheap's transfers are risk-free and they'll give me my money back. I don't like how I can't edit my nameservers or unlock my domain. It's hard to give up this HostGator since it is one of my first and actually my personal favorite. I sent an email to their "24/7" support and still no response after a day. Sounds like it will take more than that though, I suppose I'll call them soon to see if they'll unlock it (unlikely)...

Comment #74

Be persistent. If they give horrible service (like they are known for), it doesn't hurt writing a letter to the better business bureau...

Comment #75

Transferring a HostGator from 1&1 to another registrar can be done but it seems to be made as difficult as possible, imo. I have done it previously but it took persistance and help from the registrar I was transferring to, in order for it to eventually go through. I believe it took almost 2 weeks. You did read that correctly. Around 2 weeks!..

Comment #76

What makes the aka 1 & 1 Internet Services, Inc. cancellation or transfer policy so special is that you have to FAX in your cancellation policy. and they have to CONFIRM RECEIPT in order for a transfer TO BEGIN.

Who the hell faxes ANYTHING related to HostGator NAMES??? The devil, that's who...the devil has numbers for a name and speaks with a German accent...sorry Duetchland, but you gave birth to them.....

Comment #77

Er...all HostGator transfers need to be faxed in order to go through. (applies to all registrars).

The use of faxes by 1+1 ensures that the cancellation process takes a longer time than anticipated and snags domainers who decide to cancel towards the end of a contract. ie one must allow plenty of time to follow up if confirmation of receipt of a fax is not received. Start the whole process with a minimum of 3 months left in a contract is advised...

Comment #78

The sad thing about this whole situation is that unsuspecting newbies continued to get lured into regging at 1and1. I guess the newbies get a crash course when it comes to which registrar NOT to use in the future...

Comment #79

True, but not all newbies need to use advanced features of the domain, or buying/selling the domain.

I called 1&1 this morning, wasted 10 minutes on my cell phone bill (25 cents/minute). Aparently 1&1 locked my account because of a billing issue, which I don't understand since the HostGator was paid for in August 2004 and August 2005. I'm supposed to call billing tomorrow between 9 AM and 5 PM EST. All I want for them is to send an email to the admin account of the HostGator asking if I want to unlock it, then I'd confirm it and be happy. I think it's unreasonable to lock my account for something that's paid for.....

Comment #80

Hence all these complaints about 1and1.. welcome to our world! lol..

Comment #81

If you have pushed the HostGator to another 1+1 account then there is a charge for this...

Comment #82

I did not know that...I have never purchased a before. All of my tlds are of the us tld kind, except for a few tv's I got from them.

They still made me do the fax thing. The funny thing is when I asked them to fax me something (billing) they acted like a fax was a huge hassle...well, it f***ing is...

I found this little splurb online that fortells of a great evil that overtakes the land...I thought I'd share:.

"Woe too thee oh Earth and sea.

For the Devil sends the beast with wrath.

Because he knows the time is short.

Let him who hath understanding reckon.

The number of the beast.

For it is a human number.

This number.

Is one and one".

Oooohhh...creepy how'd they know?..

Comment #83

Hm, and I thought it wasn't a number at all but "RFID".....

Comment #84

LOL! Very funny. Nah! The number of the beast is (with a slight mis-spelling)..

Comment #85

Those jerks at aka 1 & 1 Internet Serivces, Inc. FINALLY UNLOCKED MY ACCOUNT.....I'm just so happy... I would like to think that my sharp tongued letter had something to do with it, but we all know that will do whatever the hell it wants despite what it's customers say.

Now I can spend three solid days moving my names out of screen at a time...I'll need all the ND $$ I can get to renew a good portion of my names with another registrar...

This part of the saga is over...but I will ALWAYS...ALWAYS be on top of aka 1 & 1 Internet Services posts on this board and I encourage everyone else to do the same thing...THEY SUCK!..

Comment #86

Wow, 1and1 sound really like an bad ass.

Some just inform the authority.

We gonna see 1and1 boss got OWNED! on the newspapers..

Comment #87

Dear X, (Cust: X).

Thank you for contacting us.

I apologize for any inconveinence but our records do show that your account is currently paid up to date and you do not have an outstanding balance. Thank you and I apologize for any inconveinence.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.



Billing Department.

1&1 Internet Inc.

You can also contact us via phone at (877) 300-8316 from 9am till 5pm EST Monday to Friday.



> Why did I get this message below? You just confirmed my account is up.

> to date and active. Why is the billing auto message harassing me?.



> Dear X,.


> We recently attempted to debit your credit card with the outstanding.

> balance for your 1&1 package..


> However the transaction was declined by your card issuer..


> Please note that we will suspend your 1&1 package in accordance with.

> our terms and conditions, commencing in 8 days for dedicated server.

> packages and.

> 14 days for all other packages unless we receive either a reply to.

> this letter or payment in full..


> In order to avoid future settlement difficulties, please check your.

> credit card details and update them, if necessary, as follows:.


> Please go to, and log in to the Control Panel.

> with your customer ID or a HostGator name assigned to one of your.

> packages and your password. On the My Account page, please click on.

> 'User Settings' > 'Credit Card Details'. After updating your credit card information, click on 'Save'..


> Please contact your credit card company/bank for further information.

> on why payment was declined..


> For further details, please find attached a declined debit note in pdf.

> electronic format. It can be opened and printed with the help of the.

> program Acrobat Reader (download Acrobat reader:.



> Please double check/update your credit card details in the 'User Settings'.

> of your control panel and contact our Customer Service via email at.


> Subject:XXXXXXX - 1&1 Internet Inc. Billing Re: I've paid in full..


> Dear X, (Cust: X).


> Thank you for contacting us..


> Thank you and your account is currently active. I apologize for any.

> inconveinence..


> If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us..



> Sincerely.


> Billing Department.

> 1&1 Internet Inc..


> You can also contact us via phone at (877) 300-8316 from 9am till 5pm.

> EST Monday to Friday.


> > I've paid NCO Financial Systems in full. The remaining $18.95 was.

> > paid.

> last.

> > week. My account is still locked however. My user account # is X..

> > Please unlock my account..

> >.

> >.






Comment #88

Movingconcierge I am so damm glad you are keeping this thread alive. Everything stated is 100% true.

I registered 1 HostGator with them. Just 1. And for some reason in my admin panel my HostGator is there and ready, but when I enter the HostGator name in my browser I get: ' www.<myDomain> could not be found. Please check the name and try again. '.

My HostGator worked fine for 3 days btw. For some reason it stopped working. I sent them 2 emails. Did not get any answer back from them.

From what I have read. I chose the wrong road at the fork ways back...

Comment #89


Seems 1and1 has preemptively reg'd "" for themselves.......

Comment #90

I love it that this thread never dies....

On the topic of this thread, I placed some threads for wanted domains and got about 75 PMs in two days. Of these, a few of the domains were regged at 1and1. I didn't even waste my time replying. I will NEVER purchase a HostGator from someone who has it at 1and1. Rule of thumb1and1 may be cheap, but they potentially will cost you sales...

Comment #91

This thread ranks quite well for oneandone sucks on Google, second only to DigitalPoint, although DP ranks better for the term, 1&1 sucks, a thread inspired by this one I believe...

Comment #92

And some more 1and1 related "stuff" can be found on:

Comment #93

Nice find movingconcierge. I love the guy with no name.

Later Simon spoken to in spanish : *WHAT*!..

Comment #94

Just one week later and here's the latest harassment from aka 1 & 1 Internet Services dysfunctional billing department. If you look back to my 3/17 post, you'll see that the same billing department informed me that my account was up to date and hunky-dory...

I think are mad that the credit card on file is no good. But why should that matter when I have no recurring monthly expenses, except of course for the expenses make up?.

Ah-ha...there in lies the problem. have no way to frivilously charge my credit card and therefore, I must be frozen out of my account and sent to collections until such time that I provide with a credit card can abuse. In's sadistic little world it appears that this logic is law.

Isn't the most F'd up company EVER?!?..

Comment #95

I remember trying to get my credit card info off 1&1's records. Ended up cancelling the card after numerous emails telling them they DID NOT have permission to debit the card were ignored. B******'s! Still makes my blood boil when I recall the trouble I had with that horrendous company. Grrrrr.

I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Ever. My advice is to steer well clear of 1&1...

Comment #96

Maybe this thread should be stickied in this and the HostGator Newbies forum.

1and1 really seems to be a person's worst nightmare come true in so many ways...

Am so glad I never even heard of them before joining NP...

Comment #97

Clearing out my junk, I found a 1+1 leaflet: ' 1+1's excellent reputation in the market has been built on long-standing relationships with customers, business partners, and employees' Laugh? I nearly cried...

Comment #98

Did it say, "to learn more about 1 & 1 Internet Serivces, Inc., visit" That just kills me...that actually have registered What kind of a business statement is that? Self-loathing idiots....

Comment #99

Hehe. Someone already regged about 2!/2 yrs ago. GetScrewedby1and1 and 1and1HorrorStories are still avail, however...

Comment #100

Oh god, I have yet to transfer about 35 domains out of 1and1. Noooooooo......

I know this has been covered before, but anyone have any luck transfering out of this crappy company without faxing them the transfer requests?..

Comment #101

The antiquated policy remains...request a transfer form; fax the form; wait for confirmation...good luck..

Comment #102

For transfering the domains out ( from my UK 1and1 Account ) that whole fax thing seems to have been dropped, and it's all done by email now.

However, despite transfering out about 20 names a month, that doesnt seem to stop 1and1 charging me for every single HostGator ( even though some of them were moved months before they were to be renewed ).

So for me, every month I have to go through the process of demanding a refund for all the names I was billed for, even though they are longer with them. And recently, they really f**ked me up, as they billed me for about 20 names that I moved, though I did keep the names pointing to the webspace that I have with them. What happens ?? Some idiot deletes all the names from my hosting account.

So then I have to reset up about 20 websites, fix up emails, etc. They really screwed me with that, and I sent them an email explaining how I was absolutely fuming about what they did, with no warning whatsoever.

Still waiting for a reply from them to explain what they did - but I got more chance of being the first man to fly to the sun naked with an umbrella then hearing back from them.

And their phone support is a joke - " I am sorry Sir, I do not know why they deleted the names. I think because they were in your hosting account !!" ???.

WTF - how can a company operate like that ???.

They are the biggest joke in the HostGator and hosting world. For the last 12 months, all the names I have with them have been transfered, and I am planning on dropping their hosting services as well. Complete rip off - no customer support at all, and they seem to love billing me for names that havent been with them for months.

Whenever someone decideds to go and protest outside their offices, let me know. I will bring a sack load of bricks for everyone to throw at them.

Sorry for the rant - I really needed to get this off my chest.


Comment #103

Any news for a class action lawsuit? I can't believe these guys are getting away with their business practices.....

Comment #104


It's really late here in the UK, so I'll be brief for now. I'm the owner of This is the website that collects information on and investigates complaints about 1&1. You will find lots of stuff here that will both exasperate and amuse you.

There is also lots happening behind the scenes at this time - so please stay tuned in.

Hope you enjoy your visit!..

Comment #105

I know a lot of people have had problems with them, but I use them alot and so far I haven't had any problems. Then again I've never had any financial issues with them either. I have then handle some of my email accounts for me as well, but the bulk of my hosting arrangements I deal with myself.

I've had to transfer a couple in and out and I didn't think it was too bad. I had as much trouble from Network Solutions as I did from 1and1 so I guess I really can't complain there.

My take on 1and1 is, it's the cheap provider. That's why I use them. Because I like to keep a hundred or so domains around, just in case. You can't expect the 5-star service for $5.99 a year. And at those prices, you kind of have to expect them to go after people with delinquent accounts because they might not have the margin to let that stuff slide.

So I guess we'll see how it goes, I hope they don't f*** me over. Better luck with your next provider!..

Comment #106

I will back all these comments.

In the UK now trying to get all my Domains away from them.

Customer support!!!!!!!! I have to repeat everything I say 2 or 3 times before they can understand me!!!!.

Any advice on how I can get them away from 1 and 1?..

Comment #107

A business model based upon premeditated negligence. Hire a bunch of obtuse idiots. set them losse in the customer service dept and their incompetence will certainly grind down and frustrate the customers to the point that they'll give up and run away screaming incoherent obsenities to themselves. HeHe. Hey sucker! Don't you dare think about transfering out of here. Remember- we can always clamp down harder on the testicle vice that you've just discovered that you're attached to...

Comment #108

Hi 'internetprofession'.

Moving domains out of 1&1 is quite simple. Decide which host you wish to move them to and then ask your new host to send a request to 1&1 to release them. Procedure ...

[1] At 1&1, make sure you 'unlock' your domains. You can do this through the HostGator control panel.

[2] Also at 1&1, and depending on the type of domains you are moving, check to see if they have an 'authorisation code' (found in 'other info').

Once you have unlocked your domains, and acquired any authorisation code(s) you may need, go to your new host and start the transfer process.

Normally, this can take a week or so. Once your domains have been safely transferred, then you can close your account with 1&1.

If you need more help, contact me through my website,

PS. I'm with GoDaddy. I have a GoDaddy affiliate banner on my website, and if you click through, I'll earn some much needed pennies to keep my website up-and-running. Ta!!!..

Comment #109

I made the mistake of registering many domains with 1and1 early on. The biggest issue I have is that you can't push domains to other member's accounts. This really cuts down on sales - especially those cheap sales for $5-$10 just prior to expiration.

So, I'm in the process of transferring the domains I want to keep out of 1and1. I have to report my first test transfer (of a .com and .net) went very smoothly. I transferred the domains to domainsite and had no problems. I think the problems will come when I try any other extensions - because they will require an authorization code. Anyway, I'll probably try that in a couple of months. At least I know my .com and .nets are safe...

Comment #110

This thread never dies... Hopefully the newbs take heed and avert someo of the same problems...

Comment #111

It would, also, be nice if someone from 1and1 read this, took heed and initiated some changes and commenced w/ mending the companie's evil ways. It's alot more pleasurable to praise a company and to lay accollades and kudos on them than it is to bash them. But, when given no choice, it's healthier to vent and let out some steam than it is to hold it all in and let the wounds fester. IMHO..

Comment #112

Another good point to make is that, although I was the OP, many relatively new people are the ones who are mostly keeping this thread alive...It serves a purpose. It's like an alonon meeting.....

Comment #113

The 13th Step: Grant me the wisdom to stay clear of bad registrars...

Comment #114

Eeek thats bad but the web hosting looks real nice, not a good idea?..

Comment #115

Its bizarre that you can go blue in the face giving detailed breakdowns of what is going on and still some take the free crack offered up by the 1+1 dealers even though they are dressed up in clown outfits. The latest offering is apparently free .infos. Flies into the web...

Comment #116

Well here we go again.

Another month, and another bill for 10 domains that I transfered out of 1and1 in December !!!!.

This is getting beyond stupid. How can a registrar bill you for a HostGator that hasn't been in your account for 4 months. I explained everything in my email to them, and what they reply back to me is the complete opposite of what I am asking.

This company is beyond belief. They seem to take whatever money they can from customers, and then bullsh*t you for days, delaying refunding your money.

All I can say, as so many others have done before, Avoid 1and1 like the Plague. They will suck your wallet dry, and act like complete idiots when you try and contact them.


Comment #117

So my guess is that it is best not to leave credit card info with any registrar (if possible) because there is always a likelihood that you get some unexpected charge to your account..

BTW It's not only 1&1 that does not refresh the accounts for moved/expired domains, others registrars have the same issue..

Comment #118

I've now read evey posting in this forum about 1and1. If I hadn't already registered a few domains through them, I would have heeded the warnings here and avoided them.

However, since I already own names through them, and since there seems to be some emotional contradictions or disagreements in certain areas of 1and1's service and/or procedures, I will run a test for myself to see what's what. My next move is to attempt a HostGator transfer out of 1and1. To do this, I will follow fluoride's method (which seems normal). I'll report back what happens.

So far, here are my observations:.

For my HostGator purchases, I received an invoice of charges at the end of the month I registered them. They were then charged to my card at the beginning of the next month. This billing process, while different from most registrars, was accurate and detailed. So far, I have detected no extraneous charges, but I do not have any domains up for renewal of TFR'd out, either.

Although I would rather be billed individually at the reg time, this monthly biilling actually helped me in a weird way: It drew my full attention to the amount I was spending on domains. While it's easy and painless to buy one HostGator at a time and have the six or seven bucks deducted, it's a whole new ballgame to get hit with a balloon amount of hundreds of dollars at once. I slowed my buying, usually frivolous, immediately.

The tech support is sometimes helpful on small, easy issues, but overall it is not very good. All the tech support I've talked to are not native English speakers (they sounded Eastern European), and this caused some difficulties. A few questions took too long to get answers, and the rep sometimes was impatient. Some of my questions simply got a "No" or "We don't currently offer this service" e-mail replies. Some were not resolved at all.

The control panel is good in some ways, but inadequate in others. It definitely needs a bulk-change feature for DNS and such. There should be a cost-free way to move domains between "packages" and other 1and1 accounts. There are some more shortcomings, but it takes too long to describe them.

They were easy to tfr a HostGator into, and provided detailed, current e-mail about the status of the imported/transferring domain.

I'll now try a HostGator transer out and to empty a package and close it out. I'll accurately report my findings in what I hope is a neutral, informative manner.

Hope it will help...

Comment #119

Here's some real tests for you:.

Try to stop a HostGator being renewed within 1 week of HostGator expiry, within 2 weeks of HostGator expiry..

Try to stop your credit card being charged if you request HostGator cancellation within periods mentioned above..

Try to sideways push a HostGator to another user without getting charged..

Try to transfer out or sideways push any of the 'free' 5 info names without getting charged..

Why close an account? but if you have to, try to do it without having to send a fax..

Try to cancel any HostGator AND remove it from your account without having to send a fax..

Try to sell a HostGator to another domainer from 1+1 account and get it transferred within 7 days without any faxes, emails or telephone calls.

1+1: Total Rubbish Registrar Award 2005-2006...

Comment #120

Without warning or reason, aka 1 & 1 Internet Services locked my account again. I'm all paid up. The last notice was for me to put an up to date credit card in my file. I asked them to quit harrassing me.

I just cannot believe that some idiots here defend them?!? It just astounds me...really...

Comment #121

I encourage everyone who has had a problem with aka 1 & 1 Internet Services, Inc. to file one of these complaints here: ICANN Complaint Form FTC Debt Collection Complaint Form.



Further, and if you are so inclined, an email off to these news editors would help to raise the question of legitimacy of with these agencies:.

COMPUTING: pca. to adjust their anticonsumer behavior, please post it here...

Comment #122

Here is my FTC complaint form about harrassing emails about money I don't owe. At the very least, I hope to have the FTC alert I have filed a formal complaint against them. I encourage everyone to take the 2 minutes to do the same...

Comment #123


Just because some domainers have not suffered your misfortunes, it doesn't necessarily mean they are defending them. And even if someone does choose to defend them, who are you to call them idiots? I'm betting even those who have not had problems with 1and1 will sympathize and support you in your cause; I know I will. So aim your disrespect at 1and1, not at NP members just trying to offer an honest opinion...

Comment #124

In fact 1&1 expects them to beat all their competitions in domaining and hosting...

Comment #125

Yeah...idiot was wrong...I was pretty steamed last night finding my account locked again.....

Comment #126

Am just glad 1&1 are HQ'd a loooooooong way from where you're at MC.

If they weren't, I suspect there'd be an APB out right now with your name on it and we'd be watching a segment about you tonite on Americas Most Wanted......

Comment #127

Please, if you have a valid complaint against aka 1 & 1 Internet Services, Inc. fill out this form! It only takes a few minutes and anything we can do to raise awareness of's shady business practices will help those that they get after us. BBB Complaint Form..

Comment #128

I used there uk site hahaha wot a mistake , all was goin well until I changed hosts so I changed my namservers 4 days ago now , but there still pointing to my old host ???..

Comment #129

Don't worry, the 1+1 Stepford Wives on the forum will advise you that it is user error..

PS 1+1 may effectively be closed for easter doing anything useful (you better believe it), so wait till next weds before resetting again, then email the buggers (+ plan your transfer to another registrar)..

Comment #130

Haha...well when they get in they'll have about 200 emails from me because I've emailed them 50 times a day from the first time I noticed my account locked again.

I just have to start turning this bitching into action or it's meaningless. So from now on it's complaint forms, emails, letters to editor; it's an all out offensive on I'd love for some others to join me in telling their story to the FTC (if you are in the US), ICANN (even though they are effectively and admittedly impotent in this type of complaint), the BBB (ditto ICANN since has many, many BBB complaints already), this thread, and other blogs.

I have to say that one of the most complete sites battling is

But, the most important thing others can do, in my opinion, is BOYCOTT SEDO and all other sites / companies that are a part of the family. The parent company website is unitedinternet[dot]com..

Comment #131


My business partners and I have over 2000 names on four accounts at 1and1.

I signed up for one of their "free" accounts shortly after they launched in the US market.

*I have never been ripped off by them in any way.

*You no longer have to fax deletions in: they have an interface to delete or transfer your names.

*When I get unsatisfactory service on the phone, I escalate to a supervisor with no problems on the 24/7 toll free support lines.

*They send me a "heads up" email when I am soon to receive a TM complaint.

*When I was raking in about $500 a month on their affiliate program using typos of THEIR name on THEIR server, they were reasonable about it and only asked that I transfer the typos to their accounts.

I realized some may have been "screwed" by them, just like happens with any large provider of hosting, names, phone, ISP, etc. but you really lose credibility in your case when you call them the devil incarnate, etc. or gloat that you will bring them down with your strikes, sit-ins, 200 emails-a-day complaint campaign. Try this: go to 1and1 headquarters. Put a bag of dog shit on their front porch. Light the bag on fire.

When the chairman of the board comes to the door, he'll see the bag on fire, and naturally try to put out the fire by stomping on the bag. The stomping action will cause the dog shit to coat his wing tip Kennith Cole's, causing him much consternation and regret for ever ripping you off.

Best regards,.


Comment #132

Don't worry, only taking 3 weeks for me now I have 3 domains to cancel, this ought to be fun...

Comment #133

I just somehow knew that you'd show up...1and1 sounds like your cup of tea...How's the hurricane katrina profit fund going, andriegel? Did you raise a ton of money? And thanks for bringing 1and1 to the masses with your reseller program. I'm sure everyone is just as happy as you are...

You're right again about me. I just like to cause trouble. I like to call people out when they profit from natural disasters like hurricane katrina and coincidentally, 1and1, the devil themselves. Back to the bat cave with you...

Here are a few choice words from andriegel It looks like you're whoring yourself right here trying to defend the worst company most have ever dealt with. You're just as offensive as I remember...

Comment #134

People such as movingconcierge continue in their attempts to educate the masses re: 1and1 and, as is human nature, many will continue to turn a blind eye or a deaf ear.. hopefully, if just one domainer can be saved from the maws of crass commercialism, poor customer support, etc., etc., all will be worth it...

Comment #135

Thanks for the laughs!.

BTW: the Katrina Blog has not made very much money.

BUT, the Katrina family that we adopted, moved out here to California, got an apartment, each jobs and a car seem to be doing pretty well. Thanks for asking...

Comment #136

Hi again.

Noticed that one brave soul is going to attempt a HostGator transfer based on the advice I gave. I know from my own experience that it need not be fraught with difficulty, but I am concerned that some folk are seemingly still being billed for domains transferred elsewhere. This brings me to an important point.

When transferring your HostGator name(s), make sure your new host is the nameserver. I have noticed that when you do transfer a HostGator name, the nameserver is sometimes defaulted to the host your are transferring from. So, if you are moving a HostGator from 1&1 to (say) GoDaddy, then make sure that GoDaddy's nameservers are used. If you leave the nameservers as 1&1's, this may be the reason that some folk are still being billed. It's just a guess, but it may be the reason.

Also, when transferring domains, cancel the entire package the domains are listed under. If you have any 'add-ons' to your HostGator name (such as email), then these will NOT be cancelled after transferring - and you will still get billed for them.

I suppose the salient point is that if you are brave (or foolish) enough to do business with 1&1, then make sure each HostGator you register has it's own package. That way, when you move or (try to) cancel a HostGator name, you can delete the entire package and not just the HostGator name.

Having said all of this,the 'horseshit' still remains for cancelling domains using the so-called fax method.

On a more postive note, I was recently contacted by someone in authority at 1&1 (Germany). The telephone call even came to my home. Seems 1&1 may be a little nervous about all the bad publicity they are getting on my website (

I've offered to work for the company providing they take-up all of my recommendations. This would mean being more efficient and honest with customers, trashing the pain-in-the-ass cancellation system and making it more user friendly, and sacking / replacing some of the people they employ. I should add that I turned down the chance to give a seminar to 1&1 (The 1&1 rep. asked me to consider it). My argument was that it's not so much the staff that need educating, it's the company policy that needs to change firstly.

Don't think this will happen, but you never know. This is one pig that may yet get to fly! But until any of this happens, avoid 1&1 like the plague (quite literally!!!).


Comment #137


That's quite an interesting development; that would want a disgruntled customer to establish a QA benchmark and set customer service protocol.

I'd welcome the change, however I'm skeptical, actually it's more like totally pesimistic, that aka 1 & 1 Internet could change it's company culture by the pen of one man.

I think that it will take our culture to change their culture. Maybe we could start an webring / link exchange?.

At any rate, Chris, thanks for stopping by and giving us some of your insight. And thanks for your website,


Comment #138

I have been using 1and1 for a long time with no problems...

If the starter of this thread had read how 1and1 charges your account he would have known that they only bill you once a month for however many names you register...

Comment #139

I missed that one...I also missed the line where it said, "We are going to try to charge your credit card every week even if you don't owe us anything.

If that charge fails to go through because you have the foresight to let your card expire so we can't extort money from you, then we will lock your account and not tell you about it until you discover it on your own.

If you send us one email about it, we won't respond or acknowledge your email. However, if you send 100 emails over the course of 3 days, we will unlock your account, but we still won't acknowledge that we're extortionists.

Further, it will be business as usual next week as we will be doing the very same thing that you just caught us doing last week. Can we interest you in a free .info?".

Where was that in the T&C's wiseguy?..

Comment #140

Back on 4/11, I said I would TFR a HostGator from 1and1 and report the outcome.

A few days later, I unlocked a HostGator through 1and1 and instituted the transfer through a godaddy interface. Everything went smoothly except for the approval from 1and1. It's now been five days of waiting for approval.

This, in itself, is not out of line; even godaddy says a TFR taks 5-7 days. However, the big difference is that godaddy has a manual accept/decline feature to speed the process up to minutes instead of days; 1and1 doesn't, so it looks like I'll have to wait a couple more days for least I hope it's only a couple of days.

This is pretty inconvenient, so plan ahead. Because of this, I'm now trying to transfer several domans out in order to empty a package (mini-account) or 10 domains. I also changed credit cards just to see what would happen. I'll keep you posted...

Comment #141

Thanks for the update, verbster. Be sure to tell us, if they try to charge your card after the transfer.

When I had my last fiasco with their billing department, it was revealed that I owed them $18.98, but they decided to "forgive the debt" without further explanation. I'd love to know where $18.98 came from, but I will leave well enough alone.

It's funny. I get an automated declined debit card notice from billing. I respond to billing and complaints, and it's tech support who allegedly resolves the issue this time around? Tech support? So screwy.....

Comment #142

Today made the seventh day of waiting for 1and1 to approve a HostGator transfer. About two hours ago, I finally sent them my first e-mail about it, wanting to know if there was a problem or something...and why they didn't have an accept/decline feature like some providers do in order to speed things up.

30 minutes later, I got the form reply that they will respond within 24 hours.

Exactly 30 minutes after that, I got an e-mail confirming the completion of my HostGator transfer. While this may have been coincidence, I prefer to believe that the 1and1 onslaught, led by movingconcierge, has made 1and1 a little more sensitive to e-mail from customers.

I don't know if I will be incorrectly billed, but I'm inclined to think not after reading about movingconciege's victory.

I'm a firm believer in the power of teamwork, sheer numbers and persistence; I think 1and1 may have gotten the message from the masses. We'll see. For now, all's well that ends well...

Comment #143

Thanks for the follow up and congratulations on getting your HostGator out of the clink...

I'd like to think I had something to do with it, but I am just a whisper compared to many others abused by 's abusive business practices. There are many people who have dutifully logged their complaints and broadcast recorded conversations with employees.

My sole goal with this thread is;.

1) keep it alive with relevant information and let others share their stories (good & bad...but I'd bet it's mostly bad), and.

2) scare the bejesus out of newbies who think a free .info from is cool. That free .info is the stinky cheese in a rusty rat trap.

Keep us posted on the billing element of the transaction please...

Comment #144

I think Murphy's law is particularly apt when it comes to 1and1: whatever CAN go wrong, WILL go wrong...

Comment #145

Another update: In my last posting, 1nad1 tech support said they would get back to me in 24 hours, but 30 minutes after that I got an "transfer successful" e-mail. I thought that was a happy ending. Turns out, there were more hoops to jump through.

An hour ago, I got the promised reply from 1and1 support. They said they checked and verified the transfer went through, but they also noticed I hadn't gone to a special address/admin section and removed/cancelled the HostGator which had successfully transfered the day before...and that I better do that to avoid future issues and complications (like movingconcierge?). I had no idea I had to do another step like this and had never heard of the address they gave me

So I followed the link (like going down the rabbit hole) to the new admin tools. To my surprise, they were pretty neat, albeit unknown and a bit convoluted. They had options for cancelling/deleting/allow to expire (domains and packages)...and one about moving to a new location (maybe a transfer?).

Anyway, I managed to do everything right and got to the "one last step" notice. Turns out that now they will send me another e-mail that I have to use to verify that I just cancelled the HostGator like they asked me to...that the HostGator I just cancelled will not be removed or cancelled until I respond to the e-mail they are supposed to send...and if I don't get the e-mail, I must contact their billing dept to resolve the issue. Sheesh!.

So it's been around 45 minutes now since I cancelled the domain, but I haven't received the "final" step, the e-mail from them, that verifies I did everything I was supposed to, I guess.

Willl let you know what happens. The unfortunate thing is that I've got quite a few domains with these guys. If each one takes this much time to deal with, yikes! I'm now sure that I'll have to use this new admin feature to cancel every HostGator I have, for whatever reason, to get them off the books and "avoid future issues.".

Movingcocierge, I found myself wondering if you did all of this. If you did, and still had all of your trouble, well, I'm already thinking of what a mess it will be.

Update: one hour later or the "final step" e-mail to verify the cancellation, but it says if I click the link in it, the HostGator and the package it was in will all be cancelled. I wrote back, but I'm sure I'll have to call to get it straightened out. This is just way TFM time and trouble to transfer a single domain...

Comment #146

Unfortunately, some of us have followed that exact stepof going to, cancelled the domain, and STILL got charged later either because it was not cancelled "in time" or not verified independently later. My understanding was that even though you cancel online, you still needed to fax or snail mail a form to them so they have an actual signed confirmation from you.. good luck and welcome to Hell...

Comment #147

The good new is that the HostGator I transfered does not expire for nine months. The bad news is that it looks like it will take that long to finish one single transfer.

I got the "final step" e-mail to verify the cancellation, but it says if I click the link in it, the HostGator and the package it was in will all be cancelled, not just the single domain. I wrote back, but I'm sure I'll have to call to get it straightened out. This is just way TFM time and trouble to transfer a single domain...

Comment #148

I think we can all say.

"stay away from if you are not patient want things done fast, and be informed"..

Comment #149

Well I think I will register a HostGator from them simply because of it's extremely low prices. I don't plan on selling this HostGator since I will use it for a personal site, and the nameservers will not change after I set them so I guess that is the only use for the domain...

Comment #150

You can reg a name at godaddy for $5.23...$0.76 cheaper than can reg names at regfly on coupons for $2.88 (.net) and they just had a .info sale for $0.89...

There are two types of people in this world, those of us who believed Fahrenheit 911 and those of you who didn't...

I'm not saying that everyone who uses is pro GWB, I'm illustrating a parallel phenomena; that in the face of what appears to be overwhelming evidence of incompetency, arrogance, and outright scandalous behavior, there will be those who choose to ignore it because they think it won't effect them. Well, it's annoying to those of us who were already affected...

But, again, you're welcome back here if, or when, things turn shitty.....

Comment #151

And not only 1and1.

I noticed yesterday that Yahoo charged me the last days of February for a HostGator tranferred to Godaddy in January.

Why realized until now?... Well, I moved out because Yahoo has not PayPal option and my credit card was about to expire. Later I got another which number I never disclosed to Yahoo.

The HostGator was transferred to GoDaddy, Yahoo didn't say a word and the original credit card on yahoo's file never were charged so I gave for granted no charge was made.

Yesterday I was preparing a statements' review for the bank and I found the charge on the card which Yahoo ignored it's existance, so how did they get the number?.

I went to Yahoo and the HostGator in fact was "active", charged and renewed on it's expiration date, February 22, when it was registered on March 9... which means that anyway Yahoo is stealing days on registrations.

I admit that never noticed the need to cancel as described for 1&1, but getting the number of a card that never was provided to them is simply abuse!..

Comment #152

Its a bit like saying 'I don't need any toilet paper because I don't have any plans to have a crap'...

Comment #153

Bump for all you n00bs out there that do not know the TRUTH..

Comment #154

It's down to clicking on a link to finally cancel that pesky HostGator out of 1and1 permanently. The problem is that the e-mail message said clicking the link would cancel my package, not just the domain... Here's the tell me.

"We have received a cancellation request regarding your 1&1 package (with.

The abovementioned contract ID) through the 1&1 online cancellation tool.

As a final step to complete the process and activate your cancellation.

Request, you will need to visit the following URL [I took this out].

To proceed with the cancellation of your package.

Please note: If you do not activate your cancellation request within the.

Next 7 days, your request will be removed from our system and all.

Components of your contract will remain active.".

To me, that sure sounds like clicking the link will delete/cancel the whole package that contains 10 domains, including the one transferred. I wrote again, and here is the reply...which explains nothing, spells confirmation wrong and doesn't help at all:.

"Thank you for contacting us.

To activate the cancellation request you have initiated for your HostGator [], please follow the link that was found in the Confrimation email our system sent you.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.".

A few hours after this e-mail, I got one from 1and1 asking me to rate cupport personnel that sent me the useless e-mail. Go figure.

Guess I'll write down the domains in the package and click the link. Fingers crossed!..

Comment #155

Hey verbster, it's now like watching someone all dressed up for a wedding and just about to go into church unfortunately step into a great pile of steaming dog poo and wondering about the next step. Its a hot day as well and little evidence of a breeze.........such is life with 1+1...

Comment #156

Yoshi, you should write a blook of poop quotes....

'get a steaming pile with each free .info!'..

Comment #157

Bump? Hi, I was just curious about this 1&1 company and found this thread through a google search of "1&1 sucks", hoping to find some information on why it is good or bad. I read through this whole thread and found it mostly to be complaining about domains and doing things with them, or about credit card problems. What if I don't have credit card problems? What if I'm not interested in HostGator names? I read an ad in a magazine about this company and thought I could use it purely to host files, so that I would be able to quickly share them with other people and myself. I dont have any need or want to be a "domainer".

What I saw in this thread was mostly a gathering of people that hate 1&1 and agreeing with each other. The majority of the people who posted in this thread did not even give a reason for their hatred. This guy, movingconcierge, seemed to get pissed any time anybody tried to give any sort of unbiased comment and only accepted comments from people who agree with him.

In the end I'm still confused about what exactly is wrong with 1&1. If I want a cheap way to host my files online, what would be wrong with using 1&1? I don't care about domains and I don't have credit card issues, so should I still be worried about using them?..

Comment #158

Quite simply their hosting is crap too if you read the multitude of reviews apart from this thread. the question you should be asking is not 'whats wrong with 1+1 hosting, it is which hosting services are recommended by np domainers? why not look at that? but while we are on the topic of your beef about the complainers (count me in) one of the key problems with 1+1 is the fraudulent lock-in when a customer wants to pull out of a service with ANY product towards the end of a period of payment....and as for not caring about domains what exactly do you expect the address of your site to be? and where are you going to reg it? oh, and welcome to namepros.....

Comment #159

I'm just saying I wouldnt care about keeping and/or transferring the HostGator I would be using. And yeah, I would like to know a good cheap place for hosting. Like you said, in this thread there werent any complaints about hosting. In fact, there were some positive comments about 1&1 as a host. And I don't really have a beef with complainers overall, just the ones that dont give any reason or dont accept other peoples' opinions. It's ignorant and doesn't help people like me who are reading the thread looking for real reasons not to use this service...

Comment #160

This was from another thread. Also, I do accept positive opinions about 1&1, but my opinion of thier opinion is that it is a coincidence that they have not experienced what hundreds, probably thousands of users have. I equate it to a blind pig finding an acorn in the forest. Possible, but not likely.

Indulge me and answer these few questions:.

1) Why would somebody create just to discuss how evil is?.

2) Why would register

3) Why, in the face of 1 & 2, would you want to chance wasting your money and time when there are hundreds of other hosts / registrars out there?.

So you see, it is not me who is ignorant, but rather those who look at this well-beaten path and still ask "why not?."

Good luck and welcome to NamePros!..

Comment #161

I'm a total newbie and I've purchased almost 100 domains from 1and1 over the past 3 months, including "free" .info domains. Any advice on a plan ahead in order to not get totally screwed by them in the about 9 months?..

Comment #162

Personaly I think that if people can go this far to criticise a host, it seriously can not be good. Avoid 1&1 like the plague.

Any company as big as oneandone are all ery poor. Examples: webfusion, fasthosts, etc.

Best bet is to goto a hosting critique and review site and take a look at whats the best.

I personaly recommend hostgator for budget hosting and for QUALITY hosting. Remember, you get what you pay for - if you go for clook you realy do get quality...

Comment #163

Hello smallmax welcome to namepros. you have time on your side. I would suggest that you select another registrar such as godaddy or namecheap and start to transfer them over in batches. begin with 1 name to get the hang of it, and then do a few each month particularly as there will be the additional cost involved.coms will be the easiest so start there.infos will be slow as you need to get an authorisation code out of 1+1. finish up with 3 months to go as the nearer the deadline the more of a problem it will be...

Comment #164

Ok lets get some things things straight as usual some info is flat out wrong. Transfers can be done without faxes. The authorization codes arrive pretty quickly after requested. I have told many the same thing & will repeat it again.

If you are into selling names, 1&1 is not the place for you since selling to resellers will be a pain. End users are probably a different story as one of my Sedo sales was a 1&1 name & it went without a hitch in under 3 days from escrow to cash in my hand. However to play it safe for sales overall, 1&1 is not the place for it. I will be moving all my non personal use names out when the 60 days has passed. I am doing this not because I have had problems but to prevent any hiccups in a potential sale.

If you don't want to take chances which is your right, there are a # of other places to register your name & not have any problems. The competition is so good nowadays that you can get good places from alot of easy to deal with dealers. Remember to look & see if you can come across coupon codes to save a few bucks as well...

Comment #165

HBK216, I have to disagree with you from two personal and recent experiences.

I sold two names on ebay a while ago...6 months ago to be exact. I DID have to get my authorization from; I DID have to sign and fax it to them; the transfer DID NOT take place because they muffed it; the end users just got use of the names LAST MONTH.

So, although you assert that these transfer rules are flat out wrong, I give you these personal details to contradict your statement.

So, again...some people have a higher tolerance for sucky service than others. Why even go down the road for ANY SERVICE if you don't have to? There is plenty of good competition out there. Go find it...

Comment #166

I don't know why you had to do that but I'll take your word for it. I haven't had to do that. Personally I don't have a higher tolerance for sucky service, I just haven't gotten any from them. I don't need help with things, I just register my names, make any changes I need & go about my business. I don't use them for hosting or anything else as I like who I am with so no need to mess with a good thing.

I agree with you that there is plenty of good competition out there & suggest people look into them...

Comment #167

I recently tried transferring some names out of 1and1. The .com and .net names transferred just fine - no hassle, no need for an authorization code, no phone calls to 1and1. I then tried two .us names. These require an authorization code, but checking out the FAQ on 1and1 I found out the authorization codes are available from your control panel. Sure enough they were there and the transfer went just fine. I can't speak for everyone but my two transfers went just fine.

When it comes to ccTLDs however, the authorization codes are NOT available on the control panel and I assume one would have to call support to get them. Haven't tried that yet, though.

Also, please don't interpret my experience as an endorsement of 1and1. I am in the process of moving everything I have out of there. If you're planning to resell domains, definitely, definitely stay away from 1and1...

Comment #168

That is useful info fab5...there will always be new domainers who have signed up at 1+1 before joining namepros...the more useful guidance we can give re transferring out of the 1+1 website maze the better. However the most important advice which has been stated before is to transfer out or cancel contracts with no less than 3 months left on original reg...

Comment #169

I have transfered a few names that I've sold out of without much hassle...

However, I have about 200 names with them that will either drop, sell, or transfer within the next month, so look for this thread to be active to say the least.....

Comment #170

Why did you leave it to the last month? you must be into masochism in a big way!..

Comment #171

I've seen a few comments such as "I transferred my domains out of 1&1 no problem". From reading this and other forums it seems a more common problem is people being billed for renewals on domains they transferred out weeks/months ago because they didn't fax anything in to confirm. Does anyone have any experience with this or is it just a myth?.

I fall into the category of "unfortunate newbie that jumped right in" and have a lot of domains with 1&1. I can transfer them out I realize, but then I have to pay for the domains all over again with renewal/transfer fees at another registrar. Does anyone know of registrars that will help you out on the rate with bulk transfers and/or even do them FOC without extended the reg period?.

Very concerned after reading this thread. I need to go through my list and at least pull out those I really care about, thankfully a lot of them are newbie reg mistakes that I wouldn't renew anyway so will just cancel a month before expiration...

Comment #172


To those of you who doubt the level of sucky that provides, I present you with the verbatim (sans personal info) exchange I had with them about a transfer gone awry due to their delay in processing it...

Comment #173

Wll be interesting to see what response you get to that last email...

Comment #174

If you've been screwed by 1and1, please file a complaint with the following organizations:.

DC Area Better Business Bureau -

United States Federal Trade Commission -$.s..._ORG_CODE=PU01.

PA Attorney General's Office -

ICANN/Internic -

In most cases the company is listed as:.

1 & 1 Internet Inc..

701 Lee Road, Ste 300.

Chesterbrook, PA 19087.


Eventually these agencies which are geared towards consumer protection will recognize a trend and take appropriate action...

Comment #175

I'll post my verbatim response paraphrase, it went like this.

We at don't care what the others in the industry does; i.e. the standard. You were screwed when you signed up with us and did not read every byte of the contract. It also says we have first option on your first born son...

Midwestone76: Excellent post......

Comment #176

Interesting Thread! About two weeks I did not know what a HostGator Name was. I started with Godaddy to get a name for my ebay site and saw people selling "Domain Names" wow what is I just jumped into it. I'm very very glad I found this place. I went looking around for cheaper HostGator places.. I found Basically I skipped anyone without a phone number that I could talk to somebody..well, they had a phone number and I called them and talked with the tech support.

Maybe 3-4 phone callsno problemsthey seemed to answer all my Newbie questions..Great...about $3.00 & change for hosting, 3 free Domains .com's and $5.99 per .com "The home Package" and 60GB space with the package. Free Private if I choose, "the Website Builder!!" which is what really turned me onFREE and some other good stuff. Then I found they were part of Sedo or Affiliated with them so I thought..o.k. good.

(Before I make a purchase) Question to 1and1 tech support. I'm a newbie and I want to put Arcade Game scripts on to my site..what do I do ect... ect.. speaking good english he tells me no problem that I should get the Linux Hosting for doing things like that and i'm set! (i think) $5.99 .com, FREE Website builder!, and great tech support!! , I'm.

So I go ahead and purchase a MyGameScript with installation..The Script guy asks me for access to the cpanel to install it...He can't get to it. I call and BOOM, uhh uuhh sir, we can't do that, The Website builder won't allow the arcade scripts, third party scripts?? I sat on the phone with my mouth open dying a slow newbie death..

The same thing happened tyring to put a forum on my website, using their website builder, I was(am) having trouble with that I gave(give) up!after 4 or 5 tech support calls and one of them was about 2 1/2 hours long of which 75% was bieng put on hold and none of the support spoke good english at all or fixed the problem. One of the tech told me that the forum was limited so I asked if I could download the free phpbb and then put that on the sitenope!..I'm wondering why the first calls were perfect english and the other calls were not?.

So my little problems( which may be my fault?? for bieng a newbie) and reading this post is making me think a little more about 1and1..

I believe the people from Sedo post here but I did not see any post concearning clearing any confusionthen again I don't really know what part they play with 1and1, so i'm really too new to say anything concrete about anything but my eyebrowse are beginning to raise it was

Comment #177

Welcome, CHILLY!.

I'm sorry you had to experience sucky service. At least you stopped the hemorage at just your one or two names. What out for their billing department. Be sure to cancel or transfer your names out of about a month early. It sucks I know, but at least you won't be charged.

Good luck!..

Comment #178 round off your summer you could transfer the names to yahoo and then onwards and upwards to will save a few dollars but watch out for spontaneous combustion tremors..........

Comment #179

First of all BUMP to all the newbs reading this.

Some of you are saying that faxing forms to cancel domains is no longer necessary. So why does it say this when I try to cancel the domains?.

"To activate your cancellation request and complete the process you must access each of the the links listed below. When you click the "Send cancellation activation e-mail" link, an e-mail containing a special link will be forwarded to you to enable you to activate your cancellation request. In addition, because we require the HostGator owners' signatures for the selected domains, we have prepared a separate letter for each one of the domains. Below is a list with links to the required form letters. Please access and print out each form letter. The letter must then be completed and sent by fax to the number indicated on the form.

Please note: Your cancellation will not be completed until you have activated your request by accessing this website link to confirm the cancellation request AND the cancellation will only be valid when all of the forms referring to this cancellation order have been received."..

Comment #180

Thanks for the great heads up (for most people) to bad it's to late for me with over 400 names at 1and1. transfer is going to suck!!! I was about to start building some of the names and was going to use them. Any help here would be great sould I use them 4 hosting or not. my first sight is a photo sharing site that is not using any of there tools to build. Now I'm not sure what I should do help would be great. I must say I have had no trouble with them so far and that does include my billing.

Can I use another hosting company and keep the name at 1and1 or is that a bad idea? I have my buisness website with omnis for 5yrs and have not had any trouble but 1and1 was cheaper and I fell for it. Any help would be great thanks everyone wish I found this sooner...

Comment #181

If you don't plan on going anywhere for a long time you'll be ok. As for hosting, I'd research that more closely. When I had my initial problems with I saw numerous blogs about their sucky hosting too...Goodl luck..

Comment #182

1+1 = big mistake.

Worst HostGator reg company, worst interface, slow, buggy, bad customer service,.

During the free info year (2 years ago) I signed up using a credit card that had since expired, and an alias (fake name, but legit address)....when my year was about to come to an end, I went through their HostGator cancellation proceedure (why they just can't let the damn names drop I don't know). About 3 months after they should have been deleted I started getting collection notices to my cat (my alias lol ) To this day, i'm greatfull that I didn't use my real name, i'm greatfull my CC expired, i'm greatfull to never deal with them again.

The day the cat gets a job will be the day I ever do business with those freaks again...

Comment #183

The cat is out of the bag!.

I think about now one of the 1+1 clones makes a sober contribution on the thread saying how he is very happy with 1+1, no apparent problems, OK for development blah blah......

Comment #184

Resurrecting this thread once again...

I have finally transferred all of my domains out of 1and1! It took some time and patience but at last it's done. I didn't even have to call support (as there email response is non-existent).

I feel like a giant weight has been lifted...

Comment #185

I am currently using them and I have no problems!..

Comment #186

I got about 98% out of them, but they caught me on about a half a dozen. They claimed that 5-7 days was not enough for them to approve the transfer and therefore automatically renewed them. They said they did this as a favor. sucks.....

Comment #187

Most of my 1and1 names expire in April, better start now I suppose. Then again, most of my 1and1 names were my "newbie learning experience" and won't be renewed..

Comment #188

Yeah, I let go of more than I transferred. Be sure to cancel those you don't plan to keep!..

Comment #189

1 and 1 there a real bunch of "assholes" someone should start a new post about these people, I had trouble with them over 8 months ago %&^%$$#%#%$*.

*&^%^%$^)(*(&^%$#@$@#!#%$^%$%$#$$@ run em out of the business..

Comment #190

1 Abhorrently Noisome & Dubious 1... got a number of my domains mired in that shit they call a business. I simply cancelled my account, with 30 plus domains, and set-up a new bank account.

To amp-up flouride's, and others, efforts to build a critical mass heavey enough to squash'm, and educate domainers and the webbed world in the process, I think a video documentary should be produced and distributed via You Tube, Google Video, etc..

This company cheats & treats their customers with the same arrogence as the infamous robber barons did at the turn of the 20th century. In this context such a doc may well make it to Cannes and/or Sundance.

Noisome: noxious, stinking, putrid, rotten, disgusting, offensive, foul, rank,.....

Comment #191

I went with 1and1 with a few domains. And than I went for their deal and steal of get 5 free .info's. Long story short. I took what domains I could carry out with and transfer them as quick as I could...

Comment #192

Can anyone detail a proven, foolproof, step-by-step way to transfer a HostGator out of 1&1 that's being sold to a buyer?.

I'm in the middle of a sale right now, being handled via escrow. The escrow company (owned by the same company as 1&1) and 1&1 apparently had different ideas on what's supposed to be done for the transfer, and now it's all screwed up and costing me extra money on my credit card. The escrow rep seems to be doing all he can to alleviate the situation, which I appreciate.

And the buyer doesn't appreciate all this extra waiting, as the HostGator is highly seasonal in nature.

Thanks for any help. I'm willing to give 1&1 and the escrow company the benefit of a doubt, but this is frustrating...

Comment #193

Old thread but the truth remains this is the worst company for domains known to mankind. I would NEVER recommend to any one to use them. They sent me a bill, which mysteriously I never received so it ended up with a bill collector. The bill collector company they used would never return my phone calls and hang up on me up to 4 times a days. I was on hold, someone would literally pick up and hang up on me while I hear laughing. I'm like what is going on? I send an email to 1and1 and told them they better NEVER write me a again with a bill and I cannot even speak to the company about it.

I never even kept any of those domains. I hate this company with a passion. Worst HostGator registrar EVER..........

Comment #194

I finally paid the last ransom from aka 1&1 Internet's dubious business tactics that last occured during my transfer attempts.

To recap, 1and1 said that 5-7 days was insufficient to transfer out names and thereby they renewed them and then immediately sent me to collections.

I absolutely hate these f**kers and totally suffer the consequences of holding fast to my boycott of by also boycotting their child company, That's right, Sedo.

For those of you who do not know, owns a massive stake in Sedo and are considered a corporate partner; i.e. they assist in the business practices.

I put my money where my mouth is. Somebody want to buy a domain?..

Comment #195

Well I paid's ransom again. If you recall, they dragged their feet and could not accomplish a handful of transfers within 1-1/2 business weeks. Yet my account is still locked... no way... I'll keep you posted... aka 1&1 Internet is totally F'ing pathetic!..

Comment #196

My correspondence with their billing department: Can you believe they sent me a survey?..

Comment #197

Sorry to hear about this nonsense.

I transferred the last of my domains from 1and1 a month ago and everything seems fine. I left some names there to expire - making sure I cancelled them through and verified their cancellation. The first batch has started to expire and I see no evidence of any scam billings yet. I'll cross my fingers to make it through the rest without any problems.

Terrible company. Good riddance...

Comment #198

Check out the following who is and make note of the dates:

Compare that to my billing from aka 1&1 Internet Services, Inc. (attached).

What a bunch of fcuktards...I think my total lesson from one and one will cost me a few hundred bucks in "late fees," "collections fees," double billings, and lost sales.

I can only hope that this thread costs a thousand times as much. Please tell me it's so... I hahahaaate thehem sohoho much!..

Comment #199

I love this thread (so that n00b`s can be warned and 1 and done knows we all hate them) and I wish everyone happy holidays don`t let these scum bags bring you down. They have been at this a long time so they are tough scum to remove,they may be the ones that send me the spoof paypal emails,lol (would not surprise me) I have not bought domains that were for sale by members here because of them being with 1and done. Sorry to hear they continue to think the are the best and #1 run away as fast as you can...

Comment #200

Thanks very much for the info!!!!.

I was almost going to use them, but decided to reg @

Thanks for info again, will rep++..

Comment #201

I think this is an important point that domainers will either not purchase a name from another domainer if that name is regged with 1+1 or insist that the name be transferred to another registrar before payment is made...

Comment #202

I just cancelled one of my names there and they forwarded me to a survey to ask why I was cancelling. I told them the honest truth and told them about all the bad publicity surrounding their company ...

Comment #203

Being an idiot I transferred a HostGator to 1&1 (it had about a month left to expire) in December. It is now February and I've tried 3 times to transfer the HostGator back to namecheap. I set my 1&1 account to cancel and the HostGator to transfer to namecheap, got the EPP code and set status to unlocked. So now I can't use my 1&1 account, tech support doesn't reply to emails, and the tech support on the phone just tells me to try again to transfer it. I am very frustrated, how can they be allowed to run a business? Why has nobody sued them yet? I will never use them again and make sure nobody I know uses them...

Comment #204

With all the problems with 1&1 posted here, I'm glad that I wasn't sucked into their cheap HostGator registration prices.

This thread is good info for anyone that might be thinking about going with them...

Comment #205

Unfortunately, I'm going through thesame crap. I just received a bill that included charges for domains transferred out of 1and1 earlier. When I contacted them about their mistake, they offered no explanations; they told me there are no refunds and that I should read the terms of service (which I did). As far as I can tell, I did everything right, but they will not respond to e-mails. I'm sure my account will soon be frozen if I refuse to pay for the transfers. The whole thing is nuts.

Why they make the conscious choice to be buttholes is beyond me.

About time to challenge their TOS and billing procedures as unreasonable and deliberately misleading.

We're seeing the pressure put on RegFly...time to turn up the heat on 1and1 and Tucows...

Comment #206 should only cancel the account after the name has been successfully transferred...and there is no more action required. Are you saying that the name is still in your cancelled account?.

Verbster re 'With just a little effort, 1and1 could probably be a good registrar' .....well IMHO they would need the HostGator equivalent of a sex-change for this to happen. They are pure rubbish (and are the same company as sedo)..

Comment #207

@floatingworld yes exactly, so now I can do nothing with my HostGator whatsoever. And I didn't notice the clause in their TOS that states "1&1 can bill your credit card whenever we want until the end of time, even after you cancel your account.".

"Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to unanswered complaint(s)."

Comment #208


And even there at the BBB they have 22 Not Responded files!.

Simply impressive*!!! * As the World's Worst Registrar!!!..

Comment #209

You all can read my posts about 1and1, I hate them with a passion. They are worth out doubt one the worst companies EVER. Not just for HostGator companies, ANY. They are the worst beyond belief...

Comment #210

...don't hold back...... Tell us what you really think!..

Comment #211

Are you mad as hell at

Then do the stand up thing and COMPLAIN to everyone while you're angry. You will soon be worn down by aka 1&1 Internet Services, Inc. and their collection agency NCO Financial (in the US) and won't have the energy later. FOLLOW THIS LINK and it's advice.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I FINALLY DID IT! I KILLED MY 1AND1.COM ACCOUNT!.

I had three names that they held hostage and I had to pay a ransom on late last year. (The details are on my NP thread if anyone is really interested) The names kind of sucked anyway so I just cancelled the names and the package! I AM DONE WITH THESE GUYS!.

Of course I learned from my earlier mistakes and did this seven months early AND took screen shots with the official US date and time site overlayed on the screens. Plus, my CC is way expired. No way to charge me again.

~~Good Bye aka 1&1 Internet Services, Inc.~~ You Suck!..

Comment #212


...unlike registerfly which appears to have speared itself, 1+1 continues to fester on as an undrained cesspit. 'Join 1+1 (sedo) and infect yourself' should be the message to all new and notsonew domainers...

Comment #213

I finally cancelled the last remaining 'batch' in my 1&1 acccount a few weeks ago too. Their processes are bordering on fraud. Cancel all the names in a package but not the package itself, they'll still bill you. Cancel the package itself and answer their emails, but miss the random extra 'fax confirmation' link tagged onto the end of a screen of smallprint, they'll still bill you.

Check out the attached image. This says it all about 1&1. This is the number of forms they expected me to sign and fax in to cancel a SINGLE package of 12 names. Insane...

Comment #214

That's sick, Lasher...You put the fear in me so I 2x checked my account at

Customer login.

General error.

The customer ID could not be found.

Then I went to my account overview at and reveiwed my cancellation messages. They didn't tell me to sign or fax sh!t, so I'm hopeful I'm really done. I have really hammered on them during my time in hell, so I'd assume they'd be happy to be rid of me, but money is money to them so who knows.

I will continue to administer this thread to keep newbies out of their evil clutches...

Congratulations, Lasher!..

Comment #215

Im currently using 1and1 hosting and have never had problems until recently when I got a bunch of 'error 500' showing up when I view my sites. I want to change hosts but ive been spoiled by the amount of space and bandwidth 1and1 gives you. I also like the limitless domains capabilities and mysql support. what hosts did you guys switch to? I'm also dreading having to move all of my HostGator names =(..

Comment #216

I wasn't using their hosting, just for domains. Most of my hosting is done right here got a great deal on a T1 in the house..

Comment #217

I have had only good dealings and interaction with 1and1. If you read their agreements (most people don't) and understand what their responsibilities and business practices are it is pretty straight forward and simple.

3 of Blastoff domains....

Comment #218

Awesome! I can close down this thread now...Thank you!.

Seriously though, I'm glad you haven't had any problems with yet. I don't wish them on you. BUT, when this many people get together who don't know each other and this is just one thread on one forum, something is up.

Read through the entire thread and you'll see that their billing practices are corrupt, their tech support makes one violent, their control panel is obstructive by design, and their management is absent. As one senior put it is bad business by design.

Good luck. Come back to us and share your story when you decide to leave

Comment #219

... but with godaddy dont you have to have a seperate hosting plan for every HostGator name? or can you host multiple domains with a single hosting plan?..

Comment #220

I want to bump this thread after reading a .mobi thread that showed 6700 .mobis at 1und1.deThat is obviously

Please read this thread if you are considering registering names or hosting at aka 1&1 Internet Services, Inc...

Comment #221

1+1 is rubbish for a domainer not only because their control panel is a piece of sh** but also because for a domainer 1+1 charges for a sideways push and they are crooks when it comes to cancelling accounts with them...

Comment #222

That's better than reading 235 posts I guess Thanks FW for summarizing for the newbies...

Comment #223

I wish I can close my account there. I am charged thousands for domains I transferred out. And my site shut down twice already. I am expoloring the alternatives now...

Comment #224

Sorry to hear that 3par. Many of us here have been overcharged by them. We have each taken different paths. But the first thing to do is COMPLAIN about

Let us know how things are going. Good luck...

Comment #225

I never knew 1and1 was such a company.Luckily I have transferred all my names to another safe registrar...

Comment #226

NCO bugged me for a long time and they too like 1&1 are the most unprofessional organizations you will find. I called NCO three times and they hung up on me and they were laughing in the background. I was like what is going on here. I tried to explain to them that I did not owe any money. So, instead I wrote them and told them about their obnoxious behavior and I do not owe any monies. They never replied.

Anyone know where he is? Maybe NCO can send them a letter. Scumbags. They are two of the most corrupt evil corporations on the face of the planet...

Comment #227

Monthly bump for all you newbies and those complacent among us. Lest we forget is NOT the place to do your business.

Also, if you can, join the .tv'rs here and me in a boycott of Sedo.

1) Sedo's CEO has made very disparaging comments about .tv names.

2) It wouldn't matter to me if he baked cookies to help sell .tv's as Sedo is 41% owned by the Antichrist of internet companies, ...

Comment #228

I've been through with 1and1 for a while now....and my Cat stopped getting collection notices from them about a year ago....

They're all bark and no bite.....

Comment #229

Wow! I've never registered my domains with ANYONE except 1and1. and although I haven't had any billing problems, I sure have had headaches trying to transfer domains to my purchasers. Wish I would have found this thread about 3 years ago. Someone help tell me how to transfer out of there??..

Comment #230

Hi stukcup! Welcome to NamePros.

You have to first request the authorization code on each name. You do that in Once you get those and unlock your names at, then you request a transfer from the other registrar. Next go to and change the status on each name you want to transfer to transfer away. Then after the transfer be sure to go back and cancel each package or they will bill you forever.

Good luck!..

Comment #231

Although I dont have any domains there, I do host there. And today they are absolutely causing havok for - and several other sites. However, I believe after today's incidents, I will be shopping for a new hosting provider.


Comment #232

I wholeheartedly endorse - hands down the best host I've ever had.

Stay the hell away from dreamhost as they totally oversell and under deliver...

Please be sure to come back and post the details of how you moved your hosting service. I'd be curious to know if it is as terrible and cumbersome as moving names...

Comment #233

I cant imagine it is.... Should just be uploading the site to the new server and setting up the database. I dont even have to point the HostGator over until it's set up and running - so no biggie.


Comment #234

It is so funny how things happen: Everytime I go ahead had recommend a service that service immediately kicks me in the balls.

I had a MAJOR SERVICE FAILURE occur with today. It wasn't so much that the server was full as it was the ill-trained tech support guy didn't know what he was doing (I actually found the problem, not him), or that they couldn't tell me how long it would be (actually that I should just WAIT! - just like that), it was that the jerk supervisor, Nathan, simply hung up on me mid question because he felt he didn't need to hear anymore about it...

Comment #235

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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