Fighting the urge to binge during Nutrisystem?

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I'm at home, still in my PJs, and feeling sorry for myself. It is dark and dreary and has been raining all day ... not just sprinkling, but torrential downpour..

I really want to binge right now. I want to go through the McDonald's drive through and get a bunch of chicken nuggets and fries and polish it off with a pint of Ben and Jerry's and a bunch of tequila. Or at the very least, scarf down the most fattening and chocolaty of the healthy foods in my kitchen. So far I have resisted and have just been drinking diet soda..

I know I should get dressed and go and do something (that is not shopping - I've already blown too much money on new clothes), but I am afraid that if I leave the house, I will get my hands on a bunch of fast food..

I've already gotten rid of every article of pre-NS clothing because it is simply too big, and in committment to never go back to where I was.

Please help me avoid this binge!..

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Your question was: Fighting the urge to binge during Nutrisystem?.

I know I get the urge to binge also at times and it's all I can do (being an emotional eater) to hold back... that is when I get an extra glass of water, check the Nutrisystem site, read a magazine, exercise, etc. (or even take a nap..LOL) I just looked at your motivational videoThe Extra Degree and loved it. Thanks for sharing it and I hope you are doing well...

Comment #1

You have my thanks as well, Kelley, for that vid....great inspiration and every word rings true..

I've not been on Nutrisystem long, so I don't know how helpful I can be to yourself or others who get these cravings (as I know just as well - I have them all the time)..

I've actually found a good remedy to a lot of cravings by trying to solve another problem I face every day. I work at a large hotel at the front desk and concierge and I have to handle a good deal of stress keeping people happy every day. I've come close to burning myself out on many occasions and have been searching for a way to keeping myself calm under pressure..

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine suggested I look into an herbal supplement called St. John's Wort (off-putting name, but it's actually a flower). It's main use is for treating depression, but the natural release of seratonin has also helped curb my stress levels at work and my eating habits at home (foraging and take-out food are my weaknesses)..

Like I said, I'm only new to Nutrisystem and haven't had the time to hit any true barriers, but perhaps what I've found might be of some assistance to you..

Now, the disclaimer - please take the time to research St. John's Wort before you start your first dose. Whether that be with your doctor, pharmacist or herbalist, please get a more informed reccomendation..


Comment #2

Gilley, that is really good advice. When I binge, I always feel horrible afterwards and really wished I hadn't done it. So now when I get the urge to binge, I just remind myself how I will feel afterwards. It works. Lynn...

Comment #3

Go for a walk, babe!.

Also please don't put much expection into dates. They are NOT "dates" and you are better off not looking at them as dates or planning them as "dates". It's very much blind and more "equal" in terms of the man having not yet made a commitment that he is intersted. You need to look at it more as quick meetings to even decide if you should have a date. Like grab coffee (not a meal) and go dutch and drive yourself there.

And do a lot of them..

Plus, the thinner you get, the more dates you'll get...

Comment #4

Oh...and kudos for starting a thread to get the community to HELP YOU!..

Comment #5

Excellent video. Thanks for posting it. When I follow the program 'exact' I don't feel the need to binge. I should be at my goal by now. However- I tend to drink while on this, not a lot but enough to deny me being at my goal. I want to do this before summer gets here.

I have a lot of faith in nutrisystem, love the food, now I need to put more faith in myself. Funny how you can control yourself but it's the last you do. I WILL get there. Good luck...

Comment #6


Glad you resisted. I don't know the whole situation (but if you need a sympathetic ear of someone who was there not too long ago, I'm always here to listen) but I'm sorry you got hurt. Consider not indulging and binging a HUGE NSV and I hope you're really proud of yourself for both today and the hard work and success you've already gotten..

You're an Nutrisystem success story and a great inspiration for me.

I hope you're feeling better...

Comment #7

Thanks everyone for the support and kind words. I was good today and did not binge, even though I really wanted to. I'm happy you enjoyed the video too..

Gilly - Thank you. Yes, I also find that distracting myself from the binge is helpful..

Craig - Thanks for the tip about St. John's Wort. It sounds like something I should check out..

Molly - Good point. That terrible feeling after a binge is just awful..

Ann - Thank you. Nutrisystem has helped me a lot too. Cutting out the alcohol has helped me. The extra calories really are not worth it and only sabotage the diet..

Kim - You always know the right things to say! Thank you for all your support. Yes, I am proud of myself for what I've accomplished and am starting to feel better...

Comment #8

Poly - Thanks for the input from a guy's point of view. Whatever you call it, though, it's still a date! Trust me, I've done the first date thing enough to know better than to get my hopes up or have too high of expectations of one date. This case, yes, I let it get to me way more than it should have, but I thought things were different with this guy.

The skating part of the date lasted at least 2 hours, and then afterward we just talked for about 6-7 more hours about everything. I really thought there was a connection. We both had plenty of opportunities for "outs" if we weren't enjoying each others company. And I had no sooner than gotten home from that date when he contacted me to set up a second date..

And less than a week later, he suddenly changes his mind and just doesn't even want to see me again?! It's not like I did anything crazy during the week ... like start making a bunch of clingy, annoying phone calls or naming our children or anything like that. I don't get it..

It's hard not to take it personally or feel hurt. I think I am better off not even bothering with any more guys and just getting more cats...

Comment #9

I don't know what happened but I know you had a great time skating and spending time together... not to mention the anticipation of this weekend. It's hard and it does hurt. There will be a next time and a better one. I would agree that the kitties are better company then shallow pri*ks. What he did is NOT about you, it is about his sorry self not having the smarts to see a quality girl who would only compliment his life if HE was lucky enough to have YOU choose him.

Good job advoiding McD's... chocolate?.

Poly ya know your response pissed me off. Tell Kel she is beautiful and any man would be lucky to find her. Leave it there because it's the truth...

Comment #10

1. I agree. That one sucked. Fooker was probably related to the Az business owner who has stood me up twice..

2. Honest, with Match, I would START with coffee on the terms I said. And do a LOT of them. This is not just a guy point of view (although more prevalent), but the point of view of a gal I know who met her husband that way. He went on 40 coffees. She went on 58..

3. Cats are not sexually attractive. Men are. (to you, I'm straight)...

Comment #11

Kel, you are beautiful and any man would be happy to find you...

Comment #12

Thanks, Linna. You are sweet. That was exactly what I needed to hear, and I refuse to let this make me feel bad about myself any longer. I am sending you a PM..

Poly, thanks...

Comment #13

Point taken. I will try "coffees" even though I don't drink coffee. Yep, I always drive myself there, meet in a public location, etc..

Urban sprawl is an issue that messes with the psychology of it. The traffic can be bad. I live on one extreme side of the metro (a tiny suburb where there are no datable men ... all are either married/involved, coworkers, or my students ). The metro area is quite large, and it's possible to spend an hour driving just to get to a date, and who wants to waste an hour driving for a 10 minute "coffee"? So then each first date becomes this huge production. Yeah, I do get your point..

I usually try to meet somewhere in the middle, but maybe I will start making them come to me...

Comment #14

Do the middle. Make it equal. Do coffee and a walk, or a simple dinner and a walk, to justify the drive. Good luck. Lot of fish in the sea.....

Comment #15

Just want to say that I understand your frustration for several reasons. First of all, I started dating again in the summer of '08 after a 9 yr relationship - yikes, talk about out of practice! Second, I met most of my dates (including the most wonderful man ever, my darling husband!) via either match or's right, keep it simple at first. Doesn't have to be coffee, maybe a lemonade or a diet Coke Third, I live about 25 mi north of the most northern side of the Twin Cities, and the man I ended up seeing on a very regular basis and eventually falling madly in love with a marrying...lived in Oakdale and worked in Bloomington! Boy did we ever put on some miles in the beginning of our relationship! LOL It can be a hassle at first, and seem hardly worth the drive for just a short meeting, but in the long run it'll work out! You seem like a fun, smart person, and your photo is damned cute! Give it some time, and don't let the a**holes get ya down (I met SEVERAL of those on the "journey" too!)...

Comment #16

I might be just setting up sour grapes here but the thing that went through my head reading your story was do you truly KNOW that he was REALLY available? He could be married or in some sort of long term relationship and realized that he was not going to get a quick, superficial relationship with you and that's why he cut it off. Such a "fishing expedition" could explain his behavoir. And if that was the case, you have just avoided major heartache by having it stop quickly..

Good luck with your future meetings and I do hope someone whose goals mesh with yours finds you very soon...

Comment #17

Michelle - you make a good point. I had that happen to me. Also, he could have been seeing several people, finally committed to one, and dropped the rest.

Dating, especially online is tough. But Kelley, you're an awesome person - eventually you'll find a guy who is worthy of being in your life...

Comment #18

Sorry Kell...I haven't been around for most the week and I wasn't here for you. This guy was a disappointment and I am sorry you had such a letdown from him. I know how great you are, how cute you are and your personality shines through in everything you say and do. Very soon the right guy is going to take notice. It WILL happen. And way to go for being strong and not burrowing your pain in McD's. That alone is an inspiration to all of us...

Comment #19

Kelly, You'll find the right guy. It may take time, but if you are looking, you'll end up finding him... or he will find you. I'm years and years out of the dating scene, but I have to agree with Poly and the others who say to make the initial dates shorter meet and greet events... coffee, diet cokes, a short activity that gives you time to talk and get to know your "date". And expect to go on lots of these before the right guy finally comes along.

And I hope you are very proud of yourself to making it through yesterday without caving into the pull to use food to make yourself feel better. Acknowledging the hurt you felt but then moving on and remembering to make yourself your priority and to stick to the goals you have for yourself shows how much you value yourself...

Comment #20

Thanks, Tess! That IS quite a distance for your relationship, but I'm happy to hear that everything worked out for you. I guess I wouldn't mind a bit of a distance if I were madly in love with the guy, but it does seem like a waste of time for long drives and initial meetings with duds or jerks. Yeah, I am VERY out of practice too, embarrassingly so, which makes this whole dating thing all the more awkward and difficult. It can also be dehumanizing in a sense, and enough failed first dates can really get discouraging after a while.

Michelle: You make a good point, and I suppose it's possible. At this point, I really don't care what his deal is. He had his chance with me, and he blew it..

Kim: I don't know. Meeting guys online seems a lot easier than the normal way. Though I suppose, there are more chances for people to misrepresent themselves. Like I said before, I don't really encounter many datable guys during my normal routine. And I don't like big crowds of people or smoky bars, and that never seems like the best way to meet a good guy anyway..

Thanks, Shelley. Don't worry, you haven't let me down. Now, I want you to be 100% today and go lift your weights. Those 10 pounds are water weight, and you'll have them gone in no time..

Tzgaine: Thank you - you are so kind. I guess short meet-and-greets it is. Maybe I should try speed dating, where you get to meet like 10 guys in one night, with only 10 minutes spent on each guy. That is what I should do. At least the drive would seem warranted, and I could make a fun night of it. Maybe I can talk a girlfriend into going with me..

Really, big thanks to everyone! I am feeling much, much better now, and your kind words have definitely helped and reminded me that it was him, not me!..

Comment #21

Kelley - you have handled this so well. This boy has issues, and you don't want that. I am am firm believer that you find someone when you are not looking. Having said that, coffee meeting (don't call them dates...sometimes changing a word puts an entirely different emphasis on everything) are a good idea. While you may not find your soul mate, you could find a really good friend..

Your time will come. Meanwhile, cats are a great idea. I have lots of them. Fortunately, I also have a husband who found me when I wasn't looking...

Comment #22

Hey, Kell - When I first read your OP my immediate thought was, "he's saving her from TROUBLE", thinking along the lines of Michelle's post. You really didn't know him, after all..

But, manoman, I am soooo proud of you, Kelley, for getting through this BS without using food! Do you even realize how BIG that is??? This means you can continue on this journey of your weight loss knowing you're more solid in "new programming" than you even knew! Kudos, Cutie!.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of speed dating! I also love the idea of not needing any man whatsoever (which, in itself, becomes a drawing card). Part of that first date story about me and Tom was that I told him I would NEVER settle down and we were just about having fun...

Comment #23

Sheil - I told Jim for the first 3 years we dated than I was never getting married again. It's been 17 1/2 years, and we're still married. I wasn't looking for anyone. Still would iove to hear the story you never share.....

Comment #24

Isn't THAT the truth! So often we ruin a good thing by putting a title on it, as it sometimes create a discomfort within other, something like stripping a certain freedom from them. They may not have interest being elsewhere whatsoever, but then if titled, they start to feel held down like they need to explore their options...

Comment #25

You are looking hotter and hotter, shawl babe. And you know I mean it, cause I don't give free praise. Seriously figure is really getting there, Sheil...

Comment #26

This sounds like some story, Sheil. I totally want to hear it!.

Yup, I also love the idea of not needing a man. And I think I have gone out of my way to prove that I don't NEED one. I have my own house, mow my own lawn, and fix my own broken stuff. But I do try to play down the house thing when meeting guys ... I think it scares them away. Anyway, man totally not needed, but would still be nice to have...

Comment #27

I definitely agree. Meeting someone is hard. I met Cezar at a party I was brought to by a guy I was dating (who I met online). Online is definitely the easiest way, you just need a lot more caution and there are a lot more liars...

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