Feeling tired from Medifast Diet

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I'm in my 2nd month of Medifast - first week. I have been sticking with the plan 100%, and am happy, so far, with my progress (down 18 lbs!)..

This 5th week, though, is REALLY kicking me. I'm exhausted again (like in days 1,2,3) and am starving (my little dog is looking tasty!) and I weighed in again and there is no budge on the scale.

So, I'm hoping to get a little pick me up from my Medifast friends. Is any of this normal for Month 2? Please share stories and guidance..

Trying to stay up-beat.....

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Are you adding condiments that might not be counted? (not accusing, just wondering if that might be it). Hang in there, I've had some hungry days too, but for me it was 100% not being able to "eat my feelings". Looking for new coping skills has been my biggest challenge.

Good luck, Run Fluffy Run!!!..

Comment #1

You started only a few days after me, so we're close, although I started at a bit higher weight. Seems to me you're doing great so far. I too have days now where I become pretty hungry. If I'm extra hungry I drink more water which seems to help. I also try to take my mind off the hunger by diverting my attention. Another thing that really seems to help the most is to read through the discussion boards here about how everyone else is progressing as there are so many who seem to be doing so well. Stick to it - you're certainly on the right track!..

Comment #2

Sometimes when you are close to your TOM, you will get hungrier. It might help to add a snack on those days along with extra water. just a thought..

Btw- you are doing awesome!!! keep on keeping on, & it will work itself out...

Comment #3

Thanks all for the words of encouragement. What does TOM stand for???.

I have not added condiments at all...I don't think that is the problem. I'm sticking in here with this, and reading the posts definitely helps. And, today I decided to eat my L/G at lunch, because I needed it! Maybe that will help me..

Thanks all -..

Comment #4

(((LL))) Just lots of hugs for you. I think some of us are just hungry. I have been hungry every day on MF. Not I'm going to die hungry but definately feel hungry alot. I started January 5. That is a long time to feel hungry.

Sometimes I bunch several Medifast meals into the 9-1 hours. That is when I am just plain hungry..

Play with your meal times and see if you can find a system that works for you. The every two to three hours is a guideline not an absolute rule. I'm sorry you are feeling this way, hopefully you can find something that works for you...

Comment #5

TOM Is time of month, and for me that is always the hardest time!! I have had several very hungry days through out the last 3 plus months, and it feels like you are holding on by a thread. Then it's gone and you are back in the groove. Good luck and keep up the awesome work!!..

Comment #6

Yeah, I have my days where I'm hungry a lot too, but you could egg beaters those days too. ALso dont feel bad you are not alone!.

Congrats on the weightloss thus far!..

Comment #7

Are you keeping your exercise to no more than 45 minutes a day? If you exercise too much, you may be creating too big a calorie deficit. If that's the case, cut back on the exercise or, if you're unwilling to do that, consult with nutrition support about possibly switching to a slightly higher calorie plan.

If exercise is not the problem, the hunger will most likely pass in a few days, and if you're like me, you'll probably see a better than usual loss on those weeks when you are hungry.

If the hunger is severe and persists for more than a week, I'd contact Nutrition Support or a knowledgeable veteran and review your plan to make sure you are on track. Are you getting adequate sleep? Keeping stress to a minimum? Are you weighing your L&G AFTER it is cooked?.

Best wishes on your journey!..

Comment #8

LanternLady we are going through the same thing. I just finished up my 5th week and am 18 lbs down. I've had a bad case of the hungries most of the time and can barely last the 2 hours in between meals. The last 45 minutes before my next meal, I am watching the clock like a hawk. LOL. I drink tons of water, I tried eating my L&G for lunch, etc, etc, etc.

Yuck). The egg whites held me over all day. My 3 hours in between meals came around like nothing. And for the last 2 days I haven't even been hungry, but now I know what to do when I am.

Also, the way the scale moves is very interesting. I'll weigh myself...nothing (argh), 2nd day....1 oz. (argh), 3rd day.....bam, 2 lbs., rest of the week, nothing or at most 2 oz. But other than struggling with the whole hunger issue, I feel phenomenal. Every day, I try to focus on a NSV to keep my going. And everyday I find something new, so hang in there...

Comment #9

What helps me is splitting my L&G into two meals. Also, I find that having half of my lean in lowfat, low sodium cottage cheese earlier in the day really sustains me. Then I'll have the other half of my lean in chicken with a vegetable or salad later on. Lots of water too.

This is low calorie, so I think it's natural for there to be some hungry times. I found that when I was over-eating, I'd become so used to not allowing myself to feel hunger that when I started Medifast and did feel it, I almost felt panicky. An important part of the process for me was to feel the hunger and notice what I wanted to do. Knowing there would be a meal again in another hour or so, I knew I would be okay. It was that kind of withdrawing from my old habits that I think was the real source of the discomfort, even more so than the physical feelings of hunger.

Hang in there with it. It's so worth it...

Comment #10

Dear lanternlady,.

I just started my 5th week also. I have not lost any weight for the last three days also. It sounds like you and are in the same spot. I also have started eating my l&g for lunch. I am really hoping that tomorrow I will drop a little weight. We can do this it will happen..

Let me know how it goes for you in the morning. I am a daily weigh in however I only log it once a week on Tuesday...

Comment #11

I have found the weight doesn't go down daily in tiny increments. For me, the scale goes up and down all week. One day I may be excited because I've dropped to the lower number, only for the next day to find I'm up .8 lb. At the end of the week, I've usually lost 1-2..

People here, and this site itself will tell you, it's not a plateau unless you've dropped NO weight in a couple of weeks!.

I've also been told anecdotally, that a drop usually comes after a period of feeling extra hungry. That has seemed to be true for me. Someone advised me to shake up the metabolism a bit by eating from the leaner end of the veggies for a few days, and then eating from the less lean end for a few days, and that will sometimes get the loss started again.

Lastly, though it says minimum 64 oz. of water a day, what is really recommended is drinking half your weight in oz's of water, ex.:if you weigh 180 lbs, that would be 90 oz's of water, plus an extra glass before meals! I know that's a lot of water, I can tell you though (not ever having been a big water drinker) I became addicted to drinking a LOT of water! It gives me so much energy, and really helps my skin and bathroom functioning! The more I drank the less pit stops I had to make too...

Comment #12

When I am extra hungry I break up my lean and green or maybe have a cheese stick with my soup for lunch or a one cup salad just to eat something more. Other times I eat a dill pickle and find the chrunch and chewing and extra water with the pickle gets me over the hump. Everyone is right you just have to experiment what works best for you. If you are really hungry have an ounce or two of your protien. Good luck and I appreciate reading everyones posts keeps me on track and gives me good tips !! Together we can all be successful !!..

Comment #13

Week 5 I lost nothing. Things have slowed WAY down the second month. I have one more week and have only gotten 5 # off this month. I had to switch to more of a 4 & 2 this week due to depression issues from the low-carb. I am hoping I may fair out better somehow from the change. We'll see.

Anyway, you are not alone. To me when the losses slow it gets harder anyway you cut it...

Comment #14

Don't lose site of the big picture. I just started back this week, but remember from my initial loss last year on Medifast that there were times when I was just hungry for days on end. The weight does come off if you stick to the program 100%. But it doesn't always come off in the same increments.... just be patient and I had to stop watching the scale. It got to be maddening for me.

It was much better for me to get on the scale once a week and see my loss... then get back to working the program...

Comment #15

Yeah that weighing yourself everyday is self destructive as far as I am concerned. It makes this plan or any other the be all and end all of your daily existence. We are changing for life to weigh everyday is not common sense if you think about it our bodies change to quickly. For me personally I cannot weigh more than once a week because if the scale gives me bad news well I am in a bad mood rest of the day and I cannot live life that way. We did not gain all this weight in simply days we will not lose it in days.........we can do this one step at a time !..

Comment #16

About once a week DH and I have hungry/tired days. We plan on a larger meal that night (Eggbeaters - actually the Jewel brand it tastes better) and we have our 4th Medifast meal with it (pancakes) then have a shake at 8pm and go to bed early.

I weigh daily (heart failure) to ensure I am not holding fluids in my chest and have noticed a pattern. My weight drops for 4 or 5 days straight then goes up slightly one or two then DROPS! It is now at the point where I love UP days because I know a drop is coming.

You are doing so great! Keep up the good work!!..

Comment #17

It's normal to have tough days occasionally. We all do..

First key is to make sure you're on plan - if you let the carbs creep up, sometimes that will drop you out of ketosis and cause the kinds of symptoms you're talking about. Weigh and log everything for a few days and just make sure. It will do no harm, and sometimes you'll get a surprise..

But if you're on plan, the truth is that some days are better than others, that's all. Motivation will come and go. You just have to figure out how you can best deal with it..

For me, distraction was the best approach. Do something new. Take a class. Go to a museum. Join a group. Get out the crochet project you put away 14 years ago.

Change up your routine. Split your L&G and so that it feels like you're adding another meal. Try new veggies that aren't usually on your plan. Give egg beaters a shot - yeah, they aren't real eggs, but on the other hand you get a LOT. I used to beat 3/4 of a lean serving of Egg Beaters with a fork until frothy then pour into a PAM-sprayed casserole. Add a 1/4 of some other lean like tuna or chicken, and my veggies for the day - literally anything except lettuce will do.

That makes quite a bit - I'd eat some, then take the rest and cut it up into chunks and store it in the fridge. Then I could eat a chunk cold with a little hot sauce when I just couldn't stand it any more, and it comes out like a Spanish tortilla so it felt like a treat to me..

But the most important thing to remember is that if you're on plan, how you're feeling is about emotion. You're not going to starve. It's not an emergency. It's more about your emotions than anything. Your motivation has taken a vacation and your inner brat is demanding immediate gratification..

And how you deal with THAT is how you always deal with it. You go to work whether you feel like it or not. You pay the bills. You take care of the kids. You clean the house. You take care of all the responsbilities in your life whether you're motivated right that second to do it or not, because that's what you do.

Make it just as much your responsbility to stay on plan as all your other responsibilities, and do it anyway. If you do, well, it's trite but true - this too shall pass, and in a few days you'll feel better. Just work through..

I wish there was some magic wand, but there's not. Sometimes you have to just suck it up, period...

Comment #18


Everything else you said was awesome too... but this just hit me..

So often I have let her reer her ugly little head and get me right at my core. Learning how to deal this little demon inside of me is a challenge... but I am learning.... and I think my coming back to the program again is a result of me learning how to deal with my own head. I have tried many many times to do it my way. I found that my way doesn't work...

But that just defeats everything. One off-plan day leads to two, to three, to 10 pounds, to 20... etc. I have a lot on my life plate... like so many of us, and my life is together...somehow, so why are my weight loss efforts often thwarted? It is more challenging to lose weight than to be a single mother? Or any other challenge I may have? No, it's not...

Today it is in the reverse. It has to be...

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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