Feeling depressed during Medifast

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I am struggling a lot today. I am so hungry today. I'm also struggling with my depression today so that isn't helping. When I'm depressed I want to eat. I really want to dig into some off plan food and just veg out. I want to be one of those people who can eat what they want once in a while and it not affect them.

I'm still hungry and I want more food. Now I have to wait until dinner for my L&G. It seems so far away...

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Drink tons of water. I need to really soak the puffs to know I've eaten them..

Also, {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}} for you! Sorry you're not feeling well. I'm thrilled you're posting here instead of eating, though. One hour (minute?) at a time...

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Hugs to you!!! I'm a classic emotional I can definitely relate to your message. There are some even years later when I just want to eat.

One, I wanna commend you for coming to the boards...and putting it out here instead of just giving in to the feelings and despair and eating. That's a huge accomplishment. One of the biggest breakthroughs I ever had was when I got better at recognizing when I was hungry and when I wanted to eat...but to feed something else, an emotion. HUGS.

I'm also sorry to hear you are struggling with your depression today. That makes the struggle of dieting...and just magnifies it. What are other things that often comfort you and make you feel better...other than food? I know it always seems counter-intuitive at the time...but working out totally works for me. I can be in a total funk...and hit the gym and take out whatever I am feeling on the elliptical or treadmill...before you know it, I am feeling at least a tiny bit better. I also have gotten good at journaling...calling friends...take a nice, peaceful walk, watching a good movie, etc. Sometimes nothing works as food...and I know that, but I also know that the comfort that food gives me is fleeting and so, I just take that one off the table.

And yeah, I would like to be one of those people too who can eat whatever I want and not have it make a difference. However, for me...if I do ends up not being every once in a while. It becomes more often than I can't allow myself to comfort myself that way. I don't like it sometimes, but I've realized and accepted that in reality...if I comfort myself with food, I am abusing myself.

Hugs again!! And if you can't wait until dinner...have one of the approved snacks...a jello cup or a pickle spear, etc. It probably won't cure that inner hunger...but then again, when I am in those moods nothing really does. And...if I do feed "the beast"....I suddenly have woken up a monster..

Let us know how you are doing....and just know you aren't alone in this!!.


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Big HUGS to you!!!! I'm sorry today is not going well for you, I hope it gets better! You're always so encouraging to other people...I really hope you feel encouraged back!! I echo Freya...drink lots of water! Try it room temperature, rather than you can chug it down fast :-) I'm rooting for you!!!!!!!!!..

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Sorry you are having a hard day. I also suffer from depression and carbs were my preferred method of self-medicating.

If you feel up to it - try taking a short walk or spend 30 minutes on a favorite hobby or game or television program. Sometimes it helps. Also helpful (but not work friendly) sleep..

On my really bad days I have been known to pop some sleeping pills and head to bed at 8pm...

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Hang tough Gabby!!.

I know what you mean.... every once in a while I think it would be great to eat a pile of food and have it NOT COUNT! But, then.... that's what got us all here in the first place..

Crank up some music! Have a cup of Tea or Coffee! Do one small thing for yourself and I promise you'll feel better! Even as small as cleaning your purse or your sock drawer!.

I agree with everyone else too and great job coming here FIRST and expressing it!.

When we're doing good, the boards need us and when we are struggling, we need the boards!.

Now the great thing is..... after you read these responses, it will be closer to dinner time..

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Yes, definitely stay op it's not worth going off of it 9take me as example) I have been going on and off plan the last two weeks due to my depression and well imnot 100% back on it and I know how crappy you will about it not only that but you wont feel so good in the "feeling" afterwards...I felt like crap when I ate nothing but junk....felt like I was a walking heart attack lol...but I like having this hungry empty feeling.....

I also suffer from depression it sucks!!..

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Thank you everyone. I had to go to the bus stop to pick the kids up so that took up about 40 minutes of my time. It was helpful to read all of your encouragement and suggestions. If I could I would definitely head out for a walk or to the gym but I can't today. DH works two jobs and he's working both today so it's just me and the four little guys. I also woke up with a hurt back this morning.

I'm going to start cooking dinner in about 20 minutes, that will put dinner ready at 5:00. In the mean time, I think I'm going to have some hot tea to help relax me and fill my tummy a bit...

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Sounds like a good plan of action Gabby tea always fills me up a bit and I like the warmth it imparts! You could also snack on cucumbers or celery as part of your green as you get dinner ready if you're really famished. Hope you feel better soon and that DH won't be too late tonight so he can relieve you a bit. (((Gabby)))..

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Oh I hate that feeling!!! Water helps I chug a ton of it, even though I want to roll my eyes and say -"that's not what I want"!!!! I know, I know we want to eat but NO! That is the old us. We can't do that any more!!! You are strengthening your resistance muscle and doing a great job!!! Water and distracting yourself really does help!!! Yu are doing great! It is a journey!!! MORE HUGS!!!! ((((((((()))))))))))))))..

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Big big hugs to you! I know how horrible those days are. It's a really tough day to go through which is usually followed by a days where you don't feel the hunger much (for me anyways) stay here as much as you can, keep posting, reading. We're all here for you sweetie pie!..

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Hope you made it through the day and that your tomorrow is less of a struggle...

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Thank you all. I made it through the day. I added some peanut butter to my brownie last night for a little extra something. It did help. I was incredibly proud of myself for getting through the day and staying OP. I don't think I have had a day like that before, even in the beginning.

I don't know if I could handle two days in a row like that...

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Gabby, even IF today is another struggle you CAN do it! What's the worse that could happen if you refuse to give in?..

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Gabby-thanks for posting your hard day-it helped me too! I have days like that a lot-I have started to eat my l & g early-like 3:00 on days that I am depressed and drag on and dh is not here-then I eat my 5th Medifast meal at 6 and put the kids to bed early then I either read or go to bed too..

Hang in there!.

Laura Lee..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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