Feel like giving up on Nutrisystem?

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This question is for everyone. Do you ever wake up and feel like saying "Forget it. I am done I want a brownie, a real one or I want junk." If so what do you do to talk yourself out of it? Or if you are impulsive like me what do you do to be less impulsive?.

Thanks in advance. I am doing well on the plan, but there are just some mornings I wake up feeling like I am done I don't want to change. I am not happy where I am now weight wise so I am wondering why I even go there. Why do I want to stop when this is obviously working..

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Your question was: Feel like giving up on Nutrisystem?.

I once thought, oh who cares, I can have one stinkin' cookie!! then I ate one bite and thought - after all this time and effort, why would I do this to myself? And I spit out the bite. Who needs it?..

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Thanks Mary and Aunt Thelma. Feeling better all ready...

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I've done this before, too! For me unfortunately it is all about quantity, so one just makes me want another one ...

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I don't think that anymore, instead I focus on how I can make whatever the temptation is into something Nutrisystem friendly. For example, I went to dunkin donuts for decaf coffee the other day and I used to love maple glazed donuts. Instead of getting one, I stood their thinking how I could make them at home in my donut pan from pancake mix with maple syrup frosting of some sort.


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Kimberly, off the topic, what what area of nursing do you do? I did mostly newborn ICU, pediatric ICU, and some adult ICU, and am now a school nurse consultant. I love being a nurse! I did notice the scale started to creep up, though, when I left the hospital setting (ie running my legs off for 12 hours at a time) two years ago!..

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I am a daily weigher (please no lecture) and whenever I see the scale go up a lb or 2 for no real reason, other than our bodies are weird, I usally say what's the point?! But as Im reaching for something oh so very Nutrisystem unfriendly I try to stop and say Well if I keep eating X then that # will never go down! Sometimes it helps. Other times I have to deal with the consequences...

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To be honest, no. This is one plan where I feel great, and do not feel deprived at all. I'm working out so much, and losing weight so steadily (with the exception of a 12 day plateau...but by body was still changing so even THAT didn't bother me much) that I don't want to blow it with a binge! But my husband and I do allow ourselves one "free" meal per week also. That could help keep the cravings for that extra brownie away...I don't know. I just know it's working so well. I really believe in this program and don't want to blow it!!..

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I never had that thought. Every morning when I threw my legs over the side of the bed I noticed my legs & how they looked thinner which lead to me getting excited about feeling thinner. It just came natural to me that way.

Now on maint. I still notice my legs everyday...

Comment #8

I posted something similar and a member told me that I could cheat all I wanted...I just had to stand naked in front of the mirror doing it!..

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Not much Kimberly. I f I want a brownie I can have a nutrisytem brownie. Last night for dessert I had chocolate cake with strawberries. All my cravings seem to be fulfilled. I admit I have even gotten lazy about cooking. Cooking was always one of my favorite things to do, I guess because I loved to eat my own creations.

I feel very free on this program and since my kids are grown and my husband passed away I needed a change. Therefor the worst cheating I have done has been to eat an extra strawberry or an extra quarter cup of skim milk. this program has jumpstarted a new life for me...

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I have learned to make so many really delicious treats, in addition to the many Nutrisystem desserts that I like, that I truly never have any difficulty passing on unhealthy alternatives. And my non-dieting relatives love the Nutrisystem friendly desserts I make. But that is a big factor in why I am so successful now versus all my previous weight control failures - I don't feel deprived on NS. Oh and BTW, I am a daily weigher too - obviously that works for me!..

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I've been pretty good, better than I ever expected. Probably because with this plan we eat all the time!.

I too give my self one free meal (it usually just becomes drinks and appetizersor just drinks) a week. When I went out with friends I tried to be good, but it became such a painful process, so I limited it to once a week and decided not to worry about it much. I just felt I needed that to gain control as I started this process. Just made it half way to my goal, so now I plan to start going out more and working to stay on plan when I am out. Have to work my way to Nutrisystem free (or limited) life when I hit maintenance, so that is my next step in the process..


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I think we've all been there and that is why we are HERE. When I have these cravings or need to be impulsive, I turn to you guys and the blogs. It's so refreshing to know that others have the same troubles that you do. Also, even in our failures to resist the urges, we come here to get picked up. You can do it and your mind will get there, just be patient. Have a successful day!..

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Thank you for all of your encouragement and ideas...

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