Fat free dressing for Medifast?

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I have been fudging a little and using real ranch dressing on my salads. It's not that much more than 6 g of fat, and I don't put as much chicken on my salad when I do this. Is this ok to do?.

I am still losing weight. I had a 12 lb. weight loss my first week and a 3 lb. weight loss my second week. I just began week 3. I know what the answer will probably be, but I thought I would ask anyway...

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P.S. I just realized I probably posted this on the wrong forum. Sorry!! I'm still new at this......

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Its not just the fat you shoudl be worried about, it's the carbs too. Lots of dressings have a lot of calories and a lot of carbs which will push you over the recommended daily intake...

Comment #2

This is a carb restricted diet. You need to look at carbs and most FF dressing are not allowed because they are too high in carbs...

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I don't use lite, but I also don't use a lot of it when I do have dressing. I look at the carbs, if it's 2 or less for 2 Tabelspoon then I will just have one. I'm a dipper, so as long as I get a little taste with my meal I'm good...

Comment #4

If you check the condiment list for healthy fats, you'll see that it's perfectly fine to use salad dressings that contain less than 5 gms of fat per serving & less than 6 gms of carbs. 1 Tablespoon of Kraft buttermilk Ranch, for instance, IS OP. I used regular salad dressings, that fit within the Medifast guidelines, for the entire time I was on the 5/1 & counted it as my healthy fat. I reached goal in 29 weeks & I didn't feel deprived when I ate a salad. I would rather sprinkle sawdust on my salad than use any Walden Farms product. The ones I did try I immediately threw in the garbage.

I buy Solo plastic condiment cups & put my dressing in one of them...then I dip my fork into the cup & then into the salad. You'll use a lot less that way but still get all the taste of a regular salad...

Comment #5

Thanks, guys!! I am a fork dipper when I go out to eat, but when I eat a salad at home I usually toss it in a Tupperware container before I eat it. I find the dressing goes a longer way this way. Ranch dressing is lower in carbs, but higher in fat. This is my dilemma - the fat, not the carbs..

The ranch I like is from Fresh and Easy. It's made fresh and is located in the refrigerated section. It has 6 g of fat and 2 g of carbs. I know it's over what I can have on the fat, but not by much, so I have been using it anyway.

I have been craving buffalo chicken salad as my lean and green this week, so I bought the Fresh and Easy buffalo blue cheese dressing. I add chicken to my salad, and it's really good!! This particular dressing has 8 g of fat and 1 g of carb. Since the carbs are really low, I justify eating it. : 0 ) Wrong, I know, but I figure I'm eating way less right now than I was 3 weeks ago. I guess when I plateau I will need to stop doing this...

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Don't forget to look at the serving size too. Some the stats are for 1tbsp others for 2. If it says a serving is 1 that should be all you use. Sometimes they're really sneaky about serving sizes even within the same company's different flavors...

Comment #7

I use the salad dressings that I like. The ones I like are not the loaded ones anyway, but not the fat free either (yuck). I like the low-fat, lite dressings. I have a variety. I fit the macronutrients into my nutritional footprint for the day. I stay within the recommended cals, carbs, fats, proteins totals for the day when adding up all foods eaten and have the dressings I like as well.

Some may not agree as they stict strictly to the written word. Everyone is different and has to find what works best for them long term..


Comment #8

Give the Walden Farms a try, as SneakySteph said, it is pretty darn good, and zero everything. I LOVE the Creamy Bacon and Chipolte! Check your local stores or go to, they are awesome!..

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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