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Let's say I register domains like:.

And turn them into fan sites.

I know that I may get a C & D, but seriously, how likely is this to happen? And, if it happens, it's more likely that I will only have to transfer the domain to the complainer right?.

Btw, I live in Brazil, so the chances of being sued are smaller?..

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This is an interesting question and one that I would very much like to know too, some celebrities allow it such as David Boreanaz and some fight tooth and nail to keep their name to themselves.....

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Fan sites are generally OK as long as they're non-commercial. That means you can't place ads on them, ask for or accept ANY money.

Once you monetize it, you're playing "Russian roulette." If the site's a failure, you may not be noticed. But if it's not popular and successful then you also won't be making enough money from it to be worth the trouble. They can sue if they choose. I'm not a lawyer, but there would be a lot of factors involved, like which jurisdiction applies in that particular case...

Comment #2

The answer to this question really depends on the artist involved to be honest. Some actively encourage fan sites by providing media you can use. Some may even give extra content if you become a fairly well recognised fan site.

Your best bet is to look around the official page and see what sort of things they provide. If someone does object however if you do start a fan site try to work with them to get it resolved. This could be for example finding why they object and see if a compromise can be gained. Do not flatly refuse however...

Comment #3

Exactly, no one can say for sure whether it is a good idea or not as they tend to be different from those specifically taking trademarks.

Best thing to always do is state that you are not the official fansite, but user run with a link back to the original in full prominence.

If lucky you might even get a link back...

Comment #4

You can answer your questions by being honest with yourself.

Ask yourself this.

From the outset, why do you want to register celebrity names and put content on them. Is it.

1) because you are a big fan, have the time and resources to develop them without having to earn money from the venture ? Or is it.

2) purely a money making excercise ?

If your answer is 2) Then you are almost certainly cybersquatting.

To be honest, by the nature of your questions, you make it sound like you want to profit from someone elses brand and because of your location, you think there is little chance of repercussions...

Comment #5

Thanks for all the replies, I got some really good feedback about my question The way you talk makes it sound like I'm dishonest. Do you really think it's wrong to profit by promoting someone's else brand? I don't think so.

This is a win-win situation, and any good-sensed artist would realize that. Specially if such artist didn't even bother to register a domain with his own name.....

Comment #6

Kryptonsite is the biggest Superman fansite and CW don't have any problems with it selling stuff there...

Fansites tend to differ from other sites, I would agree that it may not be wise to get the exact name of someone as they can always claim it back but here is generally no problem with making a fansite...

Comment #7

Well, seeing as you asked, yes I do.

I think if you go down this route, you should fully understand the implications, otherwise in a few months time you could be posting a thread titled.

"Billblogs wants to take my domain off me, and he is sueing me for $xxxxxx damages".

You register as a fansite. You work hard on it and it becomes successful. Suddenly you are earning lots of money from the site.

Bill Bloggs becomes aware of it, and for whatever reason, he decides that he wants to take it off you.

If he files a dispute, would you try to defend it ? .

Do you think you could win the dispute and why ?

My thoughts are that you would not win if you tried to defend.

1) because you are using his brand name.

2) because you are profitting from his brand name.

Now if you had permission from him, that is a different story.

Sometimes, they don't just take the name from you, they sue for damages as well..

Its like playing Russian Roulette...

Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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