GoDaddy user reviews : Good idea to use GoDaddy?? Fair game or Unethical?

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I know, I know, usually when someone asks a question like this, he is already feeling quilty...

A foreign company has registered their name as, but (without hyphen) is available.

Is it "fair game" to reg and make an unrelated site and then hope that they will come and make an offer? (Making it a gay porn site would probably greatly increase the chance of an orrer OR a lawsuit, but I would not do that. ).

Or is this exactly the kind of thing that gives domainers a bad name?.

(They don't have a US trademark registration and I am in US. It is a service company that does not do business in the US.)..

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Asking for trouble... and yeah, you already know that..

Comment #1

I left out something that is probably quite relevant:.

The name is rather generic, somthing like "" and I would be regging "".....

Comment #2

You had to ask, right?.

You already know why you are doing this... because you want to trade on someone else's use.

"...and make an unrelated site and then hope that they will come and make an offer...".

You have no other real reason to register the domain. Because of that, your intentions are to "squat" on the name with the idea that you can get compensation from them. Sure, it may be "soft core" cybersquatting and is probably legal but you already know that it isn't really the right thing to do or you wouldn't have even felt the need to ask...

Comment #3

Yep, as I state, "when you have to ask..." In this case most of the traffic I would get would be traffic intended for their site. Different from noticing that someone has a business at "", but "", which is completely generic, is unregged... "" is somewhat less generic when someone has a business at ""...

Comment #4

It would be a wrong way you knowIf they do come after the domain , they don't have to pay anything if they do file a lawsuit as you regged the domain after knowing what their company was named ...

Comment #5

Silly of the company, but unethical (IMO) to reg the name then try and sell it to the company...

Comment #6

No, I don't believe that they could take it unless I used it to compete with them or used it in some other malicious way.

For example, if there company was a dealership called "Riverside Toyota" that had regged and I regged, then yes, they could take it.

There are a lot of completely unrelated sites you could build on that don't have anything to do with the company or it's services and supersmooth is rather generic. Post added at 08:58 AM Previous post was at 08:54 AM Yes, VERY silly of the company (unless maybe the non-hypen dropped and they didn't notice, but still silly of them to not check).

I wasn't going to try to "actively" sell it to them, just hope that they come and make an offer. After their customers complain about all that "supersmooth" gay porn! JUST KIDDING! That would DEFINITELY be unethical!..

Comment #7

Do you perceive the domain has value, other than the fact that the hyphenated version is owned by a company who *might* want to purchase it in the future ? .

If the sole purpose is to wait for an offer that may never materialize I would think again...

Comment #8

One usual question is is the party using the words as a trademark, despite the seeming lack of some.

Trademark registration somewhere on the planet? It doesn't necessarily have to be registered.

Beyond that, it's debatable whether this is "ethical" or not. As a member once said, that depends on.

What kind of shoes one's feet are in...

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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