Facial Changes from Nutrisystem?

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This may be a dumb question, but here goes:.

I know that being overweight ages you, but then again, I've seen some people who loose their chubby cheeks and look older and drawn..

Everyone guesses my age to be about 10 years younger than what I am (48), which I've always been proud of. A few years ago, I dropped about 20 lbs, fairly quickly (Topamax), and immediately developed four wrinkles on my upper lip! I'm NOT a smoker and don't want to look like one!.

So, any problems with wrinkles, looking older, etc?.

How do you all feel about your faces (and that chin waddle thing-y)??..

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Your question was: Facial Changes from Nutrisystem?.

I'm 37 and still do not look 37. I do, however, look more like my dad, but well, that's genetic. I don't have wrinkles and I'm glad to actually have a neck with 1 chin.

I am hoping I will have a more tightened belly area in one year, since for the most part, I'm past goal. The rest of me is toning up nicely..

And, I can fit into more youthful looking clothes at the mall since I wear a much smaller size now..


Comment #1

I do worry about this. I am one of those that looks younger than I am (or so I am constantly told)...I am 47. My skin does not have the same elasticity that it once had. As in, the skin on my arms and hands and even legs (don't get me started on stomach, that has never been firm) can crinkle a bit if I push it. Kind of freaks me out. As for my face, I am a bit worried about getting that sallow,saggy look.

But, all of these changes in my skin have become a lot more noticeable since losing weight. Hoping it will firm up a little...but, I am after all pushing 50...

Comment #2

My mom lost some weight in her 60's and joked that once the fat was gone she had nothing left to plump out the wrinkles. I am more worried about my stomach. After three c-sections (2 in less than a years time) and being over 100 pounds over weight I am afraid that when I lose the weight the excess skin will hang to my knees like an apron. My husband sooths me by saying if that is the case, I can go get a Mommy Makeover at the docs office.

I am not looking for the perfect bikini body or anything like that, but I don't want to live in fear of my stomach peeking out the hem of my skirt! LOL..

Comment #3

I had 2 c-sections and have in the past been nearly 100 pounds more than I weigh now (and I am in my late 50s). While there is not enough money in the world to get me in a bikini, I have a lot of people comment on my flat stomach (and I am embarrassed to say I do not exercise). My facial skin may well be looser now that I have lost the weight, but the overall effect is still that I look way younger than I did when I was heavier, and people also frequently tell me I look much younger than I am. I would much rather have the loose skin and the size 4 clothes, all in all...

Comment #4

I'm in my 40s, and yes, when I am on the 'chubbier side' I notice fewer lines and wrinkles. Right now they are really bugging me (forehead and around my eyes). As a matter of fact I am seeing a dermatologist tomorrow to talk about possible nonsurgical treatments..

I've never been seriously overweight so I don't worry about sagging skin, and I never got stretch marks when I was pregnant with my four kids (I think I have pretty good elasticity)..

I once read that a woman over 40 has to chose between her face and her @$$ looking good LOL!!! So right now I am siding with my @$$ not being big, and doing what I can to minimize the lines...

Comment #5

Do I hear botox, lol. I'd rather live a long life and pay for plastic surgery than be overweight. I'm 48...

Comment #6

I'm having a hard time with some of this as well. I had a c-section and now that I've lost over 60 pounds my belly is hanging a bit and can look really bad in some pants/skirts. I've thought about some surgery just to get rid of it since exercise does not seem to be toning it up much (although it is everywhere else) but waffle between feeling shallow but knowing it would make me feel better about myself and being afraid of surgery in general. Is there anyone out there who's gone through with it?..

Comment #7

I have to totally agree with that myself. Most of why I'm doing this is for my health, I really don't want to end up diabetic like my mom. And, I'm already having Blood Pressure issues, and plantar faciitis, which HURTS!.

But, I freely admit to being a vain person, and would rather not be wrinkly!.

I do agree that thinner is better than fat and no wrinkles...

Comment #8

I've gained and lost weight my entire life and now that I'm 41, I noticed when I lost this 45 lbs on Nutrisystem that my neck has the little "turkey waddle"! It's wrinkly under that fat! But I'd definitely rather have the wrinkly neck than the fat any day!!..

Comment #9

I am not going to worry about it! I used to body build and have a photo from when I did my competition. I was so thin my face looked hard. Not too flattering. However I do not plan to go down that road again - totally messed up my eating patterns and mindset. I would rather have a few wrinkles - hey they are going to be there at some point anyway - than continue to be overweight..

Age used to denote wisdom!..

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