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I'm in need of some guidance. My situation is probably something not uncommon, then again who knows. Anyhow I hired a webdevelepor to design a site through get a freelancer a while back. It was understood as per our agreement that all design, scripts, logos, content will be deemed as my property upon completion of contract. Everything had seemed to be running smoothly and I continued to do business with the company for a few more months on small additions to the site. The problem arose when I had a misunderstanding as to features that where to be implemented that did not occur.

So my next step was to hold the remaining payment till the work was complete. When I did this I immediately realized that I was at there mercy since they took my site down since I made the mistake to use there hosting service (which has been paid for). This incident caused me about $700 per day loss and my site continued to be down for about 8 days. They said that they would return my site once I paid them for a bogus supposed service contract for 3 months of work totaling $1780. Normally I would have said screw this but like I said I was hostage since my client database was on there servers.

Extortion is what I call this since I had to make payment in order to get my script(website) back which I already paid for through get a freelancer way back. I made payment, got my access, and then changed all the files to a different server. I made a dispute with Paypal and they told me that they couldn't help me. Apart from my money being that I'll dispute with my bank, Iw ould like to persue this matter.

Is there a way to do this? I'm not sure of the where abouts of such company since they claim to be in NY, but when I went there, no such business existed. Second the whois info is probably incorrect? How do I go after them to the extreme. They already have cost me close to $5000 loss. is the design firm in which I only hope will burn in flames with them in it. Sorry a bit much I know but I'm extremely upset and they seem to have gotten away with this.

I appreciate any and all suggestions.


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They have 8 years of experience and this is all they could put on their company page??.

What They Say About Us.

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Brian Adams.

Director Exploreta Inc.

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Brian Adams.

Director Exploreta Inc.

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Brian Adams.

Director Exploreta Inc.

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Brian Adams.

Director Exploreta Inc..

Comment #1


Just got your anonymous email pointing me to this thread.

First of all, let me say you're the most pathetically dishonest client I have had the misfortune of dealing with. It disgusts me. Seriously.

Here is the communication we had back in July after we completed the GetAFreelancer project, agreeing on a monthly developer contract. Once we agreed to do a dedicated developer service for $825/month, we proceeded to hire a dedicated developer who worked just on the tasks related to your website and assigned by you. As you admitted yourself in this post, you held THREE months worth of payments, even though we had to pay your developer every month, on time. You would keep saying, oh I'll pay today, oh I'll pay tomorrow, but would always break your promise. In the interest of maintaining a healthy business relationship, we waited MONTHS before finally suspending your account. In the week prior to doing so, I spoke with you on IM and you admitted you were behind on payments and would pay the same day.

I told you you would get an email from our operations manager detailing the charges. He did. Two days later and no response from you. He emailed again. Still no response.

Then there were several emails sent from our operations manager to you, asking you for feedback, etc, which you neglected to respond to (I forwarded these to you as well, for proof).

In the end you sent me the following email: The payment was late (as usual), but once the website was completely unsuspended, you proceeded to move your files to another server and open a dispute with Paypal. Usually they're on the buyer's side, but they refused your claim because they can clearly see that you're just trying to get out of paying for a service that was provided to you, and you downloaded all the work we had done over the past 3 months already.


Comment #2

I can see why Paypal wouldn't want to get involved in cases like this. Who to believe?..

Comment #3

It's a bad businessman that loses $5000 over a $1700 bill. Not sure why you stiffed these people if you weren't ready to walk away. If you are losing $700 a day...and owe them $1700..I suggest you pay...take your info and walk away. just password protected their site..not a good sign. You're pretty screwed dude...

Comment #4

Actually PayPal was very involved in this matter I escalated it straight to them when he disputed the payments he made. Not really worth my time going back and forth with a client who only wants to take the files and run. They agreed the payments were justified, and that's why they rejected his claim. It's a bad businessman who doesn't pay his bills on time and on top of that expects to face no consequences. We paid his developer 3 months worth of salaries while he self-admittedly held off on payment (our mistake to continue working for him in good faith). We asked him countless times to pay up, he would always promise to pay the same day, but never would.

Our site is currently under re-development (as you might have derived from the lorem ipsum text) that's why we password-protected it.

And FYI, we never once indicated that we had an office location in New York. We always clearly stated that all our staff, including development/operations/management, were in Pakistan & Sri Lanka. When we were on friendly terms, I probably mentioned that I traveled a lot and had temporarily been in New York on business for a few months this year. And I clearly remember telling you when I moved on to Germany and then later Sri Lanka...

Comment #5

I agree, and when you make such strong allegations against a, person, company or other wise, especially on a forum, you might consider that the company can file a lawsuit, for slander, as well as other damages.

This is a perfect lesson, of what NOT to do, if you have a case pending, or are preparing to file a case against a person.

The only suggestion I can give you, If you have a case against this company, have your attorney file your proceedings.

One thing I would not advise in the future, "Extortion" is a felony, and huge allegation, I wouldn't post such, on a forum or other wise in the future.

Just My .02.

Best Of Luck..

Comment #6

Hate to say it but you brought this upon yourself. Just make sure you finish your business, OP, and move on. LEARN from your mistake...

Comment #7

That is one possible red flag. You need to exercise due diligence when hiring someone.

But maybe they have been trading under another name. Something to hide ? OK, but I see that you have enabled privacy on your whois..

I have an archived record from yesterday which says this: PS: 408 is an area code for California..

A couple questions here: why did you password-protect your site and altered your whois now. Anything you don't want us to see ? .

At first glance there is no Inspirovations company incorporated in the State of NY. Am I correct ? .

Not taking sides but curious...

Comment #8

Already answered all these questions. There wasn't ever anything on the site to see except lorem ipsum text. The whois is also outdated since I live abroad now. And you're correct, we are not an american company as Angelo already knows.

This is a chat conversation from Nov 14, at least a week before the site was suspended for non-payment: Our operations manager sent him an email the same day detailing the charges, and a reminder 2 days later. There was no payment and no response from the OP until after the account was suspended...

Comment #9

After reading all this, my thoughts were:.

OP, learn to back up your data..

OP and company, learn to conclude proper contracts.

PS: OP, I seriously question your motive for posting here, because looking at your site, it's clearly not all bad. However, your claimed daily loss of 700$ is bogus in my eyes, and there goes your credibility...

Comment #10

Yes, we will be doing that in the future. I was not directly involved with the OP's contract, our operations manager handled all communication with him, including the monthly developer negotiation. Our friendly relationship with the OP and his email confirming he wanted a monthly dedicated development service for $825 seemed enough at the time. His credibility was blown out the window in the very first post where he claims the site was down for 8 days. Not true at all. Here's what happened.

Day 1: Site suspended, intentionally on a weekend (!) so that it would not hurt his business too much. OP reappears after not responding to emails for a week and asks how much is owed. To sum up two dozen emails, we explained our stance and his bill and told him the account would be unsuspended as soon as payment was received.

Day 2: OP says he will pay at 9am the next day. Two hours after he sends this email, we unsuspended his account in lieu of payment. Passwords are changed so that he doesn't take the files and run, but the site is UP and OPERATIONAL.

Day 3: Payment is late. We emailed at 11:30am and told him if it's not received soon the site will be resuspended.

Day 4: No response from OP. The site is resuspended.

Day 5: No response from OP.

Day 6: Response from OP saying he will send payment today and finally does. In his own words, "All payments have been sent. I appreciate the site being up, could you please provide the appropriate login info or is it the same as before." He sent an echeck which took several days to clear, so in the meanwhile we gave him full access to his script admin panel and limited access to his website control panel (he could access mail features and control his script, but not download script source files). Once the echecks cleared, we gave him full access. Only after he had downloaded all the files we had worked on for the past few months, he proceeded to open a dispute with Paypal, which they obviously rejected.

To conclude, Angelo/OP can make all the baseless accusations he wants, because we have stacks of emails backing us up. This is exactly why we chose to conduct this sort of communication over email instead of talking over IM like you wanted, Angelo. It keeps a more solid record of events.

Obviously we would much rather have avoided any unpleasantness and not have had to suspend the account. That's why we were so patient (three months, come on!) and asked nicely so many times.

Let me pose our scenario to the community Imagine you were sitting in different country and were owed money, the client kept promising to pay the same day but never would, you sent him multiple reminders to pay, but he doesn't respond. You've already paid your developer 3 months of salaries to work on the client's website. You're the one facing the loss all this time. We decided our only option left was to suspend his account; besides that, what else could/would you do to get the money you were owed?..

Comment #11

BytesPK: I've seen many of these types of threads in the past and I have to say that you're responses have probably been the most professional and levelheaded ones I have ever read.

You are absolutely correct in stating that it is not unreasonable for a hosting company to suspend an account for non-payment. It is standard practice in the industry. The idea of having files being held hostage isn't pleasant, I agree with the OP on that. However, there is something to be said about performing regular backups or using a third-party backup service. I can't imagine paying thousands of dollars in development and not having the files backed up on my machine...

Comment #12

Looks like this is a drive-by slandering. This thread is OP's only post since 9/22 and he hasn't been back to NP once since he posted it...

Comment #13

Just to shead some light on this post. Bytes could feel free to copy, paste, embelish whatever you choose. However at the end of the day FACTS and Proof is all that matters. You seem to fail to provide the complete emails and conversations that transpired through IM.

You also failed to mention that I paid in full for this development with getafreelancer months back.

How about the request of receiving access to my files and site considering they are my property as per the getafreelancer contractual agreement?.

So what your saying is that even if we indeed continued to do business, you had the right to take ove my site and charge me 1700+ for hosting?.

Perhaps you need a to speak with Omer who handled all agreements and negotiations. Oh thats right you obviously were not on the same page considering I have mounds of corresponces that never mentioned that I owed such amount (Yes I do have the Proof to back that up).

And lets just assume that I indeed owed you the said monies(which I didn't), Where was the professional courtesy to let me know that you where going to take me down. Thats right you can't provide any such communication.

Principal was my reasoning as to not paying, as for my losses they did indeed occur (Once again facts and hard proof could be provided), I obviously did make payment just to get back what was rightfully mine to begin with. I will recoup my losses but the bottom line is that I was "extorted"(Oh and yes I said it).

So feel free to cry slander, thats alright, and as a member mention (felony is correct word for extortion).

So please feel free to crawl in your hole(wherever that may be CaliforniaNYPaki????), Cause my legal proceedings are in the works.

Oh thats correct I have filed a complaint, but chances are that you are not in the US so I'm probably out of luck.

Inspirovations, Navin...or whoever/whatever alias you are today.

Password protecting your site...hmmmm, very interesting, what is it you have to hide?? Making changes eh? How about covering up?.

By the way out of the kindness of your heart you allowed me 2-3 months to settle the so called debt while paying your employee? Right!!!.

Oh and Navin, lose the attitude... Your emotional reaction while working with you was so completely unprofessional.

You should read the Paypal guidelines a little more carefully and realize that no claim has been dismissed, stay tuned. Where again are you running your business? What part of the world was that again? A little more time and honesty will prevail on this one, just be patient...

Oh and as you are sharing , I forgot to mention the 47 VIRUSES that were found on my script from your handy work. It took a full day of cleanup from a REPUTABLE LOCAL COMPANY before I could operate the site on a new server without potentially harming my clients/users and the hosting company. Not such a smooth move by you, I was expecting some sort of sabotage or future problems...but even for you that was low not to mention unethical. Copy of Claim with Paypal: Seller extorted monies from by hyjacking and shutting down my website being the site was hosted on their server.

I had ALREADY paid for this hosting service IN FULL directly via Paypal and the web design through escrow (also through Paypal). All payments can be verified.

Seller charged me for services I did not recieve claiming I had made a previous agreement with them. I HAD NO AGREEMENT WITH THIS COMPANY FOR THE MONIES I WAS FORCED TO PAY THEM. I asked that they provide me a copy of this mutual/signed agreement and they refused. I repeatedly tried to reason with Seller to avoid conflict, they refused. They failed to meet me at their place of business. They failed to return my calls.

They would ONLY send me an email claiming I owed them money.

Being they hyjacked my website putting my small business on hold resulting in further financial loss I had no choice but to agree to their demands and submit a payment for them to reinstate my website. Seller did reinstate the site after recieving the payment, however, they also SABOTAGED MY FILES files resulting in corrupt viruses, specifically 47 of them. I had to consult with another licensed web firm to attempt to save my work.

Upon further investigation, I was made aware that this Seller runs a service/business completely from Pakistan not the United States as it advertises. I am seeking assistance to get a valid address from this Seller believing they may illegally retaliate against me by unlawfully using any personal or professional information they may have obtained from me.

All information in my original dispute against this seller is factual and accurate. Details can and will be provided as necessary..

Seller has NO agreement from me as to the money I was FORCED to pay nor can they provide one.

Seller shut my website down, costing me time and money, they changed all of my passwords, corrupted my files. The viruses could have infected future clients and potentially caused more damage and harm to my business.

As I suspected Seller has already attempted to shut down the website again. To prevent this action and further sabatoge I had to hire AND PAY another Web firm to remove infected files/viruses and download my data. This website is mine, I paid for it in full prior to this payment made to Seller. Seller is making a claim that I downloaded my files. OF COURSE I DOWNLOADED MY FILES&THEY; ARE MY FILES NOT THE SELLERS. My website was paid in full to Seller through Getafreelancer.

This most recent and additional payment to Seller was clearly extortion. Upon receipt of payment they sabotaged my website.

AGAIN, I am seeking a full refund from this Seller.

Inspirovations is a lousy, fraudulent company that needs to be put out of business and fast. Beware of any dealings with them, it wouldn't surprise me if there real office is in Nigeria... Didn't your uncle just pass away in a horrific car accident leaving you 5 million dollars ready to be claimed in an American Bank account.


I believe my point has been made...

Comment #14

To Hangman1919:.

Unfortunatly this (whoever and where-ever they really are) really did do a number on you.

After further investigation it's been founded that you are not the first person that has had this kind of trouble and problems with their "services". Apparently they have a history of this kind of thing.

Cut your losses, move on. Hopefully the moderators of not only this site (and any other associated with this company) will keep them from operating in the world of legitimate business.

Sorry happens to the best of them.


Comment #15

Yikes... Honestly, I don't feel comfortable dealing with either of you..

Byte: If hangman didn't pay for some other project, you can't just "hold hostage" something that he did completely pay for (That apparently was never actually delivered to him, but rather just to his server.). I'm not going to get into legalities here (Partly because I'm not sure they would back me up ), but just ethically, that's wrong imho.

Hangman: Certainly looks like you owed them money that you weren't paying - do you dispute that part of it somehow? That they got a guy to work full time on you seems a bit extreme without something rock-solid contractually, but I can't throw sticks/stones as I can't even begin to tell what the two of you thought you agreed to. What's more, don't "front", "posture" or other such nonsense when you and I both know you won't be filing a lawsuit over ($1,700?) and you'll probably get your money back from your credit card (If you used one - if a bank card, then don't know...) anyway (Which means byte will be losing his) - it just brings you down to a level in which I do not think you are comfortable.


Comment #16

I'm currently working for a company similar to, and I could clearly tell here that the OP is in the wrong here.

You should pay on time. Or you should pay the services rendered to you...

Comment #17

Thanks to all, I appreciate all of the feedback. Just moving along, had enough of the he said/she said.

Rest assured the remaining disputes will be resolved accordingly.

Take care and Happy Posting!..

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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