Experience with godaddy hosting and CGI?

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My first question is: Experience with godaddy hosting and CGI?.

My next question is: Anyone here want to offer a $3.5K loan for 1-4 months? I may need it as a last resort in the next 48 hours.

I am offering 5% interest per month, payable monthly + two top domains as guarantee for the loan. and - together they are worth more than $3.5K (I evaluate at $3K-4K and at $2K-4K reseller).

I expect the domains back after the loan is fully paid.

The main condition is: I have to be able to trust you since the risk is on my side. The ideal candidate is someone with a very solid reputation at NP and some $ laying around waiting to generate some interest.

PM me if you're interested...

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Your question was: Experience with godaddy hosting and CGI?. sold for $450,000 and for any top keyword, the .INFO should be worth at least $1% of it's .COM equivalent. Even without the .COM sale, "templates" is a strong enough keyword to generate at least a $3K sale for the .INFO on the reseller market.

As for, if we look at comparable 3 letter .INFO sales at NameBio, we find:. $4,600 $4,558 2007-01-24Sedo. $3,000 2006-06-20Sedo. $2,600 2007-03-13DNForum. $2,300

"Ten" as a three letter word/keyword is as good as any of the above.

I hope I didn't overevaluate the domains in anyone's view.


Comment #1

Maybe will be the answer to your needs..

Comment #2

Good idea ^. I can't see anyone else handing over cash in such a context. better to ask someone you know, or else professionals - who know how to call up debts if there's a non-pay.

People here might also have trouble with valuations based on highest end sales figures (one -or four- offs, with very little liquidity).

Just IMO. good luck with your search..

Comment #3

You could also try for a loan.. good luck!..

Comment #4

And at only 180% APR.

20 years ago I used to put guys in prison for lending money at 5% a month.


Comment #5

Will you take the loan for 4-6 months at least and if so, I might be interested in it...

Comment #6

Hmm, so for 4 months, you'll be making $146.52, minus the fees and such, don't see how it is financially motivating...

Comment #7

4 months means $700 interest minus the fees. For someone who has cash available, I think it's a very good deal. It's your money working for you. I don't think $700 for doing nothing is not financially motivating..

Comment #8

^ Agreed, plus the market has changed since '06 and '07, IMHO.

What is the loan for, specifically ... and could it affect your ability to pay the (up to ) $700 interest over 4 months?.


Comment #9

How has the market changed for top keyword .INFO domains since 2006 and 2007? Have they increased or have they decreased in value? It's for an opportunity I don't want to miss. It doesn't influence my ability to pay back in any way (meaning I'm not using the money in some scheme to multiply them and then pay back; payment+interest will be paid from other sources). Plus, I really don't intend not paying back after offering domains that are worth more as guarantee. (If someone thinks and are not worth $5K together, I'm looking forward into hearing their arguements. I would jump at buying them at $5K if they were available for sale and if I didn't have the money available, I would ask for a loan here at NP to get them, hehe )..

Comment #10

My bad,.

Looks like I calculated it wrongStupid calculator. $4254.27...

Comment #11

Have you ever thought about selling the names?.

If thy really are worth that much, I'm sure it would be alot safer, and easier..

Comment #12

I'm not looking to sell them, Jake. I have, of course other domains I can sell for $3.5K, but not in 24-48 hours. In 2 weeks maybe...

Comment #13

We're generally is a time of less liquidity and much more uncertainty than in recent previous years, IMHO.

I would concur with simply selling the domains in quoted "worth $5K together" "Quick Sales", as well .... as suggested above by Jake and if it fits your business plans, etc.

Best of Luck..


Comment #14

Post the names you are willing to sell with BIN+reserve prices with 24-48 hour time period.

I have the funds to buy names right now via escrow. they just have to be right names at right prices.

Sorry, I am not interested in loaning money to strangers...

Comment #15

That's the normal rate used car dealers pay to "Floor Plan" the cars on their lot..

Comment #16

If you listed and in a no-reserve Namepros auction to see how much you could really get from resellers on this board, you would not get more than a few hundred if that. these domains could get an okay price from an end- user...maybe...but still no where near what you think they are worth to resellers. the truth is the truth. if you put these names up for auction you would see the disinterest and what others are really willing to pay for them. not much...

Comment #17

I respect everyone's opinion here but if you are going to state that and are not worth "more than a few hundred, if that", at least provide arguements for your statements. I've provided arguements for my evaluations...

Comment #18

I'm not here to say they aren't worth what you are saying, but if you fail to pay whomever back, will they be able to sell those names for a total of $3.5k or more?.

The problem is that those names aren't easy to sell for huge numbers, like the ones you stated earlier...

Comment #19

What would you outright sell the name for?. And would you sell?...

Comment #20

I have extra cash around, however the two domains you offered are too risky, do you have better names?..

Comment #21

PM sent. I am not looking to sell the domains in question and in all honesty, I would not even sell for $5K each...

Comment #22

The straight facts...

A bank loan would likely set you back 6-8%. Taking out a line of credit on a credit card, likely under 10%. Taking out a credit card with a poor credit score, maybe 21%...

And here we're talking about 5% monthly (60%). No offense, but that suggests to me straight off that either credit lending institutions turned you down or you're not confident credit lending institutions would approve a loan / line of credit / credit card for that amount.

To me, that makes lending you (or anyone presenting the same scenario) akin to holding junk bonds. It's nothing against you personally, it's just hard to have confidence in one's capacity to repay when institutions which have 10000x more money than I do aren't willing to trust you with such a minuscule amount.

Under those circumstances, I'd want domains which could easily liquidated near their full market value or names which cumulatively add up to being worth considerably more than the amount being loaned. Whatever your .infos are worth, they don't amount to near 5k if I needed them resold tomorrow because you hypothetically defaulted on payment their instant wholesale value is all I'd be interested in if making a loan, as I want to get my money back immediately, not 3 months down the road when the right offer presents itself...

Comment #23

If you have better .info or .com (I think) as guarantee, please let me know. Thanks...

Comment #24

IMHO, shouldn't Namepros be deleting these kinds of threads?.

Webcom might be an honest guy, but isn't this opening a door to all sorts of scammers?..

Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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