GoDaddy user reviews : Advise I purchase GoDaddy?? EuroDNS does not want to give my domain back! Please HELP me :(

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I payed a lot of money for a nice and the seller is in the Usa..

The domain was in NETSOL and I transfered to EuroDNS.

It has been more than 1 month and the domain has been taken away from my account and frozen.

EuroDNS does not answer to my emails and the seller has been asked to provide ID and statements from EURODNS that the transfer was legit. The seller did that and NETWORK SOLUTIONS apparently is not happy yet and is asking other things to the seller who is quite tired of this.

What can I do? Please help, I`m getting desperate and do not have other money to waste...

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Unfortunately I think you will have to wait until the seller proves to netsol that the transfer was legit... I would recommend calling netsol yourself... you may not get anywhere but it's worth a shot.

As far as EuroDNS... I wouldn't hold much faith in them honestly...

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Hello, thank you for your kind reply but what should I say to Netsol?.

And why EuroDNS is bad? I though they were reputable.


Comment #2

I've not had any experience with EuroDNS or netsol, but from what i've heard netsol are not much better allthough haven't done anything wrong in this case.

If the seller provided the proof then EuroDNS may be liable for damages if they do not approve the transfer.

I would call EuroDNS and find out what is going on, if that fails and EuroDNS are ICANN accredited then you could file a complaint with ICANN because refusing an authorized transfer is against the terms of accreditation.

Don't quote me though.


Comment #3

Mainly from what I've heard about them... like with your case they don't respond very well/if at all...

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Hello, thank you so much for your reply but the transfer WAS ALREADY COMPLETED.

Then, out of the blue, NETSOL contacted EURODNS to get the domain back because they claim the original registrant did not approve the transfer. Which is not the case since she did.

EuroDNS keeps not answering me.

I`ll have to find a lawyer, Jberryhill did not reply me either , I was adviced to contact him...

Comment #5

Oh right, my apologies lol, I misread the post.

From my understanding it is pretty much impossible these days for a domain transfer to be unauthorized, there are several procedures you usually have to go through to transfer the domain,.

1, unlock the domain in account, if locked..

2, find out the transfer codes, this sometimes means requesting them by contacting the registrar,.

3, enter the transfer codes at the new registrar.

4, then the current owner has to approve transfer via email.

It may vary from registrar to registrar but it's highly unlikely for an unauthorized transfer to take place, so they are obviously telling porkies and probably want the domain for themselves.

Contacting a laywer is definately the best way to go, again apologies for the misunderstanding lol...

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There's nothing you can say to Network Solutions since you're not their customer - the seller is!.

EuroDNS can't do anything after the "losing" registrar takes the domain back claiming fraud...

Many / domains have questionable histories thus it's highly likely the domain is "stolen"; not saying it is, but very possible.

It's up to the seller to prove ownership with Network Solutions.

In the meantime, research the seller better - are you really sure that what the seller is telling you is true - perhaps they've not been in contact with Network Solutions or has lied to them.

If it appears this matter isn't going to be resolved anytime soon, then your best option is to demand a full refund from the seller.

I gather there's something more to this story, but I'll leave that to my imagination.


Comment #7

Request your money back or if you paid via credit card, request a chargeback...

Comment #8

FYI, JBerryhill is a very busy man, and was apparently gone for a week, so it will take him a bit to catch up on his emails I am sure. If you can get him by phone, might be your best bet...

Comment #9


Now the domain has been moved to Network Solutions, EuroDNS doe snot answer to my emails from a more than a month and even asks me to pay the transfer fee or will start legal action, can you believe it? I will NEVER use EuroDNS anymore, their customer service is a disgrace!.

JBerryhill did not answer to me either.

Where do I find his phone?.


Comment #10

He has a website... a simple search on google works wonders.

So... is the prior owner in possession of the name now or do you have it in your own netsol acct? Where is the domain and who has it?.

If EuroDNS does not have possession of the domain they cannot cancel it, and if the transfer never completed, you don't owe them anything. They can eat your socks...

Comment #11

You're blaming EuroDNS for something they have no control over ... see my earlier reply #8 dated June-30th for more details.


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I will just state my opinoin on EuroDNS...they SUCK! they might not be at fault or blame here but they are horrible. I had some money in them and tried to register a .asia...I was never able to get the .asia and never was able to get a refund to my paypal account. I ended up having to spend it on some domains and flip them. What a P.O.S company...

Comment #13

I think I explained that.


Then some company in the US complained and NETSOL asked EURODNS to return the domain to NETSOL and this about 1 month AFTER the transfer was already COMPLETED.

Now the seller is telling me that the domain is back in her account but the status is LEGAL LOCK so no one can change anything.....and EURODNS keep asking me money. Hi Ron, I read all replies including yours and I thank you for that but at least EuroDNS could answer me, not threat me over something that they did not offer since they gave back the domain to NETSOL.

Anyway now, I submitted a complain to the ICANN...

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Regarding the EuroDNS invoice to you. Email them and ask them "What am I paying for?" If their answer is, "Renewal or transfer of the domain.", then tell them "Er... what domain? It's not in my account.".

But I guess EuroDNS doesn't read any emails from their clients. I suppose they just click "Select All" emails and "Send to Trash".

If the seller ever manages to unlock his domain at Netsol, then you may want to consider transferring to another registrar and not EuroDNS..

Comment #15

That's good advice.

They CANNOT charge you for a service you did not receive, ask them to cancel the invoice and stop trying to charge your for a domain that's not in your account. They've got a damn cheek threatening you with legal action..

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