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How about that? Today I received an e-mail from,.

A "friendly reminder" that they list my domain for sale on their website..

Never asked them to do so. They also sent me a password with me e-mail address!?.

Also the domain wasn`t for sale either it also wasn`t listed on Sedo or Afternic.

So what happens if someone wanna buy this domain?.

Here is the e-mail they sent me today:.

================================================== =================.

Dear Domainer,.

If we are well-informed, you are the /img/avatar8.jpg of a .eu domain name (listed below).

Already thought of selling it? If so, you can make use of a new player in the domain name aftermarket: .eubis. We developed a website specifically for trading .eu domain names throughout the world!.

To facilitate some processes we already listed your following .eu domain name on our website


We appraised the domain name using our domain name appraisal system. You can use the search engine on the right to find your domain name.

We also created an account, in which you can manage your domains. You can log in to your myeubis account at using your e-mail and password mentioned below.

Log in:

Password: 12234.

We suggest you to change this password immediately. In case of a potential buyer, we must be able to contact you, so please fill out the additional account details.

Please note that listing your domains with .eubis is free of charge. Moreover, the commission fee we charge the seller for handling the domain name transfer is below marketprice!.

We would also like to inform you on our .eu news section - to be found in the section corporate - in which all important facts and figures regarding the .eu TLD are displayed. This leaves us to say we wish you all the best in selling your .eu domains!.

Best regards,.

On behalf of the .eubis team,.

Jerke van de Ven.

Ps. Hopefully, you appreciate our gesture to inform you on .eubis, the new player in the domain name aftermarket. If not, consider this email not sent.

Buy, sell & park premium .eu domains.


Tel +31.848.388838.

Fax +31.848.399853

Office adress:.

Zuid Willemsvaart 136.

NL-5211 PB Den Bosch.

The Netherlands.

Bankaccount, ABN AMRO:

Chamber of Commerce: 171.890.16.

================================================== =================.

The information contained in this communication is confidential and may be.

Legally privileged. It is intended solely for the use of the individual or.

Entity to whom it is addressed and others authorised to receive it. If you.

Are not the intended recipient you are hereby notified that any disclosure,.

Copying, distribution or taking any action in reliance on the contents of.

This information is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful..

.eubis is neither liable for the proper and complete.

Transmission of the information contained in this communication nor for any.

Delay in it's receipt..

================================================== =================.

Anyway, now I decided to sell their whole company, but of course without the domains!.

Starting price is: $10.

Increment: $10.

24 hours from first bid!.

Buy it now: $1000..

Comments (9)

Regarding the statement above, we send the following email to the person who posted this subject. Dear XXXXX,.

By means of this email we would like to apologize for listing your .eu domain, while you had no intention of actually selling it. We started from the principle you were willing to sell your .eu domain name. We should have given you the option, in which you immediately could delete your account. Again, we would like to point out we are sorry.

Naturally, we deleted your account and your .eu domains from our database.

Hopefully, you will let us know whether you accept our apologies!.

Best regards,.

On behalf of the .eubis team.

J. van de Ven..

Comment #1

If you want to list a domain name, you have to ask firstly.

In any case you can not sell a third party property before asking.

What about if anyone list your home or car before asking? It`s better to remove all domains from your website soon as possible!.

I am very sure, you did not asked 99% of the domain owners to get listed on.

Your website.

Sending such an stupid apology mail isn`t very professional..

You just steal my time!..

Comment #2

I sware the EU registry & eubiz is being run by monkeys.....

Comment #3

I dont think they realize the negative effect this could have on your domain if you were planning to sell it. If the price is too low, you might have a prospective buyer already lined up who through searching finds your domain listed on for considerably less than what you are negotiating with them, and regardless of whether you OKed this or not, that isn't going to sit well in the buyer's head and you will lose money.

I think it's completely unethical to automatically list someone's domain on your site without their permission in order to try to make your site appear bigger than it is. Your apology email and adding an option to delete your account are completely inadequate, because he shouldn't have to deal with you in the first place unless he so chooses. If you keep this up and end up screwing someone over like in the example I mentioned above, you will be sued, because you have no legal right to do this. You're nothing but a spammer...

Comment #4

I agree with the negative effect this could have on a domain, if someone planning to sell. I hope they learned from this "reaction"!!!..

Comment #5

I think the fact they havent responded again just shows what a sham they are, Its totally unacceptable for them to list YOUR property, without asking, at a price you havent chosen. Besides the fact these domains may not be for sale in the first place, quite frankly, if I find one of my domains on there I will sue them. I've taken all the details from your website and WHOIS, i'll be contacting your Chamber of Commerce to notify them of your activities...

Comment #6

I would sue them, if it doesn`t cost so much time!.

But they deleted about 3000 domains from their list,.

And there are only 430 left...

Comment #7

Wow, 3000 domains? Can you give a few so I can submit it with my email to their chamber of commerce?..

Comment #8

Wow, that's weird - I also got a similar email last week. I thought nothing of it at the time, but now it makes more sense. Glad I happened to save it. Here's what it says:.

Dear Foolish Amerikaner Domainer,.

If vee are well-informed, you are zee owner off a CNO domain name (.com, .net or .org).

Already thought of selling some of zem? I thought zo! I must be zee psychic! Unt zo, you vill make use of zee new "playa" in zee domain name aftermarket: .cno-show, mach schnell! Ve haff developed a website specifically for trading CNO domain names, vitch vill help us conquer zee vorld!.

To facilitate some processes, vee haff already listed several of your .coms, .nets and .orgs on OUR website - Vee also created zee account for you there, in which you vill manage your domains - or else!.

Unt now vee vill leave you - for now. Unt vee vish you all zee best in selling your domains, so dat vee may get many kickback commissions from you! Ya-voll!.

Best regartz,.

On behalf of the .cno-show team,.

Herke iz de Jerke.

(Ps.: Hopefully, you vill appreciate ziss gesture to inform you on cno-show, the new "playa" in zee Amerikaner-dominated domain name aftermarket. If not, zen pretend zat I haff never communicated mitt you, unt you haff never communicated mitt me! In zee vords off Sargeant Shultz from Hogan's Heroes, "I see nuh-thing!")

Ve buy, sell unt park premium CNO domains totally mittout permission.


Tel +555.5555.

Fax +vot iz zee fax?.

Office address:.

Der Reichstag.

Neo Nazi Germany.

Der Fatherland.

Bank account: In Switzerland.

Chamber of Horrors: 666.666.666.


Zee information contained in zis communication iz confidential unt ve also consider it to be legally privileged. Because it iz intended solely to scam gullible individuals to whom it iz addressed, ve feel dat any disclosure or copying of zis to be shown on zee internet, such as a domain forum website, should be prohibited unt unlawful, since ve vould be most embarrassed by zee exposure!..

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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