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Hi folks,.

We have a problem with ENOM. They renewed our expired .com domain and now asking 250$ for it. How is it possible, when registar can take domain without asking us.

Registrar: ENOM, INC..

Whois Server:

Referral URL: eNom - domain name, internet services, dns hosting.






Status: clientTransferProhibited.

Updated Date: 19-feb-2010.

Creation Date: 18-feb-2007.

Expiration Date: 18-feb-2011.

In admin and tech - our contacts, but we can't control it.

Any ideas how to get this domain cheaper ans why this domain renewed and nameservers changed?.


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If it expired in Feb, and it's now April, isnt that passed the cooling period? I am no expert, but if you let the name go, and didnt reg it during the experation period, it's theres to reg isnt it?..

Comment #1

Yep, I agree, if you let a name expire, it's free for anyone to register..

Comment #2

Typical Enom behavior. They renew and keep certain names. The $250 fee is for what they call an 'extended redemption grace period'.

What is shady is that they leave the previous owner details in the whois record or hide behind whois privacy...

Comment #3


Enom needs to be cyberspanked for it's dishonest behavior. They are breaking their agreement with ICANN, and they know it. Keeping a former owner's details in a renewed expired domain is a big no-no, and warehousing it is even a bigger no-no.

As for OP, if you let the name expire, then it's no longer your property. Did you get any renewal notices? I don't know about enom, but GoDaddy sends endless renewal notices. Check your spam folder.

I'm afraid if you want to renew, you're going to have to pay the ransom. If it's a highly desirable name you may end paying thousands for it when it goes to auction. Given that enom went to the trouble of renewing your domain suggests that it's a highly desirable one.

Of course, you could always report enom to ICANN...

Good luck!.


Comment #4

If you intended to renew it, you upto ~42 days (for eNom; some registrars delete sooner) grace period after the expiration date to do it without significant penalties.

It's now in eNom's pseudo registry grace period, since it's not in real RGP ... eNom renewed it for another year, which eNom calls Extended-RGP. In about 30 days, though it could be longer, it will disappear from the resellers account and no longer be available for $250.

After that, though it could happen sooner, it will then be made available for purchase or, perhaps, just remain on eNom parking indefinitely and left to later expire.

If you must have the domain back right away, you could try calling eNom and negotiating down the $250, since they only paid about $7 to renew it.


Comment #5

It happened to me a long time ago (back in 2002 or so). I had a name registered with Namecheap (then an Enom reseller). Enom repossessed the domain upon expiry. I didn't pay the 'ransom'. Back then they were asking $200 I believe. Eventually (3 years later) I bought it back from a party who must have acquired it from Enom.

Later on I had learned about the value of domain names..

This is a 2001 domain that has never dropped..

I recovered one decent domain. Back to square one.

Lesson of the day: don't rely on courtesy reminders. Keep a list of domain names and expiry dates. E-mail is not 100% reliable..

I repeat: if you rely on the renewal reminders you are going to lose valuable domains one day.

If the name is important to you, pay the ransom - I mean 'extended RGP' fee and move on..

Technically Enom is getting away with it because they cover themselves through their TOS, but they have a shady way of doing things. One of the reasons why I don't trust them a lot. For some reason I got the feeling they will stab you in the back if there is money at stake..

But other major registrars do pretty much the same thing - you have to be aware...

Comment #6

Some of eNom's practices, such as the "extended RGP" is sketchy, but overall, their expired renewal policy is better than many other registrars. eNom often allows up to 42 days, which is a decent length of time, after expiration for one to renew their domain, at reasonable cost.


Comment #7

Thank you all for help..

Our client asked to renew domain, and I think we will renew it... Time is most important thing..

But I will ask ICANN about extended RGP's...

Comment #8

As business expenses go, $250 is not that much to pay for something as valuable as you website. I think we are all too close to domains to understand their true value. If you step back, you will see that domains are one of the best bargains you can find (Even at the $35 Network Solutions rate) for all that you get. How much do you pay for your cell phone a month? Wouldn't you say your email alone is worth at least as much? DOn't even consider your website etc... I am not interested in hearing, "I can always get a free g-mail account" You can also make calls from payphones and land lines as well.

All Hail the power and value of Domain names!!!! That being said, I am selling some great names........

Comment #9

If for some reason I was unable to renew a valuable domain and it expired, I would strongly prefer that it was in Extended-RGP rather than go straight to the aftermarket auction houses.

If the domain went to NameJet, what are the chances I would recover it for $250 or less?.

The real thing that is scary is when your domain does NOT go into Extended-RGP and goes straight into Enom's (or whichever other registrar's) holding tank. For Enom, they have been doing this for awhile and names are starting to show up on and the parked pages for these domains are displaying Buy This Domain links that direct toward an offer page at

So why complain about Extended RGP? It's much better than the alternative...

Comment #10

Lol.. you wanted Enom instead to DELETE the name when it expired, so that someone else would pick it up and you'd never get it back?.

Yah, that's a big improvement. Define "warehousing" and why you believe it is a "no-no"...

Comment #11

SOP For eNom. Pay the $250 to get your domain back. If it ain't worth that, then go buy another domain. PS: Why didn't you renew the domain when you could?..

Comment #12

Good luck getting an answer to that.

The other day, I took my trash out to the curb and when the truck came by, I noticed a guy picking recyclable metal items out of MY trash!.

I mean... the gall of that guy. He's probably taking MY trash and making money from it!.

How do I stop him from doing that and/or get all that money he's been making from MY trash?..

Comment #13

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