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I got this mail a couple of days ago from Enom: Can they actually force me to add one year to the domain? I asked where I'd be able to manage my domain if I chose not to add year to my registration and I only got a reply back with the sentence above saying that I'll lose the ability to manage the domain.

I still have about 6 months left of registration and I have no intentions to renew it earlier. I've paid Enom for one year of registration and management and expect them to keep their part of the agreement. What do you guys think?..

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I've got exactly the same E-mail and it's DropLabel too. You got a domain backordered via one of their partner registrars and it looks like the partnership is being terminated. Your choice: transfer to Enom or to another registrar. I am transfering away now. IMO you should not delay...

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Yes, that's correct, but I don't think I'll renew this domain since I backordered it by mistake. I still think that I should be able to manage the domain for the rest of the registration period since that's what I paid them for. The fact that they've terminated their deal with a third-party is not my problem. I bought a one year service from Enom and this far I've only had 6 months of that time...

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What you think and what they'll do are obviously not the same. Believe what.

You want, but ignore eNom's reply at your own peril.

If you want to make things potentially hard for yourself, that's your choice...

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Complain to ICANN and watch them not listen to you. Seriously, how do you expect to fight eNom on this?..

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Well, I'm not going to renew this domain. I'm mailing with Enom and we'll see what happens..

Thanks for all replies..

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I think emailing them is probably the best idea. They might not realize that this is an issue. If you paid Enom for a year of registration than they definitely need to honor that. Who knows if they will, and it's not like you're going to sue them over half a year's registration, but from a business standpoint, it's good business to honor the deals you make with your customers...

Comment #6

Exactly. I'm not interested in renewing the domain, since I backordered it by accident. I believe though that a deal is a deal and I think they should honor their part of it. So for me this is not about the $8, it's about honoring the deals you've got with your customers.

If the third-party registrar got a system where I can manage the domain I'd happily accept it, but what I've received this far from Enom is only threats. I've asked them about how to get in contact with DropLabel (since is redirected to Enom), but no reply to that question yet...

If DropLabel don't have a system where I can manage my domain it feels just like if I would have paid one year rent to Enom for a house and after six months they tell me that if I don't pay for one more year I can't use the house for the next six months that I've already paid for...

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It looks like = DotStrong Services Inc..

A company based in Canada

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Just in case you change your mind later or want to put the domain up.

For sale or give it away. I suggest you:.

*Unlock the domain.

*Change the Name Servers if not already changed.

*Get the Auth Code.

Do this while you have access.

Then you will be able to initiate a transfer to another Registrar.

If you should ever want to.

This is not gospel but I believe Enom is telling you that you won't.

Have access to the domain but you will still own it until it expires.


Comment #9

Thanks for the suggestion! I did request the Auth code and I got it via mail, but I'm not sure how long it'll work... Hopefully long enough... Ok, I'll try contacting them. Thanks..

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In my experience, eNom is pretty easy to work with. I hope that you can get this situation straightened out...

Comment #11

I got a reply from Enom today that it's possible to manage my domain at an other place..

So if anyone else got a domain at DropLabel, you should be able to manage it at

Comment #12

I think it is possible this issue being simillar to registerfly case. If the other company was an enom reseller and is not anymore then you can keep the domain at enom by adding a year. This is easier than a transfer and doesn't require an approval by the old enom reseller. Otherwise the domains will leave the enom system together with the reseller who left...

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