GoDaddy customer reviews : Advise I invest in GoDaddy?? Email from CREDIT SUISSE - experiences anyone?

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Any experiences working with Credit Suisse regarding IP allegations?.

Would anyone know how they usually proceed?.

Fyi - see fwd message below.

A friend received the following email from Mr Tomcat with Credit Suisse (you'll find my friends' reply further down). I assume Mr Tomcat did not include his last name to protect his privacy, which is why I've further altered the first name he used, and disguised the address, telephone and fax numbers of Credit Suisse (which are nevertheless all publicly available through whois data and from several other sources). My Friends' name, email and address have been altered to protect his privacy as well. Further, the domain in question ( has been altered here; as described it is pointed towards a generic parking page generated by a third party. As the domain may be a typo of "Credit Suisse" there might of course be a TM issue with such a domain name per se, however Credit Suisse has so far not communicated any concerns about possible TM issues (they've only mentioned phishing claims and the allegation that the website is a copy of their "official" site, as outlined in their email below).

Forwarded message.


Van phong dai dien.

Nghi Tam, Tay Ho.

Somewhere, Vietnam..

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Seems like your buddy is phishing...what would you have us say about that?..

Comment #1

What would make you believe my buddy is phishing? the email from Credit Suisse?.

Nope - the only person gone fishing here is Mr Tomcat from Credit Suisse. The domain has always been pointed towards a generic parking page, apparently with content supplied by Google. I don't understand how a page with Google content and a domain without mail facilities would be helpful in phishing ventures.

This is interesting though, if you really would believe someone's phishing here only because of an allegation from Credit Suisse - I guess that would show how hard it is to counter a claim from a large (and thus possibly credible?) corporation. Rather unfortunate, although very human, if the perception of a WIPO panel or a court of law would be biased in the same way...

Comment #2

Just received this one. now it's suddenly a TM thing..

(name & personal email addresses anonymized).

Forwarded message.

From: "CANA, Admin" <admin./legal/e..._email_ib.html.


Comment #3

TM/Logo Abuse? Hmm, it seems he now has a new reason. Last email it was for phishing, now for TM/Logo Abuse?..

Comment #4

So let me get this straight, your friend has a typo of

Maybe they (Credit Suisse) just made a mistake the first time..

It's easy to get your wires crossed when you have a business of that size. It's maybe not expected when they're supposed to be professionals but it happens.

You need to either:.

A) Give up and transfer the domain to them (highly recommended).

Or b) get yourself a lawyer...

Comment #5

Hm... seems like they want to get that domain and they are making up excuses. I personally know someone who works there, in the british branch ill try and ask them. If you have any friends that are lawyers or studying law, ask them for advice. Thats all I can say to you my friend :S..

Comment #6

Only 1 advice is needed. Give them the domain. You have ZERO chance on this one.

1. Email the whois contact to confirm it's not a spoofed email address..

2. When they reply simply do as they ask.

It's just that easy. This is a no-brainer...

Comment #7

Just to clarify, your domain is It seems they may be over reaching on this one (unless some how you are getting their traffic)...

Comment #8

I didn't even see that!.

I'd recommend just giving them the domain name though, messing with a company of this size is definitely not a good idea. ** Be sure to confirm it is actually CS sending you the C&Ds before giving them anything, just in case it is someone else faking their emails. **.

Some extra info:.

Net income (2005) - nearly $5bn.

Assets under management (2005) - more than $1 trillion..

"Credit Suisse First Boston" is a global institution. It operates in more than 69 locations across more than 33 countries on five continents...

Comment #9

Is credit suisse asking only for credit-siusse and the website for credit-bliss.

To be taken down, that's it? Nothing more?.

2 seemingly separate issues, but brought about by the same party.

What am I missing here, if any?..

Comment #10

But he is not infact particpating in the activities that have been reported, it is simply parked. Not to mention that they have not asked for the domain...

Comment #11

I don't understand what you're trying to say. So your friend owns and

Why did he disable the website if it was legit?..

Comment #12


They sent another email to him then about it being parked. Looks like they just want him to kill the site (disable nameservers etc) so no one can view it.

They haven't asked for the domain...yet.

There's no point holding a typo that they've c&d'd to be shut down.

After you've confirmed the email is actually legit and not a spoof by emailing the contact email on the whois, next thing you need to do is offer to give them the domain and ask politely for some compensation for the money you originally paid.

Make sure you ask nicely for that money back, don't order them to pay you or ask for more than you paid and they probably won't have a problem giving you some compensation for the release of their trademark typo...

Comment #13

People often give this advice but personally I think that's a bad idea. Take the loss of the regfee. By asking for that you can get slapped with a $100,000 cybersquatter verdict against you. If they agree to give you the reg fee then so what...$8..big deal. Take the loss. Also I am sure it cost them a lot more than the $8 for their attourney to take the time to contact you.

Basically if they don't have a problem paying the reg fee then you shouldn't have a problem paying their legal fee. Just let it slide...

Comment #14

^^^^ Thinks more like me everyday.

Ok, if the domain is, why are they going after your friend? Is there more to the story that is not being told? I can't really find anything about credit-bliss. Did the site have content on it which included credit suisse? This just seems a little weird to me...

Comment #15

I think what he was trying to say is that is a spoof site, and his friend squats And for some reason when Credit Suisse sents the E-mail to the scammer, they somehow sent it to the squatter instead...

Comment #16

There was a reference to another domain in one of those posts that's now been edited.

I assume that was the actual domain and that is just an example without revealing the actual name.

Also confusing everyone in the process.

The name I saw in the post was an obvious typo and not a long shot like credit-bliss would be (I won't write the other name here).

@Labrocca - I agree with you on that one, I was referring to compensation in case he'd actually bought the domain from someone else rather than a new reg..

If it's a straight reg then he should just forget the $8.

Still waiting for the OP to write back and let us know what's happened...

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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