Eggs on Nutrisystem

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I love hard boiled eggs for a source of protein....but is it true that they are too high in fat to be counted as a Protein serving?.

Tell me it's not true......

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Your question was: Eggs on Nutrisystem.

You can have 1 egg as your protein serving...

Comment #1

Protein servings are up to 100 calories, but shouldn't have more than 3 grams of fat and need to have at least 7 grams of protein..

An egg is about 78 calories, 5.3 g fat, and only 6.3 g protein. So no, it is not the best choice for a protein serving. It isn't horrible though. You might want to limit their use a little..

Egg beater stuff is better, but since you like them hard boiled the real thing is all the will work!..

Comment #2

True but they are too high in fat to meet the stats. So like I said, I'd not use them a lot...

Comment #3

I remember a dietician said one egg a day was fine. I eat them 3 or 4 times a week for a protein. I find them very satisifying...

Comment #4

The yolk of the egg is very nutritious and I try to have at least 2 a week...

Comment #5

Yeah, I'm just giving the view from a stats standpoint. If you are satified with your loss rate, and not hungry/weak/tired, I wouldn't worry about an egg now and then either. It is when the other things kick in that you'd want to take a look at your protein servings...

Comment #6

Some previous comments by the dietitian:.

Like with everything else, moderation is important. It is always best to get a variety, but eggs are not the evil they were once thought of. Even though they are a little higher in fat, it is healthy unsaturated fat, good for you relatively speaking. If your other dairy/protein servings during the day are non-fat or very low in fat, then it is not something to be worried about...

Comment #7

Plus with hardboiled eggs, it's reallly easy to know if you're having more than 1 egg for that serving.

Just do keep an eye on the type of egg... the Jumbo eggs may not be the best choice. I tend to buy the cage-free organic eggs. They can be a bit smaller than the super large eggs I used to use to make omeletts back in the day, but eh, probably for the best...

Comment #8

No more jumbo eggs for me. I look for the medium but can't find those much anymore. My dog likes to half the yolk of the large egg with me. I eat one almost every morning...

Comment #9

Ditto on the eggbeaters - I buy those every week!..

Comment #10

My favorite breakfast protein is 1/2 cup of egg beaters (60 cals) and a french onion lauhing cow wedge (35 cal I think) It is delious!!..

Comment #11

I find them satisfying, too. I crave them sometimes...

Comment #12

I was a hard boiled egg eater too and recently tried eggbeaters. I was surprised how much I like the egg beaters and you get a lot more than one little egg...

Comment #13

ME, TOO! Today I just discovered SOUTHWESTERN style eggbeaters...holy cow! Delish. Going to incorporate into using for my add in proteins....

Still a fan of the real deal...good stuff in there...lutein...for our not giving em up anytime soon...but man, those Southwestern Style Eggbeaters...YUM...who knew?..

Comment #14

Good post thanks for all the info. This newbie is learning soooo much!..

Comment #15

When you fix a 1/2 cup of eat beater would I be right in assuming this is 1/2 cup before cooked (I know probably stupid question ) I will have to try this very soon...

Comment #16

I would say YES, to your answer! Measure the liquid out ... and no, it is not a stupid question. Truly, I was amazed today when I tasted the Soutwestern style Eggbeaters. So good. Enjoy!..

Comment #17

Hey Nanc,.

Did you add anything to your eggbeaters? I got the southwest style too, never had eggbeaters before, and I added chopped onion and celery and I thought they were awful. Seemed really tasteless to me, don't know how I could'a made em better...

Comment #18

No, Julie...oh my I can see where you would be confused. Shoot, I just sprayed the pan with PAM...heated and then voila, poured in the mixture...did shake the carton first...that's all I did, honest!.

Oh I am sorry you didn't like em. Honestly, I was not expecting much...I mean I have not had em in years...I would make a three egg scramble with one yolk and three white...just to avoid the Eggbeaters..

Mine were the brand Eggbeaters, not the store brand...just in case...hmmmmmmmmm...that's weird...

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