GoDaddy user reviews : Great idea to pick GoDaddy?? Ebay told me not to run any service on this name or else

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I purchase a domain name call ebaytrustedsellers when I first got it I develope an original idea for the site. Once I upload the site and make it live in ( I believe) 2 to 3 days, ebay contact me and told me I can not run any service with that name or else I will get a law suit. And to make a long email that I got from them short. They told me godaddy should have not sell that name to me.

Do you think I should keep it? If I can't sell it what should I do with it.


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Are there any sites/domains like yours up and running? Like related eBay info sites...

Comment #1

My advice would be to ask godaddy for a refund, otherwise just pertend you never had the domain. A lawsuit with ebay, win or loose is more trouble than any domainer is looking for...

Comment #2

I took it down two weeks ago from one of my domain name and will be placing it under another domain name that is more suitable for that service...

Comment #3

Its not worth getting into a lawsuit. Just take the site down. By buying that domain, you have violated Ebay's TM. They may request to have the domain pushed to them. You can ask for the registration fee, they may pay it...

Comment #4

Yes I think I better leave it alone. I already ask for a refund and was told to let it expire on it's own.


Comment #5

Yeah, good idea to just leave it alone. eBay doesn't like anyone to use their name in domains, and they will certainly take action if need be.

Good luck, I'm glad that this seems to have worked out without great losses...

Comment #6

I'd really push asking for a refund, and not just letting the domain sit there. Hell, you can ask for a refund and give ME the money if you don't care about the money loss...

Comment #7

I certainly wouldn't be bugging them about a refund - it's what, a $9.00 loss? eBay could probably sue him just for owning the domain, so I would not suggest bringing up the case ever again..

Comment #8

Ebay is similar to paypal > You add anything with their name in it, and you might as well kiss that domain good bye...

Comment #9

Or Google, same thing. They are all very protective of their trademarks...

Comment #10

Ebay needs to pay more attention to their membersn then subjects like this..hell you said they contacted you after you put up the site 2-3 days later I can't even get them to respond to my questions that quickly....

Comment #11

At least it shows that your site was popular for the small amount of time it was up there. xD.

But yeah, owning that domains not worth the hassle...

Comment #12

I was a bit surprised at first, but after reading the entire email. I could only come to the conclusion that they have a software built to do just that catch domain name with there ebay name in it. Because they fould my site very fast and I didn't promote it, nor link it any where...

Comment #13

A few of the major TM holders regularly scan for fresh regs that violate their TMs. I've heard stories of people getting C&D's the same day they reg'd the name. Shame though... the name is nice...

Comment #14

Just let it expire.

You wont be contacted again..

Comment #15

I would suggest you make sure it is really ebay. I have had people claiming to be someone and asked them to send all legal forms etc to my house and I will have my lawyer look at it and advise me what to do. Lets just say I never heard back from them people saying to hand over the domain and never got anything so make sure first. Tell them you are not saying your not going to give it up just want to make sure it is them or something...

Comment #16

And they're not going to refund you just because you regged a domain name.

That infringes a trademark. Consider yourself lucky if they do...

Comment #17

Ya, uh-huh. In the meantime, eBay, WIPO, nobody - ever bothers THESE kinds of FSE (Fake Search Engine) company guys:

Again, what gives?!..

Comment #18

Dnquest is right..

The **** 'right' has been around for ages.

Have you seen ? .

It is called freedom of speech and NO ONE can touch them...

Comment #19

I have a name similar to the domain in the op parked for months and no C&D letters yet. Plus, it used to be a site at one time...

Comment #20

They should add more info to that site. Ive seen piracy sold on ebay thou the seller did not say it I know it was piracy I told ebay all they did was remove the auction and the seller had about 20 other auctions still up (I know piracy when I see it + they were unreleased dvd's and it even had quality rating).

Same as rippoffs of movies in the form of the psp format mp4.

I really like the domain name ****

Any claim from ebay with that name you could say it's ****e bay..

Comment #21

A lawsuit on what grounds? The domain looks like it would be for an organization of ebay sellers. That's fair use. I see ebay in a lot of unrelated sites. Hmm?..

Comment #22

I would tend to agree. You would think they would want such a site? As long as it doesn't outright pretend to be an actual ebay run website.

Then again some corporations get their panties in a bind over just about anything...

Comment #23

Someone's got their hands full probably just sending C&D's. domaintools shows 5025 current domains registered that start with "ebay". Probablly just as many containing it and typos as well.

Comment #24

GoDaddy is not 100% responsible for regging the name. They are not even 1% responsible. Whoever regged the name (you, me) is responsible, and fully liable. Of course, IMHO only. I agree with Dave Zan.


Comment #25

You can cancel to domain within your account manager to speed the process up a bit. They will not issue a refund for this domain name. Why should they? However, If eBay issues a WIPO you will also be charged another $29.95 (non refundable) fee, it's in the TOS and there is nothing you can do about it.

Just cancel the domain and 30 days later it will disappear.

Best wishes,.


Comment #26

Egaytrustedsellers - buy that.

Yeh as everyone else is saying. No point in getting into a law suit for the sake of $9? Which I would ask GoDaddy back for, maybe even ask for more..

Comment #27

Well.....How much money do you have? Ebay has alot. Enough to bankrupt you in a heartbeat. Its not like the domain itself is worth a fortune. I have received letters from Amazon and I turned the domain over> FAST! These comapnies have large departments devoted to protecting their brands, just as they should. If you had a company and a bunch people were diluting your name with parked pages you would not be happy. Not saying you would cause any harm to their name, but it goes with the territory.

Or ask them for 20 bucks.....

Comment #28

Everyone is assuming that this cat is going to go down in flames. Nice. Anyway, just make up another account with your registrar and transfer it to that account and be done with it.

Has anyone seen a spine lately?..

Comment #29

Ebay really doesn't have to look far for violators..

I scanned ebay itself and came across these active auctions... Item 190007737156. Item 190007737683. Item 330006269968. Item 220005367874..

Comment #30

Big companies like eBay can just afford to throw their weight around on things like this, remember the MikeRowSoft case?..

Comment #31

I see that microsoft has the domain now. How did that come about?..

Comment #32

Just because you transfer the domain, you are still liable for the initial registration, so transferring won't let you off the hook if a company wants to make an example out of an obvious squatter...

I have clothes on my spine, listening to some of things you have offered as "advice" will cause some people to have no clothes to cover thier spine... Maybe you could do a search...... first off, "similar or confusingly similar", then "unfair competition", then "deceiving ebay customers".... and there would be much more. So the basis is pretty straight forward...

Yes, there is fair use, but the OP didn't mention any "fair uage" intent for the domain. He does claim that he had an "original idea"... I would bet the "original idea" has to do with making money using the ebay name.......

Comment #33

Absolutely agree I also had one ebay DN, it was just a waste of money..

Comment #34

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