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My question is Easy Nutrisystem recipes for one? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question I got... HAPPY NEW YEAR FLUFFIES.

(ok so not for another couple of hours but close enough).

A brand new year for each of us - how will we fill it - what will the new year bring... All of these are unknowns for us to a great degree at this moment. Things can change in an instant - we've all had experience with that... We do however have the choice of being happy, striving for peace and contentment, and choosing to live wisely especially when it comes to food and exercise. What's your choice....

The Wt. Loss Minute By Linda Spangle, RN, MA.

> Author: 100 Days of Weight Loss.



> Great idea: Be kind and gentle when you talk to yourself.


> My friends daughter just had a baby girl. This cute miniature.

> person sleeps a lot, and doesnt seem to be contributing much to.

> society..


> In fact, at times, shes rather noisy as she cries, burps, and.

> messes her diapers. She still hasn't learned how to clean her own.

> room or give her mother compliments..


> Yet in spite of all her 'faults,' we love this baby a lot. We.

> hold her gently, and tell her how wonderful she is and how.

> grateful we are that shes brightened our world. We dont seem to.

> mind that she goes through her days without accomplishing.

> anything..


> Why you are valuable.


> Do you ever have days when you feel invisible and unimportant in.

> this world? Maybe your weight-loss efforts arent getting.

> anywhere, and you think youre a failure. Perhaps you believe.

> that you dont deserve to be at a healthier weight..


> But wait! Just like my friends new daughter, you became an asset.

> to the world from the time you entered this earth as a tiny baby..

> You are valuable because you EXIST..


> Its so easy to lose sight of this and start thinking your worth.

> is based on how much you weigh or how you look. But just like.

> that baby, your true value doesnt come from the wonderful things.

> you do, the children you raise, or the business you run. Your.

> value comes from being YOU..


> Talk to a child.


> Picture yourself down on your knees in front of a small child. As.

> you look this child in the eye, you might say, The fact that you.

> ate candy before dinner or broke your toy doesnt change who you.

> are. You are still valuable regardless of what you did..


> Now treat yourself with the same tenderness and respect as you.

> would that child. In your mind, use a very gentle tone of voice.

> and remind yourself that you are valuable because you are alive..


> Practice holding your head up high and telling yourself, Im.

> important, Im valuable, I count in this world. When you believe.

> in yourself based on who you are inside, you strengthen your.

> self-confidence in all aspects of your life..


> Success somewhere.


> Sometimes when you get overwhelmed in life, everything can seem.

> to go wrong at the same time. Because work has been crazy for.

> weeks, your exercise plan falls apart..


> Your house is a disaster and you keep ordering pizza because you.

> cant get to the grocery store. On top of everything else, your.

> car breaks down and you dont know where youll get the money to.

> fix it..


> During times like this, figure out how to get success somewhere.

> by making progress in ONE area of your life. Choose a place to.

> start and pick out one task you know you can accomplish..


> For example, maybe you could get back to your exercise program by.

> doing a ten-minute walk after you get home from work. That small.

> success motivates you to eat something healthy for dinner..

> Suddenly you feel stronger about planning changes at work that.

> will help cut your stress..


> Dont assume you need to fix all areas of your life at once. You.

> just need to get ONE thing to work. From that one tiny success,.

> your energy will overflow into other areas, helping you improve.

> them as well..


> Any time you have a day when nothing goes right, simply break the.

> pattern. Choose one small activity or task you know you can do.

> well, then do it. Once you finish, commend yourself mentally,.

> then move on to another goal..


> Each time you successfully complete a task, you reinforce a.

> belief that you can do more. After you achieve a few small.

> successes, you will find it easier to sustain momentum with your.

> other goals..

I hope this resonates with some....

On our Dec. bb there were comments and questions recently concerning getting back on track and stopping the endless mindless eating eating eating pattern. I believe that our Fluffy Frog addressed the issue very well. Thank you Marie. Her comments follow:.

Andrea: OMG I asked the same question 2 days ago when struggling to get back on an healthy path......

First I will tell you: STOP using the word BAD....beating yourself wont help and you know it....change your dialogue like: ok I am not perfect today but I will do better....

What motivates one can be so different....can you remember your motivations when you first decide to start this journey?.

Can you remember your feelings when you get it right for a while?.

They say that practice makes it easier!!!! Sometimes we just dont feel to eat healthy but when we persist and feel the rewards of self-discipline it makes it a little easier each day...

And yes, there are these days that we are not perfect....we are just human but the trick is to get disciplined as soon as possible....A thing I still have to learn....

You have many friends here that will take more care of their health....and you can be part of it.... Just begin with what you can do, like eating well, and then add what is more difficult like exercise, begin with the the week-ends and then add some when you can....Do it in a gentle way..

Another important thing is to know our weakness, when and why to we lose it. I know that I am always strong until 4:00pm if I dont have a nice dinner and snack in the evening I will be very frustrated....and DH's days off are very challenging too....

Writing that to you is what I have learned in all these years in these BBs....and I am still learning cause I am very stubborned with some habits....

And never forget that you have done it before and you can do it again with lessons learned, and other lessons to come....

Ok I will get off the soap boxe, too many bubbles now....

And so we begin a new month as well as a new year... Fill it as you will but please do it wisely with an eye on your health. Remember to DRINK your water, THINK before you eat, and MOVE your body every day and use soft eyes - forgive yourself for indiscretions but don't let them rule your days....

All are invited and welcome to join us. We keep it positive with no drama and come here to chat, support, laugh, share, and help each other as well as to say hello to some valuable parts of our everyday life - our Fluffy Friends - so join us won't you.....

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1


Becky - as Usual you provide us with such thought provoking words. Thank you so much for that!!!.

Norah - I am hoping to start over tomorrow as well!! I am trying to decide if a ticker would make me more accountable!.

Hope all have a good night!!..

Comment #2

I'm being a real party pooper as I'm going to bed before 8 o'clock. Thought I'd pop in one last time and what a nice Jan. '11 start, Becky. You are always the keeper of your flock and it is so appreciated. Happy New Year my special friend..

Marie, I like...and agree...with all you had to say and thank you for that. Happy New Year, our froggie!.

Norah, thanks for your comments from the end of Dec. string and Happy New Year!.

Oh Harley...ready to sign off and see you here too...Happy New Year!.

Too tired to say more but Happy New Year to those who follow. Love you fluffs!!!..

Comment #3

Happy New Year to all!.

We're celebrating on East coast time so we don't have to stay up too much longer!.

See you next year!..

Comment #4

Ho-Ho-Ho and away we go!.

The house is sold, our debt is gone (once the check clears), and the house is clean! Pretty much a clean slate except for eating healthy which we will recommit ourselves to tomorrow. (there are too many parties today.) I'm unusually optimistic (for someone of Scots/German ancestry) that this will be a good year! So we will continue our prayers for those who need them, serve our community and the Lord, and realize that if we don't take care of ourselves physically, we can't do any of those other things!.

Love you all and Chris I think this year you can be forgiven for not being a party animal!!! And here we go....

Comment #5

Happy New Year! Great way to begin a new year, Ms. Becky and Marie. Thank you for your wise words..

Wishing each of us moment to moment healthy choices and when we falter not to go into a downward spiral for long. It has always been the string of unconscious days that gets me into trouble..

I'm not into resolutions as they say most are broken by Valentine's Day. What I am into is trying to treat myself with the same loving kindness that I try to extend to others..

So... my wish for each of us in this brand new year is to have fun, laugh hard enough to need a change of panties, say, "Thank you" when someone offers a compliment and not deflect it, offer compliments to others that are heart-felt, say, "Yes" to the life that we have been given and move out of the energy of being in the one perhaps "wished for," be spontaneous when we can be, cross a few things off of our bucket list, have adventures, tap into our creative sides, make an amends, forgive and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! (Just to name a few..


I know I am not here often yet I do check in when I'm able. Take gentle care and find something today to truly smile about. Those are the wrinkles so well earned..

Happy 2011 friends!.

P.S. Life is good... we are healthy and well, enjoying our grandies, time spent together, our three pups, cozy fires, playing in the snow, a warm house and warm hearts... now, that's living...

Comment #6

Good Morning dear Fluffy Friends.....

Like Chris, I went to bed fairly early and was asleep before 11 - heard a few loud noises (probably gun shots) at midnight and drifted right back off... I'm such a party animal you know....

Thanks to each of you for your kind words about the new thread... Always know I'm talking to myself as well - stumbling and falling face forward recently... but as we are all saying "here's to a new beginning" - never to late to begin. I heard those words yesterday from my DM and my aunt in reference to a conversation about my always wanting to be an

Good words you gave us Norah - Happy New Year to you and Tom and many wonderful adventures in that new RV....

Happy New Year Chris - hope you rested well - prayers continue for a quick fix and recovery for you my sweet friend....

Ah Harley - Happy New Year to you and Jim - know that this will be a wonderful year for the 2 of you and we'll have to plan another get together. friend...

Marie - dear Frog - may this year be a much better one for you and your Michael....Happy New Year....

Joanne - love the ocean wave graphic - just wonderful - Happy New Year to you and your DH - may your adventures be many....

Happy New Year Leslie - and what a way for you and Pat to be able to begin this new year - how fantastic is that and may it continue in this vein.....

Joanie - don't see you often enought but do understand...Wise words as always from you and much appreciated.. Do wish you and Richard a Happy New Year and some lovely times in your beautiful Red Rock area....

Donna - may you and Willi enjoy many more travels in this new year - Happy New Year to you .... hope your DB is healing well..

Susan55 - Happy New Year - here's to a wonderful 2nd year of retirement for you with time for Sal and of course Kaden and great adventures....

Andrea - wishing you and Ethan a great and Happy New Year and may it be as successful as you chose it to be.....

Cath - Happy New Year to you and Jake and your other furr babies - may it be drier for you and full of laughter....

SusanM - Happy New Year to you and Rueben - here's to a fantastic year filled with love and laughter....

Missing Sheryl, Camille, Pam, Teresa and many others - Happy New Year to each of you - hoping it will be a good one with lots of laughter and good things....

I'll go get DM later to come have lunch with me - cooked some veggies and pork in the crock pot last night... other than that doing little today - gave myself permission to take the day off and just relax and watch the gaggle have fun and play......

Comment #7


Fluffies - we actually stayed up til Midnight!! That was nice - not that we intentionally planned on it but still nice. We were in bed shortly after midnight and a friend from work texted me HAPPY NEW YEAR - how funny!.

I am watching HGTV - they have yard crashers on and are making a Rose Parade back yard - really cool!!.

Chrissy - Hardly a party pooper - it was midnight somewhere!! You need to take care of you Sister!! Hoping you can rest comfortably this weekend !! Please take care of you!.

Marie - I agree - Lets Defluff!! I am ready for this!!.

Joanne - I love that graphic! Hope you and DH have a wonderful day!.

Leslie - Oh how exciting - good for you and Pat - you so deserve this! Did you get to the dance last night?.

Joanie - As usual it is so good to see you and read your words of wisdom!.

How is the new pup doing?.

Becky - I have always said you should be an author. You have such a way with words and the amount of reading you do would be so helpful!!.

Okay - Now the HGTV Float show is on - how cool!! I think the Rose Parade will be commercial free - how exciting! I remember watching the Macy's parade and apparently chose the wrong network presentation of it. The Purdue University Marching Band was to be the lead band - We barely saw the band and then a commercial.

I am going to take the tree down today. The Great room will get back to being normal! Looking forward to that!.

Fluffies - Enjoy the day! Take the opportunity to realize we can start over any day but Today is the First day of the new year and what a great time to start over!! We CAN DO IT and mostly because WE ARE WORTH IT!!!..

Comment #8

Happy New Year Fluffs!!!.

Bring on the defluffing!!!!.

Yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #9

Morning Harley and Annie...

I just went and got DM - she's doing her laundry and we're going to watch the launch of the OWN network in a few minutes... have lunch when we choose and do little.....

Comment #10

Becky, What a wonderful roll call and I can't think of a thing to add to it except enjoy your day off & lunch with your DM!.

Harley, yep, today is a great day to start! Feb 3rd is Chinese New Year (we go from Tiger to Rabbit) and I'm determined to start.


Year right back at or even a little below my goal weight..

I'm hovering 6 pounds above my goal weight post vacations & holidays. Basically, I'm going back to all the stuff that worked when I lost down to goal weight. Recommitting to exercise as well. The one other thing I'm going to do is to log every bite I take this week, just to get back into the groove. So, that's the plan & I'm sticking to it! 6 pounds may not seem like that much, but it is just too easy to keep creeping further up if I don't get serious about it. And, I had promised myself when I got to goal not to get more than 5 lbs.

Youngest DD's flight to Detroit from Wisconsin was cancelled yesterday & everything else going out was booked, so she drove the 3 hours to Minnesota with 4 mo. old DGS Thursday night to catch an early morning flight out. She's staying with her older sis & family - lots of laughter in the background when I spoke to them, so it's safe to assume everyone was having a good time. Her DH stayed back in Wisconsin to work on getting the house up for sale. Hoping the weather behaves for her on Monday when she flies/drives home!.

No big plans for us today. Alabama plays Michigan State in Orlando at noon, so we plan to watch the game, although I'm a little torn who to root for since I'm originally from Michigan. We've had a lot of wind, rain, & thunder since late last night and we'll likely total 3 or 4" of rain by mid-day - our area is on a flash flood watch. Hope it's not all ice as temps drop way down tonight. We enjoyed walking about 2 miles around the neighborhood yesterday - it was partly sunny & 70F - so lots of neighbors out in their yards taking down the Christmas decorations before the rains hit. Our other fun yesterday was to replace the ballast in a ceiling light fixture - oh yeah, we are the fun couple for sure!.

Happy New Year and wishing you all the best!..

Comment #11

WoW Joanne - you guys are just party animals aren't you - sounds like my house.. LOL Your Chinese New Year determination will be right on spot.... you'll do it!!!!!.

Stay dry - we've got yucky rain here and overcast as well and the cold weather returns tomorrow... ah well - it is January in northeastern KY....

Comment #12

Annie - Happy New Year to you and your DH!! Any Plunger therapy for him in the new year??.

Joanne - sounds like a plan to me!! Glad you daughter got to her Sis's safely. I am watching the Mich State / Alabama game - WOW ! Talk about a thrashing!! Hoping the floods stay away from your area!.

Becky - Say Hi to you Mom for me!! Enjoy the afternoon! We are back to being very chilly here but have sunny skies!.

I am debating doing some shopping but may just stay home and enjoy the quiet time..

I have been busy - the Christmas decorations are down and packed away. I began last week getting used to more discipline in my eating - recording what I consume. My big problem is drinking the water. It is hard while working - no to drink the water but to get to the bathroom. We have to log out in Break Mode to "legally use the bathroom" then they get upset if we have too much break time. Insane!!! I am going to start doing what I need to do though!!! Need to get the water in as well - I know that is where I fail miserably.

Later Ladies !!..

Comment #13

We had a nice lunch, DM finished her laundry, it's getting colder out and raining so she wanted to go home before it got any later or worse - so delivered her home safely and I'm done for the day....

So how's your New Year's Day going Fluffs?..

Comment #14

So who's winning Harley - I saw on FB daughters of some close friends in TX posting ROLL TIDE - their DF (the preacher of our congregation in Houston and DH's close friend) is a graduate of their.... I'm so staying in - not one peep of sun in sight here today....

I'm working on getting the water back to the point I need - started a couple of days ago but not being extremely successful as yet.....

Comment #15

Good Afternoon Fluffies -.

Or it will be by the time I get this posted..

Becky - Another wonderful start to the month. Maybe you best. I think the best thing we can do is be kind to ourselves during this journey to health and life in general. Have a wonderful lunch with your DM and enjoy your kick back day..

Marie - You words really resonated with me. Have you been peeking into my psychi? In fact am going to print them out and tack them to my bathroom mirror to remind me every day. I am also counting on you to keep reminding us of them..

It was wonderful seeing Joanie pop in..

Right now I am watching the rerun of the Rose Parade. Did not get up in time to catch the original run through..

As expected there there were huge bangs (cherry bombs) set off so I kept Jake in until after it was all over. Is he one spoiled little kitty or what..

I weighed myself this morning and was pleasantly surprised as I expected the damage to be much worse. During the time I was at my sisters for Thanksgiving I gained 4 pounds. When I weighed myself just before my sister arrived I had lost them. Then I weighed the day she left and I had gained 3 pounds back. Are we seeing a trend here? I though my weight would be even higher when I weighed this morning but it was only up a few ounces. Woohoo! Especially since I have been finishing up all the left overs from Xmas.

I hope all the Fluffs have a great day...

Comment #16

Good for you Cath - that's really good.... and thank you... Oh good that Jake stayed in while the twits were celebrating - guess that's not nice just have never understood why loud noises are needed to celebrate the beginning of a year... Am I the only one?.

Enjoy the parade.....

Comment #17

Becky - All the Big Ten schools are getting beat - Michigan State is getting slaughtered 42 - 0!! I am with you on not understanding the loud noises to celebrate the New Year!! Working on my laundry as well!.

Cat - Congrats on doing so well! I enjoyed the parade - HGTV had it commercial free and it was wonderful. Really enjoyed the short segment they had on the construction of the floats..

Need to go drink one LARGE glass of water!!..

Comment #18

Becky, Alabama is 42 to nothing at the start of the 4th quarter. I like the scheduled fireworks to celebrate, but don't care for noise just for the sake of noise - like the gunfire..

Harley, Yeah, Michigan State is taking a real beating today!.

Good on you Cath for keeping the pounds off during the holiday! That's really great!.

I'm always good on water intake if I count the water I put in the coffee machine every day..

Comment #19

FYI it's sierra mist with cranberry splash and a cherry in the glass....

Sounds like the Crimson Tide is indeed rolling - guessing my friends are quite happy this afternoon....

I've got a bottle of water beside me now as well.....

Yeah - the gunfire stuff is just so not necessary.... noise for noise

Harley - sent you an email.....

Comment #20

The parade was great as usual. Perfect weather of course..

For loud noises 4th of July is the worst. It's not the day of the fourth the irritates me. It is the 2 - 3 weeks prior to that people feel they have to set off illegal fireworks. My neighbors poor dog, Sally, becomes a nervous wreck...

Comment #21

Well not really. Only between Xmas and New Year. The week before and during Xmas I did gain. I say it is all my sisters fault..

Well Wisconson hasn't played yet. Which brings up a subject that irritates the you know what out of me. The new bowl picking system the started using a few years ago. The Rose Bowl had always been the winner of the Pac 10 against the winner of the Big 10. I hate that they changed that. And what is with the Rose Bowl not even being on a regular tv channel. It has been relegated to cable now? OK ..rant over...

Comment #22

Not as much as I would have like to. I would have been thrilled it I had stayed even. Oh well..

Since I count the water in Crystal Light I don't see why not in coffee..

A couple of years ago the local police had a big campaign against gun fire. Reminding people, who I guess are not smart enough to figure this out for themselves, that what goes up eventually comes down. They did not have it this year probably because of budget cuts. Although I would hope it is because people learned the lesson...

Comment #23

As part of a four year agreement with the Bowl Championship series, ESPN has exclusive rights to the Rose Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl and BCS championship through 2014. I think the Rose Bowl has been on ABC for the past 20 years. All about the $$$ for sure. I think it's a shame that a.

State university.

Bowl game isn't shown on free tv. Yeah, I'm done now too..

Comment #24

Gals - I was equally upset when the Rose Bowl was not the winner of the Pac 10 and Big 10 - I wondered what was up with that? Glad they reverted to that and yes it is too bad that is all about the $$$$..

Being in the midwest I would love to see at least one Big Ten school win a bowl game..

Hope all are enjoying the day! It is bery dark out already - looks lovely in.


Comment #25


It has been really busy at theis household trying to keep up with meals and being Nurse maid to my dear brother who is in alot of pain with his surgury. He tries to be tough but I know his facial features show differently..

No gym for me the last couple days and Thank God my scale seems to be stuck rather than going up after all the holiday festivites...........however my scale is up from my goal and this year will be bringing it back down....probably not as low as it once was as I think it was to low for me.........but will surely need to get these unwanted pounds off.......I will be starting the new meltdown at the gym so that will also inspire me to be accountable............that is really what it boils down to for of late have not been accountable other than myself and that doesn't work well for me..

Thanks for the wonderful new year start Becky..........and it is good to see Joanie and Marie back among us...........Waving to all the Fluffs and sending lots of love your way............May it be the best year ever for all of you..

Love and Hugs..

Comment #26

Beckythanks for the well wishes and of course for the wise words. And thanks for sharing Marie's words too. All very good!!.

I have been busy with the grandies and a little bargain shopping spree with a friend who I go with yearly during Christmas breakfun times!!..

Comment #27

Fighting a terrible cold. 3 of the grandies spent the night last night as I volunteered to babysitremembering how hard it was to find a babysitter on New Year's Eve. When they left at noon today, I went straight to bed. I hope it clears up tomorrow. I really need to go to work on Monday. I have all new classes to start the semester and it is important to set the tone on the first day.

K-State kind of got robbed...did anyone see the end of that game?.

I am up 3 pounds!! Not surprising. I have not even tried for the entire break!Back to it on Monday! I want to be down 40 by March 1!!.

Can't do a roll call right now, but wanted to wish all the Fluffs a very HAPPY New Year!..

Comment #28


How's everyone? It's cold here but beautiful sunshine - you'd think it was spring if it wasn't cold... Back from morning services a short time ago and planning a lovely afternoon with my book (Alex Cross mystery).....

What's everyone else up to?.

SusanM - feel better - lots of naps today for sure... Glad you got some fun in with your friend and of course shopping.... plus more grandie time... How 'bout the furniture shopping? Anything good? I also saw on FB that your DD arrived safely in India... Good goal for you on the 40 lbs....

Hi Donna - guessing you are very busy right now - hope your brother starts having less pain soon - my understanding is that's about the most painful surgery around... Enjoy your Sunday afternoon and of course you'll get some lbs back down and be working out at the gym again.... You are so good at that....

Do hope each of you is enjoy a lovely afternoon and maybe some quiet time relaxing......

Comment #29

Afternoon Fluffies!!.

Becky - our weather is quite similar - beautifully sunny but COLD!! Have not heard if we will get snow this week or not.We are going to go plug my dryer vent - somehow the little flappy vents came off it - Jim has me concerned there may be critters in it - I know - Thanks a bunch!!.

Annie - hmmmm - makes me think you are a Pitt fan! LOL!! I am a Bears fan - I will cheer for the INDY Colts unless they are playing the Bears..

Hope all are enjoying the day!!.

Take care Fluffies!!..

Comment #30

Goodmorning Fluffs and Happy New Year!.

It's raing here in Groveland... we woke up to a dusting of snow again yesterday... We had a fun NY eve, we went to friends of Paul and CIndee and there was karoke so guess who had the mic in his/her hand for a good part of the evening? Sal of course, we all sang and had a great time... it was a mixture of peeps of all ages...Yesterday we just stayed home, cooked watched football and a movie The Hurt Locker, we played Pedro too.. and I think more of the same for today the guys have the football on already...

Cindee made some thing I've never had and that's celery root... you peel it and cut it up and steam it right along with your potatoes and mash it with your mashed taters and it's delicious.. you can also just mash the celery root and eat that as mashed potato and it's veggie not a good....

Today is the last day of our visit, we head back to SF tomorrow and Sal and I along with Cindee and Paul are going to do a 6 week challenge.. they have the book the 6 week body make over and we're going to try and follow that..

Susan M hope you feel better soon and so happy your DD is safe and sound in India... hope fully she e-mails you soon with details of her trip so far....

Hope all have a peaceful Sunday, just going to be a lazy lay around kind of day here...hugs, Susan..

Comment #31

Hi All ~.

Kim, my oldest DD, and her family is dropping Kelly, my youngest DD off as they head back from 5 days in the mountains with lots and lots of snow. Will get to see my grandies for a quick visit, but I'm not good company for little ones right now. Kelly said it was snowing when they left...not surprised as it's so cold here and heater blasting away and I'm under blankets. My best friend who I've known for over 30 years is coming over soon to visit so I'm looking forward to that. She's the OR RN Coordinator I've mentioned before and if I have my surgery at my hospital, she'll of course be in the operating room, as she was when I had the TKR surgery. It's reassuring to know she will be there...I really don't want to go to a hospital out of my neck of the woods but will do what needs to be done..

Don't have much energy to say more or mention anybody but I am reading and thinking of each of you and wanted to pop in and say hi ....hope all is well and having a good start to the new year...

Comment #32

It is a 'balmy' 27 degrees - but beautifully sunny! Jim discovered the dryer vent is not attached to the outside SO If something did pull the little leuvers off the vent - that something is in the crawl space!! so we put a plastic cup in the opening - if it comes out it means there was something in the crawl. I have never gone into my crawl and never intend to go into the crawl.. just not brave..

Susan55 - Sounds like a wonderful time with your friends!! I like the idea of the challenge between you, Sal, Cindee and Paul! Good luck on that!.

Chrissy - I am so happy that your best friend will be in the OR with you. I sure understand what you are saying about being out of your neck of the woods. I had all 3 babies at the hospital my DM and I worked at mainly because I knew so many of the nurses. Adds a comfort level to what you will be going through. Continued Prayers for you!!.

Annie - Your Steelers are doing well so far!.

Becky - how is the book? Quiet time with the gaggle? Edgar is in the recliner and Josey keeps starring at me - I think she wants to lounge on my lap!.

Camille - Hoping all is well with you and your son!.

Marie - is Michael working today?.

SusanM - Glad your daughter made it to India ! Wishing her safe travels and a safe time there..

Donna - How is DB? Hoping he is doing well !.

Cat - Still Chilly there ? I have also wondered if the water in Crystal Light is something we can count - why can't we count Coffee. Crystal Light seems to have a diuretic effect on me - more so than coffee!.

Joanne - Hope you are having a wonderful day!! Today's paper said the Michigan coach may be on his way OUT!! Interesting - sure wish the Purdue team would lose their football coach - he is definitely out of his league in the Big Ten conference!!.

Pam - hope all is well with you! I am very proud of you for how well you are doing!.

Andrea - How was New Years Eve? When does Ethan go back to school?.

Leslie - Certainly hope you are able to relax a bit!!.

Well - going to watch the Colts playing since we can't get the Bears game on the tube!..

Comment #33

Harley, I'm relaxing watchin Eagles score over Dallas!.

Kids, Pat got home late on Friday night and we ran to the dinner dance. Never made it to the Russian's party, but it was okay as we went last night instead (they were still partying!.

) I'm telling you, ain't no party like a Russian party! Dancing, live music, strange food (I was good aside from a shot of VERY good vodka). We literally had to beg for an hour and a half to go home (we were leaving early (midnight.

) as I had to be up at 6 and out to read the scriptures at the 8 am church service. Of course, this was all on top of having the kids and grandies over for an early afternoon dinner. The nice thing is today we went to church early, out with the usual breakfast crowd and I've been importing the last of my CDs into iTunes and watching football all afternoon. I'm hoping to finish this project and take all the CDs to a used music shop and sell them. Eventually, I'll do the same with the vinyl albums and cassettes I've been converting. I must admit digital format takes up a LOT less storage space!.

Chrissy, praying for good news for you tomorrow..

Annie I missed the final score!.

Becky, your rain finally made it here and the temp. is dropping rapidly. Glad we're not going out any time soon!.

Donna, hoping your brother is using LOTS of ice! Been there repeatedly with shoulder surgery for both Pat and me, and ice is definitely his friend!.

SusanM feel better soon! That's no way to start a new semester!.

Susan55 what's Pedro?.

Joanne, all straight in the studio yet? (That's part of why I am working on all the itunes stuff - need more room for photos!).

Marie - wise words that we are taking to heart as of today!.

Camille, Sheryl, Norah, missing you, and all the rest of the missing fluffs...

Comment #34

Cat I have a hard time on the sympathy front when you complain it's cold! LOL! But I'll work on it. Hope the New Year will treat you warmly!..

Comment #35

Lselie- wouldn't you say a recliner could be Donna's DB's best friend - it sure was my best friend after my shoulder surgery..

My brother has shoulder surgery -smilar to mine but no stainless steel in his shoulder or muscle tear repairs - so I told him to SUCK IT UP!!! LOL!!!.

Ice is good!!.

Sounds like the Russians know how to party!!!.

Donna did your brother get a cyrotherapy cuff for his shoulder? That was wonderful for me!!.

Enjoy the day!!!..

Comment #36

Yep, you're right Peg, a recliner is a wonderful thing, but I don't think I could have survived without ice. (Whereas with the first surgery I didn't have a recliner at the time!)..

Comment #37

Sounds like most of our Fluffs are home and relaxing and getting things in order for the new week to begin.... Yep me too....

Good to see all of you guys popping in and out......

As always let's keep it positive, shall we? Drink Think Move and Smile....

It does help......

Comment #38

Fluffies - have had a wonderful afternoon - Manicure - nice and relaxing even if I did it myself. I have been very negligent in tending to them!!.

Glad all the Fluffs are enjoying themselves - or hope you all are anywhere!!.

I am so excited - one more day off of work!! Yippee!!!..

Comment #39

Ok - STEP ONE - I just emptied all the candy dishes in the house and bagged it up along with some snack stuff from the kitchen....

Good for my start.....

What are you doing for STEP ONE?..

Comment #40

Ummmmm - Does Bagging Jim count as Step ONE?? He likes to give me treats- for instance- don't you want some of the Chocolate I brought home from London?? NO..

Comment #41

Good evening Fluffs. We have been busy all weekend and it looks like it will continue thru Wednesday. Its all good. It keeps me out of the kitchen..

Becky my step one was to get all of the temptations out of the house as well. DH loves to snack but if they are out if sight they will be out of mind. My temptations are of the sweet variety. So those went away..

I hope you all have a great night. Will see you all tomorrow...

Comment #42

Happy Sunday night fluffs! Ran across these giant budgies invading the beach & thought I'd share.

Great grandma in Detroit got to hold the new DGS today and she was thrilled. DDs went out to shop afterwards & then dinner. DGS flies back home with DD in the morning - just hoping Minneapolis/Wisconsin weather behaves for their 3 hr. drive home!.

SusanM, hope you feel better soon!.

Chrissy, yes, being in one's own hospital certainly has a comfort factor. Let us know how it goes..

Donna, in this case, a "melt-down" sounds like just what I need!.

Becky, Step One was put the beer out to the garage frig where we wouldn't have to look at it..

Harley, re: Bagging Jim.

I guess stowing him in the garage frig wouldn't work either..

With the lowest winning percentage of any coach in Michigan football's history, well...going bye bye makes a lot of sense to me! We're looking forward to the BCS bowl - we'll be rooting for Auburn when they play Oregon!.

According toNutrisystem- caffeinated and/or sodium containing beverages don't count as your water if you want to be 100% on plan..

According to Institute of Medicine, if you are used to drinking a moderate amount of caffeinated beverages, your body has adjusted to it and you won't excrete more urine than if you abstained from them. So, basically, they are saying it's a myth that caffeinated beverages will dehydrate you..

Here's an article quoting that research.


& PubMed for anyone who wants to look more closely at this.




Crystal Lite has just 10mg sodium per 8 oz - I count it as water when I drink it..

Leslie, Russian parties do rock! I'm half Ukrainian, so I know these things - laughing here! Unfortunately, the vodka cannot be counted as water.

I think the studio will never be totally done! It is looking much better at this point tho. I might have another "girl's craft day" at my house this month and we all make jewelry so it will be more fun if I don't have to hunt for the stuff I put in some forgotten box!.

Susan55, Interesting about the celery root - I'll look for it. Hope you have a good drive back to SF..

Looked for Oprah's new network today - our cable company doesn't seem to carry it..

Waving to all of our fluffs! Hope you all had a good day!..

Comment #43

Great start Becky, as usual. Thanks. Thanks for Marie's helpful words too..

I can't believe the weekend is already over, and I'm just getting to the BB now. I had a nice time at the New Year's Eve party. I ate too much as a last hurrah before getting back on the wagon today. I made it to the grocery store to load up on better food choices, and have stuck to the plan for 2 days. I didn't get any other chores accomplished but I had good long conversations with all my immediate family members by phone, I finished a book, and I went to the theater for 2 different movies"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", and "How Do You Know." I went with Ethan to Harry Potter and with my friend Jill to the other one. I also went to the Mall with Jill and found a new coat to spend Christmas money on.

It's past my bedtime though, so I've gotta go. I have a very full day scheduled tomorrow with work and with transporting Ethan. He returns to school tomorrow, has to stay after school to complete a chemistry lab that he missed when we were on vacation, and then he has robotics in the evening. I don't know when he'll fit in dinner..

Have a good Monday!..

Comment #44

Good Morning Fluffies.............It is another cold day here and had a bit of snow last will need to go clean off the car before I start it for the gym this am...........

Thanks for the thoughts about my DB as he is doing as good as expected and it is painful..........been doing lots of ice(Thanks Leslie) don't have a recliner but have him set up on a couch where he can sit if he chooses........or just lay back.........

Have some new classes starting at the gym today so will go see how step class goes for me as the instructor is my trainer. I am sure since Steph is such a go getter it will be a tough class........will let ya know tomorrow..

Getting some healthy foods at the store today to keep me on track better than I was over the holidays........meats and veggies and salads are my friends...........think I have convinced any one yet?? It wa basically me I was talking to............heheheheh.

Have a great day everyone and waving to all of our Fluffs..

Love and Hugs..

Comment #45

Waving hi as I am running by - heading to Breakfast with my realtor friend. Going to quiz her on the market in the area - will determine what I do with my house..

Enjoy and will be back later!!..

Comment #46

Andrea, were you and Ethan as disappointed as Pat and I in the Harry Potter?.

Donna first go-round I used a rocker and propped my feet up. There is something about that position that really eases the pain. But, w/ rocker you need lots of pillows for support!.

Becky, first step is filling water bottles and going down to gazelle which I'm gonna have to do right now! Sorry no roll call, but I just realized how late it is and I've got to take Molly to work fairly soon!.

DYW gals and have a great day!..

Comment #47

Good Morning Fluffies.

Cold one here but sun is shining.... Careful in the snow Donna....

Sounds like everyone's gearing up for the new week as well as accomplishing STEP ONE.... New determination for a new month and year.... We will accomplish what we need to do for our health and future one step at a time - 5 minutes at a time if need be....

Andrea - sounds like it was a very good weekend for you - hope work goes well..

Let us know how the new classes work out Donna - Good that DB has you to nurse him along in the healing....

Harley - good choice on meeting with your realtor friend and explor possibilities - good for you... ummm really not sure about bagging Jim....

Leslie - have a good time with Molly's work today..... good choice on the gazelle....

Good job Norah - remember to drink your water while so busy... rv time coming up.....

Joanne - good info - thanks so much - we're all here to help each other....

The jewelry/crafting get together sounds like fun - we'll be there....

Waving to everyone who will appear.... gotta run... bbl.




Comment #48

Hi Fluffies.

And so begins day 3 of the new year. I've stuck to my eating planso far so good with that. Water and exercise have not entered the mix yet. I walked in the mall yesterdaymaybe that counts..

LeslieEthan and I were not disappointed in the Harry Potter movie. I didn't expect much, so I wasn't let down. Ethan liked it. However, I think it was very disjointed, and hard to follow if you haven't read the books or seen the previous movies recently. I'm not crazy about sequels that don't have stand-alone value, and this one was only half of a sequel at that! There were some interesting scenes though. I liked how they showed the fable of the 3 brothers..

OOPS. Gotta go. I should have a client here by now...

Comment #49

Afternoon all.

STEP TWO - I went to Curves this morning and worked out...

Dropped off the 'junk' I cleaned out of my kitchen at DM's - she'll share it with her neighbors - most of them are skinny..... and I'm on my 2nd 16 oz of water now... Food not quite as good but getting there....

I unfortuantely have a colonoscopy scheduled for next week - can you say YUCK... I'm behind on scheduling it - last one was over 8 yrs ago and I'm on the every 5 yr of sooner schedule as DF and his DB had colon cancer. YEH I Know but I'm doing it now.... all is well....

Hi Andrea - good for you on the eating - the water and exercise will follow....

Have a good afternoon....

Need to get to work now - bbl..

Comment #50

BeckyWTG with getting back to Curves, and drinking your water. If both of us could put together our efforts of the last 2 days we'd be 100%! Woo-hoo! That's teamwork!.

Good job with getting the colonoscopy scheduled too. I just scheduled my mammo...

Comment #51

Good Afternoon Fluffs -.

Today was my first day back at work after 2 weeks. Booooo. It sure was hard to get up this morning especially since it is, cold, gloomy, and raining..

Yesterday I went for my Xmas exchange lunch with my BFF. I was very nice. After lunch we went brousing through an antique store. They had many Xmas things on sale for 75% off but I was a good girl and resisted..

Well...........wishing all the Fluffs a great day...

Comment #52

Cath, you really do have my sympathy now. That's a real whammy, cold, rainy AND work. That stinks! Hope it gets better, though clearly you had a victory of the wallet to be happy about!.

Back from working Molly. The old folks were really glad to see her as we hadn't made it last week due to the snow storm and high winds..

I'm 100% today so far, including exercise and have already consumed all the required water. And, I must admit, I'm feeling pretty good!.

Andrea, of course the mall walk counts!.

Becky, good for you making that appointment, going back to Curves, drinking your water and getting the junk food out of the house! You're well on your way again! Wooooo hoooo!!!.

Guess it's gonna be the best year ever!..

Comment #53

Afternoon Fluffies!!.

Had a nice visit with my realtor friend - things are selling but not at necessarily good prices. Told her what I was wanting to do yet at my house and my thoughts on renting it to my best friend. My BF's house has some serious mold issues going on and I worried for her health..

After breakfast I went to where my BF works and invited her for supper. Tonight will be a yummo supper. BF always tells me I need to open a restaurant - she even came up with a name for it years ago - My Best Friend's Kitchen. I would enjoy that but not sure about it. We will exchange Christmas presents as well..

Leslie- Oh I so agree - LOTS of pillows if in anything but a recliner. I spent many nights sleeping in it as well. Good for you on water intake and exercise!! Just checked before posting and see you are already 100% on your water!!.

Becky - Congrats on going to Curves!!! Good for you on scheduling the Colonoscopy - really the prep is the worst part of it - I did not believe people who told me that but it really was!!.

I am sending the candies I made into work with Jim. The only snacks that bother me would be regular Potato chips and I fed them to Jim over the weekend!! LOL!!.

Andrea - Christine and Brent saw Harry Potter and were not impressed with it. Yea on eating well - Great on eating well for 2 days - you are making Progress!!.

Cat - YIKES Back to work!! I have been off for 4 days and go back tomorrow - that will be rough also!! Antique stores are such fun !!.

Donna - Your step class sounds like fun - Continued thoughts for your Brother. Hope he is improving daily!.

I just found my contract for my gym - I thought I signed up for 2 years but actually it was only 1 year. There is another 'gym' in town that is also a physical therapy outlet. I am considering doing 1 of 2 things - Going there as I would get a PT /personal trainer for 2 or 3 days aweek. OR my other option is a Bow Flex Tread Climber. They are currently on sale and with what I would save from going to the gym and some money I have saved up - I would pay it off fast. Has anyone heard any good or bad about the Tread Climber?.

Better get going on supper...

Comment #54

Peg I don't know about treadclimber but when I looked them up I was thinking I personally would opt for a gym and the support rather than isolated and only one type of E. But that's just me! And wow are they expensive!.

Gals I need help from anyone not in the "techtard" boat with me. All of a sudden my HP Media laptop running Vista (I know) fails to acknowledge that I have a cd/DVD drive!!! Any clues?..

Comment #55


> My surgery tomorrow at my hospital so I'm grateful for that..

> I'm going to the hospital to pick up my surgical pack...the usual pre-op.

> stuff needs to be done chest xray, EKG, physical was done a month ago (good.

> for 6 mos pre-op) and fortunately, everything was normal in the.

> physical....just this damn infection in my knee. My phone is ringing off the hook.

> from the Ortho surgeon first thing this morning, to his scheduler, to my PCP,.

> to 3 nurses I know well at Mission saying she's already.

> working for a private room for me....who works on the floor where I'll be.

> post-op reminding me to shower with the special soap/wipes, HR, my boss, Monica.

> my OR friend, etc. I knew once the date was decided, all hell would break.

> loose and that it is. But keeps me distracted.... always a rainbow :-).

> hehe....does all the above bring back not-so-fond memories???.


> Who knows when I'll be back on the boards but I'll email you...if anything.

> from my iPhone...may not be until I get home and settled in. I will be in.

> the hospital 2-3 days..


> OK, let's bring it on! lol.


> Say a prayer....prayerS.....hugs, Chris..

Comment #56

I've only had macs for the past decade, but did you try hp support site?.

Http:// uct=3752245..

Comment #57

Thanks for the update from Chrissy, was just logging in to check!.

Another day of hanging out with the hubby here. Planning on watching another bowl game - Virginia Tech plays Stanford. Unless DH wants to watch the premiere of The Bachelor that is..

Comment #58


Got my living room cleaned - who's bright idea was it to put wood in there on the floor thinking it was easier to take care of......not....but one more time it's all swept, steam mopped, and waxed.... whew - tired now.... Everyone has had supper including me so we're ready to relax now....

I see Andrea are a team here making 100%

Good job on no purchases Cath.....

Enjoy dinner with your friend Harley.....

Enjoy that ballgame Joanne - none for me.. just some old reruns until book time for me which won't be very long now....

Have a great evening Fluffs..

Night all...

Comment #59

Laughing here & watching The Bachelor until the game starts. One of the girls is a funeral director from Chico - unless it's a different one, it's Susan55's town. I may have to hit the record button to see if she makes it in today's cut..

Have a good night fluffs!..

Comment #60

Joanne- It's true on of my daughters friends was saying on face book was talking about the show... didn't know she was a funeral director....

Becky- yeah for you getting out the junk and giving it to DM's skinny friends....

All that cleaning and steaming is good exercise...enjoy your evening and thanks for the update on Chrissy... I'll be thinking about her and praying for a quick recovery. Good for you getting the colonscopy... I must schedule my GYN appt, it's been two years.

I know I am terrible..

Andrea- I'm with you. I started today and am making a 6 week goal which brings me to Valentines Day. I'll make another goal as we'll be going to warm weather in March and want to look good in less clothing..

Leslie- it is going to be the best year ever!.

Harley- I love antique stores too... so much fun to look..

Cath- sorry you had to face the work world this morning. Love to browse those antique stores and watch antique road show... Sal and I went when they were in SF and brought some of our stuff for appraisal @ Moscone Center... we didn't have anything that was worthy of TV but it was fun being there....

Sweet dreams Fluffs, missing many Annie, Pam, Donna, Marie, Joanie, Susan M. hugs to you all. Susan..

Comment #61

Forgot to mention that my DD Marieke went for a job interview and got the job, but I can't be too positive about it and I think I sort of pissed her off when I couldn't be more positive about it.... it's selling knives...

Comment #62

Morning Fluffs.

Just a quick hello and good morning - cousin asked me to ride with her up the river on an errand - she's older and doesn't like to go any distance alone - so will be off shortly - out into the cold and sunshine....

Thinking of Chris and saying prayers.....

Hoping each of you has a fantastic day and accomplishes whatever you wish.....

Comment #63

Leslie - I was shocked at the price but have a 30% off deal - but I am not jumping at the deal either. I am going to go to the one place in town that is run by Physical Therapists before I decide on anything. I would check with the the support site Joanne listed on your computer issue - things like that are so frustrating..

Chrissy - you weren't kidding when you said it would happen fast!! Thoughts and Prayers continue for you Sweetie. I am hoping it is a comfort for you being at your hospital. Love the Positive attitude - finding the Rainbows is always good!!.

Joanne - I caught the end of the VT Tech / Stanford game. I was glad Stanford won. I have always wondered why the good looking people on Bachelor / Bachelorette need help in finding a mate. Do wonder how the guy would handle a female funeral director..

Becky - I have looked at the steam cleaners- wondered how well they cleaned. You have definitely been a busy gal!! Dinner was such fun with Theresa. Jim was a good boy - Just chuckled at our oohhing and aahhing at our gifts to each other. I still like wood floors better for cleaning up cat urp!! Have fun going "up the river" - It is quite sunny here but I know it is COLD!!! My furbabies are sleeping so it is very quiet around here..

Susan55 - Is her job with a company called Cutco? My daughter did that one summer and did quite well but it was hard work and I worried about her safety.

The company was good to her though..

I LOVE your idea of making the 6 weeks commitment - Perhaps that is what our new goal should be- it is a realstic time frame also. Just think how much better we would all look at the end of 6 weeks - VAVOOOM!!!.

Waving Hi to all our missing Flufflies!!..

Comment #64

Hi gals, one day down perfectly and Susan VD is a great goal day and perhaps your other goal should be a gyn appt before then? Sheesh, you're a nurse!.

Peg and Joanne my last resort will be HP, I always find them frustrating (though less so than other manufacturers)..

Becky have a nice day upriver!.

Andrea did you get your water in yesterday? The only way I managed to do it is fill a one qt water bottle and have it on me at ALL times! I try to drink at least three if them every day!.

Cath are you warmer today?.

Missing a LOT of Fluffs!.

Norah hope you're surviving your busy week..

Gotta run to store before racing to Scranton to work Millie get Pat's shots and run to yoga class. Have a good one all!..

Comment #65

Leslie- I hear you on calling Tech support - I try my best to NOT be that kind of tech support!!.


I have a quart glass that I use to get my water in daily - It just makes it so much easier to get it in , at least so far..

I looked into the fitness place in town - have no idea what it costs but I am worth it!! I sent them an email requesting a tour of the facility..

Have a safe trip to Scranton!!..

Comment #66

Maybe they'll give a few free visits to decide, you definitely know one thing for sure, and have it right: you are worth it!!!!..

Comment #67

We ALL ARE!!! I think we all forget that!..

Comment #68

Hey Fluffies - Have a favor to ask of all of you:.

A colleague of mine lost his 6 year old son when their vehicle was T-boned by a drunk driver. Treyton was secured in the seat but his little body could not withstand the force of the Suburban hitting his door (dad's car was a smaller SUV Saturn Vue).

Anyway - Mom and Dad are trying to get a Pepsi Grant to build a ball field in Treyton's honor. If you could go to.

And vote for him I would sure appreciate it. The family is trying to make something positive of losing their 6 year old son. THe little guy loved baseball so much they buried him in his uniform - get the tissues out ladies!!..

Comment #69

I'm back...... another beautiful day outside but heard snow is coming this weekend... oh yeah - I'm so very

OK Harley I voted. Have a good good day...

FYI - my first experience with women who run funeral homes was when Bruce died but they did a lovely job and were very helpful... Maybe strange for that bachelor person though....

Safe travels today Leslie... hope Miss Millie's work goes well......

Susan55 - glad Marieke got a job - maybe it will work out well for her....

Drive up and back was fine - we went out for brunch and then back to SS - picked up DM and took her to the pharmacy and grocery and back home....

I'm taking this afternoon off since I worked so hard yesterday - sorry to you Fluffs that are working today... Just started walking "Salt" with Angelina Jolie on PPV... bbl..

Comment #70

Good Morning Fluffies -.

Prayers being sent out to Chrissy..

Becky - Everyone who thinks the wood floors are easier are surprised when I tell them differently. My cousin just got hard wood floors. Brazilian Koa. They are absolutely beautiful. But she mentioned that her DM (who lives with her) is now spending all her time dust mopping them. And they only have one little kitty..

Susan55 - I thought about going to Antique Roadshow when it was here at LACC but it was going to be in the middle of August and I knew I would not want to stand in line in 90 or so degree heat. I guess I will just have to go on thinking that all my treasures are worth a fortune..

Leslie - Not much......the snow on the mountains is keeping it cold. It is still in the low 50's but at least it is sunny out with beautiful blue Skies..

Harley - Will most certainly vote. Evidently I have been on this site before but don't know my password. So have to wait for them to email it to me. Maybe I should write it down this time?.

I was a good girl last night and did a little WIO. Only 6,000 steps but it is a start after almost two months of not doing it. I need to get my balance board set up so that I can start doing the Wii Fit. Will work on getting at least a little exercise in every day..

Waving to all the Fluffies. Hope you have a great day...

Comment #71

Harley - I voted. Voting continues through Jan 31 and we can vote daily. If you could remind me, I will be glad to vote every day...

Comment #72

Goodmorning Fluffs,.

Sal and I did our 3 mile walk, came home and had fiber one pancakes w/sugar free syrup, fruit and morning star soy sausage...then we went and got my car smogged. Sal has a cardiology appt today@ 1:45 and then we will go to Oakley to see his son, and family to give them their Christmas gifts and then onward up to Chico.....

Cath- when we went to Antique Road show we waited in big long lines inside Moscone Center... Sal had an etched glass picture of a lady sitting in a chair which they thought was not as old as he thought it was, and little bisque bathing suit dolls which were appraised at approx. $300 each....

Becky- how did you like Salt? enjoy your day! and time with the gaggle....

Harley- I'll check into that site so sad about that 6 yo boy... nothing worse than losing a child...

Leslie- don't you know nurses are the worst at taking care of themselves? do as I say not as I do yayayaya! Enjoy your day and hope Mille does too..

Hope Chrissy is in recovery and doing as well as can be expected....

Hello to all Fluffs, have a great day. Susan..

Comment #73

Thanks Ladies- All of us are trying to get as many people to vote as possible. SO sad to lose a child and to be 2 cars behind the accident had to extra horrible for the mom!!.

Work is going well so far - first day back after 4 off makes one want to just be a sloth..

Becky - I am glad you could take the afternoon off !!! Rough day !! Thanks for voting!.

Cat - Thanks to you for voting - I will try to remind everyone to vote..

Susan55 - Thanks to you for voting as well!! I think we need to copy our Postiveness (is that a word) and reread those words when we get down on ourselves..

Enjoy the afternoon fluffies!!..

Comment #74

Evening Ladies - just enjoyed a lovely hot bath and some good book time... Susan, Salt was good - very twisting and strange but not the best I've seen....

Trust each of you is doing well this cold winter's night.....

Comment #75

Going to bed shortly to read - not much on tv tonight - well BL but just not wanting to watch it tonight so will go finish my mystery..

Have a peaceful night. Thinking of Chris and hoping for good reports.....

Comment #76

So much for getting off at my new time - LOL!!! Nearly 90 minutes over tonight. Oh well - I get paid for the time I put in. I am watching THE Ohio State Univ. football game..

I heard from the guy at the fitness place - I will give them a test drive (as he put it) on Thursday Morning. He said he promises to not kill me then -they will wait til I sign up. I like his sense of humor..

Any word on Chrissy?.

A friend of mine, Pam is her name, at work is having surgery on her arm tomorrow afternoon. A year ago this past Thanksgiving she fell while ice skating and fractured her arm in MANY Places. Tomorrow's surgery is to remove the hardware she had put into her arm. It is causing her lots of pain. She is having it done at the same orthopaedic hospital I have had my surgeries at. She will be off for 2 weeks - I told her tonight I will really miss her. She is just such a friendly person...

Comment #77

Hi ladies!.

Been going to school and coming home and going to bed. Feeling a little better tonight. I think I might make it!.

Take care Becky and will be thinking about you..

One of my resolutions was to get a mole removed off the top of my head this year. I actually made the appointment and it is next Wednesday. My hair dresser says it looks okay, but it has always bugged me and I can't see it to know if it's changing or anything..

DD got her blog set up so I can keep posted on what she's doing..

Hopefully I can get back on here tomorrow and get caught up!..

Comment #78

Susan M - good for you on your weightloss to this point. When will you find out how you pound plunge group did???.

Glad your daughter got to India fine. Hoping the time goes fast for her..

I am beat - so going to bed!!.

Night Fluffies!!!..

Comment #79

Becky, hope you enjoyed that early night!.

SusanM glad you're removing that mole for health reasons, but I can honestly say I never saw it! I'm sure you noticed the one on my cheek. I've had it removed before but it keeps coming back!.

Harley, I voted! And will again today!.

Oooops gotta run. I'm going to water arobics to start day three of being 100%! Hi to everyone I missed catch y'all later!..

Comment #80

Fluffies - Please remember to vote:.

Leslie - Have fun in Water Aerobics!! I am sensing so much dedication by each Fluff - this is Fantastic!!.

I just had breakfast, am going to do my exercises for the shoulder, some Wii and exercise ball and then head off to Bed Bath & Beyond. We got a coupon in the mail for 20% off the entire order- nice. There are a few things I was looking at there..

Hope Chrissy is doing well !!.

Waving Hi to all the Fluffies!!..

Comment #81

Email from Chris.

Beck...saws in surgery 2 1/2 hrs. and it went well. Time will tell if 2 possibly or 3 more surgeries down the road. Will be on IV antibiotics for 6 wks. In a nice private room and getting royal treatment. Will.

> probably get discharged on Fri..




Comment #82


Thanks for the Update on Chrissy - Certainly hope she will not have the 2 or 3 more surgeries but glad she is getting treated so well!..

Comment #83


Another cold one here but sun is shining brightly....

Have fun shopping Harley - hope you find some good bargains... waiting to hear - I just ordered a new set of sheets from Penneys last night - good sale on 300 count Egyptian cotton - big splurge but I love good sheets....

Susan - hope you continue feeling better and rest well.... Good for you on making that appt...

Oh yeah on the water aerobics Leslie -.

Oh yeah I voted again Harley....

Having a bit of a slow morning and glad to have it....

Would love to hear from some of the other Fluffs and know all is well...

Comment #84

Becky- I hear you on the sheets - may need to check that out also. Nothing better than nice soft sheets!! We have that new mattress that is so tall - even the sheets from my bed do not fit it..

Love the Winter Graphic -.

Thanks to all who are voting for Trey's Field!!..

Comment #85

So sorry it might take multiple surgeries for Chrissy. Many prayers being said..

Peg, I'll vote shortly!.

Enjoy your slow morning, Becky!.

I really feel good after a morning in the pool and half hour sauna! But must admit theNutrisystemsite is giving me fits! Is anyone else having problems with the logs? I cant access them at all from the iPhone app and the regular site is only allowing one exercise entry today (I want to account for my laps as well aerobics!) very annoying! Oh well, on to more projects. I'm going to try to finish converting my vinyl albums to digital in the next month or so. Later gators!..

Comment #86

Leslie - good for you on the exercise and sauna!.

Enjoy the rest of your day!.

It is certainly Quiet here !! Where are all the fluffies?..

Comment #87

Afternoon - went to the Dr. and yep just what I diagnosed - sinititus - got a ZPac and back home under my blankie...

Also picked up my prep kit for next week's wonderful happenings as well as popsicles, jello, juice, and broth - mmmmm - just can't wait...

Hey Harley - the sheets were on sale almost 1/2 price... What'd you buy today?.

Sounds like a wonderful morning to me Leslie....

Comment #88

Hi Fluffies.

ChrisIt was good to hear that your surgery went well and you are being treated well. I hope the number and severity of future surgeries is minimal..

I have still not been able to get on track. I'm back on day #1 today. sigh..

CathI haven't done the Wii for ages either. Maybe you'll motivate me..

Congrats to those of you who have managed to follow through on your resolutions for more than 2 days...

Comment #89

Andrea - Hi.

It's all ok - we're human and some of us are wired different than others - just keep starting over till it clicks. I didn't make it to Curves today either as I don't feel that well... We'll get there... Hugs......

Comment #90

Becky - Sorry you are a sick one!!! Remember the prep is the worse part! I worked out pretty good here at the house - tomorrow is my day at possibly the new fitness center. Have my cancellation letter written for the other facility..

I stayed in actually after showering and getting prettified for work - yes I work from home and only Edgar and Josey see me in the day but it is in the psyche..

I did go on line Becky and found some sheets I think I will get. Some really pretty lavender ones - the quilt on the bed has lavender in it..

Well need to pay attention to work -.

Catch ya later!!..

Comment #91

Andrea, cut yourself some slack. You work a high pressure job, are a single parent of.

A teenager, etc, etc. You have succeeded before and will again!.

Ms. Becky, feel better! I don't like it when our fluffs are under the weather!.

Harley, the sheet/quilt combo sounds pretty. I'm going to have to breakdown and think about a new spread or quilt sometime in the next year as the one we have (which I love) now has lots of pulls in the tapestry fabric. Oh well, you would think with our windfall I'd be into spending, but I'm just so afraid of ending up in debt again that I don't want to spend anything!.

Gonna call it a night. Best wishes to all the left coast fluffs, hope you're having a great day. Healing vibes to all who need them, and a hearty "where ya been?" to all the missing fluffs!..

Comment #92

Andrea - I agree with Leslie- cut your self some - heck ALOT of slack!! Look at all you do - one day you will get up and it will all fit in place as it has for you in the past!! I hope to get my Wii board back soon - I love the balance games on it but for now I will be happy with WIO!! Going to do some of that before I call it a night!!..

Comment #93

Leslie- I do not blame you for being cautious - I am slowly heading down the road to be debt free - it has taked a long time to get rid of debts run up due to my accident!! You may want to go online to - they have comforters as well as sheets. The quilt I have on the bed I actually bought it as it was on sale and told myself I would not use it til I painted my bedroom at my house - hmmm - then I get married- desperate way to get to use a new quilt. LOL!!! Hope you have a peaceful night!!..

Comment #94

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