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Special $7.49 .COM sales. Click here for this special deal... /img/avatar3.jpg of easyjet has just about bullied everybody who owns a domain name with the word 'easy'. How can this be legal owning and trademarking a common word such as 'easy'?.

For instance if I owned and park my site and not interfering with his site's colours or designs thereby not even profitting by having a business called am I safe from hounding by Easy?.

The other instance, if I set up a site selling condoms (which i'm not!) using will I be persecuted by easy lawyers? Even if my site design altogether different?..

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The "easy" answer is anybody can sue anyone for anything........

Comment #1

Basically, if you have enough money, you can do anything you want...

There are exceptions, but they are rare...

If you owned would you be willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars in lawyer fees to defend it? No... well then you hand it over...

Comment #2

Meanwhile, in light of some unbelievable (as in ridiculous) recent WIPO decisions that go against every precedent ever set in the "negative light" area, our boy could instead go the other way and exercise his "free speech" interests by operating a domain site called "" !!!.

(WIPO would never touch him.)..

Comment #3

I looked into the case of being armtwisted out by WIPO. seems there was a deliberate set up of a website diverting traffic to other dubious sites.

Okay, if I leave easyxxx parked, or have it lead to a domain auction site indicating availability of domain for sale would that be not interfering with peoples businesses and noses being put out of joint? There be no confusing visitors if easyxxx leads to a 'for sale' page.

I have already thought up of an easyname as easygroupsucks has been taken by .... you guessed it!..

Comment #4

It appears that they are not seeking protection of the word "easy" but more of the form xxxxeasy or easyxxxx.

I think there are elements of dilution because if they spend money promoting the various subsidiary projects all under easygroup holdings, you would benefit from having a similar form and parking it. It's a tough call but still one that competent corporate lawyers could argue...and win...

Comment #5

Even if I do nowt with the name? Having it lead nowhere and get a Cannot find server or DNS Error. Is that not safe refuge? No misleading there.

Stick to ezxxx or easy-xxx, as I heard they lost that case...

Comment #6

You may want to use the "search" feature and "trademark" and "TM", read for several days, and then try making that statement again...

(I'll give a hint.. false statement)..

Comment #7

In the letter I got from their solicitors, they claim rights to "easy" followed immediatley by any English word. This is presumably why they lost easy-jet.

There are some notable cases they haven't won:.

O is still up (I heard on the news they were going to fight easyGroup);.

O (aside - don't use them for domains), they have been around a while, though;.

O I don't know if they contacted I seem to remember there was a site there, but there isn't now. easyGroup is the owner of

I don't think they have or protect rights to xxxEasy.

I guess the guy who registered just likes getting solicitors letters The is available if anyone is interested!.


Just to add, this makes interesting reading:


Comment #8

Looks like the asshats at Easy Poop are making the public see them as anything BUT easy!.

Isn't that just a tad harmful to something much more important than some harmless website a million miles away - a little something called good public relations?.

What's up with such sue-crazy saps? This idiot didn't already KNOW that you can NOT trademark a generic word like "easy" - and he's supposed to be a lawyer?.

These fools sound like the same kind of fools over on the other thread here, who likewise wrongly thought they could own the generic word "face"!.


Hey, all you legal-eagles out there in "bigcompanyland" - why don't you just save everybody a lot of time and trouble (and money) and take THE WHOLE DICTIONARY into court tomorrow? Then you can hear the judge tell you loud and clear that NO, you can NOT own the commonly used words in it! Duh!.


BTW, as of this posting, buddy... SUCKSTOBEEASY.COM is available!.

So buy it now - either at my fave registrar, or your fave registrar - and stick it to Easy Poop! Heck, just cut and pasting this thread alone on the domain site page would be reason enough to do it! LOL!..

Comment #9

Well, I have It's sort of my movie review page on my website and should I get hauled over hot coals by the suits then It would be good publicity in the media for childless couples like us. I still have the press and media people following our story and they would have a field day with easygroup.

The generated publicity will bring in donors and surrogates to our causes. Everybody will be happy for it. Then after we have our babies, they can do what they like.

Does the owner of easygroup also claim right to his christian name? I heard he got knighted and made a sir ....

By the way, you sound angry. Did you get thrown around in the Turbulence at easyjet? Freddie Laker was nicer...

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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