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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: EASY 10 POINTS! nEED HELP WITH GODADDY, ADS, BLOGGER, HOSTING......?.

My 2nd question is: Im getting really frustrated with this particular HostGator buyer. He lists his details as follows: I just want to get in contact to see if he is interested in selling, if I can get in contact and he says he wants to keep it thats fine, but since I havent heard back from him there is still a chance. I have tried phoning, it rings but nobody ever picks up. I have tried emailing the address countless times just asking if they are interested in selling and I have never heard back.

He seems to register a lot of domains, and puts the same address for all of them. I have tried so many things to try and get in contact. I was wondering if any HostGator pros who have been in similar situations could offer any advice.


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I have tried that, putting the offer in the subject, it's a substantial offer in my opinion, but I dont even get a reply to say "Thats too low". I suppose I could use another email address and put a stupidly high offer in the subject and see if I get a reply, but I really think he just doesnt check the emails in that address. Either that or he gets so much spam in that address that he never sees my emails...

Comment #1

Well I guess it might be too low from his expectation that he ignored or maybe hoping you could re email again wif a higher offer of his expectancy.

"I suppose I could use another email address and put a stupidly high offer in the subject and see if I get a reply, but I really think he just doesnt check the emails in that address.".

I think not a good idea coz imagine if he is really bc n then he checked mail..oh 2 offers one at $xxx and another at $XXXX ..of course he will reply to the higher offer n maybe he might replied to the lower offer email telling you that he has better offers n reject your initial offer..

How long have you waited for him to reply?..

Comment #2


Then I think he/she is NOT interested in your offers / Dont feel like negotiating with you direct.

One last step I'd try.(if I'm really keen in the name).

Engage a well-known third party. He/She might respond to such party. (I guess).

Sedo/ Network Solutions Reps (seen these guys in action before, dont know if they were good).

Just mho.

Good luck in your acquisition...

Comment #3

I first emailed him about a year and a half ago. Since then I emailed him every two months or so asking if he is considering selling, what kind of price would he be willing to sell for, please get in contact etc, and I have never heard back.

I dont really want to keep upping my offer just because I dont get a reply because I'm thinking he might just not be checking the email address and might have accepted my intial lower offer.

I dont mind using someone like godaddy or GoDaddy to try and get the domain, but are they just going to use the same method I am using, i.e emailing the registered HostGator email address?..

Comment #4

Whoa that is really a long time for a respond so I guess he really have no intentions to even sell the HostGator at all or your offer is too low that he is too lazy to even entertain you wif a " sorry offer too low " reply.

Maybe using a broker company might get you to him.. sometimes they are more open to brokers so since you have tried so many times , why not for a change try a brokerage company...

Comment #5

Send a letter to him using a "priority" type that sends you back a notice that he signed for least you'll know if he is alive...then maybe he will respond to the letter.


Comment #6

It might be time to just face the fact that he/she doesn't want to sell the domain.

You know, they're not obligated to sell, or respond ;-) (no offense to you intended)..

Comment #7

I know they are not obligated, but I'm trying to find out if he isnt responding because he isnt interested, or just because he doesnt check that email. My offer is fairly substantial ($x,000) for a HostGator that isnt really particually brillant, so I would expect to get at least a reply saying no. Would I be waisting my time by using a GoDaddy or godaddy rep to get it or is it worth doing?..

Comment #8

On one hand, you are willing to spend several thousand dollars, have this issue hang over your head for a year and a half, email him regularly. On the other hand, you are worried about wasting time emailing him larger offers because he may not be reading your emails and you don't want to use brokers because you don't want to waste time.

I am pretty sure in a year and a half that you waited his minimum price at least doubled. You should have emailed him your final offer in your first email. The longer you keep thinking about it the higher the final price will be...

Comment #9

Well, bascially I have the .net version at the moment, it isnt of huge importance because I already have the name I want, just the .net of it. However, on the other hand I would much prefer the .com and I would be willing to pay out a fair price for it. I get all spured up about the .com, email him, and due to the lack of a reply kind of give up. Then in a months time I get spured up about it. Hence the the emails and long time frame.

Im happy to pay out for a broker, I just dont want to pay out if all they are going to do is email his address, because he really doesnt seem to read it. Im going to have a look at the godaddy HostGator agent now...

Comment #10

It seems the program director is, or was, Chris Gunn-Ewing, for synergytech- when you do some reaearch it shows that they were an operating business, altho now the GoDaddy site is just a graphic-.

Ecommerce, e commerce, merchant services, business services, advertising, biz, business, commerce, trade, trading, sales, ucc, uniform commercial code.

This chris person seems to also be:.

Board Member1.

Headquarters Address:.


Associate Member2.

National Association of Manufacturers.

Headquarters Address:.

1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 600.

Washington, DC 20004.



Phone: (202) 637-3000.

Fax: (202) 637-3182.

Arkansas Association of Two-Year Colleges.

Headquarters Address:.

114 E. Capitol.

Little Rock, AR 72201.



Phone: (501) 371-2014.

Fax: (501) 371-2084.

Founding Member2.

NWA POWER Network.

Board Member (past)2.

Institute of Information Scientists and Scotland.

Possibly you can trace him down thru one of those venues, see if they still run the site..

Comment #11

Smash your a legend, thank you!.

Ill get onto those right now...

Comment #12

The issue here is that nobody is ever obligated to answer unsolicited email from a buyer... or even answer their phone. I have been buying domains since 1996, and over the years have probably ignored thousands of messages and phone calls. After the years go by you get jaded, and simply assume that this is yet another lowball offer from someone trying to buy domains far below market.

I read all my messages and listen to all phone messages... and promptly put them on the ignore list if they are out of touch with reality. Life is too short to spend it on "courtesy replies to silly lowball offers". If a person really wants the HostGator they will start out with a reasonable offer.

Just another unmotivated seller,.


Comment #13

Fair enough, I guess I had better get an apprasial and find out what I should be offering...

Comment #14

Try - d e e p a k @

Look up the whois for - M O H A P A T R A .C O M for his name and us address and another phone number.

Could be worth a shot but if they own "about" 7,145 then they're probably for keeps.

Good luck.

I'd sure love to see what names you have Marc.


Comment #15

Did you tell him you owned the dotnet, if you did it's possible he doesnt respond because of possible future udrp considerations..

Comment #16

After 1.5 years I'd forget it and move on. Life's too short...

Comment #17

1.5 yrs waiting for to buy the .com and a reply.

Project couldn't have been too important.....

Comment #18

Wow... that's quick..

You bought "Total Synergycom" already <j/k'ing>.

By chance, is "Total Synergycom" your acquisition ? (sedo's todays sale listing)..

Comment #19

I never said it was of huge importance, it's a hobby website. Total synergy isnt the HostGator I'm after I'm afraid, but thanks anyway...

Comment #20

Yeah spadex- was sold on sedo- posted today- so now I am not sure what you can do- sorry :-( I was rooting for ya :-)..

Comment #21

I dont want, the HostGator I'm after isnt related to synergysI think ive officially given up, he just renewed it for another year, there is no sign of the HostGator being sold on godaddy or GoDaddy and I still cant get in contact despite trying all the different leads you guys have given me.

I guess he doesnt want to sell it, but I wish he would just reply to me just once to confirm it...

Comment #22

Don't we all wish our wishes would come true. Well, some do...

Comment #23

Maybe he did reply, but you have spam filter and did not see it?..

Comment #24

That address strikes me as one of those HostGator testers..

Comment #25

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