Easter: I'm on a Dukan Diet and I want a family fun idea for Easter?

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Got a quick question: Easter: I'm on a Dukan Diet and I want a family fun idea for Easter? Hoping for any response. Second question of mine... Does anyone have a way to make the tuna casserole edible??? That had to be the worst stuff I have ever tried to eat. Gave it to my cat instead! Help, please!!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could give you an answer..

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Nope. Cats won't eat it (at least mine didn't). Here's a suggestion I posted some time ago:.

Open a can of tuna.

Mix it with a can of mushroom soup.

Cook some noodles al dente.

Mix it all together.

Open the tuna casserole.

Dump it where no small animals can get stuck in it.

Wash the container thoroughly.

Pour your mixture into the tray.

Heat and serve.


If you don't open it, just drill a hole through it, it makes a dandy anchor...

Comment #2

Hi......I had (1) tuna casserole in my first shipment...tried one bite and tossed it in the trash. I just received my 2nd shipment and with the one week free food.....there it was again! I decided not to toss it but to try spicing it up and putting some cheese soy chips on it but I didnt get any. There's got to be SOMETHING to do with this. I'll try and get back..If nothing works...I'll toss it again and eat something else...

Comment #3

Okay! I am glad Nobody! likes the stuff. I told my husband that this was the worst stuff I ever tasted and my cats would not eat it either. Is that bad or what!!!!!! Thanks for the suggestions!..

Comment #4

There is none for the tuna and I am a great cook and doctor upper of Dukan Diet foods.....I gave mine to a homeless person and now she won't talk to me!!!..

Comment #5

OK, let me get this out of the way and save everyone's fingers a little work..

It looks like barf.

It makes me barf.

It makes me gag.

I won't eat it.

Even my cat won't eat it.

Had to throw it away.

Had to throw up.

It looks like dog diarrhea.

It gave me diarrhea.

Did I miss anything?.

To the OP, check Lynn's blog there may be suggestions..

Comment #6

LOL!! I don't care if people don't like it, it's a free country and I don't have stock in NS. And you do pay for it afterall..

I can just live without some of the more descriptive things that people say about it. And all the things I posted people have said. It's kinda gross, especially for people that do like it..

Someone's description (and I won't say what it was) put me off chicken soup forever...

Comment #7

Okay, let's change the subject.....They substituted a bunch of stuff on me.....

Comment #8

I don't exactly live for the taste of the muffins either but they're not SO bad especially if you don't care if you have friends. I know some people have real issues with them. I think I like them because they're easy, and I'm lazy. In the morning if I'm reading and having coffee, I can just open the pack..

NS used to have great muffins. It was a little mix and you put them in the oven and baked them...

Comment #9

There is no help for Tuna Cass. Dont feed cats. It will kill them...

Comment #10

Ok, this ones good! I'm going to use it for the next tuna casserole thread.....

I must say, I love to cook, and eat (of course) but I.


Like the food. Take it it's not home made but home made food/fast food is what got us here right?.

I only had tuna casserole before about once a year so I'll make it next time I want it. The choc crunch bars are my absolute favorite, along w/the burgers,pizza and the rest. Hey.....I'm loosing weight...

Comment #11

My order contained a "free" tuna casserole dinner. I gotta say, the food photo on the carton is a work of art compared to what it's in there. That person should never have to worry about their job as a photographer, because the dish looks so good! I haven't opened it because of all that I have read..I am scared to open it. But we get a skunk and a racoon roaming here in the suburbs on garbage night and I would like to put it out and see if it goes down with them. Seriously, with all these complaints, Nutrisystem should be releasing a statement in a few weeks regarding this matter. What kind of bad business is this to get all this negative reaction? Don't they realize something is really wrong with this dinner?..

Comment #12

Lots of people like it and it's been around for ages from what I understand...

Comment #13

I thought I was the only one who thought it was horrible!..

Comment #14

Tippee-toeing in here..

I like the tuna casserole..

I think I have written this in all 4,369 threads on the tuna casserole, and I think there are five of us in all of Dukan Diet who like it. I put onions and celery in mine and eat it as a salad..

It's no worse than the chicken salad or tuna salad they have for lunch items, except you get a little macaroni with the tuna casserole..

P. S. I like dog diarrhea too...

Comment #15

Apparently you haven't read the bb before. It's a popular topic...

Comment #16

I have to agree. It is horrible! YUK YUK YUK!.

Enough said!..

Comment #17

I have to disagree... it's edible! YUM! YUM! YUM!..

Comment #18

I like it too. I doctor it up with LF ranch dressing. It's not a favorite but I do like it..

Sorry if this is a repeat but I did respond and it's not on here now...

Comment #19

GREAT I haven't even tried it yet, but maybe this thread is a sign......DON"T EAT IT!!! lol..

Comment #20

At least the people that do like it are offering a few suggestions. I'll try it again with the celery and onion and see if it helps. I've got it so I might as well try to fix it up...

Comment #21

Yes my all time favourite one. It didn't look like the picture on the box so I threw it out and therefore can't lose weight on Dukan Diet so I am going to quit!..

Comment #22

LOL Watch out or they might just sub you 28 tuna casseroles if you keep it up...

Comment #23

I fed it to my cats. They liked it...

Comment #24

No, I didn't think the taste was extremely bad. However, I never got past the color and slimy texture. The photos are normally misleading. But hey the program is working for me...

Comment #25

LOL It tastes fine, I just eat it with my eyes closed!..

Comment #26

OMG what a cute picture!! Is that your dog?..

Comment #27

Do you like regular tuna casserole? If not, there is not a chance in hell you'll like Dukan Diet version!.


If yes...what is it you like/dislike?.

More tuna? save a protein serving and add this...

Crunch? Add celery, onion, more mushrooms, red peppers or almonds (your fat serving).

Do you have an extra carb serving? Add peas.

To lighten up the color (and add nice flavor).

- try 1 oz of FF cream cheese, or add catsup or BBQ sauce to make the color more palatable..

Add spices you like...celery seed, cumin, curry, black pepper, etc..

It isn't great...but with additions you like, it can be edible!.

(I believe I have even (gulp) ordered it specifically a few times)..

Comment #28

I liked it, but when I first opened it and poured it onto the plate, I looked again at the picture. I thought.. do I add something to this? Then I looked again and saw noodles, and looked at the pile on my plate and didn't see any. I did taste a few, but I couldn't look at it while I ate it. I do love TC normally, but it was visually disturbing. My family didn't say anything, but I don't think I will eat it around them again.

I will just eat for lunch...

Comment #29

I eat (almost) anything.....but the tuna casserole was the WORST! I found myself looking for an onion to cut up in it.....then I remembered, I don't even like onions!.

Wondering if it might be better cold on melba toast? Hot/ it was DISCUSTING!..

Comment #30

Well, from reading all the above............NS needs to get a CLUE don't they?? K-MON!!!..

Comment #31

Don't worry everyone it's discontinued. I like the tuna casserole. All those posts are from 07...

Comment #32

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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