GoDaddy customer service : Should I order GoDaddy?? Dutch Man Vs. Google

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Lol a very stupid man.

He will eventually learn, shame it will be the hard way,..

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I would think that the trademark is google, not googlesomthingelse, since there is a trademark for apple, but you often get websites like redapple, which are no illegal..

Just my two cents...

Comment #1

Yes, but apple is a dictionary word, Google is not (although it is based upon the maths number googol), so if Google is in the domain, in most cases people will assume that it is one of Google's own sites...

Comment #2

The guy is right.

Google screwed itself when it allowed it's name to become a verb. Kleenex and Xerox went thru the same thing - Xerox had to issue press releases and do all sorts of other press to stop people from using the word "xerox" to describe a genric photo-copy. Once it becomes a verb, they lose a lot of their normal trademark protection.

Google is a verb in the dictionary:

Comment #3

This ought to be interesting as Google is a verb, however it was kind of dumb registering and thats just asking for trouble.

- Steve..

Comment #4

I use kleenex to wipe my hands dry and xerox my personal papers for backup..

But does a dictionary dictate what is and what isn't a trademark?.

Unless it's changed by then, the first entry from that link gave me this: Apple is also in the dictionary, yet it's also used arbitrarily (hint) for computer.

Products. Is Mr. Van der Werf even using them in the so-called generic sense?.

His beliefs are likely going to cost him, especially when he's up against one of.

The most well-known brands on earth...

Comment #5


There was a whole discussion on a Dutch website where he was "justifying" these TM infringing domains...

Comment #6

That figures, though I wonder what he'll do if Microsoft decides to go after him - try saying that THAT domain is not a brand?.

I take it however that he's fairly new to domaining?..

Comment #7

He actually says it's the perfect domain for advertising such a wonderful product.

Also a funny thing he mentioned is that his had 2 million members each paying 100 Euro!..

Comment #8

Well if it couldn't get any better Dave, he now plans to sue Google for creating access to illegal content by usage of the Google search engine..

This should be reported soon on English websites as well I think.

I think he's in for a heap of trouble...

Comment #9

I don't think you should take him too serious. If you google his name after about 500 reports on google suing him, you find him pretending to be a diamond salesman because he owns diamondstore.something and after that an adult forum where he offers his services as a driver for prostitutes..

Comment #10

Stupid is what stupid does..dooh!!!.

Hasn`t got a chance in hell.....of defending that.... microsoft go after people using "windows" in there domains and selling software.....must have money to burn or he`s burning to much down in his local coffee shop......

Comment #11

Microsoft are even more likely to go after people with "Microsoft" in their domains so with both trademarks in, no chance!..

Comment #12

This guys is somewhat narrowminded so it seems, not everyone from Holland acts like this clown :-)..

Comment #13

Thanks for that, MoneyClicker.

And in case some of you were starting to wonder:..

Comment #14

Hehehe, I figured that, also active on the Dutch Df or Dp ?

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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