Dukan Diet to lose fat and gain muscle plan?

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Quick question: Dukan Diet to lose fat and gain muscle plan? Thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... Hey there..

Ok I wasn't out to "make something healthy" and I don't claim to be anywhere near as fabulous as the Recipie wizards are with their delicious recipies! But I had to make brunch on the fly for my niece and nephew and I tried to make something I could eat to. So I threw this together and tried to follow my servings for breakfast and morning snack..

I "fit the ingredients" into NS, but did it equal an entree plus extras? Was this something you would make? i.e. what did you think? Did I do good?.

Obviously this is not a daily breakfast, I guess...but it was sure nice to have!.

Stuffed Banana French Toast.


2 sliced Wonder Bread Light Wheat Bread.

1/2 Medium Banana - sliced thin.

2 Tbsp Philadelphia FF Cream Cheese.

1/2 cup egg beaters.

15 sprays ICBINB.

1 tsp Splenda brown sugar blend.

1/2 tsp vanilla extract.

2 Tbsp water.

Pinch of salt if desired.




Spray 2-4 sprays of ICINB into a pan and add bananas. Add Splenda brown sugar blend, water and vanilla extract to the pan and mix gently to coat the bananas. Once you have a nice coating and the bananas are a bit mushy, remove them from the heat and add to a bowl that already has the two Tbsps of cream cheese. Mix gently until softened..

French Toast.

Put egg beaters in a bowl wide enough to dip the bread in. add a pinch of salt and add cinnamon (dash is fine, or use more if you like cinnamon). Mix it up and spray the pan with the remaining ICBINB. Dip each slice of bread into the egg beaters and place them both in the pan. Cook to a golden brown on each side and then transfer them to a plate..

Place the stuffing on top of one of the slices of toast and place the remaining slice on top. If you want to add syrup, it's up to you - I didn't have to use syrup at all!.

Oh! I also took the remaining egg beaters and scrambled it up in the pan..

I calculated 222 calories and 7.3g of fat - What could I have done differently?..

Comments (7)

Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

It certainly sounds good to me!!! Thanks for sharing!..

Comment #2

That souds awsome!! DId your niece and nephew enjoy as much as you?..

Comment #3

I think you did great!!! Your bread + cream cheese equals an entree, the 1/2 cup Egg Beaters is your additional protein and the banana is your fruit! The cream cheese is a little light on protein (I use 3-4 tbsp myself), but the EB more than makes up for it. The extra calories of the ICBINB and Splenda Brown Sugar can easily be counted as part of the entree, especially since everything else is so low calorie. Yummy, yummy!!!..

Comment #4

I am such a banana freak...I am going to make this tomorrow! THANKS FOR POSTING!!!..

Comment #5

That really sounds good! I am going to visit my son and his wife in Ireland this summer and am collecting some recipes I can make there! Will be staying in his home and have access to a kitchen. I have been worried about what I will eat! They would probably even love this!.

Thanks so much! (I always recalculate the stats as I use ingredients, but it doesn't look bad to me. I probably would use plain splenda, though. ) Can't buy any more ingredients! Pantry and refrig are spilling over!.


Comment #6

Oooh! Light Cinnamon Bread French Toast...I'll definitely have to look that up! Thanks for commenting! I feel much better about it :grin:.

Yay!!!! Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for!.

I try to figure the whole this-plus-this-can-count-as-an-entree thing, but I think I'm overthinking it LOL..

Woo Hoo!..

Comment #7

You are welcome!.

They added more syrup than I did but they loved it. My nephew (who takes after my father and can really cook at 14yrs. old) watched me make it and tried it the next day with blueberries. It reminded me so much of the blueberry and mascarpone cheese stuffed french toast I had at the Boat House in Central Park - ::drool::.

Since I only get half a banana, I sliced it as thinly as I could. It was so worth it!!!! Were you able to make it? how did it go?.

I was really happy with the way it turned out. You can definitely use regular splenda. I just used the Brown Sugar Blend because it added that rich complexity of dark brown sugar, instead of just making it sweeter - but they both work! If you have DaVinci Syrups, you may even want to try their SF Caramel to give it that extra kick?..

Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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