Dukan Diet of foods to be eaten for gall gladder problem?

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Question I have... Dukan Diet of foods to be eaten for gall gladder problem? Looking forward for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. This may have been posted before. Forgive me if it has. I like mashed potatoes but potatoes aren't allowed on the Dukan Diet program.

In the food processor I add 5-6 squirts of ICBINB and a tbsp of fat free milk. It tastes almost exactly like mashed potatoes.

I pour the dinner right over it. Try it. I bet you'll like it..

I normally despise cauliflower but made this way I love it...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could answer your Dukan Diet question..

Comment #1

I have used Green Beans like pasta too, I just put the sauce with meat from the Spinach and Cheese Ravioli - on the beans, and a little parmesean... I love it!.

Of course that remains my favorite meal on Dukan Diet - I will try the Cauliflower mash - sounds interesting...

Comment #2

I am writing this recipe down now! Sounds really yummy...

Comment #3

I actually just put the cauliflower in the food processor and don't add anything. If you like the taste of cauliflower you may not even need to add in the butter spray, the milk, or the sour cream - they aren't necessary for consistency. But you should boil the cauliflower for 30 minutes so it's mushy enough...

Comment #4

Well, I made the recipe and it's really good but ..................................................It tastes like mashed cauliflower to

Comment #5

Tonight I had the mashed potatoes w/meatloaf for dinner. I added the mashed potatoes to the mashed cauliflower, and you're right, then it tasted like a whole heap of mashed potatoes!!!!!..

Comment #6

That's a great idea. I will try that next time...

Comment #7

Ok, now that mashed cauliflower has become my new favorite food, today for lunch I put around 3/4 cup in my Cheesy Homestyle potatoes with 2 oz of diced and fried (in pam) low fat smoked sausage. Yummmmmmm! Oh yeah, I also added about 2tbl of ff sour cream on top...

Comment #8

I'm making the mash right now... First time steamer here, didn't put my thinking cap on when lifting the lid and got some steam burnage on my finger. This isn't meant to be a warning because I'm sure everyone else would've figured, steam=hot=gloves. Oh well...

Comment #9

OOPS!!!!! Well, experience is a GOOD teacher........

Actually I just boiled the heck out of it so the cauliflower would be mushy enough to mash. Too lazy to get out the processer...

Comment #10

Leave it to me to screw this up. I don't have a food processor. So I steamed the cauliflower using chicken broth. Then I put it in the blender. From there, I tried to mash it with the mixer. Spare yourself this failure and mess to clean up..

P.S. Maybe I should have backed over it with my jeep...

Comment #11

That seems like tooooooo much work!!! Did it ultimately mash? My masher (previously used for ONLY potatoes) kinda crumbled it really well. I couldn't really call it mashed...

Comment #12

You could use a small hand blender to make the cauli smoothit's my favorite new kitchen tool..

Comment #13

I used a hand mixer and got cauliflower crumbles...

Comment #14

I use a very small and cheap food processor. It probably holds only 2 cups. I think it was meant for grounding nuts or something like that...

Comment #15

I've made this many times in place of mashed potatoes, have always just used a handmixer and it comes out fine. I also put in some crushed garlic to give it a little zip..


Comment #16

Maybe I didn't let the cauliflower steam long enough. Will have to give it a try again on a weekend, when I have more time...

Comment #17

I actually just boil the cauliflower directly in the water without using a steamer insert, and boil it for 25-30 minutes. At that point it should be mushy enough that you could just use a potato masher. I haven't tried using a steamer insert, but I would expect that it's still going to be the same amount of time...

Comment #18

I made this with laughing cow lowfat cheese and parmesean. Really good. My husband even liked it. Good reheated too...

Comment #19

Thank you for reminding me of this way of cooking cauliflower. I made some night and put my Stroganoff Sauce w/Beef and Noodles over it and it was really good. This is a fabulous way to help those entrees with the abundance of gravy taste good..

I used a hand masher because I didn't want to haul the processor out and it was slightly lumpy, but still very tasty. I like cauliflower anyway, but this is a really good way to kick things up a little. I added some FF sour cream, and also a wedge of Laughing Cow Light cheese to mine, with some S&P. YUM!!.

Down 16.2 lbs in 4 weeks. Yeah!..

Comment #20

I made the cauliflower again today, but this time I was on the phone for an hour while it was boiling! However, this enabled me to get it to a perfect mashed consistancy with just a potato masher, and it is GREAT! Much more like mashed potatoes..

Comment #21

I'm going to try this with my meatloaf tomorrow...thanks for the tips..


Comment #22

That sounds SOOO yummy! I cannot wait to try that! Thanks!..

Comment #23

I cook this alot, my husband LOVES it and although he isn't doing NS, he is eating low-fat and smaller quantities. I use my pressure cooker to cook the cauliflower, let it cook 15 minutes, then I put it in a bowl and mix with the electric mixer - add ICBINB and some pepper. Even the kids will eat it, so we don't buy potatoes anymore.......TRY IT WITH GARLIC - DELICIOUS......

Comment #24

I'm sorry, but what is ICBINB? I'm a potato lover too, and on my 2nd week of the program...

Comment #25

I Can't Believe It's Not's a margarine that tastes wonderful...

Comment #26

I tried these tonight and oh are they yummy I do not have a food processor so I used my magic bullet and it worked so well, also ziplock now has bags to steam veggies so I steamed my cauliflower in a bag approx. 6 minutes and was so easy and soooooo good. I am going to the store tomorrow and buy more cauliflower and have it again tomorrow night. Thanks for the receipie!!!!!..

Comment #27

It really does feel like you're cheating when you make this recipe. It's not exactly mashed potatoes but it's pretty close!.

I have to try the idea of adding garlic. That sounds really good...

Comment #28

I have made mashed cauliflower before and it's always been a little too much work for me, but I didn't even think about those Ziploc steamer bags and my Magic Bullet!!! Thank you for reminding me!!! I used FF half & half, garlic & pepper and it's wonderful, but it will be so much better when it's.


! Thanks much!!!..

Comment #29

MMMM, I love cauliflower, I'm going to try this!.

I am a potato lover and not having them as often as I use to is going to be a challenge for me, but if this cauliflower recipe works out then I"ll have the best of both worlds!..

Comment #30

Just a bump for anyone looking for a great recipe..

Thanks for reminding me of this ... I used to make this when I did the South Beach Diet...

Comment #31

I also do not like cauliflower but this sounds interesting. I don't have a food processor...are they mushy enough to use a chopper or smasher like you would with potatoes?..

Comment #32

I did the same thing... steam bags and Magic Bullet... added a little LF sour cream... yummmmmmmmmm!!!..

Comment #33

Yes, it can easily be done with a potato masher if you cook it soft enough..

I just chopped the cauliflower into hunks and boiled until very tender - much softer than if I intended to eat it as cauliflower instead of ''fake potatoes' -.

Addeda few sprays ICNB and a bit of garlic powder - loved it !..

Comment #34

Do you think this would work with frozen cauliflower in the steam bags? I need to get some of those bags!..

Comment #35

I tried these tonight. I used the frozen ones, steamed right in the bag they came in for 5 minutes. Then I threw them into my Magic bullet for a couple seconds. Added a wedge of lauging cow light garlic cheeze, some onions sauteed in PAM & a tbsp 1% milk. Lovley!! I should have bought more cauliflower..

Comment #36

What a great idea! I am going to try this. I love those bags!!..

Comment #37

Sure! I think the frozen cauliflower works even better than fresh because it blends up a little smoother, even more like potatoes!..

Comment #38

I make this all the time. Total Dukan Diet lifesaver. I usually get the bags of Cauliflower from Trader Joe's that you just nuke. The one tip I got from someone that really helps is to let the Cauliflower drain on paper towels for like 10-20 minutes after you cook it. Otherwise, to me, it's so watery that it makes it mushy and soupy. I like putting nutmeg in it too...

Comment #39

Great! Do you microwave the cauliflower in the bags? If so, for how long?..

Comment #40

That's one thing that is so fabulous about these bags; they tell you right on the bag how long to cook! For all frozen vegetables, with the bag half full (that's the most I ever put in, since it's usually just me for 1 or 2 servings), it takes 6 minutes...

Comment #41

I am addicted to the microwave steam bags. I use them every day and it has even helped me try veggies that I normally wouldn't...

Comment #42

I tried this was really good. Thank you so much for the idea...

Comment #43

I made these tonight. I think my best ones ever. I nuked the Cauliflower and then put it in a pan on the stove over low heat while I mashed with hand masher. I wanted to get all the moisture out. Then I added some ICBNB, Garlic Powder, Salt and Pepper. They were perfect...

Comment #44

I tried these only once before and failed miserably!! They were so bitter, and thin and watery! Having read all your comments, the draining is good, I will do it tonight. Also mine were probably undercooked for the task and I made enough in one batch to feed an army. Thanks for giving me the guts to try again where I failed so completely!!!..

Comment #45

I absolutely love them, when I add 1 wedge of light Laughing Cow Cheese and spices!..

Comment #46

For me...the only thing that works the best at keeping all the moisture out is using fresh cauliflower and then steaming it rather than boiling or using frozen because they're just full of water then. I do dry them a bit with paper towels after they cooked just to get any moisture that's sitting on them from the steaming and it really seems to work. I add LF cream cheese (not a lot) garlic, salt, pepper, chives and a little parmesan, whiz them up in the food processer and they turn out awesome. This will make four or five meals for me (so the little extra protein that I add is quite small) and it's a staple...I seem to pour everything on them, especially my favorite, the chicken and dumplings! It's like chicken gravy (I do add seasonings to that dinner too just to pump things up a bit)..

Anyway, just thought I'd share my trick in case someone hasn't mentioned it already....


Comment #47

WOW! I re-tried these and they were great! Just short of mashed potatoes: not bitter, not watery. I bought the steam bag from Birdseye and the flavor was garlic' and I added some Promise margerine-ish. I was so pleasantly surprised. Thanks to Betty for the drainage tip!.

Maybe next time I'll buy the steam bags and make it from fresh...

Comment #48

I could eat this stuff literally every night. I usually just use the TJs because I hate cutting up a whole Cauliflower...And, yeah, WAY better if you leave them alone for 10-20 minutes at least to drain. Or dry water out on stove top. Yum...

Comment #49

I always add some FF, low sodium chicken broth added flavor and steam the cauliflower long enough to where they are really easy to mash up with a hand masher or food processor. I usually add green onion, ICBINB spray, and Garlic & Herb Mrs. Dash. They are soooooo good! I never liked cauliflower, but this way is great! You can have as much as you want too!..

Comment #50

GREAT thread!! I've been doing these 'potatoes' for years! My DH isn't a big potato fan! I make these one of 2 ways.....

Cook in broth until mushy and mash with masher (we like it a little chunky and NOT whipped) no matter what I add, but I flavor with:.

1. FF Italian dressing.

2. Roasted Garlic (or chopped if I'm time crunched and dont' have time to roast the garlic) and FF sour cream. (and sometimes some chives on top, if I have them).

I'm trying to come up with a smokey/spicy flavor one but I haven't found the right combo yet. I really like cumin and DH LOVES hot hot HOT so I tried it with red pepper too but no luck so far. I'll be making these tomorrow, so I'll let ya know how they turn out when I experiment!..

Comment #51

I'll have to try this... The first time I attempted mashed "fauxtatoes" I used one of those steamer bags of cauliflower and I don't think I got it nearly soft enough. I attempted to use a hand mixer (not a blender, just egg beaters) and then tried to follow it up with pulverizing it with a meat tenderizer mallet since I don't have a masher or a food processor. It didn't really work and I got crumbles and stems. It did not taste good... It may have just been the texture that threw me off - I have a huge thing with textures and this one was just wrong...

Comment #52

I have been making these for a long time, too. I steam them, pat them dry, add a tbs of ICBINB, add a few drops of lemon juice and pepper, and use a food processor. I also have a dry lemon/pepper spice that I sprinkle on them. The lemon adds a lot. And, by the way, I just reached my 20 lb. goal this morning...

Comment #53

To Determinedtoloseitall: What is the ICBINB that you used in your califlower (mashed potato) recipe?..

Comment #54

So I made the caulif. mash tonight- so good, but I didn't have enough to make 2 veggie servings. I had some leftover yellow and green zucchini, and since I had the mini chopper out, I microwaved them for 2 minutes with some garlic powder, and pepper, and chopped them in the chopper...ok, so they weren't as good as the caulif. mash, but still tasty, and creamy. A nice texture. I am getting tired of biting into veggies, so this "mush" was nice!..

Comment #55

Good morning! I tried your cauliflower recipe last night and it was great! My boyfriend had his Dukan Diet meat loaf w/mashed potatoes along w/the looked like a huge amount of mashed potatoes on his plate and he said it tasted good too!!! Thank you so much..

Comment #56

I think that's the BEST meal on NS...The Meatloaf dumped over Mashed Cauliflower. Soooo good...

Comment #57

Betty, I also took your advice and let the cauliflower set out on a papertowel to get all the water out...your 10-20 mins to dry out was in my head while I was making them. Didn't want them to be watery cuz I was preparing them for my boyfriend too! They were so good..

Comment #58

Glad it worked out. I could have it every night. The draining is especially important with the frozen cauliflower I think. It gets way mushy without draining. Okay, I'm having this tonight!!!..

Comment #59

I didn't use frozen...but I was still so concerned that they would be too watery...but they weren't!! Thanks again!..

Comment #60

This is my fav meal also, it's so Yummy!!! So not a Dukan Diet anymore...I just look at the food I'm eating and I'm like...NO WAY. I told my DH the other day, this is forever good...I wouldn't mind eating like this for the rest of my life. I feel so much better than I used too. I have soooooooooooo much more energy and I never feel sick anymore. It's amazing...

Comment #61

Hey Betty!!! I'm so proud of you, your doing awesome on the smoking!!..

Comment #62

Thanks Lisa...Actually right about now I am really starting to feel better...

Comment #63

You go girl!! Tackling both of these at the same time is nothing short of Incredible!!! Your doing amazing!..

Comment #64

Thanks so much....Kinda helps when your Doctor is a big ole NAG.....

Comment #65

So I made these for the first time tonight..bought a steam bag of broccoli (4 servings, so I ate half of it- which was a lot!) Microwaved for 5 min..poured in a blender and added some FF cheddar, 1 laughing cow wedge, salt, 10 ICBINB sprays and a lil FF milk ( I counted it as my snack protein as well) I wish I had scallions!! OMG these were amazing! I could eat them every night. They really do taste like potatoes..YUMMMMMY..

Comment #66

So glad you like them. They are the BEST thing to dump all the saucy dinner entrees over...

Comment #67

Thanks! Just wanted you to know this is my favorite cauliflower recipe. I like it just the way you recommend..

Also, sometimes I make the Cheesy Homestyle Potatoes lunch, and then add the potatoes to the cauliflower in the food processor. It makes an enormous bowl of mashed "potatoes," great comfort food for one-of-those days...

Comment #68

I have had califlower mashed potatoes before, tastes a little different, but they are good!..

Comment #69

These are so good! I learned to make those when I was on Atkins five years ago, when I was first learning that potatoes were so bad. I have served them to sooooo many people (who never, ever would guess it's cauliflower). And cauliflower is so good for you, too!..

Comment #70

Birdseye now has a frozen cauliflower w/garlic in a steamer bag.

Watch out, though, b/c it has 1.5 grams of fat per serving.

I'm thinking about making it and mashing. mmm!..

Comment #71

Maybe just use frozen caluif. or fresh cauli. and add sauteed garlic, or garlic powder. Then you wouldn't get that extra fat. Even though it's slight, still there. I use to love all those flavored veggies in the bag though! Especially the ones in cheese sauce. :-)..

Comment #72

I made these last week using fresh cauliflower that I boiled in Vegetable Broth. Then I used FF milk, a few squirts of Smart Balance butter spray, some garlic powder, salt and pepper. So here comes the mistake. I went to sprinkle it with a few parsley flakes for visual and was using a new bottle. I didn't realize that it did not have a shaker top. So half the bottle accidently poured in.

It turned it into smashed parsley fake potatles. Next time I am going to add roasted garlic instead of the garlic powder...

Comment #73

I've tried this a couple times but the texture is completely off. Unlike regular potatoes I can't use my KitchenAid mixer. When I use the Magic Bullet it comes out too runny even without adding liquid...

Comment #74

The texture is not identical, but the key is to overcook the cauliflower until it is mushy. Mash it slightly with a potato masher before using the kitchenaid...

Comment #75

I have done them in the past with some fat free cream cheese and make sure you drain them really well before you combine the cauliflower and cream cheese. Use a hand blender or mixer to thoroughly combine it all. If you need to loosen them a bit, try just a touch of ff half and half. Add in whatever seasoning you like, garlic, onion, chives etc. and then spoon then into a baking dish. Sprinkle with paprika and bake them at 325 degrees until it starts to bubble (about 20 minutes) and then you're done. It really doesn't taste like cauliflower at all this way...

Comment #76

Ok, I managed to screw this up sooooo badly, but I ended up with something I'm going to put in my own recipe book!.

I steamed a whole cauliflower in a steamer and I used LF chicken Broth..

While this was steaming, I sauteed 1/2 of an onion, 2 cloves of garlic (minced) and 1 pkg of fresh sliced mushrooms..

When the cauliflower was very tender, I layed it on a paper towel to remove most of the excess moisture. I then crumbled the cauliflower by hand into the same pan I cooked it in. I added a couple of spoonfuls of Plain NF Yogurt..

Since I don't have a Magic Bullet, Hand Masher or Food Processer, I began beating the heck out of it with a spoon. This doesn't work BTW.

Once I beat them as good as I could, I added most of the mushrooms/onions/garlic mixture to the cauliflower (I saved the rest of the mushrooms for my salad).

I seasoned the potatoes with a 1" cube of fresh grated Parmesaen Cheese, a little Mrs Dash, Red Pepper, Black Pepper & garlic salt and a little bit of chopped cilantro..

They did not look all that appetizing to be quite honest. In fact they looked horrible. It kind of looked like the Mushroom Risotto..

So, I decided to bake them instead. I heated the oven to 450. I sprayed the bottom of a baking dish with LF Canola Olive Oil Spray and then I made some patties (they looked like crab cakes). I then gave each one (there were 6) one quick spray of ICBINB and threw them in the oven to brown.. DH and I devoured them! They were SOOOOOO good..

They did break apart fairly easily, and maybe if I added an egg they would have stuck together better????.

I am not a cauliflower fan, but I now have a recipe that was so good, I would eat it all the time...

Comment #77

I love mashed cauliflower! How much did you steam to make the allowed amount cooked?..

Comment #78

Cauliflower is so low-calorie, you really can make as much as you want! I usually make a whole bunch at one time and eat it over a few days...

Comment #79

I'm convinced I should try the califlower. I can't wait to try this program. I'm hoping my food arrives tomorrow. Do we have to add veggies to every meal?..

Comment #80

You will eat more veggies than you've ever seen in your life on this program! And fruit, too!..

Comment #81

How about adding cauliflower to ff cream cheese and a splash of milk?..

Comment #82

I made these tonight with chicken broth, .5 & .5, ICBINB, and 2 tbls of sour cream (LF) using a whole head of cauliflower. These were YUMMY!!.

One question......How much are you allowed to eat???????..

Comment #83

One of my favorite dishes!! But bear in mind that half & half, ICBINB and LF sour cream do actually all have calories, even though the cauliflower itself is very low (ICBINB actually has 20 calories per 25 sprays), so for all those extras, you really shouldn't have more than 20 calories' worth at a time. A veggie serving is about 25 calories, so a veggie serving + free food shouldn't be more than 45 calories (if you are having 2 veggie servings of the same veggie, then 70 calories). Also bear in mind that Dukan Diet is about portion control, and the idea is to teach us what a regular portion is. A serving of cooked cauliflower is 1/2 cup. You can eat 1 full cup for your 2 veggies, but you need to figure out whether your additions are less than 20 calories per serving. I know this is not the type of answer you were looking for, and honestly, we didn't get fat from eating too much cauliflower for sure,.

But remember to be aware of the extras... and enjoy it!!!..

Comment #84

Thank you Judy. I probably ate a cup. You are right I have to figure out the calories of each thing I put in there. Glad to know how much I should have though. Thanks!!.


Comment #85

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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