Dukan Diet and fitness: Can you give a solution to my problem?

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My 1st question is: Dukan Diet and fitness: Can you give a solution to my problem? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. New here, Need some advise on what is good and what not to order. so far I don't like the food tastehow to make the foods taste good?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could answer your Dukan Diet question..

Comment #1

You will get different answers here as people have different tastes..

My Favorites:.

Breakfasts: Pancakes are my fav but I like most of them but the eggs.

Lunches: Cheesy Potatoes & the bars.

Dinners: Any of the pizza's and the burger.

Snacks: Chocolatey Nougat Bar with Peanuts and Caramel & Fudge Brownie..

Comment #2

I like all the bean dishes and the fettucine for lunch. I had low fat cream cheese or Laughing Cow wedge to the fettucine. I like adding various things to the bean dishes. I make baked beans out of the beans with ham and add sour cream to the tomato corn chowder and the black beans and rice..

The dinners, I do not much to but put them on veggies. I do make a nice veggie beef soup with the beef stew. Adding tomatoes and veggies that I like..

Bars are good as dessert after lunch. Eat a salad with a protein serving first..

Breakfasts, I love the pancakes and hate the eggs. I like the scones and if you search around here there are ways of sprucing up the scones and muffins by turning them into bread pudding, french toast etc. I stay away from the cereals because they are skimpy to me..

I like about all the sweet desserts. Have not tried a lot of the new foods as I am awaiting an order now...

Comment #3

Type of foods I like: Hamburger. meat loaf cheesy potatoes,veggie chili, cereal sconesI'm only on it since this Monday!so I haven;'t tried a lot. I need to know what ingredients to add to make it taste good and still lose the weight?..

Comment #4

Things that would help us help you:.

Amount of weight to lose?.

Male or female?.


Which program are you on (i.e. Women's Regular, Men's Regular, Diabetic, Silver, etc.)?..

Comment #5

Depending on the meal, I add a tblsp sour cream, 1/8cup of ff cheese, hot sauce, mrs. dash seasoning, 1 tbslp ff cream cheese for creaminess, 1/4c ff gravy- these are all free foods since they are under 20 cal. each..

Comment #6

Just hang in there, we'll help you fix up some of the foods...

Comment #7

Do you have the nacho soy crisps? (dessert) I put them on a heatable plate, cover with the chili, tear some FF cheddar cheese and melt in the oven. Serve with FF sour cream for nachos! Pretty good if you like the chili..

Apple scone, cut in 1/2 and soak each 1/2 in 1/4 cup eggbeaters, then heat up in pan like french toast. breakfast + protein...

Comment #8

This is tricky, b/c people's tastes are different! I like the eggs, someone already posted they hate them. I don't like the frittata, but you will find plenty of people who do! Check the recipes often and use the search if you are trying to doctor something specific up!.

Remember your 'free' foods - anything under 20 calories. These can help you doctor up the food. Use FF sour cream, salsa, hot sauce, etc. Good Luck! there is plenty of support and ideas to help you stick with it!..

Comment #9

You can fix nearly all of the entrees by adding sauteed onions, peppers & mushrooms. Just throw some in a pan sprayed with a no calorie spray (Pam for example) - stir till onions are translucent & shrooms are done - stir in your entree until heated through (obviously, the dehydrated once will need to be re-hydrated)..

Add a few dashes of your favorite calorie free seasoning (fresh ground pepper, mrs. dash) - some cheese if you've got a free protein and viola - something edible, if not down-right good..


Comment #10

Pick an entree out of your supply, type the name into the search function, and see what fixes people have devised for it..

Personally, I thin all the dinners with chicken broth and add tons of seasonings, then dump over steamed veggies. Sometimes I add some FF sour cream or yoghurt to the entree, along with the broth...

Comment #11

After reading that some were jazzing up their beef stew with Indian curry powder, I tried it in another beef dish (I don't remember which one) and it was very good..

Tonight I stirred a teaspoon of Thai red curry into the tofu dinner. It greatly enchanced it. There is also a green Thai curry that would also be tasty...

Comment #12

BBQ Sauce with Beef and Rice is very delicious, IMO...

Comment #13

It was funny that the things I thought I would love turned out to be the things I didn't really like (blueberry muffins-although they are better when I put them in the toaster oven for a few. Same with the orange pastry-yuck) and the things I was scared of (like the beef stews-was weary of pretty much anything with meat) turned out to be what I love and look for each day. I also thought the hot cocoa would not be worth it since I had some fat free Swissmiss but now I think I've ordered about 16 of them for next month! It's just a lot more rich and there is a lot of it so it's really chocolaty and has a bunch of protein. Really filled me up too! Had the old Swissmiss last night and it does not even compare! Also LOVE the cheese ravioli with spinach and meat sauce. My best dinner so far. I also enjoy the berry cereal but I know it's not for everyone.

I tried to customize my first order and my boyfriend just did the one where they choose it for you and I've been trading with him on a lot of things that I thought I would hate. I also thought I would love the thick crust pizza and was not my favorite either, I'll have to look up a different way to cook that one. I'm also new so I haven't tried everything yet!..

Comment #14

The cookies are softer and taste much better heated in the microwave for about 10 seconds. The chocolate cookie has become my favorite of all the food..

I'm still scared of the hamburger and haven't figured out what to do with the pizzas yet either...

Comment #15

The hamburger is unbe-fricken-lievable! It may look weird all dried out, but please trust me, it is heaven. Also alot more filling than you would think. Definitely what I turn to when I feel deprived and want to pig out..

Comment #16

I think I'm holding out for the correct bun. Is there a calorie limit? Some of this stuff is still confusing to me...

Comment #17

Calorie limit on the bun is 120 cals....A light Thomas English muffin works or even the non-light are mostly 120 or under.The burger looks weird but it is great...I order like 18 of them at a time...

Comment #18

I've been Dukan Diet since April 2008 and I'm down to a limited number of items I order now that I consider my favorites. But all in all I think the food is great and you certainly get use to it. My current fav entrees are tacos, flatbread pizza and rissotto, lunch I only do bars and breakfast is a mixture. What ever you pick, if you stick to the plan, you'll see the rewards! Kathy..

Comment #19

I'm with the others on the burger. I put it off till the end at first, but now I get a bunch of 'em every month. Fantastic! (I use a bun from a brand called Whitewheat. It has 100 calories and something like 6 or 7 grams of fiber, but it tastes like a regular bun.)..

Comment #20

I too was sceptical of the dried out cow patty, but I had it Monday night as a mushroom onion, non fat mozzerella burger and it was YUM OH!! I saved my protein from my afternoon snack so that I could put cheese on it, added a little garlic & onion powder (make sure not salt) and some ground pepper. Topped it with mustard (my free food) lettuce and one sliced tomato!..

Comment #21

One thing I've found is add spices and fresh herbs to the entrees. You can add the flavors you like, some like Cajun seasonings, some like Italian, some like Indian, some like me, like New Mexican. The fresh tastes liven up the meals. If you don't like the first bite, add something to it..

I bought an Aero Garden with credit card points and love having fresh herbs to add to meals and salads..

Wendy in NM..

Comment #22

The peppridge farm whole wheat buns have 90 cals in them and they are delicious..

Comment #23

Breakfast likes - chocolate chip scones, blueberry pancakes, granola (I eat with fat free yogurt and berries or dried fruit) , maple brown sugar oatmeal.

Lunch likes- potatoes, fudge bar, some of the soups like chicken noodle and vegetable beef.

Dinner likes- burger, grilled chicken breast (not patty), pizza (cook in oven, no microwave), three cheese pasta with chicken, rotini with meatballs, macaroni and cheese.

Dessert snack likes - milk chocolatey delight bar, fudge brownie, BBQ soy chips.

I add in fat free sour cream, tbsp of fresh salsa, fat free cheese, fat free cool whip, fat free sugar free syrup, in fact most of the free foods I utilize to make the dishes taste better and more filling. By reading the discussion boards, you will pick up lots of good ideas to help. This food really does work if you give it a chance. I didn't like the taste either at first but now I really look forward to my next shipment of food and I don't feel deprived at all!.

Happy eating!.


Comment #24

I have been on it since Thanksgiving. Yep, I picked the rough months. But to help you out I found if I did not like something after trying it once you have choices..

Look for receipes to add items on to (free) or different cooking methods. Also, you can return food items that are unopen within a period of time. Your not stuck with items you do not like. I did not find this out until after the first order. I like the cereal and oatmeal because I can mix fresh fruit, raisins and frozen berries to change it up alittle..

Lunch, love the chicken noodle, and beans/ham soups. Do not like the type to add hot water and let set for a few minutes. I am a very busy person, so these never turn out right for me..

Dinner, I like the pepper steak w/rice, & the pizzas. The pizzas you can add to them under the free categories. I hope this helps..

Comment #25

The black beans and rice are yummy on half of a whole wheat pita bread (I have 100+ pounds to lose so I get 2 carb choices and an added fruit choice per day.) Add some shredded lowfat colby/jack cheese, bit of lettuce, chopped tomatoes, onions and black olives with the allowed lowfat ranch dressing..

Sometimes, I just make a salad, add the black beans and rice, top with the shredded cheese. I am not a salsa eater, but I imagine if you are, that would be good as well..

A friend of mine (not on NS) told me she makes split pea soup and adds instant potato flakes and cheese to it. So I experimented with my Dukan Diet split pea soup and cheesy potatoes. I split each in half then mixed them half and half for 2 lunches. Add fresh grated low fat cheese and it is quite good...

Comment #26

I have been on the program about two weeks. Like the other people, I like the burgers, the bean dishes and the fudge graham bars. The eggs, scones, cookies, not so good. I did nuke them in the microwave and that helped...

Comment #27

Eggs really seem to work best on the stove - did fritatta today on stove too. Beef patty tastes great when made with salt free bouillon - really gives it flavor. I dont order bars but keep a few just for travel emergency - scones & cookies are not favs but I have been on this so long I am beginning to reorder stuff I never used to like - tastes do change...

Comment #28

I have been on the program for almost 2 months and already foods that I wasn't to crazy about are starting to grow on me. I don't microwave anything! I find the meals taste much better when cooked on the stove. Add your favorite spices and some onions, celery, peppers etc... and it will make a big difference. Use your imagination. If you like garlic throw it in, if you like grn peppers add them to the dish. Get the idea?..

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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