Drinking water on the Medifast Diet

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Hi everyone. My name is Tina and today is the day I start my new life. I already have 1 meal behind me and many more to go. I weighed in this morning and measured myself. I need alot of help. So anyone who has done this already that can give me some tips, please do!!! Everyone says "drink alot of water and it'll fill you up" but when I drink water it makes me sooooo hungry.

But I will continue to drink as much as I can force down. I'm well on my way. Good luck to all. Tina..

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Hi Tina,.

Best of luck. I just did my first week weigh in and I lost 9.8 pounds! It does work. I was somewhat hungry between Medifast meals. This next week, I'm thinking of splitting my L and G into two portions so I have more for lunch. Perhaps that will help..

Just hang in during the first week. Results will give you even more will power...

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I'm just finishing my first month, so recently went through this. I never found that water filled me up, but I went with it anyway. I was never a large water drinker, so this made me have to pee all day long. I did find that the additional water did help with the headaches and exhaustion that I am prone to though.

In terms of being constantly hungry, you just have to plug through it. The first week I was on MF, I made several realizations about food, the most important being that I eat for fun, when I'm bored, or whenever I see food! Consequently I was also always hungry. You just have to do your best to stick OP and wait it out. Those hunger pains will go away soon enough. If you feel that you can't get by with just the 5+1, try adding in one of the approved snacks. Otherwise, go with a 6+1 until you feel like you can move down to the 5+1.

Good luck and remember that you have an entire community out here going through the same thing and all ready and willing to help!..

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I'm in. This is day 6 for me and so far I've been doing well. I weigh in on Monday night for the first time so I'm sure I'll see a change. I'm adding my ticker to this to keep me honest

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Hi Tina,.

Welcome to Medifast - I hope you like it as much as I have grown to appreciate it :-) I'm just finishing my third week (official weigh-in for that is tomorrow, although I do weigh daily because I always have preferred to do so)..

There is a wonderful long thread full of tips at .

My favorite tips include:.

1) pre-hydrate the meals (except I haven't done this with the brownies) a meal or two ahead of time. I usually mix up a shake and a soup the night before and put them in the fridge..

2) My husband and I have found it very helpful to post a list of our mealtimes on the wall, right under a clock we put up for that purpose. It has helped us stay on track and to keep remembering to eat at regular intervals (and that first week when our stomachs thought our throats were cut it helped us wait it out.. drink more water "it is only another 45 min - you can last that long".

3) Read and post on the forums - a lot!! :-).

Hope these tips help get you started - and I look forward to hearing about your successes..


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I find it helpful to eat every 2 hours during the first week or so to let your mind and body adjust. I keep a schedule running from 8 am to 8 pm. So 8, 10, 12, 2, 4, 6, 8. This is 7 fuelings per day. My plan is to have an approved snack (soy crisps for me) at 8 pm if I feel the need. Just knowing this seems to help.


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Dear Tina I just started the program also today is my 4th day. Still having the headaches but they are easing some. Water does not make me full either other than full of water thus spending way too much of my sleeping time in the bathroom I loose count how many trips !! It is getting easier somewhat it will never cure me of wanting what I see or smell but hopefully it will work enough for me to say NO ! Good luck and everyone is such an inspiration to all of us newbies !! thanks..

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Dear Tina,.

I am with you! I re-started the program after a 1 year hiatus. Today is day 4 for me. The worst 72 hours were the worst for me...body using it's seemingly endless stores of carbohydrates. Great news though....I feel GREAT today...sooooo much energy!!! I am determined to get this weight off this time and keep it off. I will be checking in with you. We can do it.

Stick with it..

Of note, I visited my physician and Nutritionist both of whom recommended this plan for me. This helps me to keep going. Keep in touch...

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Thanks everyone for your kind words and thoughts. I am trying to keep busy so I won't be sitting here thinking about it but I'm hungry and now tired and sluggish. I want to cry and throw the towel in already. I love food!!!! I need to do this for my kids. It is soooo hard. I'm going to keep reading the boards and try to forget how hungry I am.

Keep me posted on your success...

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I have done EVERY diet plan under the sun for someone kids, my husband, my career....this time I will succeed because I'm doing Medifast for ME!!!! This plan is for you and you are worth it. Your kids and family will reep the benefits also.....just make sure you're doing this for you...

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Hang in there Tina, I started yesterday and made it. The water was a filler for me. I did the 5 & 1 but I also had 2 pickle spears for a evening snack which helped hold me over until this morning. I did find yesterday that eating my meals as slowly as I could helped me pass the time. I to ate every 2 hours. Today I am dragging, have a terrible headache, and feel like i'm starving.

Just hang in there, I of all people have no will power over food and it's very hard when you have a teenager and husband who are eating everything they want in front of you. Keep pushing through the day and we can encourage each other through each week.....

Best of Luck,.


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Second meal down....FYI, the strawberry shake is not so good. We WILL do this. 3 days of hell is well worth a lifetime of skinny :-)..

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Hi Tina,.

Today is my first day too! I've already had 2 meals and I can't wait to eat again! I had oatmeal for breakfast and a peanut butter crunch bar for mid morning snack. WOW! It's hard! I've already drank 48oz of water and I'm still hungry! I've tried eating 3 hours apart, but I think this week, I'll agree with Nora and try 2 hours apart!.

I'm determined because like you, momdocof2, it's time to take it off for good! I want results and the only way we're gonna get them is to stay OP! (I've learned that op stands for on plan).

I think these discussion boards are going to help a lot!.


Poetic Ivy..

Comment #12

Ok so far I've had a shake, oatmeal, and a bar. Oh and also lettus. I am so hungry!!! I tried to lay down to sleep some of it off, but I felt all jittery, hot, hungry and couldn't sleep. I think my lean will be egg beaters and some hot sauce. Anything so I'm not hungry. Thanks for everyones into. Its nice to know that someone else is going through the same thing I am...

Comment #13

You will be so happy when you step on the scale after the first week! It will certainly be enough to keep you going. Stick with the plan and it will work. I am in the 170s now, and I haven't seen them since 1983! It's hard sometimes, because the hunger pains are real, but drinking a lot of water and spacing the meals out properly really help me. Good luck. You are going to do a great job!..

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I am right there with you. This day has been hard. I feel weak and tired. My mind keeps telling me how I will survive on such small amounts of food. When I think about each meal as a cup of food only, it makes the longterm seem harder.


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Hi everyone! I just re started today after being op for a week. Then stupidly deciding I miss the great fruits that are out now. I have always been a big fruit eater! So did weight watchers for 2 days and because of all the carbs then had a binge night! I am back op today and if nothing else I remembered why I decided to do Medi fast I can't handle all the bad stuff out there. So good luck to us all we can absolutely do this together!!! Diane..

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I drank over 100 oz of water a day when I started MF. 1/2 my body weight each day. The water serves to keep your system detoxified as you lose all the fat out of your body. You are detoxing from years of poor food choices, and your kidneys, liver and other organs need to stay really flushed out. I never got one headache or felt bad in the least, but I PUSHED the water every few minutes around the clock. And yes, I peed constantly too.

Ask yourself why you are hungry. HALT are you hungry, angry, lonely or tired? You might find that one or more of those are your culprit, not real physical hunger. Though your body is making lots of new sounds, it doesn't mean you are physically hungry. Medifast is perfectly balanced, if you follow the plan 100%, and it is impossible for you to get less than the nutrition your human body needs. You won't die from so little food because it is nutrient packed.

Another thing that helped me was that I got my mind off myself and started doing things for others.......... before you know it you'll be at goal, too..

Do not set a timeline for goal. Enjoy your journey, for each day you are developing a new relationship with food. The changes in your thinking are subtle, but please don't think you aren't changing. Every day that you stay 100% OP is a good day, and a changing day..

Good luck to all you newbies. Keep coming back......and keep OP..



Comment #17

Wow Thank you all for posting. I have to admit, I was very close to throwing in the towel a little bit ago. I jumped on here and read what everyone had posted and it made it a lil' easier. I just had egg beaters for dinner. Wow that was ALOT of eggs. I actually didn't eat it all.

Then they drink whats left of the shake. Dakota, I too love fruit and thats why I almost just through in the towel b/c they look sooo good..


Comment #18

Helllo Everyone! I am a newbie too! Started on 8/6/10.

The first week I was super hungry, but it was TOM as well. Just plug thru and follow-follow-follow the plan. First week I lost 7 lbs...LOVING THAT result. They have great info on the boards! It gives me great encouragement and hope and I know I can do it. I have had tons of questions answered!.

Its week 2 for me! I even went to a fair today! Believe me it was the hardest thing I had to face....but I did! I did! Yep I am doing the happy I did it dance. Even when the kids got all the deep fried foods....I resisted! So you can do it girl!.

Water is super important. And chew slowly! Esp the bars.... break them up in bite sizes and take your time eating!.

Good Luck!..

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It is normal to feel hungry for the first 3 days until you get into ketosis. this is new to you and your body. But after that you cravings will go away and your appetite will lessen. I am a Health Coach with Take Shape for Life which uses Medifast and did the program 2 years ago. I have kept off my weight ever since. I know exactly how you feel.

And could I eat. But I will say it does pass. I would like to suggest that Walden Farms makes 0 calories, 0 fat and 0 cholesteral products like salad dressings, barbeque sauce, chocolate sauce, awesome on the brownies or in the shakes. The maple syrup is awesome on the new pancakes. Check out the products, I think you will really like them.

Try making cauliflower mashed potatoes. boil until fork tender, butter, garlic, pepper, and chicken bouillion. It really takes the place of mashed patatoes. Let me know how you like them. use that as your serving of vegetables.


Comment #20

BTW...I tried the vanilla shake as creamer in my coffee (I get INSANE caffeine headaches, so giving up coffee was NOT an option) anyway, it's good! But don't expect your coffee to turn the same color it would with normal creamer. I added a splenda, too and that was a little too sweet. Anyway, day one is almost over. I heard the second and third are worse, but I will NOT give up and you won't either! ;-)..

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Hi! I am also a newbie. 8/5/10. Dieting is never easy and much of it is your mindset. I should have been dieting years ago, but wasn't ready to make the commitment. Thankfully through a friend I found Medifast and these boards. I'm on the site constantly and learning so much from everyone.

Water is the key and once you start losing the weight the motivation will be there! Next for me is adding some exercise! Good luck and stay in touch with everything on the site - I know I will!..

Comment #22

Well day 1 is almost done!!!! YEAHHHHH. I think I spent 98% of the day obsessing over food and my love for it. I almost walked over to the counter several hundred times to eat that darn banana I really want or to eat those damn strawberries in the fridge. I had to keep talking myself out of it. I kept telling myself " I can start tomorrow eating these now wont kill me". But then reality sets in and I don't EVER want to go through day 1 again.

Carolea, Has the walden farms products had any impact on your weight loss? I think I may purchase the syrup and maybe the choc syrup for my vanilla shakes. Please anything that makes this process any easier send my way. I love new ideas..

Jenee Noel, DAY 1 JUST ABOUT DONE!!!! YEAH. I too get headaches really bad so I think I already feel one coming on so I will double up tonight on advil to hopefully get through tomorrow.

Does everyone measure their food? I don't have a scale to measure how bad is that? Thats why I had egg beaters for dinner cause I could measure that..

Thanks everyone for listening to me whine and cry all day. Its easier to whine here than it is to whine to my husband who I then in return have to listen to tell me where I went wrong.....


Comment #23

I also purchased some walden farms products like syrup and babecue sauce it is awsome! Not enough time op to see any impact but I'll let you know...

Comment #24

Day 2 has offically started!!!!.

Good Morning everyone! Well I have a feeling I am going to be an everyday weigher. I know thats bad but....Its enough to make me push for 1 more day. I just need to do this 1 day at a time. Well I'm sitting here drinking my 1 cup coffee and I put french vanilla shake in it, and boy is it horrible. But I will continue to drink it. Well I have no headache yet.

Has anyone else noticed their sleeping schedule is alll messed up? I can't sleep. I'm up then down, then up then down. Not a good sleep..

I hope everyone is doing great this morning. Lets keep chugging along. I think I am going to look for some walden farms products.

I'll check back later...

Comment #25

Tina, go to wal mart and buy a $15 kitchen scale. They are with the spatulas and kitchen gadgets. If you don't weigh your l&g meals, you will slow your progress and perhaps not even stay on plan at all.

I was a huge portion eater, and to learn the proper portion sizes of food for the rest of your life, you must weigh and measure during the 5/1. Then when you get to maintenance you'll know exactly what a proper portion looks like. The scale is a good investment in the rest of your healthy life..

I never had one headache or felt bad when I began the Medifast way of life. You don't have to get a headache..........

Your sleep will be fine. If the worst thing that happens is a few weeks of interrupted sleep, you'll be doing great..

In N. Texas, Walden Farms is at Kroger, HEB and Tom Thumb. Or you can order a much better variety from their website. The BBQ sauce is awesome, as is the chocolate syrup. I did not like the chocolate dip - very bitter..



Comment #26

You can use a fat free/sugar free creamer (I love me my french vanilla coffee mate) it counts as two condiments.. but it does help ease into mornings. I love all the comments people have posted for you. After 3 months (and 42 pounds) I have one additional piece of advice... make your lean and green special.. pick your favorite sea food..

That way you give yourself a special treat everyday. After all .. YOU ARE WORTH IT! Congratulation on making such a positive decision in your life... stay OP, and keep your eye on the prize (that would be all your friends and family saying WOW YOU LOOK AMAZING) it will come much sooner than you ever thought possible..

Comment #27

Today is my first day and I'm so excited!!!! A little nervous, but mostly excited...I know it's going to be hard at first, but I'll just have to keep going, and hope that it gets easier!!!..

Comment #28

It doesn't have to be hard. It wasn't for me. If you have made the commitment to stick with MF, no matter what happens, and you do the plan 100% of the time, then it won't be hard. Quite often we get what we expect, so expect to have an easy headaches and no feeling lousy. It happens.....expect it..

Good luck to you and stay OP,.


Comment #29

I LOVE all the positive positiveness everyone gives us Newbies!.

You guys rock!.

My first week was difficult...I to went to the counter, cupboard, fridge...and was like "Hey! WHAT are you doing!" I didn't realize how much I ate outa boredom. I still do it now and again.

I agree make your L&G special. I just ordered some of the walden products as well as some sf syrups for shake flavoring.

So far I haven't had anything I do not like. I like the simplicity of it all. I needed a no brainier!.

Thanks everyone for all the support and encouragement. This is one of the reasons I picked MF!..

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Today is day 5 for me, and I'm going great! I am trying to stay positive and think about how great this program is and the results I will see if I trust and follow it. So far, down 5 pounds in just 4 days. Love that! I WILL keep it going..

I haven't had anything that I didn't like yet. I've tried the shakes, bars, pudding, oatmeal, soups and eggs. The vanilla shakes are iffy for me, so I tried making one with Diet Root Beer as someone suggested, bettterbut I'd like to stick with the chocolate and using water..

Good luck to everyone and I look forward to sharing this journey with you all!..

Comment #31

Texas liz, Thanks you so much for your input. I think I will have to go to Walmart today and buy a scale. You are a true inspiration!!.

Charronslp, 42 pounds in 3 months is wonderful!! Its seeing peoples posts and success they share that gives me hope..

Msmjcc, if I can do this believe me you can. You can look back at the posts here and see that all I did was whine yesterday!! Today is only day 2 for me but I have no headaches yet. I actually feel pretty good..

Jenn,I agree with you everyone here on the forum is very nice. No one turned their back on me yesterday after all the whining I did.I do need to make my lean and green meal more special..

Simplyslb, 5 pounds in 4 days is great. I am trying to stay more positive today and here on out.

I am venturing out today to do some school shopping with my daughter. This will be the real test. I LOVE fast food. I am going to eat my meal now and stay away from all that junk!I'll check back in later...

Comment #32

So I have a question. They say you can have 2 boca burgers do you still have to weigh them when your done??..

Comment #33

Ok Just wanted to check in and see how everyones doing?? I had a salad with vinegar and some chicken noodle soup, and I felt very ill afterwards. So I grilled myself 2 vegie burgers on the grill with a tad of mustard and a tad of ketchup. I dont know if I'll be able to eat anything more tonight b/c my stomach is really upset and I dont think I can stomach it. While I was grilling out tonight I almost slipped up. I cooked hot dogs on the grill and I kept telling myself "how stupid this diet is, and how I should just eat a hot dog with some chips and restart another day" I came soooo close I can't even tell you. But the important thing is I didn't so...

I hope everyone had a great day...

Comment #34

Tina: I feel your pain. I was saying the same thing. this stuipid diet blah blah blah. By day 3 I was like if it don't get any better I can't go through this. I was dead tired and would drag up out of bed to go to work, when I would get home I would feed the dogs play at bit with them and crash on the couch and let them play. I even told my coach I am not sure if I can do this.

The water did not help with the way I felt but I keep drinking it. Oh and yes the 3 4 5 trips to the potty in the middle of night were driving me batty..

This is my 3rd week on Medifast and I have lost 16 lbs and trust me it was well worth..

It I don't get up at least 2x during the night to potty, I freak thinking I din't drink all my water. I can't wait to weigh again Friday to see how much more..

Good luck and keep trying, you can do it...

Comment #35

Anyone, where do you get the walden farm products at?..

Comment #36

Thanks Debbs for that motivation. I can't tell you how I just want to throw this diet out the window. As for the walden farms products if you search you can find them cheaper than on their website. Tomorrow is day 3. Can I stick with this......

Comment #37

You all are so right!.

I've really learned to split my lean and green into 2 meals! I don't like to starve with a bar or shake and then eat A WHOLE LOT of food in one sitting..

I'm taking half of my lean and green to lunch and I will eat the rest for dinner!.


Comment #38

Hi Tina and welcome!!! I'm in week 12 and never been happier!! I love this so much, I told my hubby I may need intervention once I get to goal to get me off!! hahaha!! I did suffer the first few days but once you get over that.....clear sailing!!! Good Luck to you on your journey!!.

Xx Dawn..

Comment #39

Hi Tina - hope your day is going well..

I just finished my first month and it was so worth it - almost 14 pounds gone forever. The first week was horrible. I had headaches, was always tired, grumpy and all I could talk about was food. I still drive my family nuts, because now I talk about this forum..

What helped me through the first week:.

Making sure I was eating every 2.5 hours.

Split my L/G (the first few nights I looked at all that protein and about way could I eat all that at one time. Now, not a problem).

DRINK WATER I hated plain water before this, now I know how happy my body is when it is hydrated. If your water tastes yucky, try a Brita or Pur water pitcher, or bottled water. You may be like me and have tap water that just tastes weird to you..

Try something new Every time I do my L/G shopping, I try something newa new veggie, a new protein, etc. I've learned I love shrimp. Who knew..

POST and BLOG alot! Some of us do better when we talk it out (and it is not whining!) That's what this site is for, helping us make the Medifast program work..

And #1-Let the Program Work For You! Don't get caught up tweaking products, adding stuff, etc., to Medifast products at first. Give yourself a week or three for your taste buds to change, and then play with the products if you need..

Good luck - you CAN do this!..

Comment #40

Hey Tina, I have been on medifast a little over a month, friday will be 5 weeks for me. I have lost 27 pounds and counting. I treat this like it is a fight and fight we have to win. It is not easy, but we must pushed through the wanting to eat more and the hunger pains. I take it day by day, because I don't know how I will feel tomorow or the next day. I try to get the most out of this day because tomorow is to far away.

If you want to get a better understanding of me and what I am saying listen to the song SOBER by Pink. Think about you and food when you listen to this song! I listen to this song everyday during my workouts. It pushes me forward and I did want to look backward. Anyway enough of me rambling. Good luck! I am pulling for you...

Comment #41

Ok guys, I am so ashamed that I have to type this, but I fell off the wagon this morning!! Now what??? When I got up this morning and thought about what I was gonna eat I almost literaly threw up just thinking about it. Not sure what to do now or where to go. I am gonna continue to drink my water today and see where that takes me. This can't fail b/c I have tried everything else?? Someone please send me your thoughts...

Comment #42


Just pick yourself up and put yourself back on plan! Don't let the whole day be a wash - drink your water, eat your 5 Medifast meals, and get on with it You aren't the first, nor will you be the last person on Medifast to stumble. You can do this!.

If you have disliked what you are eating so far, try some other options for meals - they are all interchangeable. Pre-hydrate EVERYTHING powdered for at least 6 hours ahead if you can. Mix the powder with a small amount of the required water first to get out all the lumps and then add the rest of the water and stir it up well. I put two meals in the fridge hydrating the night before, and make sure that I always have at least one meal ahead in there. (I also enjoy eating the non-hydration required meals - bars and pretzels and such). The only exceptions to my pre-hydration window suggestion are the brownies and the pancakes (although the pancakes certainly do get fluffier if you let the batter sit for half an hour before making them)..

Hang in there, drink that water - take some Advil if you need it, and get yourself into Ketosis! The hunger goes way down once that happens and it really helps..

Good luck, and keep posting!..

Comment #43

If there is one thing that I have learned in this forum is never give up. Dust yourself off and keep on moving. That is my mantra, I opt to make each day better than the last and I acknowledge that I am human and I am prone to making mistakes, that is why I have Medifast to help guide me back to the real me. You know everyday for me is a challenge but I decide that which each set back I have to keep going and never look back. You can do this, you inspired me to start over again despite my second week of failure, we can do this! Just push through regroup and think positive..

On a different note, I have no idea on how to keep my ticker up, any clues? I seem to lose it when I submit my reply. Please excuse my ignorance...

Comment #44

Hey there, I have been back on the plan about 5 weeks. I did about 8 weeks a few months ago, but had some holiday stuff and fell off the horse. I am down about 30 pounds in total. I have not stuck too it perfectly and paid the price a few weeks. I eat a few of the items I like (brownies, eggs, pancakes, mint crunch bar, shake) and don't go away too often. I have tried a lot of the stuff, but like these the most.

When I stick to the plan even for a few days the weight comes off. I have about 20 pounds to go and it feels great when clothes fit..

I saw you came off the horse day 3. Get back on; it does get easier. I love food; I would eat pancakes in the morning, fast food at lunch and pizza for dinner with ice cream at each stop if I did not look like a house at the end. With that said, I still found that after a week or so on the diet it gets much easier. The food tastes ok to me so that is helpful..

Hang in there; it is hard as hell, but as the weeks go on you will smile in the morning and be proud of yourself. The compliments you receive will feel great!..

Comment #45

I'm on day 9 and feeling better than ever. Medifast is so much easier to than any other diet I've tried. Seriously! I've always been a big fan of Weight Watchers but it was too time consuming. This is the first time I'm on a diet and I haven't had any real thoughts of jumping ship and giving in to a craving. Don't get me wrong - I still feel hungry at times, but I noticed that most of those times, I'm hungry cause I'm bored. Something I've done to counter that is create a todo list for myself so when I start thinking "oooh I want a piece of this or I would love to eat that" I try to check something off my todo list to keep busy. And it works!! I'm usually distracted enough that by the time I look up - it's meal time!..

Comment #46

Hello Everyone!.

I just started too, and today is my 2nd day. Yesterday I had a really bad headache, so I tried to sleep as much as I could. Today is a bit better, less of a headache, but tired. I am really hoping to get that energy surge in the next couple of days!.

Tina, I know how you feel about food too, but I have come to the realization that I need to change my relationship with food. We can do this together! Let's keep in touch.


Comment #47

Thank you everyone for your kind words. I fell off the wagon today but I continue to drink the water (I hate), and I have been thinking that "Hmmm since I already fell off the wagon, shouldn't I just take the rest of today off and eat what I want" but after reading that no one here has given up on me, I'm not either. Plus I really do want to look and feel good. Does the feeling that I am so tired and lethargic, that I can't even pick up my son or do housework go away?I started out crappy this morning, had a headache and all. Then I ate some bad stuff and took aleve and headache is now gone and I have some energy to do some housework. So I am.

I go back to work Friday 16 hours. So lets keep our fingers crossed WE CAN AND WILL SUCCEED!!! Can you send things back that you don't like? Hmmm??? Thanks bunches I love my Medifast friends...

Comment #48

So I'm thinking about tomorrow, and wondering what are you eating as your lean and green meal?? Maybe if I had some tips that would help. Does anybody not eat the "green" part? I'm only asking b/c I had a blood disorder and have to watch "green leafy vegetables" and quite frankly I am tired of lettus. My other issue is I hate Vegetables. Have you known anyone to just not eat the green?..

Comment #49

Tina, I know exactly how you feel about veggies. I hate them!! However, I don't skip them on this plan. I don't want the reason I'm not successful at it to be because I was cutting corners. On the plus side, they don't suggest you eat an insane amount of veggies. I actually wish we were able to eat more. (Doesn't make sense, I know).

I found this recipe and I think you should probably try it since I know you miss real food: .

When I tell you that I DIED when I ate this, I'm not even joking. I'm a huge pasta fanatic and this satisfied my craving and them some! It was so friggin delicious. I made mine with extra lean ground turkey so I got in a full 7 oz serving and I used Laughing Cow Light Garlic and Herb cheese wedges (4 wedges = 2 fat servings). Did I mention it was OMG good? I peeled the zuchinni with the peeler and it came out looking like pasta. I swore I was eating fettuccini alfredo!!.

One suggestion I would make if you're feeling headachey and sluggish. How about drinking black coffee? A small espresso type serving so if feels more like you're downing a shot? Coffee helps me with the hunger pains and I think it might help you with your headaches as well. Aleve and Excedrin all have caffeine in them, so maybe the caffeine from the coffee would help you a little bit. Just a suggestion on what helps me sometimes.

I hope today is better for you. Keep up the positive attitude and don't allow the negative feelings to take over!..

Comment #50

Thanks degree89, I am always looking for new recipes or any at all. Do you measure the zucchini out? Does it taste like zucchini? Just wonderin'. I did slip a tad today and had a sliver and I mean sliver of birthday cake today. My fam would have been upset cause they threw me a surprise 30th birthday party for me and I didnt eat anything. So I did have a sliver. I didnt want to but..... I am commited to staying 100%!! Hope everyone else is doing good...

Comment #51

I just started on the 15th of August as well. I'm just now coming out of the headaches, the shakiness, the exhaustion, the sweating (which I didn't expect) and all of that misery. I too am peeing every half hour, even at night! I drink water like crazy and it doesn't fill me up. It just makes me slosh when I'm hustling to the bathroom again. My main problem is that I'm hungry all of the time. Not just craving food, but stomach rumbling gut cramping hungry.

Right now, anytime I get the urge to eat I drink myself a big glass of cold water and try to find some way to occupy myself for 15-20 minutes before I re-evaluate what my brain tells me that my stomach is feeling.

My motivation is...well, I feel like it's a bit shallow. But I'm sick and tired of not being able to wear cute clothes. It seems like so much of what is out there for plus sized gals is...frumpy? Not age appropriate? Right down ugly? I want to be able to walk into a store and not be embarrassed to look at a shirt. Because right now, when I do that, I feel like everyone around me is going "oh my goodness, do you think that fat chick is going to try to wear that?" And then there's the disappointment of finding that none of those cute shirts fit! Especially that super cute Star Wars t-shirt at Hot Topic. I'm such a geek.

So whenever I feel tempted, I remind myself...cute clothes, better health, sense of accomplishment, empowerment. I can do this because I WANT to do this and I WILL NOT lose sight of my goals...

Comment #52

Tina - I guesstimated a bit and used my 3 veggie servings for the zucchini, which was 1 1/2 cups. It came out to basically 1 large zucchini (remember, for this recipe your only peeling up to the core and then throwing the rest away). Personally, I don't think the zucchini had much flavor. All the recipe's flavor came from the cheese...

Comment #53

Jhazlett, I'm right there with you. I want to look cute and be healthy. I just keep thinking "can I do this liquid diet until I hit my goal?" I know it's not really a "liquid diet" but to me it feels that way. Have you started getting energy yet?? I'm waiting on that one..

Degrees89, Thanks I am going to try that recipe. How are you feeling??..

Comment #54

Tina, I'm on day 5 and I have so much energy that I've started my exercise plan two weeks early. I'm doing the Couch to 5K program. It, like the diet, is brutal. But they're both manageable as long as you take things one day, one hour at a time.

So stick with it. The energy will come and you'll be so impressed with what you can do!..

Comment #55

[quote=jhazlett]I just started on the 15th of August as well. I'm just now coming out of the headaches, the shakiness, the exhaustion, the sweating (which I didn't expect) and all of that misery. I too am peeing every half hour, even at night! I drink water like crazy and it doesn't fill me up. It just makes me slosh when I'm hustling to the bathroom again. My main problem is that I'm hungry all of the time. Not just craving food, but stomach rumbling gut cramping hungry.

What is up with the sweating? I have been having hot flashes! I am on bio-identical hormones and haven't had hot flashes in awhile...I'm wondering if it has something to do with the amount of soy in MF??..

Comment #56


Change to the whey products and see if your symptoms leave. I had to do that and it really helped. Now I have one soy a day, my brownie at night. No problems since then...

Comment #57

I have NO clue what's up with the sweating. It seems to have gone away for the most part now. I still get funky headaches in the late afternoon though. *shrugs*.

My Mom said that blood type A people are sensitive to carbs, dairy, and soy and that I should avoid all three of those. But the only soy that I think I'm having is the soy crisps every other day or so. I've got no clue what's causing the sweats and headaches. But I gotta tell ya...if these hot flashes are a preview of what menopause holds for me 20 years down the road...I don't want ANYTHING to do with it...

Comment #58

Man, yesterday was such a crappy day for me food wise. I was so unmotivated to eat any of the meals and felt like I was eating prison slop. This was the first down day I had. I really wish I had more variety in my variety pack. Next order I'll include more snack type things like crisps. Today is a little bit more of the same for me - not looking forward to any of the meals.

Maybe this means my mind frame is changing? Are things becoming "eat to live, not live to eat?".

I'll probably experiment with a couple of recipes this weekend to perk me up a bit. Dying to try that cauliflower pizza. Plus, I'm going to take a stab at exercise and really hoping it doesn't leave me crazed and starving..

Btw- I'm not really a big drinker so it's odd to me that I've been craving alcohol these past couple of days. Boy would I love a margarita!!..

Comment #59

I just started on the 18th. So far I haven't had a problem sticking to it. There's only a few side effects and I'm not sure if I'm the only one..

1. Headache, it comes it goes. Not terrible but pretty annoying.

2. A drunk, giddy feeling. I've had to concentrate harder and watch what I say at work. I've also had to apologize a few times for crossing the line..

I've never been a huge water drinker either, but try to chug it down, aside from (supposedly) making you feel full. It keeps your skin clear and helps your body run more efficiently. If you don't like regular water, try throwing in a lemon or cucumber. The crystal light packets are wonderful..

@jhazlett Interesting on the blood type issue, I'm A- so that makes sense. I don't think it's shallow at all to want to look good and wear cute clothes, it's my goal to get pulled into HR at work for looking too hot!.

Today was my third day on and I wasn't as giddy but still hard to concentrate. How are you holding up?..

Comment #60

I have the giddy feeling too. It's really hard for me to concentrate, and I have trouble sticking with one task at work for more than 5 minutes. I can't remember squat, I can't focus. But at least I'm happy about it!.

I have the headache something awesome. It does come and go, but tends to settle in around 2 or 3 every afternoon and then again right before dinner at 7:30. It's bizarre, and awful. Thank goodness for ibuprofen or I'd be one mean old bitty.

Day 3 at work was rough. I can remember that much. Most of the day was a miserable blur, but I do recall being highly irritable. Repetitive noises were driving me up the wall. Music made me want to kill, kill, kill. And that's odd, because I can't work without music.

They took it well, and they have been so encouraging. I work with awesome people and I love what I do. I feel like every person there is rooting for me to succeed, and is there to help me when I'm not feeling so strong.

On Friday a co-worker came up behind me and grabbed a handful of the butt of my jeans! She said "Hey...the diets working. You have a saggy butt in your pants and you didn't last week!" And today...I went shopping. I went to Old Navy and could actually fit into a size 14 jeans! Got them on and zipped, but the waistband gave me the muffin top something terrible. So...a few more pounds before I hit that milestone...

Comment #61

Way to stick to it! Those "are you losing weight" comments are the best. I've only lost 4 lbs so I haven't gotten any yet but I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm a week in and still more than a little snarky. Yesterday I told a guy at work that, if he ordered pizza at the office, I was going take a piece and staple it to his forehead.

STILL getting the headaches, I have a supply of Tylenol with me at all times...

Comment #62

HI everyone! I feel like I deserted everyone. Well I ended up getting sick with pneumonia. Can you believe it, in the summer!! So needless to say I went off the plan. I am starting AGAIN on Saturday. I hope to have success this time. There is no giving up for me.

I want the smaller clothes and to look good from behind. Everyone keep up the great work. I'll check in later today...

Comment #63

GAH! It's been a busy week and I'm afraid that I've neglected you folks. Here's the lowdown. I'm on day 13 and down 14 pounds! I'm pretty pleased with myself. I did slip up last night, though. I had a scant handful of tortilla chips. I just couldn't resist it.

I'm not going to let myself get all angry because of a handful of chips. It's kind of increased my resolve to stick to my plan. I'm looking forward to getting my measurements on Sunday. I know the diet is working because I can wear a t-shirt that I've NEVER been able to wear. I bought it in one of those "someday I'll be skinny" moods.

I still get bad headaches every afternoon. I can't figure out what's causing it. I never had this problem before I started medifast. And I still don't sleep well. I can't figure that one out either. *sigh* Guess it's a small price to pay for being healthier, right? Anyway, gotta run. Work day is almost over and I'm looking forward to my lean and green tonight! Keep it up, folks!..

Comment #64

Hi everyone, I'm baccck. Today is day 1, again. Hopefully I wont get sick again. I put the vailla shake in my coffee (umm I guess I didnt remember I did this last time and it was horible) I'm feeling tired and sluggish but I am feeling good overall.Today was my daughters first day of school and the first day of the new me. Keep up the great work. I'll check in later...

Comment #65

Hi Tina!.

Today is Day 1 for me too! We can do this! (P.S., I did the vanilla shake in the coffee too, and it seemed to help because I can't drink it black). My plan today is vanilla shake, oatmeal, soup, bar, L&G, and pudding. I'm a first timer so I hope I won't mind the taste of some of the foods.

I'm feeling sluggish too, and I know the next three days are going to be rough. I am prepared for it and look forward to the end of the week! I can't wait 'til my first weigh in because seeing results will definitely keep me going. So you're not alone. Many of us are in this - hang in there!.

- Nora..

Comment #66

Noratal, Thats great this is both our 1st day. I can't help but weigh everyday. Even if I see a pound loss that is enough to keep me motivated most days. I am off work till Friday. I don't know how people do this while still working. I get really tired, sluggish and the headaches are awful.

So this is a fresh start for me. I am keeping POSITIVE this time and taking "aleve" around the clock too for the headaches. I think my next meal will be dutch choc shake. Its good. Well I'll be on and off of here all day..

Comment #67

Today is day 6 for me... And I am one of those people who likes to weigh every day, too. The headaches were bad the first few days getting better though. Discovered a favorite healthy fat treat ( if you don't use it up someplace else) ... A tbsp of REGULAR cream cheese. Oh yum.

It really seems like a treat.

Glad to be doing thus with others...

Comment #68

I think it will help doing it together! I just had the pastiest oatmeal but I washed it down with water so at least I got a glass of water in. The vanilla shake was much better. Can't wait to try the chocolate varieties as I have a sweet tooth - saving the "yummier" food 'til the afternoons when I NEED sweets.

I hadn't thought about weighing every day but I guess I could try it this week, hoping any loss would motivate me. I really need to lose over 25 pounds but have only set a goal of 20 to be more realistic. Let's see how the first week goes...

Comment #69

Hello everyone,.

Day one for me as well! I have been hovering around 200lbs for a few months and shocked that I'm at a place I said I'd never be. I love this website and hope to get to know all of you better. My "add as friend" button is not working so feel free to friend request me! I'm figuring out my eating schedule for today this morning. Not hungry yet... but I know I will be. My running joke is " I can always stay on a diet...

And I deserve this. Nina... welcome back...

Comment #70


I eat only what I want which is usually brownines and pretzels, but it is what works for me! My health depends on this so I do this for no one but me and those who love me and need me. In the end, it always comes down to me and what choices I chose to make that day. Stay positive and focused. The boards are totally a lifesaver for me! Post away!..

Comment #71

Hi ladies,.

Being a newbie, I now understand what everyone means by headaches. I drank a glass of water and am going to lie down for a bit. Hungerwise, I only had one attack so far between meals 2 and 3, so I ate meal 3 a bit earlier. Other than that, I hope the next few days pass quickly so that I can feel better and be in a good routine. How is everyone else feeling?..

Comment #72

I add a packet of Stevia to that pasty oatmeal and it makes it soooo much better...

Comment #73

Thanks Shelly! I'll try that tomorrow! Maybe a dash of cinnamon too?..

Comment #74

Hi everyone, Its nice to have many new faces join the thread. Day 1 is just about done and boy it was rough. I was hungryyyy!!! I bought hamburgers that say "3 oz", does this mean I can eat 2 "3 oz" hamb? I havent bought a scale yet so will this work? I hope. The oatmeal is pasty to say the least. I need to buy some brownies and pretzels. I figured out I can't stomach the vanilla shakes and soups.

Keep up the great work everyone...

Comment #75

Hi everyone, hope your having a great morning and staying 100%. Wow some days are harder than others or in my case everyday is very hard. If I can just make it through the first 5 days I think I'll be ok. So 1 day down 4 to go. Good luck everyone!!..

Comment #76

Day 1 was hard but it's already behind us! Day 2 is going well so far. Had one hunger attack but had a meal earlier than planned. Headache seems to come in the afternoons. BUT I am drinking a lot and counting down to tomorrow. I know we can get through this difficult first week!!!.

Tina, although the hamburgers are both 3 oz. uncooked, remember the 6 oz. recommendation is for the cooked meat. I've read that some people are not eating enough protein so keep an eye on that. Good luck today!..

Comment #77

A Medifast buddy just started a new thread for us newbies called Buddies for L~I~F~E. You can find it under the Connections - Clubhouse forum...

Comment #78

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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