Downsides to losing weight with Medifast?

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Believe it or not, there are downsides to losing weight! For me, a few are:.

You get into fights with your teenage daughters, because you start stealing THEIR clothes!.

You are married to a white guy who actually likes big rear ends, and yours completely disapears!!! LOL.

Your wedding ring gets WAY too big, so you have to make the difficult sacrifice of upgrading from your starter 00.01 carat ring, to something WAY better! (are y'all feeling sorry for my husband yet???).

The snarky PTA moms all of a sudden want to be your friend and know what your secret is and why you are looking so good??!!! (Back off *itches!).

Your children think you are the "meanest mom ever" because no junk food comes home anymore, and you force them to eat fruit, veggies, milk, whole wheat bread, ect........

You get a little full of yourself, cause you catch yourself in the mirror, wonder who that MILF is and grin, because it is YOU. And you finally like what you see..

Thank you Medifast for giving me a whole new set of problems!! I'll take em!..

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You have to go shopping for new clothes that won't fall off your newly slender body...

Comment #1

Wow Nikki! I couldn't have said it any better myself! All except my PTA moms are super cool and I look forward to sharing my secret with them!.

Congrats on hitting your goal! You look FANTASTIC!..

Comment #2

Ahhh!! I love it!!.

Can't wait to be a MILF and tell those PTA mom's to shove it...hahahahaha.

And trust me...I'm only Day 3 and the "no more junk food" rule is already a big deal in our

Comment #3

I'm not back to where I want to be YET, but the first time around:.

**Sales people in "regular" clothing stores won't leave you alone, whereas before you were invisible..

**Your gynocologists really want to know how in the world you lost "all that weight" and still have NO excess skin on your tummy. Can you say awkward?.

**A previous student (I was a registrar for a Bible College) doesn't recognize you although you've just practiced worship team for an hour together. Goes through whole session and doesn't know it's you until the next morning at church..

**Your own father walks right by you at the airport WHILE talking to you on the phone trying to find you. "Now WHERE are you exactly?" "Dad, you just walked by me, you came within 5 feet, and the terminal is almost empty....." Priceless..

**Your shoes no longer fit, since you lost over 100 lbs. So, bummer, you have to get new shoes..

**You notice men browsing in your aisle at the store, not really looking for anything in particular. Then you notice them again in the next aisle. Odd, that...

Comment #4

I'm glad I am starting when my DD is still a baby. She sometimes likes a bit of toast and it's always whole wheat! She's never had white. I had so many vices growing up full of sugary foods and breakfasts, I feel like it put my tastebuds at a disadvantage!.

One of the disadvantages for me is, now I have way more energy than my semi-couch potato husband! I adore him, but he always eats too much at dinner and then just wants to lay there! Which leads me to....

Husband gets grumpy when you institute one helping of meatloaf and mashed potatoes rule at dinner and point to the salad bowl if he's still hungry!..

Comment #5

Be careful about this-this is the type of treatment that causes eating disorders...

Comment #6

I am cracking up! Tell you husband he gets to go home with the MILF for the ring upgrade...I call that a pretty great trade! :-) Also, you can always go with the Booty Pop panties!.

Http:// gclid=COzS9-nQ0qQCFQ5O2godWwlVLg..

Comment #7

Those are great. Other "downsides" to losing weight:.

You husband can't keep his hands off of you.

You need a new haircut and make up to show off your slimmer face.

One of my favorites: your ex husband has to watch you lose weight and look great!!..

Comment #8

Definitely having to buy a new wardrobe at least once a month, bummer!..

Comment #9

For me the argument with teen DD is she is stealing MY clothes. LOL..

Comment #10

These are great!! I can definitely relate to the losing the butt thing, dh loves my rear and now it's finally going down alittle and he is so bumbed out.

Its funny how people I dont even talk to or like will try to befriend me now to try to find out what I'm doing to lose weight...

Comment #11

Thank you so much for the great laugh!! And congratulations on reaching goal!!!!!!..

Comment #12

Yup, the inconvenience of running out of clothes that fit properly...and then having to PAY a seamstress to tailor my favourite ill-fitting clothes to fit my new body...<sigh> Life is so hard! hehehehe.....

Comment #13

Another one:.

You 'll have to go out and buy coasters as well. Since you can no longer just rest your drink on your stomach while watching television...

Comment #14

Having to talk to the skinny blond bee-yatches who acknowledge my existence..

Sales people in Home Depot come up and ask me if I can use any help. While I'm standing in front of the light bulbs. What am I supposed to do with all that service?.

Having to joke around with the cute lacrosse boys in line at Starbucks, instead of being utterly invisible.

All that shopping! Phew!.

Having to find new hobbies, or a boyfriend, or something, to burn off the extra energy. Couch potato-ing can fill some of my free time, but not all of it!..

Comment #15

All of you are so funny! I love it.

"Booty-Pop"???!!!!! Who knew? Immediately going to place my order! LOL..

Comment #16

-Nothing fits me! It is a problem, and my other friends don't understand... I'd kind of liike to wear more than the 2 skirts I bought a month ago.. every day.

-I am alwwayys cold now... I guess superglueing a sweatshirt to my body is better than the fat. But still not too fun.

I'll still gladddlly take these problems though..

Comment #17

This is a great post!.

A couple of people have laughed at me b/c I now let DH walk in front of me when I go up the stairs to our apt (and a few other times as well)...a woman can handle only so much groping, ya' know!..

Comment #18

Ann I hope you see 85 year old mother wears booty pop panties....she is bringing sexy way back.

You are fun!..

Comment #19

What a fun thread! love it nikki!!! re: booty underwear, I finally saw a pair last week, so funny! anita - LOL re: your mom, what a character! I hope I live long enough to be a pistol like that.

One of the most common phenoms i've experienced is i'm not invisible anymore! yaaaay for that!! and now instead of being the "girl with the nice smile" I am the hot mama gotta love that.....

Comment #20

Well, those all sound like great problems to have. lol..

Comment #21

You have the same problem??? How irritating sometimes. Anytime Im occupied he comes up and starts the groping. Men go figure...

Comment #22

Still receiving 'Plus Size Clothing catalogs' when you are no longer PLUS SIZE! Thank you Lane Bryant, Avenue, and Torrid - I no longer need your solicitations! Victoria Secret - here I come!..

Comment #23

I don't think there's such a thing as too much groping! OOPSIE! Did I say that out loud?..

Comment #24

Love this thread!.

My "peeve"......... Not having any room on my side of the bed anymore because my husband is laying behind me spooning and my stomach has gotten small enough that he can actually get his arm all the way over me! Can you say "move over, please!!!"..

Comment #25

You guys are a "hoot"!!! But I can really relate to this one Sunny_daze!! Even though I have a ways to go, I've noticed I can't do this as well already!!.

I also have the groping DH.......ugh....says he's just checkin' things out....yea rigghhhttt....

Comment #26

I cant wait until I dont have to wear the bra extenders. You may know the thing I am talking about, the device that you can attach to the hooks to give more length to the rib cage size. We can have a bonfire when I am able to stop wearing those!..

Comment #27


They are getting loose - wheeeeeeee!!!..

Comment #28

Nikki? LOL...LOL....

Go Ahead Girl with your Bad Self! Just don't start wearing a shiny glove on one hand and a zippered jacket while sliding on the floor !! Not that bad ! LOL.

You're too funny! I ain't hating you and I'm not mad you. I want your problems!.


Comment #29

FIREFLY WROTE: "Go Ahead Girl with your Bad Self! Just don't start wearing a shiny glove on one hand and a zippered jacket while sliding on the floor !".

Well, let me go change...

Comment #30

HA HA! My husband did the same thing "Hello, 911? Yeah, my wife had her butt stolen.... by MF-wait and her boobs too"!.

So, I bought a "butt" in Costa Rica! And jeans with "bumper pads"! THey are AWESOME!!!.

You look FANTASTIC Nikki!!!..

Comment #31

Adele, I am totally buying the "bumper" pads (LOL!!!!!) and new "girls" after I maintain awhile.

You guys are too funny! Here's to horny husbands, snarky salespeople, new clothes, flirting at Home Depot, freezing all the time, and tossing Lane Bryant catalogs to the trash!!! Woo-Hoo!.

So proud of all of you!!!..

Comment #32

A most excellent thread.

Thanks ALL for the laughs!.

I'm happy to say I relate...finally..

Comment #33

HA HA! Yeah, I remember your old siggy "after 7 kids you deserve (EARNED) a boob job"! I am going to do the same. Probably wait 1 year. We will see!.

YES! Freezing all the time- IN TEXAS NO LESS! I am coming down your way to the "Texas Renaissance Festival" and going to "bring a sweater" or maybe a parka...Houston is "chilly" now! LOL!..

Comment #34

I LOVE your mom!!!! That is the probably the best thing I will read today!..

Comment #35

I take great pleasure in calling these catalog companies and saying "you can take me off your mailing list. I am no longer plus-sized." W00t!!!..

Comment #36

Buying a new smaller bra every month.

Wearing "regular" size clothes. They actually go on clearance for under $10. I can buy 3 shirts instead of one..

When I fold clothes, my shirt pile is smaller than my DH's and sons.

My hip bone poking my forearm when I cruise the MyMedifast site on my laptop. Who knew hips and elbows poked things?..

Comment #37

Being between sizes-the 18 jeans are too baggy and the 16s make a little muffin top. I spent last night pulling up my 18s in public-ARGH!..

Comment #38

Baggy pants that stay up but that cause undies to bunch up and fall down.....

Comment #39

Another downside: belts.

Did you know that cute jeans, cute slacks and even shirts and dresses come with belts? They do. And if you have a waist, they fit nicely around and actually accentuate your figure..

Now I need to stock up on belts. Who knew?..

Comment #40

LOL!! I LOVE these posts!.

My biggest problem is that DH keeps hanging my jeans and T-shirts in our 10-year old son's closet! (Our son is an average sized 10-year-old). My son grabbed a pair of jeans yesterday, put them on and they fell right to the ground. I looked at them, saw the Lucky tag, and reclaimed them. I'd been looking for those jeans for a week!.

I also need to upgrade my ring because I need a smaller size. My band has rubies and diamonds, and I have decided that I need a big ruby solitaire to hold my wedding band in place since it keeps slipping off..

Oh, and I've got one of those husbands with a groping problem, too...

Comment #41

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