GoDaddy testimonials : Advise I go GoDaddy?? complaint, sold my name in redemption period?

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I had a domain at (, I forgot I had it there until I noticed a drop in traffic at another site. I quickly logged in and emailed support about wanting to renew my domain that was obviously in the redemption period (still is). And he says "Sorry, it has been sold to another user.".

I asked numerous times, how it could be sold, and that it should still be in redemption period. They never responded.

What else can I do?? This is horrible registrar... I think they are a Tucows reseller, should I try contacting them?.

Any help is appreciated...

Look at her response. Isn't it an ICANN requirement for a REDEMPTION PERIOD?.

Hello.. We said the domain had expired which you have agreed with and as such we take domins out of accounts after a period of time and put them in the expired domains list. This is before it gets to redemption. As you were told one of our customers purchased your expired domain from that list.

The only option available was to contact the customer that purchased the.

Domain and find out if they want to sell it back to you.

If they are willing how much would you look at paying to get your domain.


Thank you.


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And there is your first clue. Look at your agreement and see if there's a term.

Indicating what they do to expired domain names.

Nowadays various registrars try to sell an expired domain name to any party.

Who "bid" for it before switching it to Redemption Period. From what I see, the.

Domain name in question never really reached that period.

Bottom line: the registrar can do anything with the domain name before it'll go.

To RGP...if it ever does. And they really don't have to do anything for it's user.

If they don't renew it on time...

Comment #1

You may not have much of a leg to stand on, since the Whois info was obviously bogus before ... Perhaps I pulled up the wrong domain ... but if not, then this is another example of what can happen when one uses bogus whois information.


Comment #2

Haha...nospam means no email for renewal...haha...I always get a huge laugh when someone uses fake whois and then looses their domain because of it...

Comment #3

Some people do so for otherwise "legitimate" reasons. But...that has it's price...

Comment #4

They don't use renewal notices anyways.

Thanks for the link about redemption, I guess the registrar has control over redemption or not.

The false telephone number and email has nothing to do with a domain expiring. I forgot I had any domains left with them. Lesson learned to always use a spreadsheet. Out of 300+ domains, I never I thought I would lose one...

Comment #5

Yup. Or more importantly, stay on top of 'em...

Comment #6

If you are in the habit of using bogus information, be aware of Whois Data Problem Reports - it's one of those loopholes that some people take advantage of to get other people's domains legally!.

Here's how it works ...

1. Person files a WDPR at

2. Registrar investigates / sends notice, if possible to registrant.

3. Registrant often has only 15 calendar days max to respond; time can be much less in some instances.

4. Domain is deleted ... or more likely made available to others by the registrar.

5. Complainant grabs it on a drop ... or more likely works out a deal directly with the registrar to acquire it.

Secure Passwords, Registrar Locks, Authcodes, etc are no protection from WDPRs, which allows one to acquire a domain legally in a just a few weeks ... or possibly even less time, if the registrar believes the registrant engaged in a pattern of willfully providing bogus contact information.

Just count your lucky stars more people don't take advantage of WDRPs to grab domains like some do - it's a loophole that ICANN likely is not going to close anytime soon, because quite honestly there's little sympathy for people who provide bogus whois info.


Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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