GoDaddy reviews : Great idea to use GoDaddy?? Domaining......Legal OR Illegal... ?

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Well my friends and teachers figured it out that I m doing domaining and that I hold around a 1000+ domains and some websites....

I am 17+ and have started this business at 16+ age....

I would just like to confirm that this is totally legal as I believe.

I told them but they still think that it's illegal.

What should I reply back.

Please help....


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There is nothing illegal about registering domain names. If you're obtaining them without breaking any laws then you are fine...

Comment #1

He doesn't know if he's breaking any laws, thats why he is asking!.

I think he is more concerned about his age more than anything - and I guess that would depend on what country/registrar the domains are being registered through.

Also, if you are making money, depending on what country you are in, you might be liable for some taxes on your profit. I guess it's illegal for you not to pay them if you are liable.

So - the practice of buying and selling domain names is generally not illegal, but there may be some things that come as a result of trading those names which you should make sure are ok.

I hope that makes sense...

Comment #2

Nah you are fine. There are many people younger than you registering domains, including myself (14)...

Comment #3

Have you checked the legality of it though? Even though you are doing it, doesn't mean it is legal.

I guess there is no problem if no one finds out your age, but my thoughts are that if there is any contract involved then you are probably too young, legally, to enter into it. For example, I don't think that you guys could legally open an google ads account.

For example, here in Australia, generally, if you are under 18 you cannot legally enter into a contract.

I wonder if there are any actual lawyers on here? I'd be curious to know whether the laws in the country that the person resides in are what needs to be followed, or the laws in the country where the domain registrar is are the ones that need to be followed?..

Comment #4

Its neither illegal or unethical, assuming you're not booking tmed or company names or similar typo squatting. (Show this post to your teacher - ).

Most people feel that anything they don't understand must be illegal. Don't bother about what they think. Once they wake up to this as an 'investment opportunity' it will probably be too late and you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Its also a nice way to make some money and commendable at 16. I started working at 17 too so I can equate.

What you do need to find out is whether your income from this should be clubbed with your parents, though you could apply for a pan card and pay taxes directly.

That would give you some standard deduction on taxes but talk to a CA before you do anything.

And good luck..

Comment #5

NonEthical? Illegal? Then companies like Sedo and Godaddy are crime mafias lol Your teacher just don't have enough information about domaining in my opinion. About taxes, policy changes for every country. But if this is illegal for under 18, then the children who sell lemonades in streets must be arrested..

Comment #6

I think Dave Zan is a very good lawyer.

Australia is one of the "closed mind" countries where domains are not allowed to be sold under the Australian ccTLD mainly because ignorance.

There are lots of dark points in this industry and till the ICANN won`t fix anything , it will be a limbo with lots of cases that do not make sense. Anything in this industry can be legal or illegal depending on so many things that only with long learning and experiences you`ll reach your own answers.

Have a read to the things happened during the .eu landrush (2006) and how Pool created hundreds of registrars to beat the Eurid system , or the fake and cheap TMs that some people used to reg valuable .eu.

It`s a mess..

Comment #7

As far as I know in India [where the topic starter is located] a person below the age of 18 is considered as a minor and is legally not allowed to enter into any contracts without the representation of a legal guardian.

Read this:

Speaking to reporters after meeting the Chief Minister, 19-year-old Suhas said that he had to set up his firm in US in the year 2000 as it was not possible to float a company in India before one attained the age of 18.

And read this:

INFANCY: You attest that you are of legal age to enter into this Agreement...

Comment #8

The only problem with being under 18 is that any contract made with them are not binding. 18 and under arent supposed to make aggrements ...

Comment #9

Please, I'm not a lawyer...yet. Give me a few more years and I might be.

I asked the question earlier because I'm wondering what exactly is concerning.

The OP. But for legality questions, given his location, he ought to ask a lawyer.

From there.

Of course, the tough part is finding one who's familiar with this sort of thing.....

Comment #10

If you have any domains that I would want then what you are doing is ILLEGAL!.

If you have domains I don't want...then that would be okay.

I'm of course just kidding but sadly you'll find this is how many people,.

Especially latecomers, really feel.

Happy domaining,.


Comment #11

While someone under the age of 18 isn't able to enter into a legally binding contract, this does not mean that by entering into a contract, they are doing anything illegal.

Its important to recognize the distinction. The law is in place to PROTECT minors from entering into contracts when they aren't old/mature enough to understand the ramifications. Basically, all it is saying is that as a minor, if you enter into a contract, it is not legally binding... Meaning the other party can not enforce it.

Lying about your age may constitute fraud, but unless you're driving illegally or trying to buy beer/cigarettes, no one is really going to care or notice.

So in essence, it may be illegal, but it's about as bad as J-walking... Except that more people get fines for J-walking.

Ideally though, you should have a parent acting as your legal guardian in these matters...

Comment #12

Your friends are idiots and you shouldn't care what they think. That's the general advice I give to every teenager...

Comment #13

Domaining is as illegal as buying and selling real estate. Go figure.

If you own and put up ads about Windows, then yes, thats illegal. Nothing illegal about owning or though..

Comment #14

There is no way domaining is illegal, but as everyone said, if you're underage, you may have trouble with contracts. But I don't think most companies (Google, PayPal and GoDaddy especially) really mind when they're making money and you're not doing anything wrong...

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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