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About a year ago I was selling domains through an enom reseller account. One user purchased 21 domains from me within a few days time. About a month later the user issued a chargeback on his creditcard. I immediately notified him.

He replied and told me he meant only to chargeback another service. He said he would pay the balance for the domains and the $140 (14 orders x $10) in chargeback fees I was charged. He said there was a problem with his paypal account and could only pay with stormpay. I just wanted to end this, so I created an account with stormpay and then he sent over the full amount. So I didn't dispute the chargeback. All was good, or so I thought.

Days before I was eligible to withdraw my money from stormpay the guy issues a refund and my money was gone. I quickly emailed stormpay and the user multiple times, but I never received a reply.

OK. So now I just paid the registration fee plus $140 for these 21 domains. I figured I'll just keep the domains and try to sell them.

I eventually forgot about them and now 10 months later I was looking at my reseller account and noticed 4 domains missing. I checked and somehow the user was able to get 4 of those domains pushed to his enom account. All those names were locked, so I'm guessing he was able to do this because I forgot to change the whois to my name. I quickly changed the whois for the other 17 names to my own. And am waiting a response from ENOM on how he was able to do this. That reseller site was closed, so he had to of done this through ENOM directly.

Now I just received an email from a user claiming to have purchased some of those 21 domains from the original /img/avatar4.jpg and he wants them pushed into his enom account. I told him that the original /img/avatar4.jpg issued a refund, so we now own the domains. He responded saying that he doesn't care if I have a problem with the previous /img/avatar4.jpg and he purchased those domains, so he wants them put in his account or he'll be contacting ICANN.

At this point I looked at the name, email address, and enom account he stated in the email. They looked familiar. I checked my files and found that this was the same email used by the original /img/avatar4.jpg who conned me out of that money. And this was the enom account that was able to get 4 of those domains. And it was the same first name used on the original guy's credit card.

Now I see. It's the same guy. After he saw I changed the whois of the other 17 he was unable to push them to his account, so he's emailing me claiming to be another buyer.

What should I do?..

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I would have all of his personal information in every signature on every forum I frequented warning people this person was a scammer. Find out what forums he likes, do the same and haunt him. Then I would rent a billboard down the street from his house, hire an investigator to take pictures of him, put up a billboard with all of his personal information, pictures and info about how much of a scammer he/she was. Renew the domains and add the pictures and personal information on a mini site aswell. Lastly tell him to GFY! May be a bit on the extreme side but I hate a damn scammer...

Comment #1

What a scammer! I don't really know what you can do about this... sorry... but I do have a doubt... why did he leave the 17 domains without pushing them to his account for 10 months?? And now after 10 months, he still remembers you and the domains? hmm......

Comment #2

I have no idea why he all of sudden is after the domains again. Maybe he found a buyer for those 4, so he started by only taking those. And now he sees that can't get to the other 17, so he's emailing me again.

I also don't understand why after the chargeback he paid the full amount including the chargeback fees if he was just going to take back the money. All that did was cost me another $140. I did all my payment processing through paypal at the time. Maybe he wanted me to do the transaction through stormpay, because he knew they wouldn't get back to me...

Comment #3

Send him to this guy - he has a lot of names to sell cheap.

Comment #4

Obviously he/she is a scammer.

However, the fact that you forgot to update the whois is a MAJOR mistake..

As far as the registrsr is concerned, at that time, he was the owner of those 4 names..

They'll probably tell you to go and figure out what happened with the payment..

Although we can all see you were scammed, it is also apparent you were negligent in updating the whois info, and that by itself, is a problem as far as ICANN is concerned.

In any case, I wish you the best of luck dealing with this isue..

It really sucks when this sort of thing happens...

Comment #5

I'm not usually a fan of this method, but please do post name and email addresses..

The last thing we want is for that guy to be a member here somehow..


Comment #6

It sounds like I lost those 4 domains for good. I guess the lesson here is to always keep your whois up-to-date.

So then I paid $187.95 ($8.95/reg) + $140 ($10/chargeback) = $327.95 for 17 average domains, which I have no use for...

Comment #7

Chris, post the domains and contact info..



Comment #8

Enom replied and said that this problem has to be handled through legal channels and then they'll comply with any decision made by a court of law. Those 4 domains will expire in a couple months and they are of no use to me, so it's not worth filing a suit. I would however like my money back, but it doesn't look like that will happen.

I'm looking through the records of the chargeback. I'll post the names, email addresses, and domains today...

Comment #9

Don't let Enom off the hook so fast...that is their canned response to most serious another on this forum a couple of months ago. Find a way to put pressure on them if you've got nothing to lose...

Comment #10

Are you serious???.

The whois at the time showed the owner to be the scammer..

Enom, or any other registrar can NOT be held responsible..

If I have a serious problem, and one that I can back, ENom, and most respected registrars (not that there are many of them), will immidiately respond..

This case is different...

Comment #11

No. All 21 domains were registered within a 4 day period. None of them have expired. It's at least another 2 months before any of them expire.

I understand that ENOM is not at fault for the domains being moved, because I did not update the whois. However, the scammer didn't even pay for them. I did. And they were in my reseller account. Shouldn't I have been at least notified before the domains were moved?..

Comment #12

First of the names. the email address and ANY other personal info you have on the scammer. My experience tells me that once a scammer always a scammer and most likely you can find others in the same boat.

I suggest you try and sell a couple of the names.

If you can sell a small handful of the 17 names you may be able to recoup your loses. I doubt you can do too much though about the 4 names gone or your initial chargeback. This is why I wouldn't open a reseller account...

Comment #13

The email address that was currently on file would have been notified..

That is, the scammer..

It has absolutely nothing to do with what type of account you have, nor what registrar...

Comment #14

Here is a more detailed story of what happened.

The scammer signed up on my site with.

Username: domainsave.


There are only 2 months left on the reg and I have no use for them. Do you think there is anyway to sell them to try to get some of my money back ($327.95)?..

Comment #15

Hmm..21 .net domains should have only cost you $'s are wholesaling now at $5 each and places like registerfly offer $3 .net special frequently.

The names aren't terrible. I think your first bet is to attempt to sell them for $10-$25 each. See what you can pawn off.

Good luck and thanks for posting the details...

Comment #16

1 thing I do not understand about this is that no matter what the whois information stated if the domains were as originally stated under registrar lock the domains should not have been transfered so easily...

Comment #17

Isn't taht cyber fruad? I think if you can get a few of his IPs and get some proof then you might be able to get him/she charged.

Good luck getting them back man... look good...

Comment #18

Sorry to hear that this happened.

Will remember this things.

God knows from where this scammers get this kind of ideas...

Comment #19

The domain was NOT transferred to another registrar. It was moved to another ENOM account. I think that's why he was able to get ENOM to do it even though the names were locked...

Comment #20

But opcis in my opinion enom have no right transferring a domain name from an account without a proper transfer request or the authoisation of the person whos account it is located...

Comment #21

I agree, but ENOM told me that they only notify the person in the whois of the domain. Not the account holder..

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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