GoDaddy customer service : Advise I try GoDaddy?? domain hijacked. what can i do?

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Hi guys,.

I just found out of my domains was transferred to Moniker from my current registrar, eNom, without my knowledge. It appears somebody got into my old hotmail account which was listed as the admin email and initiated the transfer. (I know, I know...) It's not an awesome domain or anything, but what can I do to get it back? I talked to enom and they said once it's transferred there's basically nothing they can do. Are there legal options I can pursue?..

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Contact both registrar but usually they don't intervene, if it's not an awesome domain then just let it go, and also provide information about the hijacker so we can be careful dealing with him/her..

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Maybe it would help if you would list some of the domains, so that we are aware not to buy them.

Did you searched Google to see if they were put for sale somewhere?.

Regarding your question, call Moniker. They will lock the domains I guess till they investigate the issue...

Comment #2

There is, actually. It just won't be easy, and it's sometimes not worth it.

Persist with them somehow...

Comment #3

I thought that's one reason the 60 day no transfer rule was in place. Even though the domains were transferred out of your account, you would have those 60 days to investigate and recover them. The problem is finding any specific guidelines which say who has the responsibility of doing what in order to help you. Must be something written somewhere by ICANN, I would guess. Maybe you should contact them and ask?..

Comment #4

I tell you what, if you don't expose the domain that has been hijacked..I will consider you're thread a fake. It is YOUR DUTY to protect other Domainers by exposing the domain involved,.

We are a community that needs to protect the forum from fakes and scammers!.


Comment #5

That's one reason. But it seems the OP's domain name was beyond that time,.

Which can no longer necessarily prevent that from happening...

Comment #6

Well.... I saw you read my reply and no response... I expect to see a domain name in 24 hours...

Comment #7

Ok I don't think you should be giving him orders since you have no authority. How do you know he read your reply anyway? He hasn't posted in this thread since before you did...

Comment #8

I saw his Username in the bottom... earlier reading the reply.... thats why I made the new post.. just want to know which domain it is.. To Protect Domainers VERY SIMPLE REQUEST and who it is that is stealing domains!..

Comment #9

You may very well consider this thread a fake. But does anyone have to meet.

That expectation, especially if they have no obligations to you or anyone else?.

OTOH, it can help to know what the domain name is. However, revealing it is.

Solely up to the OP to decide on their own.

For all every member here knows, the OP is probably working with eNom and/.

Or Moniker. That's more urgently important than having to post every 24 hours.

Or so in an online forum with virtual strangers, albeit it's also up to the OP to.

Provide an update on the situation...

Comment #10

Its OP's sole's discretion to reply or not to reply, if he does, then we can help him up with more info...

Comment #11

I disagree, you are sponsoring and promoting the wrong message! If anyone is going to expose a hijack or scammer... the information should be posted and investigated by Domainers!.

RULES MUST BE ENGAGED to Protect Everyone!..

Comment #12

Keep in mind, we here @NP are a community of people who live in different time zones....if you are awake in your timezone/country doesn't mean the OP who is living 12v hours away from you will post an immediate redponse to your thread !! :-).



Comment #13

Yes ty for the 101, We need to set an example... if anyone is going to post a scam or hijack thread... then they should provide the facts and not just words.... it is upsetting to find out that a Domainer has had his or her domain stolen.

By not exposing the domain, you are sponsoring SCAMMERS! The WHO IS will provide information and the domain history can be tracked. The sooner we expose the identity of this HIJACKER the SOONER we can have him or her exposed to the WORLD WIDE WEB.

Domain hijacked. what can I do?.

Simple, post the domain that is hijacked and watch how fast Domainers will provide information and identity of the LOSER!..

Comment #14

If it's not a great name, then most probably it just got expired and you didn't notice. If it got hijacked somehow and it's not a great one, I would suggest you forget about it. It was a lesson learned the hard way.

You should go through this and that article. Just be careful next time. Have you been in the military?..

Comment #15

Losing some perspective on this? hmm...maybe you should read the OP again. Maybe it was a legitimate transfer or the domain did expire? He doesn't seem to know for certain. Could be he realizes it's not worth the trouble...that's certainly his right.

You shouldn't badger the guy...

Comment #16

WOW, I can't believe Domainers on this Forum are saying to forget about it.....

Comment #17

What is your problem? How are we to know if the name was even hijacked? Hell, he could have forgotten to renew it...

Comment #18

And the rules are? Whose rules?.

Besides, there are a few threads on domain hijacking (even alleged ones) that.

Have been resolved without necessarily revealing the exact domain name...

Comment #19

There are things that eNom can do to retrieve your domain(s) but they won't tell you they can do this. They will obfuscate and ignore you until you have your lawyer knocking on their door...

Comment #20

I completely agree with MIR. How can it be investigated further by the experts in here if amoeba won't divulge the domain - which isn't even considered a private info. I can't believe anyone in here would convince amoeba to just let it go (esp. if the domain was indeed hijacked)...

Comment #21

We aren't saying "forget it"'s just not our business if the OP doesn't want to reveal the domain.

There are so many scammers that knowing this one domain won't really make any difference. Whois could be false. The domain might have expired. Who knows...the guy just wanted some legal advice and we provided it. This isn't in the scam/warming section...

Comment #22

And what you both don't understand is that he hasn't refused to say the name, he hasn't even posted. No one is even telling him to not tell anyone they just think that no one should be sounding like an ass and demanding him to reveal the name, giving him a deadline, and calling him a fake...

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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