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Hello there, this is my first post here at forums. I was referred to here by a current forum member, and I was hoping I could receive help with a little "domain snagging" issue.

Is using WhoIs search result information at your advantage (i.e humiliating people, exposing them, etc.) against the law? Is snagging a domain from a user to deprive him of /img/avatar2.jpgship to the domain illegal?..

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If "domain snagging" means taking that which is not yours, I'd call that stealing. Wouldn't you?..

Comment #1

Domain Theft, as a user had once reminded me of...

Comment #2

Whois information is public, so I don't think it would be illegal for you to post this information, though it's not exactly tactful... Also, depending on what else you say, you may possibly be open to a lawsuit for defamation.

As far as somehow taking the domain... If you mean catching it after it expires and drops, thats one thing. But if you are talking about stealing the domain from the person, than you're definitely in the wrong place...

Comment #3

Well, in this case, black-mailing in order to stop him from claiming the domain. No, it is not expired or dropped; it was never registered in the first place.

I am aware that I am in the wrong place, though it is just a simple question/doubt that I wanted to clear up in this case...

Comment #4

Im extremely confused... So the domain is not registered? If thats the case, then legally it belongs to whoever registers it first...

Comment #5

Me too. I have no idea what this guy is asking. I'm sure your question, whatever it is, is simple. But you're going to have to ask it clearly. You are trying to prevent someone from registering a non-registered domain through some kind of intimidation?..

Comment #6

If you guys re-read his last sentence, I think he's trying to say "doing something to prevent the user from registering the domain. Is this illegal?".

What is snagging anyway...

Comment #7

I nominate this the WTF? thread of the day. Would anyone care to second?..

Comment #8

I think by asking about "snagging" he's asking about registering the domain before the other person does. Is it legal? Answer: It depends..

Comment #9

Faltzer, can you perhaps give a scenario based on your question? Like, say, if.

A does this, then will B, C or D happen?.

Something like that...

Comment #10

I am surprised no one mentioined this, but usage of a whois for other than it's intended purpose is forbidden (LOL, yeah, like that would ever be enforced).

As far as everything else... I haven't a clue...

Comment #11

Lets suppose for the moment the OP is asking:.

There is an avaliable domain, he regs it, then blackmails the person who wanted it into buying it, in other words, kinda squatting,.

Problem is, the OP doesnt seem smart enough to realize that asking these types of questions here in NP isnt going to help him at all,.

If your low enough to pull this kinda of stunt off, then I'm thinking NP isnt for you, please correct me if I'm wrong, but reading between the lines, this is what I thought you might be trying to achieve...

Comment #12

If you read here you will understand what he was talking about

Comment #13

If I understood those 3 correctly, then perhaps John's question might be it: that exactly it, Faltzer?..

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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