Doing Nutrisystem what is a good diet supplement that works?

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Got a quick question: Doing Nutrisystem what is a good diet supplement that works? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... Been I think a month..

Honestly I didn't fall off the wagon - I completely fell off in such a way the wagon started dragging me down the road we are all so very familiar with..

I started July 10th at 370. I got down to about 340. I am now around 346..

I started fresh this week. I have been good with food and have been hitting the bike every day. Other than the massive farts from the huge amounts of veggies I am feeling better again..

Me and the wife had a long sit down talk about it. I needed help - I still do and I know it. Quitting my food addiction is tougher than smoking. At least with smoking I could quit cold turkey and deal with the pains for 6 weeks and be done with it. If I quit food cold turkey for 6 weeks I don't think I would be alive. lol.

So I have a deal with the wife. A really big deal for me actually. My goal weight is 200. I am only 5'9" but I am a large frame guy. When I left the army I was topping 220 and had a 32 inch waist..

Sorry on a tangent. The deal. If I hit 250 lbs - the very day I hit 250 lbs I get to go to the Honda dealer and pick me up a Honda Shadow 750 motorcycle. I have always wanted one since I was a kid but never got around to it. Why 250 and not my goal of 200? 250 we felt is enough to show I am on track and with it..

So I am here yet again with my tail between my legs saying I am back and on track again. This time I have a goal - I have a prize that isn't related to food. I also vow to spam this forum at least once a day no matter how trivial the post because working with the community makes it that much easier..

That is all I have to say...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

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Welcome back Dan. I can't be as eloquent as Marty_Must_Go, but want to encourage you to be on the BB, read posts, look at the food tips section to doctor up meals to help with cravings, for e.g. you can turn the southwest chicken wrap into a taco bell type mexican pizza/tostada. All the best and we want you to get to that bike and post pictures with you posing next to it..

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Welcome Dan, Glad you made it back. I think all of us would say food is a harder addiction than alcohol and cigarettes. But come on man, getting a motorcycle is a perk that you could actually do now, but your health and life are at risk. I appreciate the incentive, but mentally you need to realize that your health is the biggest factor. Being there for your wife for a long happy life is more important than a great motorcycle. Change your thought process and you will change the result! ok, I am off the soapbox!..

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Welcome back Dan. An addiction is an addiction. The first step is coming to grips that you have one. Food addiction to me, like you, is the hardest of all to break. I've been at this for 9 months now and still get cravings for the wrong things. I've been on a plateau for the last month and it's harder now than it has ever been to stay the course.

The next thing you know, you're back to your old bad habits. I think the only mistake you're making is limiting yourself to a Shadow 750. A man or your size need at least a 1300 of some sort. I like the idea of rewarding yourself, but I think you should get to goal before you do so or you may never see 200. Just my .02.

Good luck..

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Welcome back, Dan! Looking forward to seeing you around here a LOT with a big succuss story coming! We all know how easy it is to fall, but the real men get back up and DO IT!.


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I am trying to turn to my bike instead of food. Last night I was hungry as all heck. But instead of grabbing food I jumped on my bike and rode till my legs couldn't take it any more. Did I say legs? I meant butt...

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The biking is great and it gets you outside. Keep that up..

Also important to post daily. I see the chatterboxes doing better than the ones who are shy...

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Meet Rob; the new Sean..

Glad you're back Dan, now off with it!..

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Welcome back Dan. I hope you give yourself your best effort in this!.

As my granddad used to say, "you've got it to do, son"..

Sort of focuses things in perspective doesn't it..

I'm pretty much with Marty-must-go on this one. Although I'm all for incentives and personal goals, what you really should consider is changing your lifemeaning you will CHANGE what you know (knowledge) AND change your habits and behaviors..

So, all B.S. aside my friend.....when does.


Start? Those CHANGES in what you know and DO?.


You've got it to do, son.




Is this really about a motorcycle or a weight target? Because if it is, I'll just share that I think you may be missing a pretty major point..

We are supposed to CHANGE what we.


Because of what we learn. That process (and it IS a process) is what converts us to healthier people who are in control of food..

Otherwise Nutrisystem boxes of food (which.


Don't contain any magic pixie dust.

) are just diet aids......

Step back a second and answer this question: with or without that motorcycle, do you want to spend another 50+ years bouncing back and forth between unhealthy weights and "diets" because you still don't get it? Or, would you rather INCORPORATE learning into your life and.

Make actual changes to your habits.



You've got it to do, son.

"....generally as I get older I realize that old farmer who was my granddad was the wisest man on the planet.


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