Doing Medifast has been a struggle

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So I have been on Medifast for 10 weeks. I have lost 31lbs, went from 265 -234. But it has been a struggle the entire time. I recommitted a week or so ago and have strayed off the plan. I have been OP for 2 days so far and just have to fight with myself to behave. I realize Im probably going thru a mini detox phase again by being so friggin tired.

I am so pumped that I am close to the 220's. I haven't been there in year, but it's still not enough to get my *** in gear. I worked out 3 times last week and would have done 5 but I was in the hospital with a friend one day and running around all day the other (my husband needs car by 5pm for work). My mom says it will probably always be a struggle. Especially since I am struggling with being able to eat the food.

I rarely get all 5 meals in a day because of this, 3-4 meals is my avg, which is not good. My mom is starting nutrisystem because Medifast isn't in Canada which is where she is ( I moved to the US 1 year ago with my new husband who is american). I am hoping when she gets going it will motivate me but who knows.

Does anyone else find it a constant struggle or does the food make anyone else sick to even think about eating? I hope Im not too abnormal......

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For me it is a struggle some days (or weeks) then others it is easy, almost normal. I don't know what makes the difference.

As for certain foods making you sick. Why eat those? Just eat the brownies, shakes and puddings. Don't make yourself feel sick. Sell the others on ebay or something..

But you really should work on getting all 5 in. Or switch to a 4&2. Call Nutrition Support about this option and see what they say. That might be some of the reason you are struggling, you just aren't getting enough..

I hope it gets easier for you. I really, really do...

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You'll always have some days that are harder than others, but you really do make it harder for yourself when you give in and cheat..

The trouble is that you're mentally and emotionally giving yourself the option - and if it was ok yesterday, well, why not tomorrow too? If one doesn't hurt, two are probably ok. blah blah blah - it's all the self sabotage we do to ourselves all along to get fat, and it's such a habit that we just keep on doing it..

You're struggling with YOURSELF. Not with food. Not with the plan. The part of you who KNOWS that staying on plan will get you where you want to go is struggling against the inner brat who makes excuses and argues and pouts and whines and demands off plan foods..

When you cheat, you encourage the inner brat. You validate the inner brat..

If you want to reduce the struggle then stop struggling. You can't fight the brat, because she's YOU. What you can do is simply not entertain any option other than staying on plan. Period. There's no struggle if there's no option. You just do it..

As to eating the foods, you don't make it clear whether you just don't like them or they really make you sick. Either way, the fairly simple solution is to eat the other foods that don't make you sick. If it's a matter of preference, well, you'll find that your preferences change over time if you stop feeding the sugar and fat monkey. Your tastes will change if you stop cheating, or at least most people find that to be the case. Put away the things you don't like, commit to staying on plan, and try them again in a month. But if you have some kind of allergy or something, for heaven's sake just eat something else. I'm sure you can either return the unused foods or find someone to trade them with or sell them on EBay or Craig's list...

Comment #2

Thanks guys.

And Steph I actually really enjoyed the foods for the first month and now the thought of eating them makes me gag. My coach says it's not entirely abnormal and hopefully I just need a break from them. And I wish so much that in week 4 I resisted that first cheat because ever since then it's so hard to not find an excuse. Im hoping after a week or so of ignoring my brat it will go back to being easy. Altho I am tempted to ask my coach about 4 n 2 that Pawp mentioned. I got 4 Medifast meals in today and my LG, goal for tomorrow is the 5, but I also will be at the gym and can speak to my coach while I'm am there about that being another option...

Comment #3

From my experience, your tastes may shift. The things I loved in the beginning of Medifast I can't stand now. I have my favorites, mostly bars now, brownies and puffs. Find which foods agree with you, and that you look forward to eating...even if it's all peanut butter bars, or five brownies per day...once you start really feeling and seeing the difference in weight for yourself it becomes much more motivating, and therefore easier. I say "easier" but it is a struggle. So is being overweight, however...just a different type of struggle...

Comment #4

Then just put away the things that don't appeal to you right now. Things do change over time, and you'll get bored with the same stuff and be ready to change up again..

I guess the thing I'd ask you is do you WANT to take longer losing the weight? Because 4&2 will definitely slow your weight loss, if only because you eat more calories every day. It's pretty simple - when you have a 3500 calorie deficit, you lose a pound..

4&2 is suitable for some people in some circumstances, but think hard about whether you NEED to be on 4&2 or are just looking for an excuse to eat...

Comment #5

It will always be a struggle. My inner brat constantly tries to make me cheat. Oh - look - he left chocolate on the counter - just pop that into your mouth - it will taste so good and no one will no! Oh look, the babies left some chips on their plate - what a sin to waste food - just eat those few chips, don't toss them.

People say your tastes change and you can get used to the artificial tastes. I am 8 weeks in and still find some of it revolting. There are some foods we love. The rest have to be doctored up with SF syrups, egg whites, baking powder, etc. We have incorporated Atkins pre-made shakes into our program because we just can't handle the gas from the Medifast meals and don't like the shakes.

I am down 50 pounds in 8 weeks - so I don't want to give up. I WILL do this - but I can't see myself doing Medifast forever as some do. I will probably always have a few products in the house - like the bars - love the caramel, chocolate and mint bars, the brownies, Honey Mustard Pretzels - so will probably continue monthly orders to maintain weight loss, but unless they can find a better way to reduce gas & constipation, this wont be our lifestyle choice after we lose the weight...

Comment #6

I agree, always a struggle. I don't mind the food so much once I retrained my mind that it is "fueling" rather than a decadent sit down meal....I find I have to keep busy. The worst are the days when Im stuck in the house all day with the kids. You just WANT TO eat, everything thats around, not because Im hungry and need to be fueled, just because it's there and looks good, and the brat says "Ah, youve done so great, how can it hurt?"This is me, my nature, what got me to starting Medifast in the first place. Old habits die hard (if at all). But, I think it is always going to have to be front and center in our minds I find I have to be hyper aware to stay on plan and eventually God willing, stay at goal.

My health, my looks, my overall happiness were affected and I would want the best thing for my friends, my kids, I have to want it for me too....... is the food we eat really worth risking our overall happiness?? We're all in this together thankfully We're here if you need us!..

Comment #7

You may want to look at the book "The 4 day Win.".

In it, the author talks about your inner dictator and inner wild child & how we cause self-sabotage etc. I am finding it very helpful and interesting to read. She has you do some self-meditation to assist with trying to get the inner balance...

Comment #8

Yes, I have a struggle from time to time but you know what you just have to be tough and win the battle!.

I sure hope that you stay op this time around!.

You can do this!..

Comment #9

It scares me alot knowing I will always have to struggle not to regain what I lose. Everyone I know who has done Medifast has gained it back - this really scares me. I love to eat...

Comment #10

I'm down with the excellent thoughts that have already been posted, especially about eating only the foods you like (I have a bag of stuff I'm about ready to post on craig's list myself)..

Although I would run this by the dietitians, I'm thinking you are probably making the cravings last longer by not getting in your full 5 Medifast meals and exercising at the same time. I think both things combined are probably triggering the starvation reaction in your body, where you start storing foods for long-term survival. When that has happened for me in the past I have felt constantly hungry and weak. And going OP of course adds to the biochemical confusion..

For me, once I toughed it out and got into the rhythm of 5 Medifast meals and 2 half lean and greens every day my hunger receded to a bearable level and I felt much much calmer..

Hang in there - Given the circumstances under which you've been doing it, your weight loss is particularly amazing. Hope you can give yourself a break and eat MORE Medifast soon!.

All best wishes - Ria..

Comment #11

You really need to get all the meals in. Even if you have to eat 2 at a time to do it. Otherwise the lack of calories might send you into starvation mode which will slow down your metabolism and your weight loss. Also going too long between meals will make you too hungry and you might fall off plan. Keep a bar or two in your purse for emergencies. Really, you can eat a bar anywhere anytime can't you? Get your meals in...

Comment #12

Most days for me are not a struggle, but I do have a few where the day just seems to drag between meals. I just try my best to keep busy on those day to help the time go by faster...

Comment #13

Another great book is Women, Food & God by Geneen Roth. I saw her interviewed on Oprah and have it recorded on my DVR so I can watch it over and over. Basically it is that alot of our eating (mine included) is more about feeding our brains & emotions rather than our stomachs. We ARE hungry...but not for food. We are feeding something else. I have found it very interesting and remind myself when I am "hungry"...which I have to be honest...has not been much since I started the program (now I will admit...I am a newbie) but I really don't think it matters.

And alot of is not real work. It is just acknowledging the feeling that helps alot. Makes you stop and think. Please check out her Look her up on Oprah too...

Comment #14

This statement scares me. Before one of my co-workers started the plan I had never heard of it. Now I find support and comfort on these boards not to mention the incredible amount of inspiration to those that have lost big and have kept it off for 'x' years..


Comment #15

Thanks for all the aweomse advice guys. it has really helped me to push thru this phase of my struggles. things are looking up!..

Comment #16

As someone who did gain the weight back, I know where the problem lies. I wasn't able to do transition. Long story, you don't wanna hear..

I think that those who aren't successful maintaining their loss do not follow the transition plan. I know a lot of people who hit goal (or close) and then go right back to their old eating habits. If you read a few posts of the successful maintainers on here, you will see that they DON'T go back to eating the old way. They change their habits. And they all followed transition as written..

I plan to follow transition to the LETTER. That was my problem before. It won't be again...

Comment #17

For sure, some days are harder than others. This week has been hard for me. The soup is a choke-down. But I do it. Usually, it's not a problem. For some reason this week is a tough one.

It also just might be a fact that this restrictive of a plan is not for you. Some people truly do better on WW or Jenny, etc. You do have to live your life. If it's just too unbearable you may want to switch. Of course, we would be sad to see you leave...

Comment #18

Reality is that something like 95% of everyone who loses weight will gain it back - no matter how they lose the weight. The problem is that losing weight is an event. Keeping it off has to be a mental HABIT. It has to be forever..

People go at Medifast as if it's a short time thing, and it IS, in the sense that you're only going to be on 5&1 until you hit goal. But you're learning habits you're going to need to practice forever if you want to keep it off. You have to eat a LOT of vegetables. You have to eat some lean protein. You have to eat very, very little of anything else. You have to keep track of what you eat.

You have to practice portion control..

If you hit goal and abandon everything you learn on 5&1, you'll gain it back. Most people do. If you remember what you've learned, pay attention during transition, work a plan during maintenance, and be mindful, you'll keep the weight off...

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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