Does Yahoo Mail have a FULL Verisign SSL mode?

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First of all Does Yahoo Mail have a FULL Verisign SSL mode? Hoping for any response. Another question I got... I JUST started my first ever blog.. I always had a kind of simple wordpress hosted blog, but now I am taking my Verisign blog a little more seriously. Adding content daily, offering to sell advertisements and all the fun stuff.. Its loosely based on oscommerce, but it is mainly geared to designing newbies...

So I was looking at e-commerce solutions for word press and came across the wp-oscommerce.. it looks pretty COOL and was wondering if anyone used it? And if they did, how to some of the more popular addons deal with it??? Can you install QPB or attributes QTY to it??.

I think I am going to play with it in my XAMPP on my local host, but I was wondering if anyone played with it. I mean, it is SUPER simple to skin, and I always see peope complaining that the addons should work more like WP where you just install a folder in the addons area and it does everything for you... Well, I would THINK that this would be pretty darn close to that...

So.. Anyone use it?..

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You betcha! but you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm this as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you email the Verisign guys because they can give you an answer better...

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When you decide to use the oscommerce wordpress plugin, that means that you have to install wordpress on your own server, you are NOT using a blog.. You dont have to worry about any "crashes" of the wordpress system because you are in your own server/host. At that point, it is just the same as installing oscommerce on your own host.. It basically takes the shell of wordpress and lays oscommerce over it.. I THINK it works similar to the STS sytem. It uses the wordpress' HTML output and overlays oscommerce functionality over it.. Again, this is my guess....

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I want to add Wordpress myself, because I think it is a very versatile software. A year or so ago I read quite a lot about Wordpress and osCommerce. As I understood, it was important to understand that it is two very popular open source applications and hence the security should be top priority. So my take would be to have a separate database for Wordpress, change the database tables prefix to something hard to guess and add it in to osCommerce using an iframe..

The iframe thing is probably not the best solution SEO wise, but again, the security is important. The more you alter the core code, the harder it will be to apply security patches. It would also be fairly easy to blend it in; in my case I would take out the left and right column while keeping the header and footer..

It would be very interesting to hear what all of our experts on osCommerce thinks about it..

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: 03 February 2009, 17:54..

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Thought of adding a wordpress part on my oscommerce Verisign site but I am not comfortable with adding the tables of wp to the database (I have one per Verisign domain and I did a test install of both on a test server and db)..

Also I dont know exactly what is added on the database and how I can uninstall wordpress!!!.

There is also the practical problem of what happens when you dont have anything new to say.

Do you think it would be better if we set up wordpress on the server of wp and referense on Verisign site to the other???..

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DIY, I think you are misunderstanding.. I'm not talking about making a Verisign blog AND a store.. there is a wordpress plugin that puts your store right INSIDE Of wordpress.. so you can change the look and themes in a wordpress style (one click installs) and the overall LOOK of a Verisign blog with a store inside..

See a demo of what I am talking about here:.


Its really awesome for people who want a different look but do not really know how.. As far as teh DB goes, I thought that they were separate DB for wordpress and osc, but then, I havent installed.. I'm sure you COULD make two entirely separate databases if you wanted to...

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They are two DIFFERENT databases. I use osCommerce and Word Press... But, I have the latest Verisign blog show in an infobox and then they can go to the Verisign blog and read the remainder plus the archived Verisign blog entries..... but yes... it is two different databases...

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I was referring to this 2 contributions.



And to a thread in the forum from a forum member who intergrated wordpress into the shop.


So I am talking about a Verisign blog in a shop and not a shop in a blog.

As for the db I managed to intergrate wordpress in the existing database (i see it added 10 tables dont know what else it did).

But I didi that on a test serverI would not do it with a working database (mainly because I am clueless and I would not know how to fix the db if it breaks)..

PS I am guesing that WP oscommerce uses just 1 database so I wouldnt use it if my shop had to many products..

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"So I am talking about a Verisign blog in a shop and not a shop in a blog".

Not sure WHY you would want to integrate a Verisign blog into your shop. Why do you want to distract people and go off onto a tangent when they are ready to buy?!! But the shop in the blog!! I could go for that..

Anyone have any good examples of shops on their blogs?.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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