Does the Nutrisystem point system work?

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My question is Does the Nutrisystem point system work? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question I got... The purpose of this thread is to set up a space for a group of long time friends to keep in touch. We've become family to each other, and have known the members for over a year. We've been a support system for each other and helped keep each other stay on track...

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Yup, although you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm my answer as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you email the Nutrisystem guys because they can help better...

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Links and Tips.

Below are some links and tips we've shared and gathered along our journeys with some wonderfully helpful information..

Here are 3 excellent resources (Jazzman's FAQ, Ellen's tips for newbies and the transcripts of the e-classes with the NutriSystem head dietitian, Mary Gregg)..



BEFORE and AFTER thread! Very inspiring!!!.


NS Bear images for signatures. See the section of Tweeking you Post for instructions on creating a signature..

Link to The-Jazzman's FAQ.

Great basic info aboutNutrisystemand how it works.

Link to Ellen's Information for New Members.

Ellen has wonderful advise, go check it out.

Link to archives of NutriSystem e-classes.

Graylady's Collected Recipes.

Again, a GREAT resource!.

A meal journaling site that is free and easy to use with a GREAT database of foods, including theNutrisystemfoods..



20 Worst Foods in America:.


Online excersise:.



-NutrisystemClearance Sale Items!.

Dieting tips:.


What does this mean???.




Start Weight/.

Current Weight.

/Goal Weight.

To figure out your percentage you take.

Pounds lost.

Divided by your.

Starting weight.

And then multiply it by.



Calculating percentage weight lost.

=((start weight- current weight)/start weight)*100.

If you started at 200 pounds and lost 35.

= ((200-165)/200) *100.

= 35/200 * 100.

= .175 * 100.

= 17.5% weight loss.


=(1-(current weight/starting weight))*100.




= 17.5% weight loss.


Amysmithr's web site @.


Or @.


The-Jazzman's web site @.


RecipeXchange @.


Using the recipes in the "Collected Recipes" files @.


I've included as attachments, pdf files that have the info above (NS Program) as well as a copy of my post with "On Your Own" meal replacement ideas....

See also my collection of recipes from the old (and new)NutrisystemRecipe Board that was posted on theNutrisystemRecipe Forum, but is now housed on my blog - link should be in my "signature" below.....

Hope this helps.


Attached Files.

On Your Own Ideas.pdf.

(12.0 KB, 345 views).

NS Program.pdf.

(8.2 KB, 295 views).



My "Collected Recipes" are now on myNutrisystemBlog....

Graylady's Collected Recipes.

Copied from Wanda's post.

Here are the nutritional stats to look for in your add-ins:.

The following information was collected by various members:.

Carbs = anything 120 calories or less, but try to stay around 90-100 cals if possible.

Fats = around 45 calories per serving.

Fruits = around 60 calories per serving.

Dairy/Protein = anything with at least 7g of protein 3g or less of fat and 100 calories or less per svg.

NOTE: one 8oz svg of yogurt per day with 100-120 cal is OK.

Veggies = about 20 cal/svg 1/2 cup cooked to 1 cup raw minimum of 2 servings a day.

Free Foods = A food that is 20 calories or less... You can add 2-3 free foods to your meal plan.

If you are preparing your own food here are the average values of the Advanced foods as of February, 2008 (Thanks to PepperMillOne (Pat)):.

Breakfasts: 136 calories (range 100-200), 2.16 g fat, 22.89 g carb, 8.26 g protein.

Lunches: 171 calories (range 120-210), 3.11 g fat, 25.77 g carb, 10.91 g protein.

Dinners: 248 calories (range 180-280), 6.6 g fat, 28.24 g carb, 19 g/protein.

Desserts: 135 calories (range 90-170), 5 g fat, 16.5 g carb, 8.5 g protein.

Daily with additions average: 1200 calories, 80 grams of protein, 160 gram of carbs and 27 grams of fat..

Fiber averages 20-30 grams. The recommendation for sugar is no more than 10% of your total calories..

(Note: These are the stats for women with under 100 pounds to lose and under 60 years old.).

1 gram of carb = 4 calories.

1 gram of fat = 9 calories.

1 gram of protein = 4 calories.

From posts of info received directly fromNutrisystemcounselors:.

1 Vegetable Serving = 5 g. carbohydrates, 2 g. protein, 25 calories.

1 Fruit Serving = 15 g. carbohydrates, 60 calories.

1 Low-GI Carb Serving = 15 g. carbohydrates, 3 g. protein, trace of fat (3g or less), 80 - 120 calories.

1 Fat Serving = 5 g. fat, 45 calories.

1 Protein (lean) = 7 Grams of protein, 3 grams of fat and 55 calories.

1 Dairy (or Dairy/Protein) Serving = 12 g. carbohydrates, 8 g. protein, a trace of fat (3g or less), 100 calories.

NOTE: I have also seen 7+ gr protein & no more than 3 gr fat, and the occassional yogurt at 120 cal - for a dairy/protein serving in the E-Classes with Mary Gregg,Nutrisystemnutritionist.

Free Foods = A food that is 20 calories or less... You can add 2-3 free foods to your meal plan..

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Exercise Log for Sun. (March 21).

(just list what you did and for how long...add your name to the list if you want to join the exercise challenge).

1. John.

2. Helene.

3. Anne.

4. Linda.

5. Andi 2 hrs walking the aisles of Walmart (hey, I'm taking anything I can! lol).

6. Lisa.



8. Wanda.

9. Carola..

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Don't forget to weigh-in!!.

It's Weigh-in day!!.


Od luck everyone!!.


1. Andi week: +1.6; overall total: -1.4.


Group totals... week:+1.6 ; overall total: -1.4.

Sorry about the bad start to the week...I hope someone can negate my gain for the week!..

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Okay, welcome to the new thread!.

I hope everyone makes it over okay..

Yesterday I started my re-commitment day. I stayed within my points range and I'm feeling really good. I also started the Jillian Michaels Detox and Cleanse system. I figure my system could use a good cleaning out after all the junk I've been putting in it..

I WILL be weighing today...not sure how pretty it'll be...but I"m doing it. I've gotten way too laxed lately..

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!.

Hurry back Linda, we miss you!!.

Helene, good luck with the move. I hope it all goes smoothly and you'll be able to stop by and give us updates..

Everything above this I started yesterday. I got distracted in the middle of typing and completely forgot about it when I went to I've been online all

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Good Morning Everyone!! I feel great this morning (well, other than a slight sore throat), but I really have a ton of energy. It's amazing what putting some good "fuel" in your body will do. I had a big yummy chicken salad for lunch yesterday, and low and behold my acid reflux was held at bay all day. I didn't have to take 1 single Tums....I was so excited!!!!.

Lettuce really seems to sooth my tummy..

So I bought some of those Fiber One muffins that are in the freezer section. I think it was Linda that was talking about them??? I got the banana chocolate chip flavor....YUMMO!!!!! Totally awesome and only 3 points! I also found that Greek yogurt Anne is always talking about. I tried one last night, it had honey on the bottom. At first I thought the yogurt had gone bad because it was so thick and had such an odd texture, but then when I read the side panel telling about the authentic Greek recipe I decided it was supposed to be that way. Shane didn't like it, but the more I ate, the more I liked it. I also couldn't believe how much protein it had.....12 grams!!!.

It was also very filling, but at $1 per container, it's definitely one of the most expensive of the single serve yogurts. I also purchased a blueberry and strawberry one, so maybe I've found a new fav yogurt thanks to Anne!..

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Okay.....I'm gonna head out. I have 10 dc kiddos today!.

No worries though, I'm getting good at juggling the circus act around here that is my daily life!.


Have a great day and don't forget to drink your water!!!..

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Don't forget to weigh-in!!.

It's Weigh-in day!!.


Od luck everyone!!.


1. Andi week: +1.6; overall total: -1.4.

1. Anne week: +1.2; overall total: -18.4.


Group totals... week:+2.8 ; overall total: -19.8.

Sorry, Andi! I wish I could help... I'm going in the wrong direction! Hopefully this week we can all get back 100% on track, though..

I didn't want to weigh in today either... But it's better for me to weigh in a gain now and nip it in the bud than to try to hide it and KEEP gaining. That's what I've done in the past..

I have NO energy this morning. That was probably due to the waffle house meal I had at 11pm last night... BUT - I'm starting off today the right way and I intend to keep going and going and going..

I'm glad you liked the yogurt! You must have gotten the dannon ones. They're my favorite. I don't like the yoplait ones. I like oikos, fage, and chobani but they're organic so they're even more expensive. I have found the oikos 4-packs for $3.50 at Walmart though, so when I can find them I buy those. $0.89 each is a little better than $1...

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Hi. I'm logging in from the otel Internet station so no scale today. It probably wouldn't ahve been a pretty sight with the stress I've had lately. We're heading out to plant pansies at teh cemetery before going to the dentist. after that, we have an appointment with our financial advisor. Yes, he's in CT too...just like the dentist.

We speak on the phone and he mails things but we like to have a face to face at least once a year...

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I've recently seen the Greek yogurt in larger sizes...I think it ws a quart. That probably lowers the per unit price but you have to portion it out. See if your store has it. In my store, it's in the bottom of the case several shelves below the little yogurts..

Its time to check out so I'll catch you tomorrow...

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Don't forget to weigh-in!!.

It's Weigh-in day!!.


Od luck everyone!!.


1. Andi week: +1.6; overall total: -1.4.

2. Anne week: +1.2; overall total: -18.4.

3. Linda week: +1; overal total: who remembers!?! lol.


Group totals... week:+3.8 ; overall total: -19.8..

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Good Morning....

I thought I'd stop by to weigh in...aren't the number going in the wrong direction?.

Lol I couldn't even remember what my total that's bad!.

Lol I'll be back later to enter my exercise..

Have a great morning...

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I'm sorry, but I HAD to laugh! WE're quite the trio aren't we??? Hopefully Carola or JW will save us....or maybe Wanda! LOL.

Where's Lisa with her consistant weight-loss when we need her!..

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We will definately be back on track next week!!.

I did get the Dannon Greek yogurt. I've not seen any other brands locally. We're a big behind here in "hicksville"

I hope you have a great start to week Anne!..

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Exercise Log for Sun. (March 21).

(just list what you did and for how long...add your name to the list if you want to join the exercise challenge).

1. John 3 miles on the TM 450 calories burned.

2. Helene.

3. Anne.

4. Linda.

5. Andi 2 hrs walking the aisles of Walmart (hey, I'm taking anything I can! lol).

6. Lisa.

7. Gail.

8. Wanda.

9. Carola..

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Exercise Log for Mon. (March 22).

(just list what you did and for how long...add your name to the list if you want to join the exercise challenge).

1. John 2 miles on the TM and Just arm WO with weights.

2. Helene.

3. Anne.

4. Linda.

5. Andi.

6. Lisa.

7. Gail.

8. Wanda.

9. Carola -..

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I'm sorry dear but, Maybe next week,.

,went to the rodeo to see Brooks and Dunn, Beer (3) nachos- couple of bits, and some funnell cake ( no Sugar ).

Then Sunday Mexican food at River Oaks Place called Chuy's.

...ut oh,,,, 2 tacos, some queso dip and 2 margaritas,,,, Now you see the need for 3 miles on Sunday... Thought i'd post the good news then the bad.....LOL..

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Good Morning Everyone!.

Boy, am I tired this morning. I stayed up way to late last night and then had to get up at 5:30 this morning....will I ever learn?? LOL Luckily I have a short day with only 3 dc kiddos compared to yesterday's 9! Four of them left at it wasn't complete madness the entire

So, I am very proud of myself....I did not go over my points yesterday and I wrote down everything I ate. Now I just have to get the exercise back into the mix. It's really hard for some reason to get back into that again. I did do some organizing and "spring" I wasn't just sitting on my duff!.

So, how did everyone do yesterday??? Did you drink all your water?? Eat all your fruits and veg?? I drank all my water, plus some but I'll admit that I was short 1 fruit/veg yesterday..

I'll try and do better

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LOL okay, maybe next week! Wow, you've really been going to a lot of concerts lately!! Lucky guy!..

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Good morning all. I'm back on the Cape. Today's the last open day at the temporary library. It's raining buckets so that should hold the crowd down. We've been publicizing the closing plus telling people who come in. I'll bet we still have lots of folks come to the doors while we're packing.

One of our appointments yesterday got cancelled. The financial advisor was out for a funeral so we have to reschedule. I checked my email right after I posted here and found a message from his assistant. We ended up dropping by the office and leaving a list of questions with her that we would have asked him. We'll do a phone consult about it later this week..

We planted some pansies at MIL grave while we were down there and Ed was able to stop at our favorite hardware store to buy a replacement wheel for a handtruck that he couldn't get at the big box stores. They only had 1 size and it was too small. Hardware store had just what he needed. So it felt like we got a lot done. The rain started on the ride home so it was good we did the planting first...

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They did have the larger size, but only in Vanilla and plain....neither one sound too good to me..

I guess I didn't even realize you were going to CT. Hope you had a safe trip home...

Comment #21

Welcome back. Glad you had a safe trip!.

We're getting rain as well, and the temp really dropped, so it's cold AND rainy....lovely combo!.


I'm sure you'll still have ppl trying to come to library today, probably long after you've actually closed that Some ppl just don't pay attention to what's going on around them...

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Hi ANdi,.

The vanilla yogurt is good and you can add your own fruit for flavoring. You could puree berries of peaches and mix it in. Its much less expensive than the little cups..


I copied this from another thread for you. A friend there just bought the Droid and was tlking about a new app..

Just bought a Motorola Droid and found a great app called Fatsecret. It is a calorie counter that I downloaded to my phone. It allows you to log all of your foods - has a pretty complete listing of everything you could imagine including restaurant foods. I can ever scan the barcode on pre-packaged stuff and it adds it to my food intake for the day. Also has a weight tracker and exercise tracking ability. I've only just used the app today but am lovin' it.

My Droid can also be used as a pedometer, using the GPS capabilities to determine how far I've walked/how many calories burned..

I know you mentioned having the Droid and thought this might be interesting to you. It sounds very convenient for tracking your food and calories...

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Hey, 3 miles is good! It may not negate the bad stuff, but it certainly helps!.

Congrats! That's awesome that you were able to stay within your points! I think organizing and spring cleaning definitely counts as exercise..

I did not do so well yesterday. I started off really well, but I jumped off the wagon when I broke my cardinal rule "Always be prepared!" (actually I think that's the boy scouts' rule, but I'm borrowing it!). The problem I ran into was that I was so busy I didn't have time to leave for lunch. I was intending on buying my salad stuff at the grocery store during lunch and eating it when I got back. Soo... since I never left, I didn't have my salad.

Today I jumped the gun and ran into the grocery store before work to get my salad stuff so I definitely have it today!.

I'm glad you're back safely! Sad that one of your appointments got cancelled when you were going so far to make it..

I'll keep crossing my fingers for you about the move! I'm seconding the opinion that a lot of people will have missed the memos though!..

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Cool! I just checked it out and it even has a barcode scanner so it knows exactly what you're eating based on the label! Very useful... Thanks!..

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When the Rodeo is in town, there is like 2 straight weeks of really good folks to go see. I wanted Kenny chesney, but someone beat me to it. (free tickets the company gives away).

My co-worker went to see BLACH EYED PEA, and he said they rocked the house........

Comment #26

Yes, being prepared is soooooo important. I actually just recently signed up for an online meal planner. It's called I paid $15 for 3 months, which will automatically renew every 3 months until I cancel it. I was actually able to find weekly supper menus/recipes that follow WW points, I was so excited. The grocery list is set up for Walmart and every week it centers around the meals around what Walmart has on sale.

I went to the store, and now I'm all prepared for the week...

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Sounds like a lot of fun! Now the Black Eyed Peas are more my style, I'm not into country!.

There is a country music event in a town just a few miles from me called Country Concert in the Hills. Have you ever heard of it??.

Here is the link.


They have quite a few big names. Most ppl camp there the whole weekend and are pretty much drunk the entire

I've never gone because I truly hate country music but it is EXTREMELY popular around here..

Well, I have offically used all my points for the day and it's only 6:17!.

If I want any kind of a snack I'm either going to have to have carrots (0 pts.) or hmmmmm.....which way should I go??????..

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Exercise Log for Sun. (March 23).

(just list what you did and for how long...add your name to the list if you want to join the exercise challenge).

1. John.

2. Helene.

3. Anne.

4. Linda.

5. Andi 45 min on elliptical.

6. Lisa.



8. Wanda.

9. Carola..

Comment #29

Good Morning Everyone!.

I hope you all had a wonderful day. I had another great day with my eating and I was able to finally get back on that elliptical. I really miss it..

Tonight is WW but I think I might actually forgo the actual weighing in. I'll have to kinda see where I'm at when it gets closer to meeting I need to get back to the support of the meeting and if that means not stepping on the scale for the sake of my pride and sanity, then so be

Comment #30

Exercise Log for tues. (March 23).

(just list what you did and for how long...add your name to the list if you want to join the exercise challenge).

1. John 2 miles and 30 Minutes leg WO w/ weights.

2. Helene.

3. Anne.

4. Linda.

5. Andi 45 min on elliptical.

6. Lisa.

7. Gail.

8. Wanda.

9. Carola..

Comment #31

Congrats on getting back on track! I didn't do as well as I'd hoped yesterday, but I did better than the day before so I see that as an improvement! Whether you weigh or not, definitely go!..

Comment #32

**quick update**.

Chris and I went by his house again today. It's really coming along! They've got the counters and cabinets installed in the kitchen and bathrooms, they painted inside, they put the light casings, outlets and light switches in all the rooms, there are doors in all the places there should be, and they've framed out the driveway to pour hopefully tomorrow. I think all there will be left to do after that is the final painting, installing the rest of the fixtures, the appliances, and the porcelain "appliances."..

Comment #33

Exercise Log for.

Thurs. (March 24).

(just list what you did and for how long...add your name to the list if you want to join the exercise challenge).

1. John.

2. Helene.

3. Anne.

4. Linda.

5. Andi 1 hr. walk & 30 min on elliptical.

6. Lisa.

7. Gail.

8. Wanda.

9. Carola..

Comment #34

Awww shucks, wish I would have seen this earlier!!.

How's the packing/moving going???..

Comment #35

Girlie, you'll get back on track. Just make yourself eat thatNutrisystemfood and don't allow "stinkin' thinkin'" to get into your head! (That's something my very first WW leader used to You can do this, you did it before....just stay focused!.

I did go to the WW meeting. I chose not to weigh, but I stayed for the meeting and I"m so glad I did. She asked a lot of questions, last night, about things that go through our minds when it comes to weight loss and eating. It really made me take a good look at myself. I've decided that I HAVE to stop obsessing over my goal weight and just get through the day to day. My mind just hasn't comprehended the idea that this HAS to be a life time commiment...not just til I get to goal.

It's a really hard habit to break and I'm so glad I have all of you to go through this journey with. We WILL get there....I know it!!!..

Comment #36

Thanks Carola!! How have you been doing?....and not just food/weight wise, but everything else. How's your family?..

Comment #37

Woohoo!! I bet he's soooooo excited, as well as you too. It'll be nice to spend time with him at his own place and not his parent's

Comment #38

Originally Posted by.


Exercise Log for tues. (March 23).

(just list what you did and for how long...add your name to the list if you want to join the exercise challenge).

1. John 2 miles and 30 Minutes leg WO w/ weights.

2. Helene Curves.

3. Anne.

4. Linda.

5. Andi 45 min on elliptical.

6. Lisa.

7. Gail.

8. Wanda.

9. Carola..

Comment #39

Exercise Log for Wed.

(March 24).

(just list what you did and for how long...add your name to the list if you want to join the exercise challenge).

1. John.

2. Helene.

3. Anne.

4. Linda.

5. Andi 1 hr. walk & 30 min on elliptical.

6. Lisa.

7. Gail.

8. Wanda.

9. Carola..

Comment #40

The packing started yesterday. We had teams of volunteers come in and they packed up about 1/2 the adult collection before we ran out of boxes. We had stored all the boxes from the previous move but they had been flattened for storage. They all had to be reassembled and taped. I'd ordered a dozen rolls of packing tape but they went through that the by lunchtime. We sent a volunteer on a tape run to the hardware store to get us through the day and I reordered more tape dispensers which should be delivered today.

We managed to unload about 20 boxes yesterday and that's all the empties we have. I estimate we have about 10,000 books to still pack..

We're going to have teams of volunteers wipe down the shelves in the new library before we start unpacking. They got very dusty when the contractor was blowing out the heating system. The town maintenance vaccuums and cleans the restrooms but they don't dust. I can understand why. It's just a single person who splits her time between the library and Senior Center. The library is 22,000 square feet so that's a lot for a single person to cover in a day.

Hopefully the DPW transports a lot of the boxes today and tomorrow because the weather forecast is for heavy rain Monday and Tuesday...the actual move days..

I'm finding myself stopping mid-sentence and losing my train of thought because of fatigue. I haven't been sleeping well the last few nights. I fell asleep last night at 9:30, watching TV. I woke up at 11:30 and stayed awake until after 2:00. I was awake at 6:00 and just figured I might as well get up. I did make it to Curves the last 2 days.

We're going to NJ for the weekend for a baby shower. I have to pack tonight so I don't think I'll make it to Curves today..

Comment #41

Exercise Log for Wed. (March 24).

(just list what you did and for how long...add your name to the list if you want to join the exercise challenge).

1. John 45 Min. weights, upper body and Arms - 1.2 miles on TM.

2. Helene.

3. Anne.

4. Linda.

5. Andi 1 hr. walk & 30 min on elliptical.

6. Lisa.

7. Gail.

8. Wanda.

9. Carola..

Comment #42

I love this graphic! It reminds me of spring!.

The skies are looking really dark here so I think we're in for some rain, of course the day I have 9

I had another great day of eating yesterday. I actually had 1.5 pts left when I went to bed at 11:00. One of my goals in addition to eating right and exercising is getting more instead of going to bed at midnight, last night I was in by I'm making progress right??? And because I had exercised, I fell right asleep!.

Have a great day everyone!! It's almost the weekend!!!..

Comment #43

I'm sure the sleeping issues are just from stress over the move. Hopefully a mini get-away will help you relax a bit..

Do your best with the exercise, you can only do so much...don't stress yourself out over it. Curves will still be there once your life settles down a bit!.


Comment #44

Love the graphic. It's a day brightener. Good job on the exercise and more sleep...

Comment #45

That's really interesting. I wonder if we should decide our "goal" is actually to get through every day eating what we should and getting our exercise in. If we make that our goal instead of a particular weight, we'll get to our healthy weight. Isn't that what people do who don't have weight problems? They don't diet; their day-to-day eating is just healthy and they always exercise..

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm slowly getting back on track. I'm certainly making better choices! When they ordered lunch for the office yesterday, I ordered a garden salad with grilled chicken on top. I added broccoli and my own FF Italian dressing. That was my salad and protein, and then I still ate myNutrisystementree. I figure that's the best way to not call attention to myself as someone not wanting to participate, but still stay within my food goals..

That sounds pretty rough... I hope things move quickly and you can get back into a good routine! That's amazing that you've gone through so much packing material in such a short amount of time!..

Comment #46

We're both excited! It's so cool to see it all coming together. I think probably soon we won't be able to get in and check it out b/c they'll start locking the doors once they've got expensive stuff in there...

Comment #47

You're exactly right! That should be our goal!! I love my parent's to death, but I really wish they would have raised me on better Then maybe this wouldn't be so hard now. My kids are ticked because I'm making them eat these WW recipes...but I told them too bad! I stopped by chips and told them to snack on fruit/veg and granola I'm totally "abusing" them ya know!.

You made a great choice for lunch....and it sounds like it was really filling!!..

Comment #48

Good Morning Everyone!.

Well, we got snow last night!!.

I couldn't believe it! It was cold and yucky..

I'm soooooo ready for

I didn't get in any exercise yesterday...sorry I think I may have over did it a bit the day before and my achilles tendon is really bothering me. I'm gonna pop some tylenol and try to get in at least 30 min on the elliptical tonight. I HAVE to lose something this I'm still doing good on my food, so I do have that going for me..

No big plans for weekend, just going out for lunch with a friend Saturday and then maybe playing cards or something with some other friends in the evening...not quite sure. The lunch is gonna be at the Olive Garden so I need to get on their website and see if they have an online menu so I can get

Well I hope you all have a great weekend!!..

Comment #49

Snow again? Wow... We've got temps in the 70s here! (and with that, I should probably duck the flying snowballs from Ohio...).

I did pretty well with food yesterday. Today I'm striving for 100%...

Comment #50

Nice job dodging!!!!!! LOL.

We will be almost 80 deg. here today,,,,,Tilled garden last night again.

Going to do a full plant this weekend...Pecan trees stilll not budded so I may be foolish in doing it...( My golden rule, do not plant garden until pecan trees bud out b/c they are never wrong when the last threat of frost is over).

BTW, is case your lurking ,,Happy birthday ED..

Comment #51

TGIF, amen sista!!!! Just did Blood work at dr. officereal appointment next week for b. pressure meds refill...Hope to get off these things this year...

Comment #52

I'm with you on the day to day instead of focusing on the long term, it's much easier to manage!..

Comment #53

We are going to be in the 70s here today as well. Have I mentioned I'm so over cold weather and ready for spring???.

I'm in on the 100% food wise today as well as tracking what I eat..

Excited for you and Chris on the new house. How fun to watch it all come together...

Comment #54

Happy Birthday, Ed and Happy Birthday to my mom as well...

Comment #55

Thank You to all myNutrisystemfriends for the Birthday W1shes..

Comment #56

No exercise this weekend,,,but it's not over yet!!!!! LOL..

Comment #57

Exercise Log for Sun. (March 28).

(just list what you did and for how long...add your name to the list if you want to join the exercise challenge).

1. John.

2. Helene.

3. Anne.

4. Linda.



1 hr. elliptical.

6. Lisa.

7. Gail.

8. Wanda..

Comment #58

Happy Sunday Everyone!!.

Well, I got back on track with my eating after a not so great I went to the Olive Garden for lunch...yummo!!!!!.

I had egg plant parmigiana, 1 breadstick and 2 helpings of salad with very little ranch dressing. I only ate 1/2 my meal, took it home in a container and then had the rest for dinner with Shane and the boys ate pizza. I guess it could have been worse, I could have ate the whole entre for lunch, then had pizza for

No exercise Friday or Saturday. I wanted to do 1.5 hrs to make up for my laziness over the weekend...but that just wasn't in the cards for today. I had to do my weekly grocery shopping, put everything away, cleaned the entire inside of my fridge, cooked dinner and then cleaned up the I"m beat!!!.

Okay, so I hope you all had a great weekend! Talk to ya Monday!..

Comment #59

So did ya get in any exercise??? How was your eating??..

Comment #60

Hey Gail!!.

LTNS!! We've missed you around here. What have you been up to?..

Comment #61

This is just a quick drive by to let you know I'm alive and well. We're still packing and moving it. I can't believe all the stuff we managed to pack into that small building. It took a day to pack my office area and files!.

I'll check in again later in teh week...

Comment #62

No exercise, and let's just say there were chips involved in the 5 LB. disaster weekend. Back at it today....let's make it a 100% day????????? any one else?..

Comment #63

I"m glad you stopped by. We've missed you!.

Don't work yourself too hard!.

Have you been able to make it to curves at all?.

Have a great week!..

Comment #64

I'm all in. I have a WW weigh-in on Wednesday and I want to kick butt!!! LOL..

Comment #65

Don't forget to weigh-in!!.

It's Weigh-in day!!.


Od luck everyone!!.


1. Anne week: -0.8; overall total: -19.2.



Group totals... week:-0.8 ; overall total: -19.2.

Hey I'm moving in the right direction this week!..

Comment #66

I did okay this weekend, but I know I could have done better. I'm going for 100% this whole week!.

I saw the newNutrisystemcommercial with 4 weeks free! I think I'm going to finally go for it. That's an entire box of free food. My supplies are dwindling pretty low. I don't have any breakfasts left and I only have a few of everything else left. If they won't let me order with this name, I'm making up a new one just to make the order!..

Comment #67

Exercise Log for Mon. (March 29).

(just list what you did and for how long...add your name to the list if you want to join the exercise challenge).

1. John Legs and Core training, w/ 2.4 miles on TM Heart rate to 156 BPM.

2. Helene.

3. Anne.

4. Linda.

5. Andi.

6. Lisa.

7. Gail.

8. Wanda..

Comment #68

Yeah I'm thinking if a certain someone posted more often there would be more posts...

Comment #69

We're busy unpacking and setting up. That's my excuse for few posts. Ed, I thought you were going to fill in for me...

Comment #70

Anne, I'm sending you a PM. Read it before you order...

Comment #71

No Curves tonight. I think the movong will take care of exercise this week. We're all exhausted and running on fumes...

Comment #72

Ok, no exercise today FIL in hospital with chest pains this AM....

Been at the hospital all day,,,more test tomorrow..will keep you posted...

Comment #73


I hope FIL is okay. Give us an update when you can...

Comment #74

I thought for sure I'd be skipping Rotary today. There aren't many places on my body that aren't aching from the move activities. I just couldn't get up that early. I slept an extra 45 mins and hopped into a warm shower to loosen the joints. I realized I could still make the meeting if I hustled. So that's what I did.

They're really nice! Windows 7, etc. My office computer isn't hooked up yet so it's a bit inconvenient to have to come upstairs to collect my emails. Good thing we still have 2 weeks until opening..

We have the security system guy and the self checkout vendor coming today to do 2 training sessions for the staff. We didn't schedule any volunteers today because the trainings will take up most of our time and attention..

I'll give you another update tomorrow. Andi and Carola...good luck with WW. ANdi...can you believe Melissa is back on TBL? As much as I'm not a fan of her's, you have to give her credit for her determination...

Comment #75

Please keep us updated! I will keep him in my thoughts...

Comment #76

So is the move complete yet? Is the library open for business?.

I had a taste of that sort of work this weekend. In my office, I'm in a room with two other women that's kind of off to the side and separate from the rest of the building. We're the only door that connects to the rear so the drivers are constantly coming into our office whereas they don't go in the rest of the building. Well, our walls were stark flat white, and with the grease and dirt coming in, they were looking kind of greyish. The flourescent lighting wasn't helping either. So...

We picked a color, got the boss's approval (and credit card), and spent all of Saturday getting it done. It's now a semi-gloss peachy beige color, and it looks SOOOO much better! The painting itself didn't take that long, but moving all of the furniture and cleaning the floors did. Our desks literally hadn't been moved in about 4 years and the wax buildup under them and the file cabinets was beyond anything I'd ever seen. We put straight amonia on it and had to scrape it up. There was a 3 ring binder under one of them that was.


To the floor..

Anyway, it was a lot of work but it was well worth it! The room looks great and we've gotten a ton of compliments. The biggest comment we're getting from the drivers is "So how much would you charge to come to my house to paint?" Our answer of course has been, "You can't afford us."..

Comment #77

MOrning folks!!!.

I've been soooooooo busy the last couple of days. School was cancelled Tuesday on account of fog.

, so I was swamped with dc kiddos. Yesterday was a tad bit calmer....but I decided to do some stuff around the house so I ddn't even turn on the's just too much of a

Only 2 dc kiddos tomorrow from 10:45-2:30. Shane and the boys will both be I'm thankful that's all I have. I think my mom and I are going to go up to LIma tomorrow after I'm done working and visit the costume shop there. I was fitted for my costume Tuesday night and I'm not really digging it. A lot of it just doesn't feel like the 1907 era so I'll see what they have..

No work outs for me for 3 days!!.

Rehearsals have been at 6 this week and that's just not enough time to get anything in between when the dc kiddos leave (4:30) and having to be there. I have to cook dinner and then shower after the workout I know....a bunch of excuses!.

Well I hope you all hve had a good week. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday!!..

Comment #78

Good for you!! Since you've moved since the last time you ordered...maybe they won't

That's an awesome deal!! This whole thing is a lot easier when you have all the tools to work

Comment #79

OH NO!!.

I hope he's okay....keep us posted!.

I just found earlier in the week that one of the older gentlemen that I was in the Guys and Dolls play with had a heart attack last Friday! Very scary!!!..

Comment #80

I'm sure you're burning tons of calories with all the moving!.

I totally CAN NOT believe she's back!!! She soooooooo gets on my nerves!.

I was glad the current players voted in Victoria. I think she deserves to be there. I hope she does well over the next few weeks. I've kinda got my couple of favorites picked out that I'd like to see make it to the end. Daris and Ashley. I would love to see those 2 at the end...

Comment #81

LOL You go girl!!!.

I'm sure it's making being at work a lot more tolerable and the semi-gloss will be much easier to wipe down!..

Comment #82

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