Does Nutrisystem yogurt count as a core food?

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Quick question... Does Nutrisystem yogurt count as a core food? Looking forward for any answer. Second question of mine... Well, I have finally decided I need help again..

I need to order a BBB and get back on track..

I got down as far as 258 and was feeling great. I started hitting the gym heavy and made some real good muscle gains. Then I had knee surgery and things started going bad from then on...(not an excuse) I'm back up to 288 and I want to nip this thing in the bud before it gets out of hand again..

I am scheduled for shoulder surgery on 11/29 and I won't be able to be as active as I want to be for a while, so now is a great time to get started..

I haven't been to these board in a I will take some time to read up a bit and get familiar with all of you new (and familiar) losers!..

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The answer is Yes, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm my answer as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you ask the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

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Yeah, that darn horse needs to be rode every day, dagnabbit!..

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Good luck, man. I hear ya. Thanks for posting. makes me think about what I need....

I need to get a shoulder labrum (re-surgery) but am concerned it won't work and kind of jerking around delaying.. And since then I tweaked my pec minor as well and has not gotten better. Knee is acting up too. And I have a tiny bb hernia from a long time ago, that seems a little more noticeable. Up about 19 to 179 as well..

Haven't been able to lift heavy arms since June or swim much. Haven't been able to bike or lift legs much for last couple months..

Was really starting to feel strong and enjoying my slow progress through June. Had allowed weight to go up 10 because of pretty good strength gains. At this point, I think really should just get back to 160, since I can't lift hard..

No excuse for fatting out though..

Good luck making it happen. your body will drop weight readily as long as you can get mind in the game and execute!..

Comment #3

Hey Mule-Man!! Welcome back!! Good move getting anothe BBB..


Comment #4


I had the surgery last monday. turns out I had a torn labrum and a torn rotator cuff, as well as a 1" spur had to be removed from my collarbone. I had the "cadillac" of shoulder surgerys my doc said..

Last couple weeks have been pretty tough on me, so I havent been able to get that bbb ordered. I will get that done this weekend..

I look forward to it..

Sorry for the lousy puncuation...i dont like typing with one hand...

Comment #5

It's all cool, Mule. Remember that you can lose VERY effectively without the feroucious workouts. Good to see ya around, despite the circumstances that brung ya..


Comment #6

Finally ordering tomorrow..

Any advice on new foods to get or to leave out?.

Any other advice on ordering or coupons would be appreciated...

Comment #7

Run from the buffalo chicken wrap now or run from it later...

Comment #8

Not sure if they're new, but the thin mint crisp, minty chocolate bars, and the peppermint cookie desserts are really good..

I'm pretty much 90% Apple Scones for breakfast and bars (fudge graham and trail mix) for lunch. Not sure if it's new, but I like the Orange chicken dinners, along with all the old favorites like pizza, chicken dumplings, etc... I think there are new wraps - they can be scary, but I ususally get a few to use with big tortillas I add in..

Welcome back, Mule!!.


Comment #9

Anyone else notice they've changed the Thin Mint Crisp bars recently? They used to be much crispier, now their much softer almost gummy. Still delicious but I liked them more before...

Comment #10

The Swedish Meatballs with Pasta's my new favorite dinner now that they've watered down the Chicken/Dumplings a bit lately..

Agree on the Peppermint Cookie Patty's like a fat York Peppermint Patty with a cookie-ness to it...very satisfying/enjoyable...

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OK, guys, I'm back. I just about put back on all the weight I lost before, so a BBB is heading my way. I'm doing the Select this time, and wapow, Schwann's put that LBB in my hands two days after I ran the card. I'm wrapping up two days on 90% since I don't want to run through all my frozen snacks before the other gets here on Wednesday. But the substitutes are Nutrisystem equivalents - nutrition bar here, fiber bar there. I've even got a few leftover meals that I think will be all right, though I tossed most of them. The pantry-ready pizzas in particular have virtually no shelf life...

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